Dialogs are an important aspect of any page design; they play a very important role in the design of your page. An effective dialog design can help your users provide guidelines in a glance and they find much easier what they want. However, if the dialog design is not correct, your visitors can get upset with that at the same time. It is significantly essential to know how to design dialogs to be able to make the most of it and ensure that your users just get benefited with it and doesn’t get annoyed. An UI UX Design Company can help you know how you can design and what things must be taken care when you want to design a perfect dialog.

What is a Dialog?

A dialog box or Pop-up message box asks users to interact with it and want a response from the user. Dialogs can be of different types, some dialogs appear to tell users about something, sometimes updates with important information, also asks users to make decisions. Dialogs can draw users’ attention to a certain task from their current screen. Below we will discuss the dialog design best practices.

1. Reduce Interruption

Since the nature of dialogs is interruptive, you must take care to use it carefully. As they pop up suddenly and does not allow users to ignore them and continue with their work, can be sometimes irritating. Sometimes dialogs are good when they update about some important thing, otherwise, they are annoying and unwanted.

Requiring Acknowledgement

Some dialogs inform users about something important or alert about something. In such a situation, dialogs are a perfect way to draw users’ immediate attention. That moment can save users from some unexpected errors.

Don’t Suddenly Open Dialogs

Sometimes when you visit a website, you start getting dialogs to appear which is indeed not a good idea. The dialog should occur when users have done something like clicked a button, chosen an option or follow a link, etc.

2. Match between Dialog and the Real World

You must take care of the language you use in a dialog. Always take care to use simple language which a user can understand without much effort. You should avoid using system language and include the words that are familiar to the users.

Clear Question and Options

The dialog should have a clear question and simple explanation; you should avoid unclear and confusing words. Your question should be specific like “Delete 1 File” and then in the content area you can add the explanation stating that “Are you sure you want to delete the file?” And then you need to include in option Yes or Cancel, both the options.

Offer Informative Feedback

Once a process is completed, a notification message like successfully done or something tells users that they have done it right. So, you can always show a dialog after completion of any process.

3. Strive For Minimalism

Make sure to keep your dialog simple and clean. You must include only required information in simple words. Do not include any unnecessary information. You should just include important points that can really help your users. Some points that do not matter to your users, try avoid them.

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Number of Action

The number of action should be less, two is good. You should avoid using 3 actions. If you include number of actions, it may confuse the user. So, you must always try to make them simple.

Don’t Include Multiple Steps in Dialog

You should avoid using multiple steps; it should be short and concise. A big, lengthy dialog doesn’t interest much to users. If the size and content of a dialog is small, users tend to read it, if it big in size they tend to ignore it.

4. Choose Proper Dialog Type

Dialogs are of two types the first one requires some action that only they let you continue with what you are doing. Another one is non-modal dialog, which allows users to dismiss simply by clicking outside of them and users can easily ignore them and continue with their work. So, you must take care to use the first type of dialogs only for the very important message.

5. Visual Consistency

Some dialogs as they appear to change the background page color in slightly darkened. It helps draw users’ attention quickly and tell users that the current page is not active.


When you design a dialog by following best practice, it can be more effective. And if you ignore best practice and just design it anyway, it may leave a bad impact on users or may annoy users if not designed properly. The above-discussed points can help you know how you can design a powerful dialog. You need to understand what users want, what information is important for users and how the dialog can help users. You can get in touch with a good Mobile UI UX Design Company to get your dialog designed effectively.

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