NopCommerce is an open-source platform, which is based upon powerful technologies like SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, can perfectly meet all your eCommerce needs. It is simple to use, safe and secure, and highly-scalable e-commerce platform. Its comprehensive features make it one of the most popular platforms. We will discuss it each feature in the detail and find out why nopCommerce is the perfect e-commerce platform for your small business.

NopCommerce development can help you build a website with a clear layout, simple navigation, powerful functioning, and smooth performance. Also, the admin control panel is simple and checkout process also very easy. It supports multiple online stores and allows seamless integration of third-party tools. You can power up your ecommerce development solutions with this powerful technology.

Open Source Platform

It is free to use the platform and there are a huge community of developers, designers and professionals who are supporting each other and trying making this solution a powerful and best among others.

Easily Customizable

 Whether you have a small or big sized business, nopCommerce can help you effectively. It has a great number of features and captivating tools. It has almost every feature that you need for your business solutions and with which you can build the innovative website. You can add index based front-end, shopping cart, modules, add-ons, g and design to make your website more captivating. NopCommerce is responsive and mobile friendly, so it can help you make your website accessible from a variety of devices which is a need of the hour.

Multi-store Supported

NopCommerce allows you to build various stores. It uses a solitary back-end framework for creating multiple stores. The index information, special data and item characteristics can be shared between stores as the back-end database for each store is the same and can have different designs for each store.

And if you have more than one store, nopCommerce is there to help you with multi-vendor and multi-store features. It allows you to manage multiple stores by a single panel. You can also easily integrate multiple vendors into your online store. When the customer places an order, the details automatically will reach to the respective vendor.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly platform

If you have created a stunning and powerful website, but it does not appear in the top Google results, your entire efforts may go wasted. You just need to optimize your website to make it appear on top. NopCommerce is an SEO friendly platform and provides various tools and features for optimization of your website.

M-commerce Supportive Platform

The emergence of mobile devices and growing uses of them made it essential that businesses developed their store responsive to mobile devices. And the best eCommerce platform must support m-commerce platform. nopCommerce allows you to build a simple yet captivating website that can be accessed through mobile devices.

Streamlined Payment Gateway

NopCommerce is certainly the best choice for your ecommerce website development USA. It provides you a variety of choices for payment gateway for your online business; you can choose the one you like most. You can integrate a variety of payment mode in your website including cash on delivery, pay in store, money orders, Amazon, Paypal or more.

The simple checkout process of nopCommerce truly helps increase your conversion rates. For instance, it allows you to place the order even without creating an account. It has a one-page checkout process and supports multi-lingual checkout process. You can also add more options like coupons, discount cards, gift wrap, personalized message etc. Moreover, you also have the options to refund the order.

There is a number of captivating nopCommerce themes; plugins along with innovative layouts are available on the web. You are also allowed to customize the themes as per your priorities and needs of your business. And, for your knowledge – nopCommerce runs on the Windows-based environment.

If you want an open-source e-commerce solution that runs on the windows based environment then nopCommerce is the right choice for you. Also, the growing community of nopCommerce is always there to help you.

NopCommerce is simply an amazing platform and can make a big difference the way you do business. It offers you incredible features, search engine friendly URL, plugins, the wide variety of themes, additional functionalities and amazing community support. These features can help your business run smoothly and grow greatly.

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