Yoga Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Updated 23 Nov 2022
Published 21 Sep 2019
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Yoga App Development cost and key features

The combination of technology and yoga has resulted in Yoga App Development. Since smartphones these days, are the most lovable entity, people look out for the solutions can easily allow them to penetrate across the yoga network and opportunities.

As per the recent study published by The Good Body, around more than 300 million citizens practise yoga worldwide. Now, just visualize with the figure that how many prevailing businesses and mobile apps can earn with such massive app ideation? The US residents spend around $17 billion every year on yoga and its attuned practices.

Reason being, it is simple to practice and at the same time is undeniably highly effective for maintaining health, its popularity is stretching across all the existing continents.

The population that embraces Yoga

As per the report published by statista, the revenue of the Yoga industry in the US is 9.09 USD. Alone the market share of US in the domain of Yoga classes is 51.3%, indeed, marvellous.

Another study published by disturbmenot, the number of yogis has increased up to 50% within the 4 years. Also, it has been forecasted that over 55 million people will consider yoga as the best fitness medium by the year 2020.

Just amidst the 2016 and 2017, the figures associated with the queries attuned to Yoga and meditation has risen by 65%.

Thus, the team at Arka Softwares is all set to make its users and other businesses aware of the cost, features and everything that is related to the Yoga Mobile App Development.

Yoga Application Development

How Yoga mobile app can assist?

The concept of yoga is evolving with every passing by day. The benefits of yoga are just not physical but also spiritual and psychological. It not only strengthens one’s body but also cleanses the human mind.

With the aid of a yoga mobile app, people can practice yoga at the time they wish, along with the right postures and the assans. The development of Yoga app provides just the right road to the self-development and the self-knowledge to the people.

Yoga app development solutions

What Audience Yoga App Targets?

The Audience or the users that your app will target depends entirely on the type of yoga that your app teaches. Below are the categories that can be your app’s most dominant users.

Super Admin: The super admin or the administration is the app owner. She/he has the authorization to manage all the users, teachers and the data generated over the app. App supervision and CMS tracking are the sole responsibilities of the Super Admin.

Students: They are the front-end users of the yoga app. Depending upon the type of yoga that your app teaches, such as aerobics or other assans, they can view the sessions and can accordingly manage their profiles.

Teachers: They are one’s mainly responsible for handling the sessions and the other yoga activities. Using the app features, teachers can plan the reports and can showcase them to the users.

Event Organizers: They are into creating and managing the various yoga events. All the payments and the queries related to booking falls under the event organizer. The users and the teachers can be event organizers as well.

Most Popular Yoga Mobile Apps

popular yoga app statistics

Key Features of Yoga Application

The Yoga application is inclusive of four panels as stated above.

1) The User Practitioners Panel

Registration: This is the key feature of any mobile app. The users can sign-in into the app by creating their own profiles or can use the Gmail id’s for logging-in.

Yoga App Development Cost

Manage Yoga Sessions: In this section, the users can manage and view the various Yoga sessions as per their requirements or can schedule them on the calendar.

Manage Events: Under this feature, the users can check their upcoming events or any planned sessions. They can cancel the classes as well.

Profile Management: The users can optimize their profile by adding the criteria of their interest, personal data and other belongings.

Yoga App Development

Yoga e-Store: This feature allows the users to purchase the health and the yoga essentials. Via the online e-Store, the users can make the payments in an easy way.

The Blog: Under this feature, the user can read of the blogs related to the best practices of yoga and the other trending health-related news over the app.

Push Notification: The students can receive the notifications associated with the events, training sessions, payment confirmation and much more.

2) The Yoga Teacher Panel

Registration: The yoga teachers can sign-in by creating their own profile or via Google or the other social media profiles.

Manage sessions: Under this section, the teachers can schedule their bookings and can showcase them.

Offer management: The teachers can make up their offers for the various training sessions so as to attract users.

Payment monitoring: The teachers can check and validate both for their paid and unpaid lessons.

Calendar Management: Under this feature, the teachers can manage their availability for the various classes. They can keep track of their daily schedule and cancelled classes.

Launch training programs: The teachers can create and publish their personalized programs for the users and can share it within the app.

Manger substitution: Under this feature, the teachers can appoint any other teacher in case of their unavailability or busyness to take the required classes. The teachers can send the notification within the app in order o chose the new substitute.

Select Substitute: Depending on the classes to be taken and as per the nature of yoga practices, the teachers can select the appropriate substitute as per the required date and time.

Profile Management: The teachers can customize their profiles as per their specialities and the can add up the relevant experience in the field of yoga teaching along with the personal details.

Push Notifications: The teachers can receive the notification corresponding to their booked or the cancelled sessions, payments or in case of any query or rating received.

mobile app development company

3) The Event Organizer Panel

Registration: The event organizers can sign-in by creating their own profile or via Google or the other social media profiles.

Organize an event: Under this section, the event organizes can schedule up the events and can set the time and date details as well.

Venue notification: Via this feature, the event organizers can capture the total number of tickets sold out for any event. This way they can check on the number of users attending the event.

Set ticket type: Under this special feature, the event organizer can create different categories of tickets, such as for the VIPs or for the regular users. He/she can accordingly set the price for the tickets as well.

Blog: Under this feature, the user can read of the blogs related to the best practices of yoga and the other trending health-related news over the yoga app.

