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We deliver excellence through Quality Assurance

The software requires fulfilling a level of quality prior to getting released. Quality assurance is the way to assess the quality of software. This is an integral part of any software development life cycle. ARKA Softwares offers a wide range of impeccable software testing and software development services in USA. Our quality assurance services involve execution of a series of test cases that produce a wide range of usage scenarios, environmental combinations, edge cases, load factors and other influencing variables.

The cost of identifying and solving defects increases considerably across the lifetime of a project. A single error in the business requirements could create adverse impact into other areas of code and design. This makes it critical to locate errors as soon as possible. Using the vast knowledge coupled with years of experience, our QA experts in USA assists a company in avoiding misunderstandings, poor project design, or incompatible project requirements.

These experts support projects operating in several domains by identifying any errors when executed under real time scenarios. With better and quick identification of bugs and resolution, strategies adopted by them helps in preventing revenue loss and sudden halting of the project. QA engineers help in fixing issues at the earliest that results inhugemoney savings in future.

With over six years of profound experience in IT services, ARKA Softwares is a leading firm offering a plethora of services under one roof. As a provider of Quality IT services in USA our specialized services deliver comprehensive business solutions built on proven technologies, superior support, and service.

Our staff comprises of certified and qualified professionals possessing certification courses from reputed institutes such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Certified VMware, Cisco professionals etc. These trained professionals have expertise in bringing managed IT support services for small scale, medium scale and large scale businesses implementing cutting-edge hardware and software technologies.

As a part of our software solutions, we offer Quality Software Services in USA. With these services, we assist businesses in creating and maintaining competitive advantage through the use of latest edge technologies and several different IT service delivery models.

Our exemplary methods and techniquesaids in an efficient deployment of your projects across several locations to result in a highly effective combination. With the effective implementation of our strategies, we offer you an enlarged resource pool, quick outcome and an effective cost control for your business projects.

Some of the steps or stages those are included in testing procedure

  • Selecting a test plan

    This is the most basic step and is done in almost all the manual tests that are done. A proper test plan is needed in order to properly execute the manual testing technique and get results. The requirements like the number of people required, computers needed and software licenses are determined and acquired for the same.

  • Creating a test guide

    A detailed guide for the tester is created by the software developers detailing all the steps that need to be followed in order to get the required results. Furthermore, the expected outcome of each of the action is also given so that the tester can verify.

  • Assigning testers

    Testers are sought and assigned the tasks. They get to work and complete the task manually within their stipulated time and send the results to the developer.

  • Test Report

    A report of the test is created by analyzing all the inputs of the testers. The report is read by the managers and developers and they decide whether or not the app is ready for commercial release. If there are issues, then the developers identify the root cause of the issues and then get to work on them and debug the app or software.

This helps in achieving following benefits

Our quality software testing services provide a comprehensive suite of software testing that includes consulting, automation testing, functional testing, performance testing and specialized testing.Our uniquely designed testing framework tests and validates the quality of the infrastructure and ensuresthat it is free from errors.All our testing methodologies and processes are built using deep domain knowledge, diverse experiential knowledge, and delivery excellence to provide lead metrics and critical indicators that help in early correction and making aproactive decision.

  • Reduction of the errors that influences in the use of the business application.
  • Offer an application that performs consistently in production.
  • Improves quality of deliverables.
  • Development of highly creative and effective testing techniques and methods that assist our clients to achieve trusted and expected deployment and release readiness.
  • Better test efficiency and increased cost savings

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