We all know how much Asp.Net is a popular framework which is utilized by any type small, medium, and large businesses. This is a topmost platform which is highly used to develop powerful web applications. Asp.Net has multiple sub-platforms that are used to create cloud-based, modern, and Internet-connected applications. So, if you are an Asp.Net developer you get lots of opportunities. In the future, you can get many advanced possibilities with Dot Net development services to enhance your skill.

Why Choose Asp.Net?

Microsoft’s Asp.Net is a great framework that makes developers independent and feasible to enhance their know-how. Besides, this framework has many reasons so developers prefer it to get an extensive web app. Few reasons are listed here-

  1. Net code is used to create high-security aspects and provides safe & secure environment to an application.
  2. Using Asp.Net developers can find an easy way to create dynamic web pages in the website. They can edit or modify the content dynamically.
  3. Developers get arranged interface controls with huge scalability.
  4. It follows the MVC model to create a resourceful web app.
  5. An application which is developed using Asp.Net framework can be hosted on any Microsoft server.

Scope with Asp.Net Core

The core is one of the sub-platforms makes possibilities for developers. An Asp.Net developer will be able to do the following things- 

  • Developers can create IoT apps, web apps, and other web services.
  • Development of mobile backend service
  • A developer can deploy the application on Dot Net and Dot Net core frameworks
  • The application can be installed to a cloud system
  • Developers can use their preferred tools while creating the app on Window, MacOS, and Linux.

Scope with Asp.Net MVC

Asp.Net MVC definitely comes with many career opportunities for developers. So, there is no doubt this platform is boosting developers’ skills and offering them a package of expertise. The next generation will use this framework as a highly established technology to get powerful methods for designing and crafting different type of dynamic web app. Advantages of Asp.Net MVC for developers in future-

  • Simple Ajax Development

The framework makes developers to create Ajax applications without putting much effort. Using MVC tools and other aspects developer will be able to add more interactivity and responsiveness to the application. Thus, the framework is continuously emerging and adding advanced components in order to produce much perfect and testable Ajax application in the future.

  • Rapid Development

One of the best benefits for developers is that Asp.Net MVC framework offers loose coupling architecture that helps developers to build a web app rapidly. In the upcoming time, they may get huge flexibility to have full control over the behavior of an application.

  • Code Reusability

Asp.Net implements various models to make code reusable. Developers can get many building blocks that can be reused. Moreover, there are many other things that can be performed with Asp.Net MVC development.

“Earning Benefits for Asp.Net Developers”

A good Asp.Net developer must have high-experience so can be considered as a good sense. Having the good knowledge of Asp.Net code can make opportunities for you. So, if you are an Asp.Net developer you could increase your salary package in the future. The average salary of Asp.Net developers-

  • Junior Asp.Net developer’s salary- $62k – $68k per year ( USA)
  • Senior Asp.Net developer’s salary – $80k – $140k per year (USA)
  • Salary of 1year experienced – Rs 12k- 17k per month( India)
  • Salary of 2 years experienced – Rs 20k – 30k per month ( India)
  • Salary of 3 -5 years experience – Rs 50k – 60 k per month( India)


You can look for many other options available in dot Net development. Microsoft has become a big leader that always invest money in creating various frameworks in order to develop a different kind of web applications. Asp.Net is one of those which have great future and offer higher opportunities in web app development. If you are a web app developer you could get better opportunities in upcoming years.

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