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The retail industry is the biggest user of ecommerce. Online shopping website design is the biggest requirement of the day thanks to so many websites that adorn the internet. Website development for retail is a major player in the digital market and firms provide high end services for such website development.

The quest to have the best ecommerce site is quite common as startups look to grab their share of the market. Thus, the retail industry forms a big chunk of the digital ecosystem and the requirement of highly skilled retail websites development provider is quite large in itself.

Retail and IT: Two industries, one goal

The retail industry is based on providing value products to the customers. The big players of the industry are concerned with providing all types of consumer goods to the customers and ever since the consumers have gone online, the retail industrialists are looking for ways to capitalize in the digital world and set up their brands in the digital arena.

The IT sector is the foundation on which the entire digital market stands. Web development, web design, social media development and so on, everything is a product of the IT world and using these tools, other industries are entering the digital market to claim their share.

The goal of both retail and IT sector is to provide good service to the consumers and give them the product they want. For doing this, retail web development has been a great tool and firms are offering express services for the same.

How we work

What does retail on the web offer?

Retail industry on the web is mainly about ecommerce. Retail firms have their ecommerce sites through which they cater to their consumers. Website development companies offer services like Joomla , PHP , Magento , Shopify and Drupal ecommerce services which are used extensively for developing specialized ecommerce sites.

CRM Systems are also developed as customer details and their database management is of utmost importance.

So, with the power of ecommerce platforms, the retail industry offers various goods like apparels, jewelry, electronics, home appliances, stationery and many other daily life products.

These ecommerce stores are just like the supermarket in our locality that offers us every variety of goods. The difference between the two being the magnitude of variety and the discounts that are offered by the online store because of their operational advantages over the brick and mortar stores.

The ARKA Advantage

At ARKA, we boast of having the best custom web development in USA. We have experts in PHP, Joomla, Magento, Shopify and other popular platforms that are used for retail websites development and their experience in the domain is unmatched. We boast of a large number of ecommerce sites under our belt and have been consistently providing best quality work since our inception.

We were setup in 2010 and today, we have an office in Jaipur, India .Our 6 year long journey has been fulfilling and we have done over 400 developmental projects. We are into core website design and development and our employee base shows our strength. Our success can be mapped from the various positive testimonies received from our beloved clients. We have worked with people from the US, UK, UAE, South Africa, India, Australia and many other parts of Europe and Asia and identify ourselves as a truly global brand in the realm of web development and allied services.

The ARKA advantage will ensure that you get the best services, the best support and all round assistance during the course of the project. We offer dedicated teams for development, 24/7 technical support, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and all of this is offered at a price that is unmatched in the segment. With us, you can leave all your worries aside and feel like family as we treat your site as our own and work to develop it to the best of our abilities

So, get in touch with us via phone, email, chat or visit our office in Jaipur, India for a one on one session with our experts in order to discuss your needs. Collaborate with us and watch as we bring the power of ARKA to your business and provide you with the best web application development services.


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