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CRM solutions are not just about software, it is a strategy to enhance your business. Arka softwares has been a prominent player in developing custom CRM application for several industries. A high-tech CRM solution not just boost up the sales, but it also supports the different organization like administration, reporting & accounting. Enterprise today deliberates CRM solutions as one of the prime factors in the growth of the organizationand thus has implemented bespoke custom CRM systems to the core.

At Arka Softwares, we believe in business logic and have provided our clients with specific custom-made solutions with CRM development. Our solutions on CRM software applications play an imperative role in the overall business progression. We closely look at all your business strategy in order to understand the best of CRM application requirements, and end-to-end development cycle.

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We provide Best CRM Perquisites

CRM Data Migration

CRM data conversion frequently needs more than a simple point and click mapping aspect. So, data should be appropriately extracted from the system. We at ARKA, make this information easier to maintain.

Third-Party Integration

Experts at ARKA, provide third-party extension and plug-ins that can be utilized to manage custom modules and code customization. CRM includes various tools that help extend the functionality.

Built-in Custom Workflow

Custom workflows can be built-in by CRM workflows or Dialogs as a process step. Our experts can help run the workflow separately as these are processed inside a CRM workflow or Dialog.

Integration With External System

CRM integration with accounting system provides accessibility to the supervision of external systems. Arka developers can make it easy and generate right solutions for integration.

Gilt-Edged CRM Development Services

CRM Sales Force Automation

Set up personalized campaigns and identify with prospect interactions to get alerts on active leads.

Tracking the Sales Data

CRM is a way to receive each lead and streamline the lead flow in the most easily logical way.

Account and Portfolio

Great competency to customize a portfolio of overall services and easy account integration .

Business Intelligence & Skill

We generate higher possibilities for enhancing business aptitude and skill with CRM software development.

Customer Service & Support

Our developers have competency for supporting customers in terms of CRM integration in the application.

Social Media and Networking

CRM software can be incorporated with social media & networking services using a particular platform.

Advantages with CRM Development AT ARKA

  • Well-Synchronized CRM software development
  • Efficient marketing strategies and perquisite
  • Better relationship administration & management
  • Better performance and scalability of business
  • Better sales practices and extra competency
  • Declaring client’s profiling and administration
  • Face- to-Face customary interaction
  • Transparency in regular updates
  • Better customer services and Support
  • 24/7 technical and business solutions
  • Put across clients to give opportunities
  • Increase overall profitability of any business

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