iOS development is one of the leading trends in the mobile app market. Developing iOS applications has become too much beneficial for businesses and enterprises. iPhone applications are just popular for high-quality performance and functionalities. For iOS app building not only need to hire iOS app developer also has to follow standard practices for acceptance into the app market. We are discussing some important steps for developing a user-friendliness iOS app, have a look below-

1. Make Plan for iOS App

If you want to develop an iOS application, first you make a plan what type of application you want to create whether a game app or enterprise app or location-based app? Because you are going to create the application on iTunes, you must come up with a high-quality app plan. An iOS development goes through a very strict practice of review so the application should be user-friendly, not be buggy, and must have a good level of exclusivity etc. 

2. Screen Design

In the iPhone application development, it is essential to step to screen design first. The rule is that the content must set on the screen so users do not need to face problem to scroll left and right. Font size is also an important factor for screen design so the user will not have to zoom in or out to reach the content. You should follow the given basic rules while designing a screen of iOS app-

Clarity: You should make the text large so easy to read on a mobile device.

Deference: Screen layout should be fluid and insightful. Create the screen design clean without the element struggle for focus on some important objects as image and text.

Depth: Each screen has to drill into large detailed content when a user navigates through each screen.

3. Developer Account and Xcode

You have to create an iOS Developer Account to publish your application and test it on an iOS mobile device. Besides, you have to get an Xcode copy. XCode is an IDE to develop applications for Objective C/iOS. You will get a drag and drop interface for making the screen and also you can build it out. The IDE includes iOS simulator that enables a developer to check the app on different devices. You can get more information on the iOS developer Account-   

4. Create Application

This step is the toughest job to every iOS developer and since every developer needed to learn iOS development in-depth with all concepts and logic from scratch. The hard thing is that developing application for objective C/iOS is not easy as web application development. The process is too much different than website development and the framework structure is also so different but the design concept and pattern can be applied. Testing is also different so to develop an iOS application can take 2-3 months to get things complete. You need to follow some tutorials to get a start or seek more tutorial sites that all can be very beneficial in starting.

5. Make UI Design

It is difficult for a new developer to move from small button and link to the big object. It makes it simple to choose a drop-down element. You need to have an iPhone to observe the things perfectly. For an example- when you click a drop-down item, a popup message shows with a list of elements, after you can choose an element then your app has to move to the next element and show to the users. But also remember the design UI elements with 3D perform in a different way with the mobile app rather than PC. The design element should go with the object platform.

6. Use Error Handling

Every developer creates a logic error in the programming once in a while. It is not unusual for mobile users to give an unexpected input that a developer didn’t handle. For example, if you have an input for a user’s area you need to check for alphabetic characters but in case you forget to test special characters (exclamation or question mark etc) application crashes. Moreover, storing data in a numeric storage unit causes app crashes too. The logic error must be controlled to prevent application crashes. An iOS developer should use the error protocol so he/she will be able to derive a custom error message from error protocol class.

7. Testing

It is a very important step of any type of app development. Going through this, you ensure the application is working properly or not. Testing is an easy process due to iOS simulator; you can check how the application looks in diverse iOS devices. But checking in a real iOS device is the best way to feel the actual touch of an app. You can use iPad or iPhone to test your new application and experience how it performs.


Managing iOS app development projects must not be a complicated task if just you are following the best above-discussed practices. Always remember to develop an instinctive application for users handle errors to make sure the app will not crash. Test complete project before launch and create an account before uploading to the iOS app store.

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