70+ Cool and Fun Websites to Waste Time When Bored

Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Spending time online, whether reading news articles or playing browser games, is a great way to pass the time. Google provides a plethora of fun and cool websites that may be used to waste time when you feel bored. People still spend the vast majority of their time watching boring videos on a handful of popular websites.

Once you’ve finished reading this blog, you won’t be bored for the rest of the day. Here, we offer you a collection of 70+ Fun and random websites to cure your boredom.


Why Should You Visit Funny & Cool Websites to Waste Your Time When Bored?

We look for ways to entertain ourselves when we have nothing constructive to do and are bored. In this regard, crazy websites to waste time when bored seem like a lifeline, especially during the worldwide lockdown caused by the pandemic, when we had no choice but to stay at home and earn a living online.

This post will give you some fun and random websites that you can use to waste your time when you are feeling bored.


Top 70+ Fun Websites to Cure Your Boredom

1. MapCrunch

MapCrunch Fun websites


This is the best fun site to go on when bored that allows its visitors to experience virtual travel to many locations across the world.

One click of the “Go” button will bring up a Street View from an unspecified location on the planet. There is a “Options” menu where you can pick the countries you’re interested in.


2. The Useless Web


Websites to Cure Your Boredom

It’s an aggregation of the best crazy websites to visit and waste time when bored. All you have to do is click the huge red button that appears on the page.

The next step is to visit one of several websites, some of which you will immediately fall in love with and others with which you may be completely unfamiliar.


3. Hacker Typer

This site has all the information you need to become a hacker much like those portrayed in movies and TV shows. A few simple keystrokes can temporarily provide you hacker abilities.


4. Astronomy Picture of the Day


Random fun websites

This is one of the random astronomy websites for exploring the universe. It features a different photograph or image of the cosmos along with a short explanation written by an expert astronomer every day.

Every day, visitors are able to learn more about the universe and get exciting information about it.


5. Music Theory

Music Theory Fun websites


Simply said, it’s the easiest method in the list of Top fun websites to kill time online and forget about being bored forever. A variety of tools, including ear trainers, quizzes, and calculators, are available, as well as instant access to basic lectures in music theory.


6. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine fun sites to go on when bored


See how your favorite sites looked before they were completely revamped by visiting this entertaining site. Specifying a time and date is as simple as entering a URL.

The Wayback Machine will then present you with a snapshot of the site as it appeared on that date. It is for sure one of the cool websites to visit when bored.


7. Paper Toilet

It is among the weirdest websites to cure your boredom which shows a toilet paper roll that wraps and unwraps as the user scrolls up and down.


8. Zoom Quilt

People’s collaborative artworks inspired the conception of this undertaking. It is a website and an eternally zooming image that combine a number of different fantasy artworks into a single composition.


9. Drive Me Insane

To have fun while someone else pays, you can make use of home automation features on this site. Switch on some lights, fiddle with the sign, and observe the results on the screen.


10. Free Rice

Crazy Websites To Waste Time When Bored


Free Rice is one of the best websites to go when you feel bored that allows users to play a multiple-choice game in exchange for donating rice to hungry families.


11. Radiooooo

Websites to Cure Your Boredom


Radiooooo will transport you back in time. Just like on the Radio Garden website, you can tune in to the airwaves of any country in the world. This website, however, provides a timeline, allowing you to tune in to the radio not just from any location, but from any period in history! Enjoy some French pop from the ’60s.


12. Rainy Mood

cool websites to visit


Incorporating HD/48kHz 3D audio and an algorithmic randomizer, rainy mood proves to be the most amazing random fun website that provide users with the most prominent rain experience on the Internet, allowing them to focus while studying, sleeping, or otherwise unwinding.


13. Quick Draw

random websites to cure boredom

You can use it to practice doodling and then show your creations off to the world. Only twenty seconds are allotted to quickly draw an answer to the question. It is a very effective website to go when you are bored because you will learn time management here.


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14. Gnoosic

A music-specific search engine is available here on the website. It gathers information from site visitors and adjusts itself to predict which musicians users would like based on their preferences in other bands. This method of discovering new music is effective and enjoyable.


