Microsoft’s ASP.Net is a popular framework for application development. The ASP.Net version 4.0 has mostly been on SEO (search engine optimization) and improving the performance of the application. This version came to provide supports to web-based projects that called EmptyWebApplication and EmptyWebSite. Additionally, it adds several beneficial features; some of them are discussed here-

1. View State Mode for Individual Control

It is a process to manage the page control state. Generally, ASP.Net accumulates the view state data for controls that is stored on the page. ASP.Net 4.0 comprises a ViewStateMode property that allows developers to halt view-state by default and allows it for the controls. ViewStateMode comes with three values; by implementing these values in page controls you can enhance performance in real-time. Have a look at these values-

  • Enabled –allows the view state for any control
  • Disabled – disable the view state
  • Inherits- define the control that utilizes the settings

2. Routing

Under the Routing process, developers can serve important URLs to users. The process of rewriting URL enables developers to create a high ranking, SEO web applications. Furthermore, the URLs will be remembered easily by users and the process also improves the SEO page rankings of the site.  

3. HTML Code with New Syntax

 This method encodes an individual string to be shown in a browser. It is essential to encode strings, mainly to keep away from cross-site script injection (XSS) and HTML injection trouble. In this case, ASP.NET 4.0 set up new code expression syntax for encoding an exacting string while the syntax will start rendering the result it encodes the related string also. Thus, the new encoding syntax helps in providing an easy and brief way of encoding single string.

4. Client IDs

In ASP.Net 4.0 client IDs is added to the server control. This feature explains how Client ID is generated to a server control when it is rendering. Further, this feature is important for server controls with the success of jQuery and Ajax scripting technologies. Values of Client ID mode-

  • AutoID– It renders the output as it done before
  • Predictable – Trimming all “ctl00” strings in the Client ID significance.
  • Static– Provides full control over the Client ID
  • Inherit–Allow control to take over the behavior from its parent control

5. Auto-Start Asp.Net application

Mainly an application requires an initial data load or caching process to be completed before allocation of the client requests. As usual, this only happens when the first user requests a page. However, developers and web management systems write fake requests to maintain the application so they can increase the response time. To overcome this problem, ASP.NET 4 comes with a new Auto-Start feature. This feature available with IIS 7.5 and it boot up the ASP.NET applications to accept requests.

6. Ajax Library Improvement

Ajax library is considered as a client-side library which incorporates high-level performance in server-based user controls. Ajax Library allows developers to write responsive database-driven web applications quickly. Some significant improvements in Ajax library in the ASP.Net 4.0 are given below-

  • New script loader
  • Jquery integration
  • Client data accessibility

7. Increased URL Character length

In the previous ASP.Net development services URL characters were 260 in length but in the ASP.Net 4.0 developers had the option of increasing and decreasing the character length using the new features -MaxRequstPathLength and MaxQueryStringLength.


ASP.Net 4.0 is a loaded platform. The above discussed features come with high performance and great SEO functionalities further it provides a good project template for new startups having some common tools. Undoubtedly, this version has reduced a lot of development effort.

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