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Web Development is impossible without the mention of PHP. PHP is a server side language which is regarded as the biggest platform for web and web app development in the world with over 200 million websites in the world using this platform as their preferred choice of web development and page viewing. PHP is used by many big names in the industry of digital media and this makes it one of the most sought after development module in the entire globe.

PHP: The ‘Chosen One’ for Web Development

PHP is mainly seen as a server side language which is being employed for web development, web application development and scripting. Apart from AngularJS Development in USA, PHP is the other platform used and till now it is the most widely used platform for development of web apps. The platform is written using the coding language C and is distributed freely across the globe under a PHP License.

We, At ARKA, understand the importance of PHP and how it can help your business grow. Our experts have in depth knowledge of PHP and we help you take advantage of PHP platform for the following processes:

  • PHP is employed for scripting of the server side. This is an important use of PHP and our experts know how to exploit this function to the best of its abilities. With ARKA, you will have a fully-fledged PHP website and that is why we are a leading PHP Web Development Company in USA.
  • The use of PHP for command line usage is another sphere where PHP can be of great help to your web apps and website. Our experts can seamlessly use these features and give you the best PHP experience.

Benefits of PHP and the ARKA advantage

Being a leading Website Development Company in USA, we are poised to provide you with the best PHP services. Our team of experts have all the technical knowledge required to provide a world class PHP development. With over 400 projects done so far, we have the experience and the expertise to make sure that all the work provided by us is of top quality and helps the clients in reaching the top space in digital world.

At ARKA Softwares, you will be experiencing the best of PHP and we will ensure that you can get access to the following benefits that are offered by PHP if it is used as the preferred method of web development

Ease of Maintenance

The PHP Group provides maintenance tools and even helps developers who are managing their sites using PHP platform. Our experts ensure that all latest tools are used effectively and your site or web app is maintained with ease.

Easy Implementation

PHP is not that tough to learn and our professionals have made sure that they’re well versed with all the features. This ensures that you will always have the best service and the implementation of PHP to your website will be done with ease.


PHP is very efficient in delivering results and that is why ARKA promotes and encourages the use of PHP for web development activities. Our many projects are done using PHP and the results always speak for themselves.

So, write to us with your query and we will get back to you with our suggestions. We can set up a meeting at your convenience and our developers will interact with you face to face in order to understand your needs and provide you with a tailor made solution to all your PHP web development needs.

You can write to us at our email address or talk to us over the phone. Moreover, our office at Jaipur s always open for you and you can drop in anytime to discuss your needs. With clientele spreads over UAE, UK, US, South Africa, Europe, India and Australia, the ARKA advantage will give you an edge in digital world and make your business reach new heights.


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