15. Patatap

The only function of this website is to respond to the keys you press on your keyboard by triggering various visual and auditory effects. Patatap will respond to random keyboard input with an explosion of delightful noises and visuals. It may not make much sense at first, but if you enjoy typing, you will find yourself hooked.


16. Not Always Right

Website Development


If you’re interested in reading accounts of people’s similar experiences, Not Always Right is among the cool websites to visit. The website features narratives that range from mildly amusing to downright terrifying. Though the customer isn’t always right, these tales make a compelling anthology.


17. Drench

Drench Fun websites


We all know how entertaining internet games can be, and Drench is a prime example of a browser game that can help you pass away a good chunk of time.

Drench is a game in which players are given a board with a variety of colors and are challenged to cover the entire board with a single hue.

You’ll need to plan your moves wisely because you’ll only have a certain amount of turns to complete the board. It’s an entertaining way to waste time online, and oddly enough, it can be soothing if you get the hang of it.


18. River Styx

River Styx Websites to Cure Your Boredom


Do you enjoy learning about Greek mythology? If you aren’t already, you should be after checking out this website. The River Styx flows through Hades in Greek mythology. The self-titled website features an interactive journey through the riverbed and the grave, where numerous Greek deities make an appearance.

Similarly, to a point-and-click game, you can interact with the world by clicking on various icons and objects to learn more about them



The NOIYS website is essentially a repository for anonymous notes that are only available for a day before being permanently removed.

Writing anonymously is a great way to share your opinions with the world or keep a secret. Visitors to the site can also respond to one another’s notes, allowing for full-fledged conversations on any topic.


20. EyeBleach

EyeBleach, one of the famous fun websites, will help calm your mind after being exposed to jarring visuals. You can filter the results by any criterion you choose.


21. The Oregon Trail

If you’re the type who likes to spend time playing video games, this is the finest option of websites to cure your boredom. There are aspects of simulation, strategic planning, and adventure in this game.


22. Cool Things

Fun websites development


Do you prefer to spend time online looking for interesting and useful household items? Then you should absolutely add Cool Things to your fun website’s bookmarks.

It is a repository for articles and data about interesting topics. Products like technology, entertainment, hobbies, and even inventions fall under this category. The store is also a fantastic resource for finding gift ideas, whether you’re shopping for a man or a woman.


23. Post Secret

On Post Secret, you may read anonymous letters sent in by real individuals using real postcards. It’s full of people’s deepest, darkest, most shameful secrets, from the blunders they made when they were young to their deepest, most irrational worries and hopes.

While it may not appear so at first glance, reading the secrets shared by people from all over the world is a great way to lose track of time. 


24. Little Alchemy 2

The site’s title alludes to its focus on the metamorphosis that occurs when disparate elements are combined. Earth, Fire, Water, and Air are the first to be considered.

The objective is to produce as many distinct substances or things as possible. Nothing is off-limits; simply combine existing elements to make something brand new. You will have no idea how much time has passed.


25. Vsauce


fun sites to go on when bored


Vsauce is among the few fun websites that actually make studying enjoyable. If you’re ever bored and searching for something to do, you can always visit the site and read about fascinating topics like the infinite money conundrum, the game where you win by losing.

If you’re still confused after reading that, head on over to the site for further explanations.


26. A Good Movie To Watch

This site is a blessing for movie buffs because it allows them to easily find the top Netflix films. Movies are carefully selected and organized into categories like “feel good,” “action,” and “thriller,” but you may also browse the selections at random.

The finest part of this site is that it draws attention to films that the mainstream media avoided, but yet are nonetheless worth watching for a variety of reasons.


27. MUBI


MUBI Fun websites development


Keeping with the cinematic theme, this one is for you if you get stuck trying to choose a movie because there are so many options. Only 30 films can be viewed on the site at any given time, and one film is added or taken away every single day.

Among the finest websites to cure your boredom, this provides a streamlined and manageable set of options from which to pick.


