Choosing the right app development methodology is always be a tough decision for app development companies. Companies need to take this decision in the early stage of app development. Waterfall & Agile are the two most popular methodologies. While they are poles apart from each other, still expert gets confused by this.  Both of these methodologies are operational & developed have been in software development for a long time.

 Let’s take a look at each of the two separate methods & about their pros and cons, so you can make an enhanced decision about which development methodology you wish to adopt for your next project

Waterfall Methodology

Since the 1970’s, The Waterfall Methodology is the linear approach, a sequential model with a clear path of events. It has proved to be long-lasting. The development process of this methodology is to collect all the required data, designing, conception, requirement analysis, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Each of these phases shows a different role in app development. You need to complete each stage before reaching to the development process. This mean design must be complete before reaching to the implementation stage.

Pros of waterfall methodology

Clear Deadlines – Having a scheduled, time-bound plan, fixed timeline & tight budget right from the beginning, for every stage of development, is one of the biggest positive aspects of waterfall methodology. It helps every team to stick to their schedule and work smoothly on all stages.

Organised and clear expectations – All the outcomes of waterfall methodology are well organized & designed. Every team member has a complete focus on their core tasks. Clients have clear expectations. Customers know exactly what to expect at what stage of development, ensuring a greater sense of approval and belief.

Cons of Waterfall Methodology

Difficult to make changes – In the waterfall methodology, every stair is the final stair. Once the information attaining is done, then it will be difficult to ask for more information and clarifications. For example, you can’t make changes in designing after the development. This makes it difficult for the waterfall to make any modification and adapt to any new changes.

Early Requirement Analysis Can Be Inadequate- In the early stage of development, clients & stakeholder don’t exactly know what they want. They may provide you the hint of initial info but as the idea develops; their outlooks for development may change. But in waterfall methodology, adopting new idea & expectations become very difficult, as gathering information is the very first stage of this methodology.

 Agile Methodology- The main focus of methodology is to create minimum MVPs and keeping the process lean and flexible. It is most team-based approach and iteration process to develop. You can make changes at any stage of development. After the complementation of the project, the customer can evaluate and review the task.  Agile trusts on a very high level of client’s involvement throughout the project, but especially during these reviews.

Pros of Agile Methodology

Better Business Value– The customers have an early opportunity to evaluate and review the project so that they can make improved change throughout the development project. Throughout the development journey. At the application progress, the client can prioritize feature and early business.

Collaborative team-based approach – The methodology focus on keep the different android experts working on the same project simultaneously.  When the effective idea of developers and designer share with each other. They can enhance their on-going development projects.

Cons of Agile Methodology

In this methodology, the lack of methodology increases the dependency on team members. There is a high chance of product fall if the client does not provide the insight regularly and clearly. Only reliable team members are capable of fulfilling the demanding requirement of the Agile method and are proficient in making development decisions.


So as you above read there are pros and cons of both the methodology. What you select is entirely dependent on your project requirement. Don’t feel limited you can make a custom solution by using both the techniques. Take time to understand your project and think about how you can develop web applications using these methods.

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