NopCommerce 4.10 has been released last month. It looks splendid & comes up with great features. This updated version is specially developed for e-commerce platforms. It was released with a focus to support .NET Core 2.1, GDPR support, further enhancement & fixing bugs.

In this blog, we will inform you about the new features in nopCommerce 4.0, most remarkably the transformation to ASP.NET Core 2.0. So let’s jump into further information’s.


GDPR Support – The General Data Protection Regulations has been started from the 25th of May. GDPR simply protect the data, privacy of EU members & transaction that occur within EU member states. Besides, the GDPR is still complicated for the nopcommerce development company but the Nopcommerce 4.10 removes all the complexities of the online retailers. GDPR moves the ownership of customer’s data from the organization that uses it to the individual customer and gives you the tools to encounter the following three major GDPR requirements:

1) If you are required to use the personal information of customers for specific reasons then it is essential to have their permissions.

2) The customers can request their personal data that the owner is keeping in their store. The owner needs to provide the data to them when they required.

3) You need to provide the tools through which customers can delete their personal data from your store.

Customer data information such as name, address, IP address, cookie data, psychological culture, religious and social-economic data that can be used to identify individuals. The support for Dot Net Core 2.1 & GDPR is the highlight of 4.10 releases.  The shortlist features are not to overlook either. This also gives a reason for the store owners to upgrade it to nopCommerce 4.10.


Versioning of CSS and JS files

Before the nopCommerce 4.10, if you need to modify the theme of the store with the help of CSS and JS file the change would only reflect in the customer’s browsers only when they delete cache file otherwise it doesn’t show on the browsers. NopCommerce 4.10 supports different version of JSS and CSS file links and bundles.


Preview for News, Topic & Blogs

The next extremely valuable features in nopCommerce 4.10 are that there is preview administration for the news, topic & blog posts. In the older version, you can only view the blog after uploading it. There was trouble especially with the blog posts which are in extensive formatting. Favorably, the problem is solved in the nopcommerce 4.10 now the store owner can edit & change the content as much as they want before publishing it.


Product Review Notifications Per Customers

In nopcommerce development 4.10, the store owner will get notifications when somebody writes up a review of their product. The tools to send the notification can be useful when the owner chooses to reply to the reviews. For example, if a customer has left a bad review then it is important for the owner to reply on that feedback so that they can resolve the concern of customer and improvise their service and product.


Now as you have deeper insight knowledge of why moving to.Net is important and explains a lot about the latest features of nopCommerce 4.10.  As with every release with nop-commerce, they are providing better features and tools. But unlike other versions version, 4.0 is turning the platform, which is the transforming it to ASP.NET Core.

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