28. The Moth

This site is fantastic if you appreciate good storytelling. Personal narratives written and narrated by website users. There’s also a podcast that collects tales from Moth stages around the globe. These are tales meant to be heard, not read. 


29. Don’t Even Reply

You need a lot of spare time if you plan to respond to every single Classifieds ad. The email discussion is entertaining, and it appears that the website owner has the necessary time. It’s fantastic, and you’ll adore it.


30. Code Academy


Website Development Company


Since many individuals are still working from home and others are under quarantine, this may be a good time to learn something new. Code Academy is a website where you can learn to code while receiving fast feedback and working on actual projects. You can go to Code Academy when you are bored and you will get knowledge as a reward.


31. Wait But Why

The site is awesome, and it features regular news and other information that relates to everyday living. A few humorous stick figures are employed to illustrate the various concepts. There’s no denying the site’s quirky and humorous vibe.


32. This Is My Website Now

This website is a certain way to waste a lot of time. Simple games that may be played in the browser. This is great for a quick break, but you shouldn’t use it for more than 10 minutes at a time.


33. The Oatmeal


Random fun websites


This is among the most hilarious websites to cure your boredom. Neither the comic’s conclusion nor the punch line can be predicted. You can count on laughing every few seconds, though.


34. CookieClicker

Cookie Clicker is an ad-supported idle clicker game in which the player clicks on a large cookie to make millions of cookies.


35. Habitica


website development services


Habitica, free productivity, and habit-forming tools encourage you to approach your everyday life with the same attitude you bring to video games. This, in turn, helps you achieve your personal goals for success, fulfillment, and health.


36. The Onion

The Onion may have been the first of its kind, but it’s still the greatest at parodying the news. The Onion influenced many journalists to find humorous ways to report serious events. If you’re looking for your daily dose, check them out.




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Every day, GIPHY stores the most popular GIFs that have been shared over a million times. They’re an entertaining and generally safe approach to getting your point across. Tweet like a pro by including some GIFs.


38. I Waste So Much Time

The goal of the website is to help you squander time. Short photos with humorous attached messages replace lengthy articles. An excellent diversion for quick interludes.


39. Oddee

The website focuses on weird stuff from around the world and has original articles that aren’t seen on BuzzFeed. Although similar in structure, the content is quite different. Fantastic to go this platform for killing time when bored and provide an acceptable substitute for BuzzFeed.


40. ZergNet

Instead of publishing its own material, ZergNet serves up articles written by experts from the publishing industry. Movies, television shows, and other forms of pop culture are the primary focus of the content. An excellent resource for finding well-written pieces.


41. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is an incredibly engaging online magazine with articles on a wide variety of interesting topics. They are well-written and researched on topics that don’t receive much media attention.


42. Uncrate


random websites to cure boredom


The website features more than 9000 men-specific merchandise. There are a wide variety of items available, from vintage bikes to blazers to wireless headphones. This is a fantastic website to visit before going on a shopping binge and wasting time even if you don’t want to shop.


43. This Is Why I Am Broke

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas, this is the place to look. The prices of the items might be anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand. Any and all visitors should find what they’re looking for.


44. Forgetify


Website like Forgetify Development


Spotify’s status as a top destination for music discovery is undeniable. Even Nevertheless, the most well-known artists are given more attention in the massive database.

Fogetify is a music discovery app that specializes in lesser-known yet excellent bands and musicians. An excellent resource for learning about new bands and musicians.


45. Attack Of The Cute

The straightforward website Attack of the Cute features adorable images of various animals. Those who enjoy saying “awwww” will find this a pleasant pastime website to go.


46. Open Puppies

Incredibly cute, animated GIFs and short films of puppies and dogs are available on the website. Everything is displayed in glorious full-screen HD. If you’re a dog person, you’ll feel right at home here.


47. Akinator


Websites to Cure Your Boredom


The website seems to work like magic. Any person or thing in this universe can be guessed by asking a sequence of questions. Instead of taking our word for it, you should test it out for yourself.


48. Pixel Ideas

It’s an easy way to meditate for sixty seconds. A bubble drifts aimlessly in the void. Put in your anxious thought, and then follow the prompts for a full minute. The calming effects of this quick practice are immediate.


