We mostly take Ruby on Rails as a programming language but it is not a language to write code for web app development. RoR is a website development framework which is written in Ruby language. This framework has all necessary tools and services to gain knowledge of modern and outstanding web application development.

 The framework offers high efficiency, scalability and rapid performance to Ruby on Rails experts in web application creation. As the new business or startups are highly determining Ruby on Rails to their business site development, the RoR has become the best platform to get an assortment of powerful web development. 

Why Ruby on Rails?

The greatest feature of RoR over PHP and Java is that you don’t need to write huge code to accomplish your web development project. The framework facilitates developers to use less code in order to create website structure and services. Additionally, RoR integrates several aspects make it a best-recommended framework for developers. Go through the given factors- 

  • Because of the dynamic structure, it comprises tools to remove bugs and errors and enhance the development process with much acceleration.
  • RoR is open source but somewhere it needs to be paid for advanced features. This could be much better by reducing cost in some areas.
  • RoR code is easy to compile so can be interpreted easily as compared with Java code.
  • Ruby on Rails is compatible with different programming models as it comes with ability to be changed.
  • Java is known for providing high-performance application While RoR offers huge flexibility and scalability in web app building. The framework comprises very brief syntax so there is no need for much effort to write an Application.

Features of Ruby on Rails

RoR offers a number of web development services that help developers to get best ideas for creating app. In addition, this framework has many features and some popular are given here-

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a very important thing for startups. For developing MVP a business need to hire RoR developer to control development process with managed time and budget. Ruby on Rails is the best option for creating an MVP model for new business and startups.

Some other features are given here that makes RoR best tool –

  • Higher compatibility and rapid programming
  • Save time and cost in development process
  • Scalability and powerful ecosystem
  • Expert’s community support
  • Automation and development
  • Easy process to create APIs

Businesses Using Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has many powerful tools that are utilized in creating different types of business site. Some high-growing categories RoR is playing a vital role for are given here-

  1. Content Management System

RoR could be a nice selection in order to manage CMS. Most of the organizations want to display better quality and user-friendly content on their websites and Ruby on Rails comes with easy tools and services to control content like Audio, Video, images etc. It makes possible to upload and navigate content on the business site. 

  1. Ecommerce Website

Ruby on Rails offers many significant and customer-friendly features in ecommerce site development. The framework is a reliable and approaching platform that may prosper an online business site with incredible services.

  1. Subscription Website

Ruby on Rails provides plugins to solve any work regarding creating a subscription website. The framework adds options like social media networking and subscription to get notified for latest updates and information. 

In addition, there are many popular sites are using RoR and offering affluent services across the world. Some of those are- GitHub, Zendesk, Shopify, Twitter etc.


Thousands of web developers are enhancing their skill using Ruby on Rails. They are switching to RoR from others frameworks to get feature-rich web applications. But it concerns that Java offers high-performance application than Ruby on Rails. Still this framework is providing a majority of web application with more flexibility and readability. Hopes, you will understand the benefits of RoR through reading the above-discussed factors.

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