As several businesses and organizations prefer core for web app development we can speak that this framework will continue to boost the industry. Dot net core is a new platform which is rewritten by Microsoft on the basis of dot net framework. The platform is open source that combines features such are cross-platform, fast performance and unified, modern and lightweight etc. The incorporated features in this platform can help in offering efficient dot net development services for creating web and mobile apps that could be utilized on Window, Mac, and Linux.

Dot Net Core 2.1

Dot Net core 2.1 has lots of new features and improvement. Some significant are discussed here that can thrive web development industry in future. Have a look these features-

  1. Changes in APIs

The Dot Net core version 2.1 comes with some specific processes that perform with arrays and others memory types. It includes-

  • Span<T> and System.ReadOnlySpan< T >
  • Memory<T> and System.ReadOnlyMemory <T>

Using the given types you will get a virtual view of the data that avoid the requirement for the further memory portion. In the lack of these types, you have to create a replica of some data parts before sending it to a process. You can find the same types in Asp Net development services for different requirements.

  1. Tooling Service

This improvement in Dot Net 2.1 comes with various changes. Each modification has its specialty in Dot Net and Asp Dot Net development. The important changes in Tooling are given here-

  • Dot Net core 2.1 has New CLI commands in Tooling.
  • Version 2.1 incorporates many Global tools available from the command line.
  • Improvement in development performance and functionality.

  1. Roll Forward

Roll Forward means you can run your web application on Dot Net version 2.1. In simple words, When you want to perform an application which is developed using version 2.0, with Dot Net version 2.1 then roll forward process takes place and enable the application to run with version 2.1 in case when the Dot Net version 2.0 is not present. 

  1. Deployment

In deployment process the most important thing comes up, is self-maintained application service. In this process, when you want to publish an application which is self-contained, with Dot Net 2.1 SDK the application will add the latest runtime version. Publishing Self-contained application depends on runtime versions on

  1. Window Compatibility Pack

This service is used to port the existing programming code from one framework to another framework. When you have a code of Dot Net framework and want to port it to Dot Net core you need to use Window compatibility Pack. The improvement comes several new benefits like it has access to more than 20,000 APIs.

Dot Net core 3.0

Dot net core has become a most active open source platform across the world. It always comes with lots of new features and benefits in every latest version. Recently Microsoft announced the new version of dot Net core 3.0 that must include new improvements with new release. You may see those enhancements in upcoming time but right now we are discussing some important points as regards version 3.0 in short-

  • The latest version will support “Internet of Things” and “Artificial Intelligence “to provide prosperous services.
  • You will be enabling to create a custom framework with the help of Dot Net Machine Learning.
  • Dot Net core can support WinForms and Window Presentation Foundation (WPF). A Dot Net core bundler will also be integrated for WinForms and UWF.
  • Dot Net core can work as Universal Window Platform and XAML.
  • You will get a great accessibility to all Window 10 APIs.
  • A new part of Dot Net core 3.0 is .ML.Net will also be available in future.



Going through the above-discussed points you can rely on Dot.Net core for your future app development projects. Dot Net core is sub-framework of Dot Net so it offers same attributes to create web applications. Focusing on new updates and technologies in Dot Net core 3.0 you will be able to develop a high-standard Dot Net application. So, go to a way ahead and get a better experience with new features of Dot Net core in future.

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