"Today's sports betting and lottery market size worldwide is $242 billion, making now a great time to launch a sportsbook. With our sportsbook solutions, you'll be able to scale your business quickly."

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Sports betting is one of the activities that thrills many sports lovers where they wage on the sports and win amounts based on their betting skills. Here sportsbook software helps in boosting the sports betting experience. It facilitates the bookmakers to handle the bets seamlessly and allows users to place their bet easily on sports such as baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, and more.

Over the years, the sports betting industry has been rapidly growing, and demand for cutting-edge sportsbook software solutions is rapidly increasing. Being an experienced sportsbook software development company, we provide end-to-end sports betting solutions that includes sportsbook apps, software or websites. If you have an idea in your mind that can be trendy and innovative, we can assist you the best with our sports betting software development expertise.

Key Features You Will Have With Sports Bookie Software

For every sportsbook or bookmaker, software features are essential, and we have got you covered here. With us, you will have the following features with your next sportsbook software:

User Interface

The user interface creates a first impression. Navigation within the app is easy, and users can access other features seamlessly.

Betting Menu

The betting menu offers a clear vision of teams, leagues, and bets available, such as MoneyLine bets, point spread bets, parlay bets, and more.


Users can place bets on a single event or on a group of events based on their choice. It also contains the records of all bets placed by the users.

Live Betting

Live betting accelerates the betting experience where users can place their bet during live events or matches.

Payment Processing

You can make payments through a variety of methods, such as a credit card, a debit card, net banking, or an e-wallet.

Bet Builder

Users can place custom bets based on their preferences and predictions. Bettors can make their bet by choosing various markers from a single event.

Live Streaming

Every sports lover loves to stay updated about the sports match and its key events. Live streaming helps users enjoy the live match.

Bonus System

The bonus system helps in customer retention. It offers bonuses or promotions such as free bets, loyalty, and others.

Reporting and Analytics

It provides detailed reports on betting operations, including betting activity, financial performance, and customer behavior.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is one of the interesting features of sportsbook software. Users can share scores, odds, or winning bets on social media.

Security Features

It secures the sportsbook software from any type of cyber threats and offers privacy to the users' data, such as transactions, information, and others.

Help Center

The help center contains all the information that helps users access the sportsbook software easily. Users can also ask for support via it.

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From Idea to Deployment: Here It is

Here are some glimpses of how we can turn your sportsbook software idea into reality. It will be more exciting for us if you needed any customization.

Why Arka Softwares for White Label Sportsbook Software?

We use our expertise in sportsbook software development to provide quality white label sportsbook solutions.

Extraordinary Features
Extraordinary Features
Modern UI/UX
Modern UI/UX
Agile Development Methodology
Agile Development Methodology
Expert & Innovative Team
Expert & Innovative Team
100% Quality Assurance
100% Quality Assurance
Limitless Scalability Opportunities
Limitless Scalability Opportunities

Sportsbook Software Development Process: Idea to Launch

Our experience is reflected in our work. We begin with requirement analysis and continue until the client is satisfied with the implementation. Here is how we develop a sportsbook software solution:

Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

It all starts with analysis that helps in identifying and documenting all requirements.

Research & Strategy

A perfect strategy is a must to develop the sportsbook software in a fine way, and we do it well.

Wireframe & Planning

Wireframe & Planning

Wireframing is the most exciting process. It will give an idea of how sportsbook will look.

Sprint-wise Development

Sprint-wise Development

We begin the actual development process in this step. Programming skills are required here.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

In this step, we test the software until finding and removing the last bug if any.



Once we have tested the sportsbook software, we will deploy and handover it to you.

Our Clients Happiness Lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable
journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

"We commit to delivering sports betting and software solutions that exceeds the users expectations. Arka Softwares provides smart & advanced sportsbook software solutions."

A Versatile Sportsbook Software for Diverse Sports

Having a sportsbook software solution like BetMGM is a perfect idea for business. Arka Softwares can ensure you a seamless sportsbook solution targeting multiple sports.



Ice Hockey






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Yes, but remember that there are certain compliances and regulations associated with it and in some parts of the world betting is still considered illegal. So, before launching your sportsbook it is highly recommended to have complete information about the compliances. For it, you can also discuss with your sportsbook software development services provider.

There is no limitation to the sport, you can target any or multiple sports with a unique sportsbook app. From baseball to tennis or any other game. Although most popular games with sportsbook are American Football Sportsbook Software, Soccer Sportsbook Software, Rugby Sportsbook Software, Basketball Sportsbook Software, Golf sportsbook Software etc.

The cost to develop a custom sportsbook software range in-between $15000-$25000 approximately. However, there are multiple factors that decide the cost such as features, functionalities, payment integrations, third-party API integration, and others.

Yes, we have the expertise in sportsbook software and app development aligning all needs of our clients. So, if you need sportsbook software that supports cryptocurrency then we would be happy to assist you with that.

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