Push Notifications: The event organizers can receive the notification corresponding to their booked events, payments, date and time or in case of any query received.

4) The Admin Panel

yoga app admin panel

Login: The admin can log in by using own passwords and credentials.

Dashboard: The admin can panel all the users, teachers, event organizers attuned to the app.

Manage Students/teachers/event organizers: The admin can edit/delete/suspend/activate any of these as per the app requirements.

Manage sessions: The admin can manage all the training sessions ongoing and can add or delete the sessions as and when required.

Manage payments: Under this feature, the admin keeps tracks of all the transactions taking place. All the online payments are being handled at the admin end.

Manage categories: Admin manages all the categories of the yoga classes taking place. He can add/delete/ activate/update/deactivate, as required.

Manage offers: Admin manages all the related offers published by the different yoga teachers; he can add/delete/ update /deactivate an offer as per the user demands.

Manage events: All the events are tracked and monitored by the admin. As per the date, time and user requirements he can cancel, update and add a new event.

Manage ticket/types: The ticket types are being managed by the admin. He can add or delete the ticket types as per the event.

Manage store: The e-Store is managed by the admin. All the products that are sold out and the one that is enquired are being recorded by the admin.

Manage content/blogs: All the blogs published within the app by the teachers, users or the event organizers are managed by the admin. He can delete or add the content as per the app requirements.

Manager substitution: All the substitution managers are being managed by the admin. The list for the former managers can be updated by the admin when required.

Reports: All the real-time reports related to the traffic, number of clicks, revenue generated, offers etc are managed by the admin.

yoga application development company

Advanced Features

Social Login: This is an essential feature for every app. To achieve the right success standards, the app must allow the user to login via social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Blog: Under this section, the yoga app users can go through the blogs that are being published in the app, by the event organizers, super & teachers.

Reviews and Rating: Integrating this feature can be nice for your yoga application. It allows the users to provide the ratings and reviews to the teachers. They can even provide the rating to the published lessons, audio and video materials etc.

Push Notification: Unlike social sharing, push notifications are very imperative to an app. Users can manage the notifications and can remain aware of the upcoming events.

Voice Instruction: With the aid of this feature, the users can follow the voice instructions while practicing yoga. The voice note can also be sent to users to guide them about the assans and practices to be done.

Yoga Music Streaming: Video music streaming is a trend nowadays. People just love to listen to music while they workout. Thus, adding the music steaming feature can prove as a valuable addition for the app and the yogis.

Video Lesson Streaming (VOD): Under this feature, the app users can watch the On-demand yoga and exercising videos. They can watch the poses online and can practice yoga in the right way.

Live Video Streaming: With the aid of this feature, the users can carefully ace the yoga positions. The live streaming allows the teachers to stream the video in a real-time basis plus is helpful for students as well as they can easily share the results.


Ecommerce: Adding an online store in the yoga app, just not only increases the monetization source but also helps in gathering the impressive user engagement ratio. Thus, indirectly helping the ratings and popularity of your app.

Shipment Tracking: This feature helps the app users to keep track of their shipments for the products that have been ordered by them at the Yoga e-Store.

CMS Integration: The Content management system helps in validating the authenticity of the blogs published on the app by the teachers or the admin.

CRM Integration: The customer relationship management system helps to deal with the user’s queries at the time of advent or within a short period.

Marketing Tool: The various marketing tools attuned to the app helps in taking the app on a broader scale. Advertisements, campaigning can be done within the app to keep the number f user visits boosted.

Leaderboard: The integration of leaderboard helps in keeping the users Motivated. They can earn various points and can portray their results for winning the bonus and referrals.

Top Yoga Apps

top yoga apps

1- 5 Minute Yoga: The app is contained with the sessions that do no consume more than 5 minutes. It aids to improvise the focus on yoga aasans and poses. It is an iOS-based app and is available for free download.

2- Yoga Studio: The app is inclusive of various HD videos and is attuned to around 270 different poses. It is inclusive of 60 yoga classes and various exercises.

3- YOGIFY: The app gives a comprehensive graphic explanation to the users thus, helping them to perform the exercise in the right way. It is an iOS-based app and is available for free download.

4- Yoga Poses: It is a free application for the beginners who started the yoga initially. It is inclusive of more than 200 basic yoga poses.

5- Find What Feels Good: It can be defined as video applications that allow the users to capture the lesson by renowned yoga practitioners. It contains lessons that recuperate the mind and sets the user in the right mood.

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Team Structure for Developing Yoga Mobile App

A great team is an essence to any mobile app development company. A good team always bestows good results; therefore, we deploy just the right team for developing your yoga mobile app.

Team works play an exceptional role and thus, we combine all our technical architects, designers and other professionals right under a single roof.
The basic team that you required for developing a scalable, attractive and secured app is lined below:

hire app developers

How Much does it Cost to develop yoga App?

Indeed, engineering the feature-rich yoga app is a tough and complicated task. The cost of yoga app development depends directly on the target audience, features, design, and the mobile platform.

The approximate estimate for developing a Yoga app lies around $15000 to $25000 and above. At Arka Softwares, we try everything possible and remarkable to infuse the resources without compromising on the grounds of quality.

Rahul Mathur

Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding mobile app development and web development solutions. Delivering high-end modern solutions all over the globe, Rahul takes pleasure in sharing his experiences and views on the latest technological trends.

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