Delivery policy

At Arka Softwares, Our Selection of the project delivery system is based on specific project requirements, specific characteristics and circumstances of the owner and the successful formulation of the project team.

Delivery policy

Delivery Process and Policies at Arka Softwares

At Arka Software help and educate owners regarding the available project delivery systems, and then assist owners in selecting the best delivery system for the specific project and circumstance. We believe that delivery process and policies Selection should always benefit the owner while at the same time promote a winning opportunity for all project participants.

Key principles we follow for any project delivery system

  • RULE 1- No party should accept risks they do not understand.
  • RULE 2- No party should accept responsibility for risks beyond their control.
  • RULE 3- No party should accept responsibility for problems created by other parties.
  • RULE 4- Risk and rewards should be proportional for all parties.
  • RULE 5- Risk allocation should create a winning situation for all parties.

Three Major Project Delivery Methods We Follow

Single Source Responsibility—Design-Build Project Delivery

Single source responsibility project delivery is accomplished by one entity that is responsible to the owner for delivery of both the design and construction of the project. This delivery system is often referred to as design-build or turnkey.

Design-Build Project Delivery—Single Source Responsibility

Design-Build Project Delivery With Bridging

Dual Source Responsibility—General Contracting Project Delivery

Dual source responsibility project delivery is accomplished by two entities that are responsible by contract to the owner but not to each other. One entity is responsible for design and the other for construction. The construction entity is usually a general contracting firm; thus, this system is often referred to as general contracting project delivery. Designer selection is usually accomplished by negotiations while the selection of the general contractor can be by either a price bid or negotiated basis.

General Contracting Project Delivery—Dual Source Responsibility

Advisory Construction Management—Triple Source Responsibility

Triple Source Responsibility—Advisory Construction Management

Triple source responsibility project delivery is actually an adaptation of the general contracting delivery system with the difference being that a construction manager joins the designer and the contractor as the third party responsible by contract to the owner. The construction manager is an advisory to the owner and provides management services for the project. Thus, this system is typically referred to as advisory construction management project delivery.

Project Delivery Role Responsibilities

Types of Agreement With Owners

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