The web development process is very complicated and time-consuming task these days. It involves various unique technologies, modules, and components while manufacturing web application. PHP web development is the topmost trend that comes with a number of frameworks and those frameworks offer one to all required aspects and technologies with high complexity. Zend and Laravel are the most used frameworks of PHP development service that offer all necessary features to the developers. Both frameworks have different features in some points of view. So, we are having a comparison between Zend and Laravel so that you can easily recognize each one individually-  

“Zend vs. Laravel: Technology Comparison”

On comparing the two most popular and highly sought-after PHP frameworks, here we are presenting a fair comparison of structural features between both through coming on the following points-

  1. Development: – Zend follows “configuration over convention” where Laravel follows the test-driven development and also configuration over convention. 
  2. Design: -Zend incorporates dependency injection, MVC, event-driven, and data mapper etc where Laravel integrates Observer, Façade, and MTv additionally. 
  3. Memory: – Zend is recommended to 512 MB of memory where Laravel has 1GB memory. 
  4. Template language: – Zend comes with no Blade in addition to PHP, Twig, and Smarty but Laravel support Blade in addition to PHP, Smarty, and Twig. 
  5. Scripting Language: – Zend’s scripting language is PHP and Laravel’s PHP &AMP, and JavaScript language. 
  6. Programming: – Zend is object-oriented and event-driven platform and Laravel is functional, event-driven and object-oriented. 
  7. Front-end: – front-end technologies used for Zend are PHP and JavaScript and for Laravel, it is PHP only. 
  8. Cloud Support: – Zend is integrated with Window Azure, Amazon Ec2, Openshift, and Heroku where Laravel comes with Google app engine, Amazon Ec2, Openshift, Pagoda box, and Digital Ocean, and Linode etc. 
  9. Database: – Database in Zend MySql, Microsoft Bi, Oracle, and MongoDB, and SQLite, and IBM Db2 etc and in Laravel SQLite, Microsoft Bi, Redis, and Mysql etc. 
  10. Email protocol: – In Zend, SMTP, Imap, and Pop3 and in Laravel those are SMTP, Imap, mandrill, Pop3 etc.

In the given points you could see that both platforms have several similar technologies and features but also have their own differences from each other. A Zend and the Laravel Developer can put their points of view to each one as per the given comparison.

Zend vs. Laravel: Functionality Comparison

Zend and Laravel, both PHP frameworks have the great capability with ultimate user resources. They help you in achieving scalability; simplify maintenance, and economies of scale etc. Nevertheless, here we need to make a functional evaluation of both frameworks particularly by comparing each other, so have a look below-

  1. Zend gives you many ready-to-use components so that you can improve your app security. Laravel has its own “Blade”. The blade is the light-weight tinplating engine that helps users by including latest features easily and improving the speed of compiling tasks. 
  2. Zend comes with built-in authentication support that is integrated with RBAC (Role Based Access Control). Laravel has RBAC already here. 
  3. An Escaper component is integrated with Zend that helps in escaping output and gives protection to defend from XSS and vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. Laravel also has XSS protection and also has Eloquent ORM that uses PDO parameter binding to evade SQL injection. 
  4. You can manage cookie information in Zend. All cookies in Laravel development service are encrypted and signed with an authentication code. 
  5. In Zend, you can add cache system so you will be able to load the application really fast. Laravel has the default settings of the cache system.


Zend is the most utilized PHP framework by large IT enterprises and banking sectors. But Laravel has the great position than Zend in the IT market. So, the slant community suggests Laravel for people mostly. Having a conclusion we speak that both frameworks have own importance so it only depends on you which one do you have for your next project.

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