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The modern world of business has evolved to stress to a great extent on identity and branding. When we go out for shopping or to attain services, it is not only the benefit we are gaining that has significance but also the brand of the provider of the service or manufacturer of the product. It has therefore become of great importance that the providers or services build a name for the business they are in.

In order to build an identity in a competitive market, it is highly important and critical to have a customized existence on the internet market. You can decide to go for generic template instead of a tailored website. This may have attraction because of the fact that the templates are free generic templates however it may prove disastrous for your business.

ARKA Softwares is a PHP web development company in USA and India. We provide our customers with the best customized solutions and services available in the market at the least of cost. We have a team of dedicated employees who are the best in the market. We understand the importance of your vision for your business and our experts are committed to give you exactly what you require. Here at ARKA we consider customer satisfaction as the most important thing. We strive to maintain our 100 percent customer satisfaction rate.

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ARKA Sofwares provide some benefits

As an ARKA client you can receive the following benefits of having a customized website rather than using a free generic one

Search Engine ranking

The first thing a customer who is not aware of your company will do is go for Google search. He will type on the search engine to find what he needs. He will then receive a list of links which match well with the words he has typed and he will choose one out of them. It is therefore of critical importance that your website should be one of the first to come in the view of your customer. Custom sites are built SEO friendly. This means that they will rank well in the search engine which will be of great help to your business or other venture.

Online Marketing advantage

In order to effectively apply online marketing strategies, it becomes essential that your site should be a custom made website. The generic websites do not rank well in search engines and therefore they cannot be properly and effectively used to market your products online. It is always the best choice to opt for a custom made website to ensure you get the best out of online marketing activities. If you have a look at the websites that rank highly in the search engine you will find out that they are all custom made websites instead of the free generic ones.

Professional maintenance services

It is a universal fact that you cannot develop a business without the professional help of experts. It is similarly true with online businesses and websites. If you go for a free template website you will obviously not be able to gain the advantages of a proper custom built one. It is the proper construction and design of a website which lets you build a marketable existence on the internet. Furthermore as user’s progress with using their website they will constantly require maintenance services for which they will necessarily need professional help. A custom made website comes with the advantage of such professional services to be available at all times.

Necessary for branding

If you wish to create a long term and trusted brand for yourself with your website it is of utmost importance to have a custom built website. Your custom built website will look impressive to your customers and visitors. Just like a shiny store attracts customers, a shiny and good looking website also attracts customers and increases sales. A good custom website such as BigCommerce website examples also reflects your brochure, logo, content etc. This keeps your branding and provides you with the recognition you so necessarily require to build confidence and trust. Building your own customized website is not such a huge investment as compared to the benefits it has the potential to give. It will have long-term benefits for your business.

High quality

When anyone of us goes for shopping, we pay attention to the price tags for sure. However this is not the only thing that comes into consideration. We also give particular importance to the quality of the product or service we are buying. We all know that cheaper products are going to be of inferior quality. The same goes for Nop commerce development and solution providing. Free templates exhibit poor quality and a serious lack of uniqueness. This poor quality of your website is bound to be associated with your products and will result in a loss of potential customers.

Customized Website Services

It is therefore a better option to go for a custom built website to suit your business. We at ARKA Softwares offer our customized website services to give you the best product in the market at the moment. We also specialize as an android app development company in USA and India. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. You can also visit us at one of our offices for a more personal experience.

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