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In the past the way that web applications worked was like this: you have a browser and you have a web server. The server keeps sending new pages for every request you place with the browser. That is why we see a lot of reloading or refreshing, especially in older websites, with users waiting for the page to refresh most of the time.Single-Page Application development has a lot of advantages that directly address the challenges of traditional kind of web applications (or Multi-Page Applications) described above.

In the present business scenario, retailers completely understand the significance of providing a delightful online shopping experience to their customers as a crucial factor in realizing their business objectives. To engage, satisfy and retain customers, the ‘speed’ and ‘performance’ of their website is critically important. Single-Page Applications are Web applications that load a single web page and update that page dynamically in response to actions performed by the user. Single-Page Applications use AJAX and HTML5 to create more fluid and responsive Web applications, without the jarring effect of reloading the page, by doing most of the work on the client side, in JavaScript.

Advantages of Single-Page Application (SPA)

TURL doesn’t change: The first benefit is getting rid of that perturbing page change when the user clicks on a link. In a SPA, the main interface and navigation controls usually stay on the page when the user clicks on a link. The only thing that gets changed is the piece of content a user wants.

Surveys indicate that the world is getting busier and busier. The lesser time people have means that they do not get the chance to visit stores often to purchase. This makes it more desirable for them to get their stuff delivered to their homes. This trend is expected to grow in the future making the online market a huge reality.

Drastic Improvement in Performance/Response time: Another benefit is a major basic speed breakthrough user gets from a lighter server response payload for a piece of information versus the whole page. A lighter payload gets transmitted across the network speedily making the browser assimilate and display the new piece of information more quickly than redrawing a new page altogether. It is fast, as most resources JavaScript + CSS + HTML are loaded just once, in the lifespan of an application, with only the data getting transmitted to and fro, saving a lot of bandwidth and time.

Native app-like experience for mobiles: Single-Page Applications make it simple to develop web experiences that render a native app-like experience within the mobile browser without having to develop and distribute a hybrid-native mobile app. This enables the customers to completely bypass the annoying approval cycles of an app store to download an updated app. Updating an app is as effortless as updating the code on your server, engendering shorter release cycles.

Supports Rich Interactions: Single-Page Applications back rich interactions, with numerous components on a single page, which might have many intermediate states (items clicked, selections, menus etc.). This could be difficult to implement with just the server-side rendering..

Back Button Issue: In HTTP Post operation, server-side failure results in requiring to redo the entire data entry. You could lose the back button and also accidental navigation to other pages could result in loss of data. In Single-Page Applications, this issue gets taken care of as most of the communication gets performed employing AJAX promises, and hence there is no loss of back page.

Easy to Debug: Single-Page Applications are simple to debug with chrome, as developers can examine page elements and debug data associated with it while also monitoring network operations.

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Overall, Single-Page Applications are a great approach, especially for more sophisticated and complex web applications. They are faster and better in a lot of ways but require a little effort to build. SPA embraces HTML5 and JavaScript to forward-thinking common approach. And we at ARKA Softwares have a great SPA Development team equipped with the technical knowledge of JavaScript and other cutting-edge technologies, which can assist you in implementing this emerging web design paradigm and Develop SPA Application, to provide your customers a great web experience.

We are headquartered at ARKA Softwares, Jaipur and also offer App Development Services in USA in Dallas, TX. Our CMS Development in USA and Online Marketing Services in USA have been praised by our international clients and we have become a prominent Single Page Application Development Company within a short span of our birth in 2010. For all your queries and requirements related to high-quality E-Commerce website development and Single Page Application Websites development, get in touch with our highly experienced and skilled JavaScript experts in Jaipur, India.


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