Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid App development- The perfect Combination of divers technologies, methodologies and features

Hybrid app is a different and often better approach than native apps. Hybrid apps have created their own place in the market and online businesses are looking at the hybrid apps for cross-platform employment.

Hybrid Apps: A brief introduction

Hybrid apps are just like any other app that you use on your phone. However, these are developed using technologies like ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. These apps use the WebView of your mobile OS in order to display the content and have the ability to use Native App elements in the UI for a better app experience.

Why use Hybrid Apps for your business?

A hybrid application has some capabilities which are beneficial for ecommerce apps. This is the reason that hybrid application development has become an important method of app development and is being used by many firms worldwide.

Here we present you some of the most important reasons why you should use hybrid apps for your business:

Cross Platform

The current mobile market is very diverse. There are many people using android, while there are many others who use either iOS or Windows. Developing native apps for different platforms individually is a time consuming task. Moreover, the costs associated are also high. So, using a hybrid app structure, you can make sure that the same app structure can be combined with the SDK and launched for the various OS. Cross platform is the new thing right now and if you want the highest amount of exposure for your business, build it using hybrid model to ensure cross platform launch.

Hardware/Software Capabilities

The hybrid apps have the capability to access hardware and software capabilities of the mobile device. This can be done using simple plug-ins that can be clubbed with the app without much inconvenience. This is unlike the native apps which are restricted and need special permissions to access the same. So, if your app needs to use the accelerometer, gravity sensor or camera features of the mobile device, then develop hybrid application for the best results. In other cases too, having a hybrid app is better because the hardware and software will always be available for you to exploit.

Cheaper than Native

Another big reason for you to use a hybrid app is because it is cheaper to develop. Developers do not need to have special OS training in order to develop these apps. Also, the time required to develop these apps is less which results in a comparatively lesser project cost. Another reason for lesser cost is the fact that hybrid apps are cross platform and as mentioned above, they can be launched on all available platforms without having to develop individual apps for the individual operating systems.

Faster to operate

The apps developed using hybrid techniques are faster to operate. The UI elements are installed with the app data but the actual app content is picked up from the server. So, the apps are light on the mobile hardware and do not clog up too much memory. This makes them respond swiftly to user commands and provide a seamless user experience.

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