Earlier, Java is the most widely used programming language for Android developments. But that doesn’t mean it is the only language. Kotin is now the most preferred language. Android experts believe that soon the language will replace Java on the mobile development scene. In addition, there are other JVM languages that you can also use for developments.

Here detail information about Kotlin & Java that will help you decide which language you should use for your next Android development program.


When it comes to android development, Java is still the most preferred language for developers – mainly because Android itself was written in Java. It is in the industry for the last 20 years and popularity only seems to grow.

Pros of Java

  • 1. Flexible, Easy to learn, Understand – you can run the language on the browser window & virtual machine. This comes in convenient facet where you can reuse the code and update software. Along with that, java is a good choice for all cross-platform.
  • 2. In comparison to kotlin, java is far more compatible. Besides Kotlin development includes complex computing processes code that transpires out to be very slow for users.
  • 3. The Android SDK has many standard Java libraries because of the fact that Android relies on Java. Moreover, Google has approved the Java virtual machine (JVM) for Android.
  • 4. Java has faster speed processor them kotlin.

Cons of Java

  • Sometimes, Java limitation creates a problem with Android API design.
  • Java has a higher risk of errors & bugs because require to write more codes. Also, the language is deliberated to be slower than another language

Kotlin is developed with a motive to add more features to Java for android app development services.  It is designed by the Jet brains programmers. It is an open source network & language statistically based on JVM. All it requires is installing the Plugin and letting it configure your project.

Pros of Kotlin

  • For developers, it is easy to switch from Java to kotlin. They can add it to the Gradle build files, and click ‘Convert’.
  • Kotlin allows app developers to completely get rids of errors & bugs, that makes the development practice safe and secure.
  • Kotlin is friendly language to Java. To build an app in kotlin, the developer can use any Java IDEs. Along with that, the language developed android app runs faster. As the language enables the escalation of lamba functions, that allows the app to run faster on users’ devices.
  • Kotlin doesn’t bind you for any particular language styles. It allows developers to deal with different attributes & methods. Moreover, the language permits the developers to use productivity-enhanced tools. Along with that kotlin offer full supports for several development phases like debugging and unit testing.

Cons of Kotlin

  • Some developer’s statement that the compilation speeds are slower. However, the multi-testing result is complicated. In some cases, kotlin beats java but sometimes it is considerably slower than its prototype.
  • Although kotlin is rapidly growing language it stills a small community. This creates difficulty for a developer to find the answers to their queries in the process of app development.
  • As kotlin is relatively new for android developers. So it might be very difficult to find experienced professional in this domain.


Don’t be in a hurry to replace the regular tech stack with kotlin. The language is still new with limited experienced developers. Although kotlin clearly supervises java in some aspects, it is still far from being perfect. So the answer to this questions “which language to choose” exclusively relies on the stage at which your project is and the experience level of your team of developers.

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