Terms and Conditions of ARKA Softwares

The service agreement with ARKA Softwares shall be guided by the following terms and condition. In the following paragraphs, the words “ARKA Softwares”, “the company” and “the firm”, all mean ARKA Softwares unless stated otherwise.

ARKA Softwares is a responsive web design company in USA providing all sorts of web development, web design, logo design, SEO and content marketing services to online businesses worldwide. All the services provided are developed using licensed platforms and the intellectual property developed in the company itself.

These terms and conditioned must be read by the client firm before entering into any contract with the Company. After signing of the document, it is believed that the client firm has read the terms and conditions and has expressed their consent to abide by the same. Any addition or exception to these terms must be discussed with the Outsourcing Software Development Company in USA and expressed in the written form in the final agreement otherwise these terms and conditions hold true for all cases.

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