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Cloud Computing – a buzzing topic today for almost every industry. It can be considered as one of the great revolutionary advancements that have redefined the notion of data storage and data exchange. Thus, it has become the need for every business.

At ARKA Softwares, we offer you cloud computing services in USA. We help you enable a rapid, simpler path to cloud to reap its real benefits at your fingertips. We have numerous corporate and government clients that utilizes our cloud integration services in USA to address a variety of infrastructure and application requirements like database, CRM, compute and data storage. Our cloud computing services allows businesses to simplify application usage, share, store, and secure content that enable access from any web-connected device.

How we work

We offer comprehensive Cloud computing solutions that help companies in efficient data storage and transfer. At ARKA Softwares, we have a solution-based approach to assist you in building a cloud strategy that works well for your business. Moreover, it also allows users to access data, services and applications over the Internet without the need to deploy expensive hardware and other things in-house. This in turn helps users to be able work from anywhere.

Our Range of Cloud Computing Solutions includes:
  • Cloud Advisory Solutions
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Integration Solutions
  • Cloud Migration Solutions
  • AWS Consultation and Services
  • Azure Solutions and Consulting

At ARKA, we provide seamless, secure, and faster migration of your existing apps and softwares to cloud implementing data integration. We make use of 3rd party applications to accomplish this migration.


Software-as-a-service (SAAS) allows you to deliver applications over the Internet in form of service. This means that cloud services can be accessed online eliminating the need to install and maintain complex software and hardware in-house.


We offer Microsoft SharePoint – a content management system that offers a platform for web development.


It is a business solution that tracks your sales keeping your customers happy. Microsoft Dynamic CRM covers the best practices of CRM offering flexibility, functionality and familiarity.

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Benefits of Adopting Cloud Services

Cost Flexibility

Cloud computing costs are way flexible, unlike those traditional methods as organizations just need to pay for server and infrastructure capacity based on theirs usage requirement.

More Capabilities

With cloud, companies can reduce the size of their in-house data centres. Thus, fewer the servers, lesser the software cost and resources and greater the IT capabilities.

Enhanced Mobility

Organizations can access data and apps from anywhere and can take their work anywhere via mobiles and tablets.

Improved Collaboration

With cloud, companies can enhance their collaboration capabilities allowing number of people to meet virtually and share information easily in real time via shared storage. This reduces your time-to-market and enhances product development and customer service.

With cloud computing solutions at ARKA Softwares, organizations can save substantially on their capital costs with zero in-house application requirements and server storage.

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