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Ecommerce has picked up pace in this age of digital media and Magento is a platform that has got everyone talking. Written in PHP, the platform is open source but unlike Drupal , it is not free of cost. It is currently owned by Ebay, which spun off the company and the market share of Magento is among the top 30 by platform in the world. According to Magento experts in USA , the platform has the capability of becoming the best and is a preferred choice for many start-ups in the ecommerce domain.

Why use Magento?

Magento is used mainly because of the following reasons

Google services

Google and Magento have shaken hands to make the e-commerce platform better and the results have been outstanding. There are not only numerous features exclusive to google that are now available to you when you choose Magento, but the overall data analysis and newer ideas to increase the traffic also helps you make your e-commerce website more attractive and user friendly. Such collaborations are helping magento web developers in USA and is a powerful tool with the ability to alleviate your business to new heights.


Magento is highly flexible and can be expanded as your business expands. You can spend on it accordingly, add new extensions, and even give a unique touch to those extensions by customizing them to suit the needs of your business. There are numerous versions of different extensions available in the market and you can make use of those too. Magento boasts of a large hoard of different themes and templates, and you can mix and match them to create something unique and something which is more pleasing to the customers.

Powerful features

Magento is packed with awe inspiring features. You can easily manage different contents, group them together, create a list of things, and use multiple layers to make your website stand out. It has got everything that one might ask for to run a flexible yet friendly e-commerce website. It knows how to lure a customer in and if used rightly, can increase the traffic to your website many folds. With SEO features, Magento knows how to tick in the market and help you stand out. Top website designs can be created with ease and thus, Magento is a choice of platform for many web developers.

Multiple stores

With Magento you can run multiple stores and maintain multiple brands, all at the same time. You can use one single platform for all your e-commerce purposes and run them all simultaneously without any fear of a glitch. This is of particular interest to the developers and mobile app creation in USA is using this feature extensively.

Customers and developers friendly

Magento is one of its kind, free e-commerce platform and gives developers the freedom to make use of the available programming languages. The open source available gives the developer a confidence to try out new things and ideas. It is an easy to use platform and provides better security to the users.

Mobile friendly

With Magento, you can launch your e-commerce website across numerous platforms, including phones and tablets. In today's fast paced world that is a boon that you cannot miss if you want to attract customers from sphere. Magento is mobile friendly, and is so far the best e-commerce platform providing this feature.

How we work

The ARKA Advantage

With us,responsive megento theme development becomes as easy as 123. We have dedicated and expert staff who are well versed with Magento development. Our magento developers stay updated with the latest technology and have helped us become a popular Magento Web Development Company in USA. We offer round the clock support, dedicated team of developers per project and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Apart from that ARKA Softwares is a global IT services provider and we are counted as prominent providers of drupal web development services in USA , Cake PHP Development Services in USA and so on. We have been in the business for 6 years now and have over 400 projects under our belt. Having worked for 250+ clients from US, India, UK, Europe and other parts of the world, we are a truly global firm dedicated to provide the best to our clients.

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