You can see thousands and thousands of websites around you and those all websites were developed to manage small, medium, and large businesses and organizations. With the increase of internet services, there are several platforms that are used to create different types of web applications or websites.

PHP is the topmost platform which offers custom PHP web development services in order to make help for developers. PHP made simpler the process of creating dynamic websites. The server-side scripting language comes with lots of major features and advantages while you create a web app. To make you easy for understanding PHP some benefits or advantages are discussed here-

1. Open Source

The latest versions of PHP now perform under open source license. It means you can get all the tools and components free to use while developing a web app. The programming language can be used without paying any license cost. You can start a project to create a standard website with reduced costs.

2. Platform Independence

An application which is created using PHP languages can be run on various platforms because this language can support different platforms such are Linux, Window, Unix, and MacOS. Moreover, you get many options to host your application on web servers. Some major hosting web servers are Apache, Netscape, IIS, and iPlanet server etc. So, if you are creating a web app you can host that on any web server without getting worried.

3. Built-In Features

PHP is a server-side programming language created from very basics to develop different types of websites. This platform incorporates a number of specific features as you get built-in classes and other functions to customize a variety of web applications. The platform provides many options for crafting custom web apps and websites. Few new features of PHP 7 are-

  • Higher speed
  • Type declarations
  • Return type declarations
  • Error handling
  • New operators

4. Frameworks and Libraries

PHP has become a very big thing as this comes with its several open source frameworks. Using a framework with libraries for developing web app you can reduce coding time drastically. It depends on what kind of project you are starting and you can choose a PHP framework accordingly. Some popular frameworks of PHP are – Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter etc. Using these frameworks you will be able to integrate functionalities and libraries without writing lengthy and complex code.

5. Code Flexibility

PHP platform is easy to understand as it designed using major programming language C and C++. Using this platform you get the flexibility to read and learn the syntax and you do need to spend much time and effort. Besides, you get a number of ways to implement PHP code whenever you want to write. The flexibility comes when it makes easy to combine PHP code with different frameworks.

6. Supports Popular Databases

Any type of web applications needs a large database to access and deliver big data. So, if you are running a large business you need to use the best database service. PHP is capable to support few widely used databases such are MySQL, ODBC, dBase, FrontBase etc. Using these most popular databases you can get a big store to manage your data.

7. Community Support

PHP platform is supported by the best PHP experts’ community. The active developers in the community from different countries can help you in learning and understanding tools and modules. So, whenever you want to start your PHP web app development and have some knowledge of using PHP frameworks you do not need to hire PHP developer. The experts’ community is always ready to make help you anytime.


Reading the above-discussed points you can aware of the advantages of PHP programming language. Using this platform you could get highly efficient and extensive web application. So, if you are a web developer you should use PHP using different frameworks. Working with its latest versions you can boost the performance and development process by consuming very less memory.

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