49. A Soft Murmur


website development company


Sounds of nature such as wind, waves, rain, and more can be heard here. It’s a great way to chill down and get some work done at the same time. It’s accompanied by an iOS and Android app.


50. This Person Does Not Exist

The content of this website will either pique your interest in artificial intelligence and deep fakes or give you nightmares, depending on which extreme you fall on that spectrum. A new face will appear when you reload the page.



It’s based on the story of World War I, when soldiers on opposing sides of the battlefield agreed to a temporary ceasefire on Christmas Day so that they might exchange gifts.

This website creator was moved by this gesture of trust in the midst of a full-scale battle to investigate the differences between trusting and non-trusting individuals, as well as the ways in which misunderstandings and poor communication can shape us into either trusting or paranoid adults.

It’s a dynamic webpage that will provide you with plenty of food for thought and this website is not for waste of time because it gives you knowledge about world war.


52. 100,000 Stars


Fun websites


It’s hard to find words to describe how stunning we find this. There’s a picture of a galaxy there, and there are stars in there. It’s possible to take a journey that begins at the Sun and ends at the boundaries of the galaxy, all the while imparting wisdom and knowledge along the way.


53. Smithsonian

Here, you won’t feel like you’re in a lecture while you learn something practical about past and present technologies. The pieces are well-written and not overly scholarly in tone. It’s great for logging on to the web.


54. The Toast

Everyone reading this who has dreams of becoming a writer: this one is for you. This website features articles about literature and the people who inhabit it. It functions similarly to a blog in that you may expect to learn something new about a book or author every day. A daily dose of inspiration for your writing.


55. How Stuff Works

The website’s name reflects its purpose: explaining how things function. You can discover anything, from soda fountains to twisters, on this site. The language used throughout is brief and straightforward. You will enjoy yourself and pick up some valuable knowledge along the way. So How Stuff Works is a new website for you to go when you are bored with your daily schedule. 


56. Wiki How

This should clarify everything for you. Everything you could possibly want to know about how to do is right there.


57. Ancient History Encyclopedia

All the information you could ever want about our pasts can be found here, making this the ultimate destination for enthusiasts. Everything from fabled kingdoms to massive battles is right here. The site is fantastic for people who enjoy learning about the past.


58. JustWatch


Crazy Websites To Waste Time When Bored


The proliferation of streaming video sites has made it harder than ever to find the service that hosts a certain program. JustWatch is a service that helps you locate your preferred TV series and movies. Just enter the show’s name and the site will direct you to the best streaming service.


59. This American Life

This American Life on WBEZ in Chicago, which has been operating for a long time, is arguably the best entertainment podcast ever. Emotions of all kinds are evoked in you by the story.

Listening to the experiences of those who have been directly impacted by the crisis over time is a great way to gain insight into both its current state and its historical context. We highly recommend giving it a shot if you haven’t already.


60. Nautilus


cool websites to visit

Excellent source for well-researched and articulately written pieces on a wide range of subjects, including science, economics, psychology, and personal narratives. It’s among the best websites to cure your boredom while picking up some knowledge.


61. Big Think

It’s where the world’s most accomplished people reveal the secrets to their success. Here, you won’t find any quick fixes, but you will find facts.

You can gain wisdom from the experiences of others, both their failures and their triumphs. An excellent resource for information provided by experts in their fields.


62. Hotspot 3D

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new smartphone, and you’re trying to narrow your options down to the one that would provide you the best value for your money.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple way to compare different mobile phones? That sounds fantastic! Hotspot 3D comes in handy here because it allows you to view different devices side-by-side in 3D, making it easier to determine which one best meets your needs.


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63. Apartment Therapy

We chose “Apartment Therapy” for those with a passion for creating beautiful spaces at home on their own. The website is somewhat of a one-stop shop for inspiring new ideas for making one’s dwelling more visually appealing. As an added bonus, it features stunning apartment and home tours that you can use as a source of design ideas for your own place.


