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ARKA Software is a leading firm offering specialized IT services to clients all across the world. We offer value - driven impeccable services to empower business in various areas such as Design and Development of Websites, Hybrid Application development, Search Engine Optimization and Wordpress Development, E-Commerce development and Social Media development services.

Our company makes an ideal partner for businesses seeking at transformational IT solutions. Our core capabilities, exemplary human resources, world class quality and the global infrastructure deliver a plethora of technologies and remarkable business consulting solutions and services.Partners relationship of ARKA Software provides an integrated portfolio of services and solutions to a wide range of clients in the domains of Consulting, System Integration and Outsourcing for various key segments of the industry.

We take pride in having developed strategic partnerships with several renowned firms to assist bringing the best class web development and internet marketing services to the clients of our partners.

ARKA Software, as a web development company partners, makes use of result oriented methodologies, strategies, web-based capabilities and software solutions to aid a vendor ineffectively managing partner relationships. We are an expert in building user- friendly and SEO optimized websites and custom-built solutions. With a team of highly experienced professionals, we offer integration of various software such as CRM, e-commerce, email marketing and other accounting software with your site as per the requirements. This results in the efficient and smooth flow of all business services within the system.

How we work

Partner’s relationship of IT Company is based on the formulation of a well-crafted business strategy that aims at leveraging communication between companies and channel partners. Our state of art web - based software applications designed to promote partner relationships helps companies to customize as well as streamline all their administrative tasks efficiently. Our trained professionals accomplish it by providing shipping schedules and other relevant information needed in real-time information to all the partners over the Internet.

Advertisers of ARKA Software work towards devising and delivering innovative and advanced services and solutions to effectively deal with the varying challenges and goals of partner companies. Our partner relationships are based on transparency, mutual trust, division of risk and division of rewards that results in enhanced performance of a business. The business performance obtained as a result of this partnership is observed to be many times more than what would be achieved by individual firms working without partnerships.

All our processes are built on authentic systems and methods that make efficient utilization of our expertise with the internet and mobile technology, reduced total COD (cost of development), impeccable and innovative solutions and flexible delivery. These features assist us in achieving your business goals efficiently with respect to time frame, finance, and quality. By implementing and delivering effective technological processes and solutions, our clients feedback reveals the positive transformation of their business and betterment of their services. Our right insight, technical support and technology helped in making business functions a lot simpler, quicker and better.

ARKA Softwares, as a web development company partners are fully aware of the importance of rapid scaling while sustaining operational excellence and lowering financial obligation for our partners in dynamic and expanding the world wide market. Our experienced and certified professionals understand the urge for our partners to achieve quick expansion and reap the benefits of opportunities and acquire competitive benefits. The result oriented and sophisticated technological processes implemented by us have received various feedback from clients. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Increased business revenue

Increase in sales lead and business revenue is one of the determining factors ofthe success of any technological implementation in a business. All our global partners experience an immediate value addition to their products and services that result in a real increase in sales and revenue.

Enormous experience combined with impeccable implementation

All the professionals at ARKA Softwares have experience in developing numerous websites of varying sizes and to run in different types of environments. Their reliable and robust advice and solutions help in thebest resolution oftechnical issues.

Easy to implement solutions

We provide a set of turnkey solutions to our partners that are ready to be used immediately upon implementation. These solutions are designed to perfection and fulfill a broad range of processes such as invoice generation, website designing, content management and training.

Appealing and sustained results

We assure our partners to deliver them assured result of the services recommended by our experts. Our internet marketing solutions offer clients with sustained and real results to realize their business goals.


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