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What Security features make ASP.NET popular amongst Developers?


What Security features make ASP.NET popular amongst Developers?

When it comes to web development, web apps and services, ASP.NET is one name that resonates across all categories. Designed by Microsoft in 2002, the platform is one of the most popular in the world and works on an open source model. The initial release only had the .NET framework, with ASP (Active Server Pages) being added to it at a later stage.

The latest release, version 4.5, was launched in 2012 and we are still waiting for the final stable release of version 5. The framework is written using the .NET Language system of CLR, which allows the developer to code using a plethora of coding languages.

Security Features of ASP.NET

Perhaps one of the most exciting features offered by this platform are the security features, which make them suitable for web apps requiring authorization and login details. The features are in-built into the framework and there are some which can also be used by adding plug-ins to the existing framework.Some common security features that make it one of the most popular extensions and frameworks for web app development, as per the reports of a Software Development Company in USA are:

  • Authentication: The ASP.NET framework offers a lot of options for adding authentication steps before opening an app. One can opt for no authentication, individual authentication, windows authentication or enterprise authentication. Each type of authentication have their own pros and cons and are used as per the needs of the developer. The authentication layer uses the .NET Identity to find out about the registered users and authenticate them to use the services.


  • Access Rights: The framework also allows the developers to give access rights to all the users. In a report by a prominent company providing .NET Development services in USA, the access rights helps in determining which users can only read the data, who can read and write and who can change the developer mode and so on. These rights allow us to keep the data safe from unauthorized users and is a great option provided by the platform for the developers.


  • Two Factor Authentication: ASP.NET also allows the developers to add a module for two step authentication. This authentication allows the use of a mobile phone for SMS verification or an email id for code verification using the email sent to the registering user. Such type of features are quite helpful for apps that deal with some monetary transactions as they keep the entire setup more secure.


  • Immunity to outside attacks: The .NET framework is developed by many of the world’s top developers and features security options that make it difficult to attack these apps and websites using malicious software and other such attack methods. The security features are quite robust and are able to fend of outside attacks with ease and keep the app the user data secure.

With so many robust features offered by ASP.NET, the platform has become quite popular and is used by millions of developers worldwide. Almost half of the companies engaged with website and web app development are using the Microsoft.NET framework development in USA and also in the other parts of the globe.

The scenario is quite clear in the growing economies too. India, UAE, China and other Asian countries also use ASP.NET more than other platforms and one of the prominent reason are the availability of strong security features in the platform which are inbuilt in nature.

So, consider the pros and cons of various frameworks before using one of them, but make sure that you keep all these security features in mind before taking any decision. The security of the user and the app database is of utmost importance and keeping these in mind, the popularity of ASP.NET has grown and is expected to keep growing at a rapid rate in the coming future with the launch of the stable version 5.0 and other add-ons.

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