64. SuperCook

You’ve got everything you need to make a mouthwatering meal, only the stock is missing a key element. You look at the ingredients in front of you and wonder what you can make. Don’t bother, because a great website like SuperCook has you covered in every way imaginable.

Simply enter the ingredients you have on hand, and the site will return a list of dishes that can be prepared with those ingredients.


65. OCEARCH Shark Tracker


Random fun websites


Those who can’t get enough sharks might find this one to their liking. Sharks that have been tagged can be followed as they travel around the ocean using OCEARCH Shark Tracker.

The website also features a zoom function, allowing users to see exactly where sharks have really been swimming over the past year. 


66. Lego Videos

In your spare time, do you enjoy watching humorous videos? If so, save “” to your bookmarks so you may watch entertaining videos whenever you have some free time.

The site’s vast catalog that’s set up to serve a wide range of interests is its greatest strength. Lego videos have kept you up to speed on everything from ghost hunting to dazzling ninja battles to wicked fast auto racing.


67. Hacker News

Hacker News, which is operated by the investment firm and startup incubator Y Combinator, is the place to go if you want to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of cybersecurity and new businesses.

The website describes itself as a forum for discussing “anything that satisfies one’s intellectual interest.”


68. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a great resource if you enjoy learning about innovative new items. In addition to offering a wide selection of products, the website also features a “popular” section where you can easily browse the latest monthly trends.

Whether you’re looking to improve your workflow or your productivity tools, we believe that Product Hunt can help you find what you’re missing.


69. Keepa


fun sites to go on when bored

If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon, you should definitely check out Keepa. Keepa is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that does a great job of comparing prices across other websites, and the website also helps you find great bargains on Amazon.

Additionally, you can have things on your Wishlist monitored for price drops and notified to you so that you can purchase them at a lower cost. You can go there to check out new trends and waste your time when you are bored.


70. Find the Invisible Cow

“Find The Invisible Cow” stands out among the most unique random websites to cure boredom In order to locate the cow, simply move the cursor around the display. It’s important to play with the sound on, as the cow is only hiding from you if you don’t make any noise.


Monetizing Fun and Cool Websites to Earn Money

People who work nonstop look for ways to boost their productivity during breaks. They’ll get bored again when they check their social media, email, and other accounts for the same reasons they were bored before. As a result, it’s common for professionals to seek out more interesting ways to spend their time off. 

While developing websites that incentivize time-killing may yield modest financial rewards, most of these sites can be brought to the forefront by incorporating advertisements, affiliate links, and other forms of monetization.


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Cost Involved in Creating Funny Websites Like These

Creating a website can cost as little as $1000 for a simple site for a small business, and as much as $5,000 or more if you want something truly unique and custom-made.

The price of time-wasting websites is affected by a number of elements, including their design, web development team, maintenance, marketing, etc. Expenses are calculated individually, taking into account the various variables involved.


Did You Find Some Websites to Help You Get Over Your Boredom?

This blog was written with the sincere desire that its readers will find something of use and interest here. Next time you find yourself with a few spare minutes, try not to squander time viewing the same thing over and over again. Stop wasting your time on cliché sites and check out these gems instead. 

No outdated or easily hacked sites were included in the list. What this indicates is that there are no potentially dangerous links on this page. So don’t skip any of the sites on the list you never know which one will turn out to be your favorite hobby.

If you are interested in creating websites that avert boredom, you may contact our professionals over a coffee break to discuss your concept and make it a reality!

Arka Softwares has an extensive staff of designers, coders, analysts, and industry experts who can assist you in developing a user-friendly and attractive website.


FAQs for Fun and Cool Websites

  • How long does it take to make a fun website that cures boredom?

    Though it could take up to three months to design an effective website, the overall time can be calculated as per the functionalities and features required. Planning a website’s design with a professional company like Arka Softwares means the developers will have your back as you work to adopt the best and most suited strategies.

  • Will my funny website be properly displayed on mobile devices?

    Whether it’s buying tickets, placing an online order, doing some light surfing, etc., consumers are eager to use their mobile devices to get things done on the go. We make sure to create a user-friendly, mobile-friendly cool website that will entice more people to visit your site.

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