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Our developers have different approach for QuickBook Integration

It is imperative to maintain an exhaustive set of books, to monitor and analyse key trends in your business like cash inflow and revenue generated etc., irrespective of the nature of any business. Also, business records are the first thing potential lenders want to go through before investing in your business. QuickBooks is very straightforward accounting software, developed and marketed by Intuit, with online and desktop editions, which helps business users manage accounts and finances with just the click of a button. Let us have look at the most significant reasons for choosing QuickBooks...

Ease of Use

Most of the accounting programs are cumbersome to use and difficult to learn. Whereas, Quickbooks is designed to be comprehensible and intuitive, even for newbies who lack an understanding in accounting and finance?


Quickbooks is equipped with a variety of ready-to-use templates users can avail to create charts, spreadsheets, invoices and business plans. This software also helps customize the appearance of these documents to make them stand out. Business owners can get their invoices customized to add comprehensive details about each line item and even add their company logo. This feature makes on-time payment and invoice reconciliation simple for customers.


Reports help to analyse the present condition of your business or have an overview of your cash flow or revenue generation at a glance, with just a click. The Reporting functionality enables business users to get instant insights into their finances, to track sales and expense accurately, and to make up-to-the-minute and intelligent financial decisions.

QuickBooks Integration

The best feature and the biggest advantage of QuickBooks is its ability to integrate with other programs and third party tools to enhance their existing functionalities.For example: After feeding in all of their sales and expenses in QuickBooks, business owners can conveniently export that data to their preferred tax program to file income taxes easily. QuickBooks also integrates perfectly with Microsoft Excel, making it convenient to import data from different sources and use it in Quickbooks. QuickBooks can also be synchronized with relational databases and cloud data sources. The Intuit Developer Network provides SDKs for QuickBook Integration, and also encourages third-party software developers to create programs that fill niche areas for specific industries and integrate with QuickBooks. Following are some of the “QuickBook Integrations” we work on at ARKA Softwares:

QuickBooks Integration with PHP

The PHP SDK (PHP v3 SDK) provided by Intuit for QuickBooksis set of PHP classes that makes it easier to call QuickBooks APIs, allowing PHP applications to perform stuff like: Automatically send orders placed on your website to QuickBooks, Get access to QuickBooks reports, Pull information out of QuickBooks and display it online, Charge credit cards using Intuit Payments / QuickBooks Merchant Services etc.

QuickBooks Integration with Magento

Business users can make accounting easier and streamline their inventory management by integrating their Magento online store with QuickBooks for up-to-the-minute accounts data. To make your online store and QuickBooks communicate with each other, one needs to have “Store Manager” for Magento installed and use the “QuickBooks Integration addon” that comes with it.

QuickBooks Integration with .NET

Intuit provides an SDK so that third-party applications can read or write QuickBooks data. These applications communicate with QuickBooks using XML for requests and responses. Intuit has provided the QBFC Library so developers can use C# or VB to accept responses or build requests, although XML (or qbXML – QuickBook XML) is still used internally. For this integration one needs to have QuickBooks and the QuickBooks SDK installed in their development machines.

Why ARKA Softwares?

At ARKA Softwares, our QuickBooks Integration services team helps determine solutions to business-critical requirements by integrating and extending QuickBooks beyond its core capabilities. This is how we provide a cost-effective substitute to exorbitant accounting packages. Having performed thousands of QuickBooks client engagements across several industries, our QuickBook experts will work with you on getting the correct process set up to integrate your e-commerce website with QuickBooks to help you with finding, implementing and optimizing the right solution for your e-commerce business.

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