Phonegap Application Development

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Do you own a business or an enterprise? Are you worried about how your applications would look like or could be accessed from different smartphone devices and how easily accessible and navigable your business could be to your potential customers? Since Android and iOS are the two trendiest platforms in the world of smart devices, coders are targeting these two and getting motivated towards creating separate apps for different devices. Needless to say, their most preferred choice is PhoneGap.

PhoneGap Application Development

In order to refrain from the additional efforts of writing separate codes, business owners and developers are now trying to preponderate all mobile platforms with a single codebase. Thus, before building an app or before creating a website for any business, it is imperative that the developer considers cross platform development. By using PhoneGap, coders can build native apps for any smart device while keeping the features of a native app intact.

What gives PhoneGap an edge over other application development frameworks?

Less Maintenance Costs for Businesses

If we choose to go with doing native development, we will have to be prepared to manage two code bases, Android and iOS. That would mean every modification, every new feature incorporated, every bug fix would have to be done two times over. PhoneGap facilitates Cross Platform development by helping the developers build apps that can be easily transferred from one platform to another. This also offers the advantage to leverage the existing skills of the coders and developers in the development team. This is how PhoneGap saves you time and money.

Developers can use their existing Knowledge

Apps that are built using PhoneGap are hybrid apps. If you are a coder with expertise in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS, then you can build native mobile apps using the web technologies that you know. Parts of the application – the UI, the client-server communication, and the application logic, is based on HTML/JavaScript. The remaining part that controls the device is based on the native language for that platform. PhoneGap thus provides a bridge from the world of JavaScript to the native world of any platform, which allows the JavaScript API to access and control the device. With PhoneGap, developers do not have to invest in learning new languages like Objective-C or Swift to create new native applications for iPhone.

Open Source

Being a mobile app development framework, PhoneGap is is based upon the open source Apache Cordova project. The core engine of PhoneGap is hundred percent open source underneath the Apache Cordova Project.

PhoneGap as a perfect framework

Looking at the afore mentioned features, we at ARKA Softwares, regard PhoneGap as a perfect framework for creating hybrid mobile apps which act as native. We have an amazing team to develop PhoneGap applications, we also develop Xamarin App .

For your entire mobile app related queries and requirements, get in touch with our highly experienced and skilled PhoneGap application development team to witness excellent Samples of PhoneGap Application development . We are headquartered at ARKA Softwares, Jaipur and also offer Software Development Services in USA in Dallas, TX. Being one of the prominent SMO Services Company in USA with options to app framework,outsource app designs and mobile website UX/UI from many sources, our iPhone app development services in USA have been praised by our international clients and we have become a major performer within a very short time period of our birth in 2010.


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