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Hire Dedicated Quality Analysis (QA) Expert

The role of QA (Quality Assurance) is becoming important in the digital world. QA was a term that was heard mostly from the manufacturing facilities. However, with software and websites becoming more and more complicated each day, QA testing has become a very important part in the IT food chain.

QA basically means the following three things

Manual Testing: This type of testing is done by manual coders who understand the source code of the software/website and then go through it one by one. It is a time consuming method but ensures robust results. Expert coders who have experience in web development and software development are the ones who are good for such manual testing. Even though this test costs more than the automated one, it is worth to get your app/website/software tested before launching it.

Automated Testing: This type of QA testing is developed by the experts. These experts devise a automated testing software on which the target product can be checked. The software/website is put through the automated testes and the results are obtained which tell us whether there are issues with the service or not. Development of automated testing is difficult as it needs expert developers to work on it.

Beta Testing: This is the type of testing which is done once in house testing is over. The app/website or software is put out for the community of testers to check and revert upon. They tell about the user experience and how it can be made better. This testing is an important part of the developmental process as the feedback actually helps you in improving the service that is being provided.

Why should you have QA Experts?

Testing of software and websites before deploying them on the internet is important these days. It is mainly because the structure of software and platforms used for web design and development have become quite complex. Owing to this, there are more chances of having bugs in your final copy and thus, a QA expert will ensure that your final product is ready to hit the digital market.

How we work

Hire dedicated QA Experts with ARKA Softwares

We are providers of high quality IT services. We provide Android app development,Logo design, Development,digital marketing and other allied services to firms who need dedicated IT support. Our team is expert in providing these services and has experience in working in this field for a long time.

We provide QA tester in USA for ensuring that your final product goes into the digital market only after it has been tested for bugs. Having bugs in your website or software services can affect the user experience and cause a lot of damage to your reputation and revenues. We understand the importance of your reputation and ensure that you are given the best quality experts in USA.

Why choose ARKA Softwares?

Our automation testers in USA are some of the best in the business. We provide very thorough automated as well as manual testing services for your app, website and software and make sure that all your digital products are tested for the best quality before being launched into the internet.

We are a rapidly growing Web Design and Development Company in USA and have experts on all fields like web design, development, testing, marketing and graphics. You can hire automation testing team in USA with us and get the best automated software tests developed for your services. We have experts in the domain who have knowledge about all the platforms like ASP.NET, CSS, HTML and PHP. This knowledge helps in making sure that the software tests developed are up to the mark and provide you with the best of the service. Our professional work culture shows we mean business and we give everything to provide each client with the best services across our field of operation. We are committed to providing the top notch services and thus, we offer free revisions to our work if you’re not satisfied with the product that you receive.

So, get in touch with us with your manual and automated testing needs and we will make sure to provide you with the most affordable and feasible solution. You can contact us over the phone, via email or by directly visiting our office.


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