Laravel is the best PHP framework which is used to build large and complex websites for different businesses. Laravel is a leading framework and offering more powerful web development services in comparison to other PHP frameworks. So, most of the web developers prefer it to get a productive web app developed. Laravel development services include lots of tools and features to accelerate web application. The tools and features prove it more special and flexible over other frameworks.

Features of Laravel

Some important features are discussed here that make Laravel different from other frameworks-

  1. Laravel includes a dependency management tools “Composer” which helps in integrating external code to expand Laravel. Using Composer a Laravel developer will be able to manage external code resourcefully.
  2. Laravel development is easier due to meaningful and graceful syntax. Learning code to work with Laravel is not a difficult task because Laravel helps developers in understanding and writing code with high- quality and maintenance.
  3. Use of MVC model makes this framework much progressive to build large web applications. The MVC structure simplifies the code for web app development using UI and pre-integrated business logic. Besides, Blade Template Engine comes with PHP code in View; compiling View into PHP code you can improve the easiness of web development.
  4. Laravel comprise authentication library offers programmers multiple authentication levels for creating web application secure and bug-free. Besides, the library offers several security aspects like data encryption, prevent CSRF attacks etc.
  5. Laravel supports a route cache system so it can enhance the functionality and performance of web application. You can add more layers in HTTP routes by using middleware.
  6. Eloquent ORM in an important feature in of Laravel. It allows programmers to use common database for evading lengthy SQL information.

Laravel vs. Other Frameworks

You can see in the aforementioned points that Laravel has more efficient and quality features. You can see many others PHP frameworks in the market but Laravel has great impact than others. We are comparing Laravel with some other popular platforms to prove Laravel best over others –

  1. Laravel vs. CakePHP

  • If we talk to web developers or a web expert community about their first choice between both frameworks, Laravel will win the race.
  • Laravel is completely open source means it offers free services while CakePHP is open source but not a free framework.
  • Laravel supports CLR (Common Language Runtime) but there is no integration of CLR in CakePHP.
  • Laravel adds compiler to compile the code but CakePHP doesn’t support compiler.
  • Laravel comes with pre-built pagination methods so the framework provides easier pagination over CakePHP.
  1. Laravel vs. Zend

  • Laravel has many advanced features in comparison to Zend so it has become more popular than Zend.
  • Laravel has a clear picture of advanced built-in features while Laravel holds only some imperative features.
  • Laravel comes with the capability to develop a complex web application with high scalability and built-in features.
  • According to a research, most of the large businesses are working with Laravel while Zend is used by many medium and large businesses.
  1. Laravel vs. CodeIgniter

  • You can see layout control in Laravel but there is no such type of facility in CodeIgniter.
  • Laravel contains Authentication library while CodeIgniter doesn’t have Authentication library.
  • ODBC drivers are available in Laravel but in CodeIgniter doesn’t.
  • Laravel facilitates error stack trace while in CodeIgniter you won’t see this feature.
  • class autoloading service is available in Laravel but no Class Auto Loading is available in CodeIgniter.

So, the comparison between Laravel and other top frameworks can show that Laravel is much powerful than others. You can compare with many others PHP frameworks but no one has enough aspects to beat Laravel.


IF you have any kind of business small, medium or large Laravel can be the best choice. Working with Laravel is exciting because it offers easy-to-read code so you can create a business application with complexity. Moreover, you can access lots of tools and services that can help in creating a unique and quality web application.

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