Apple announced more features with iOS 11.4 at WWDC after release of version 11.3. The first update comes as 11.4 betas and this time it was released after 6 updates. Now you can take more benefits in iOS app development implementing the latest updates. There are many significant updates in this latest version 11.4. Some of them are discussed here-

1. Airplay 2

AirPlay 2 is a big feature which was removed from previous iOS 11.4 Beta version. Now, the major feature is back with new updates. It will be used for wireless audio streaming protocol in iOS devices. AirPlay 2 includes the following

  • Many top speaker manufacturers are enhancing service to offer compatibility with AirPlay 2.
  • Using AirPlay 2 attuned iOS devices can support multi-room audio feature.
  • It facilitates you to manage the audio system to play audio through multiple speakers.
  • AirPlay 2 features will be updated in 4th generation’s Apple home devices like Apple TV, HomePod etc.
  • You will be suggested to make pair of Stereo when you connect multiple HomePods to the one place.

2. iCloud Messages

This feature comes back with more flexibility and storing features in iOS 11.4. You can get it following the steps- Setting> Apple ID>iCloud>.

Now you will be able to toggle “Messages iCloud” in applications. If you want this feature to support PC you have to take new version of MacOS. Features of Messages iCloud-

  • Get more space on your iOS devices by adding images, audios, Video, and others documents in iCloud store.
  • When you delete your previous messages and others type of conversation like email conversation, social site communication, and others, all messages will be removed or deleted from all other devices.
  • You will be able to get all messages when you create an account into new Apple devices such are iPhone, iPod, and MacOS.

3. Software for Schoolwork

As Apple carried out lots of helpful features with latest updates, the platform has a top position in every field of business. iOS 11.4 offers a feature to do schoolwork. This is for teachers to help them in managing different information like student data, assignment reports, progression reports etc.

4. ClassKit

This is cooperative software of Schoolwork. It designed to provide educational information, various practical activities. So, it is educational application. Teacher can take help of Classkit through integrating with Schoolwork.

5. 3D Touch Fixed

First, 3D touch was added in iOS version 11.3 but later it seemed that this feature would not work properly for long. So, in the latest version 11.4, this feature has been fixed. The reason behind removing 3D touch is its slow process.

6. Siri with AirPlay

Siri is now compatible with AirPlay 2 devices (Apple TV, iPod etc). Now you will be able to command Siri for performing podcast in a room. Siri can be used to handle multi-room playback when you have multiple AirPlay 2 devices.          


Apple announced many updates in prior that are very useful to best iOS developers with latest techniques. There are many latest updates for Apple devices as iOS 11.4 Beta comes with new interesting features. But it is recommended not to use the developer preview version because it may come with pre-released bugs. So, go with the only final release and prevent pre-integrated errors in your device.

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