Hire ARKA Fixed Price Basis TeamWe have fix rate, because quality is our main concern

With a successful experience of over six years, all our services and solutions strive to achieve better customer satisfaction, increased sales and higher revenue for your project. We work with you as a business more than just a vendor. We provide Fixed Price Based web designers who will work under fixed budget, fixed time frame and fixed project scope dedicatedly for you. ARKA Softwares works using fixed price model to assure clients that they would receive all the deliverables within time, within budget and in accordance with the requirements stated in the agreement.

Features of our fixed price based model

Our web development team on Fixed Price has worked for several small and medium sized projects. Upon receiving precise requirements and well-defined business objectives and goals, our professionals start working towards completion of the project within agreed budget and time frame. All the business projects created by us for your company not only reduce the risk for our clients but also results in increased ROI and sales. Our highly experienced and motivated team of professionals assures you of high quality and productive websites that help in maximizing your online global presence.

  • Our expert professionals offer guaranteed production for the time frame and fixed budget as mentioned by you.
  • Clients can deduct billing if professionals fail to deliver services on work days.
  • We assure that all the work would get done between official working hours in India.
  • Our professionals assure you for not disclosing security and confidential information of your business and projects
  • As there is no need for set up, clients save on fees incurred on setting up the infrastructure and administrative charges.
  • Flexible and scalable development process
  • You are provided with a team of professionally qualified designers and programmers to work on your projects
  • Client has the full rights to directly control and manage the project
  • Proves to be highly cost effective means to outsource project

ARKA Softwares is a Jaipur based company that has been serving several clients over the past six years in areas of web design, web development, digital marketing, mobile application development, e-commerce development and social media integration. We provide you qualified and experienced professional web developers on contract based in USA working for your project without any sort of compromise on quality. We also offer replacement facility in cases where the recruited employee is not capable of performing its duties due to any reason.

Hire ARKA Fixed Price Basis TeamWe have fix rate, because quality is our main concern

Hiring designer services proves to be highly significant for companies and businesses with small to medium size, seeking for an offshore team of professionals without investing in setting up infrastructure or overhead expenses. Hiring fixed Price Basis web developers at ARKA Softwares; your business is assured to get benefitted at various levels such as design, development, delivery, and marketing. Under fixed price based model, our company provides highly talented employee for simple to complex projects at an affordable cost. The companies to which we offer offshore and inshore web services saves on infrastructure, software licensing, internet bill, cost of computer etc.

When you choose ARKA Softwares to Hire Full Time Designer, our qualified professionals assure you to provide exemplary services in delivering projects ina mutually agreed budget and a timeline with a known scope. We believe in working as a partner to our clients than just a simple workforce. Our focused services aim at maintaining friendly communication between the involved parties, creating a reliable environment and being transparent about everything concerning the project. This has been our working methodology since our inception and this approach has helped our clients with remarkable results in the long run and results in building successful business web projects for life.

If your firm requires contract based web developers in USA, then ARKA Softwares provide you a skilled programmer or a team of programmers on a contract basis. Upon mutual agreement of the time frame and budget of the contract, our programmers would work full time from our offices similar to an in-house staff working in your company. We give you 100 % assurance that all your projects assignments would be handled and managed with complete dedication and sincerity. Our developers will put in fixed number of hours every month working on your projects. At ARKA Softwares, we give our clients freedom to choose whether to have a full-fledged team of professionals to work for you or augment your existing capacity with the required number of developers.

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