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5 Popular Reasons Why We Think ROR is here to Rule for Long
web development

IntroductionRuby on Rails is considered as one of the top server-based frameworks that got an excellent potential for developing a web application. The ROR companies are frequently updating this framework with tons of resources and capabilities that come with best practices for getting bigger and better web development results for a long time. That may be only beginning and you could see good scalability and smooth performance in its new upcoming version prospectively. Nevertheless, we are discussing here some important features that might present ROR as much acceptable in upcoming time. Have a look at the given points-1. Foreign Key SupportIn ROR, the migration DSL has a strong support of integrating and eliminating the foreign keys. The foreign keys can be dumped easily to the schema. There is also a method of direct connection and supports that determines the adapter. However, a foreign key may help ruby on rails developers in supporting the APIs you selected or not.2. HTML SanitizerHTML sanitizer has now updated with an advanced version that is developed on Nokogiri and Loofah. It offers more flexible and secures HTML code sanitization and a new algorithm is making the sanitized results little special from older pathological contribution. So you can integrate the “rails-deprecated sanitizer gem” to the Gemfile. Definitely, this new updated feature will make ROR more efficient, flexible and user-friendly during the web development.3. Large communityROR has a large community of ruby on rails experts and developers that always stay in any tip-top condition. While you are working with Rails you can make your project for a long time. Furthermore, you can experience like the maintainers that make people confident to use ROR and understand the benefits.  Many times Rails had a succinct mess up when it came to making own Rails plugins but fortunately Ruby is still unified with excellent code. Thus, the good community on this pragmatic web framework may give much better results in future than the other parts.4. Web ConsoleA huge dedicated set of debugging tools for ROR setting up! Web Console comprises a number of installation aspects so when ROR come across an error Web console offers an interactive console that installed in the Rails page and utilized to inspect any stack trace that helps in executing the developed code with stack binding. Besides, web console performs well as providing help to share a current session with co-developer without configuring new remote desktop. Thus, you are able to run a particular Rail console inside the browser.5. Adequate RecordThis is updated feature in ROR; it comes in a set of patches and fixes that makes ActiveRecord execution faster at working time. Generally, ActiveRecord provides helps to build an SQL string after creating numerous transformations to it.  So as to process faster, the AdequateRecord occupy any static data to be divided from dynamic data straightforwardly to cache the static data processing. Thus, the more adequacies in record pages may be advantageous additionally to next generation.SummaryIn past time, ROR was accepted as dead technology but actually, it was growing larger and now proves itself as a brilliant and admirable one among them all. And so, it is versatile and more powerful to compete with different complexities and we can have faith it will make the outstanding approach in future.ARKA Softwares is extremely proficient in Ruby on Rails Development. At this place, we help clients through providing robust development technology on any frameworks. Besides, we have the great skill in mobile and web application development. So, if you ever come with a plan for web development, we can offer the best support as per your needs. To know further about our services, mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Using SaaS to Enhance User Experience and Leverage Better Business Results
web development

IntroductionSaaS (Software as a Service) is one of the best web solution model in the IT industry. It is cloud computing services that include other service models as IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). As the SaaS industry is attracting new entrepreneurs and startups, there is no surprise its growing rapidly. World’s forecaster’s estimate shows- “the average market growth of SaaS design is at approx 56% in present and it will go to prosper by 2020 at a speed of 19% yearly”.Given its popularity and efficiency lets discuss, how this software service model is improving user experience and business results-SaaS Benefits for Customers1. Accessible from any LocalityUsing SaaS enables customers to access their devices on any international computer. They will be able to connect their devices to foreign computers on an internet connection. And, with that, you can enhance your mobility and self-determination while working on a software.2. Pay per UseThere is no need to purchase whole SaaS products. When buying SaaS application you do not have to pay a license fee. Customers can pay for a particular piece of software service to do a limited task within a limited period. Further, you can scale up and down your problems by subscribing to its services.3. Mobile CompatibilitySaaS distribution model enables customers to access it on mobile devices because many customers need to access the application on multiple devices. Setting up a good connectivity for mobile users SaaS is highly compatible with on-premise applications.4. Easy CustomizationThe product working on SaaS model is simply managed as per the client’s needs. Many software companies provide subscription plans that make it possible to customize the setting according to the customer’s requirements. Further, many software suppliers arrange accessibility to their APIs that enable you to incorporate with the existing system.5. Security and BackupA SaaS application is likely to be observed with more extensive security features. A customer can access data as for backups so in the case of data loss or Disaster, he/she will be able to restore/recover the data with an internal security to own data store.  SaaS Benefits for Businesses1. ScalabilityAny small or big business can take advantages of SaaS model just by paying for what they demand. For expanding your business or startup you don't need to come to a new server system; you can access all license quickly without being stuck with a far-term financial assurance.2. Fast DeploymentIt is huge task while developing large business software. Sometimes professionals might need to get prepared t to understand the complexity of installing application effectively. But introducing SaaS with a cloud-based application you can get enough server space and memory. This comes to mean savings of time and manpower.3. Great UpgradabilityYou feel for regular upgrading in software, therefore, you will need to invest in every newer version of the software. The SaaS model that is based on centralized service stipulation doesn't need any IT expertise to upgrade anything. All process is taken care of in the cloud system and the software can be upgraded by the host server. So, it gives results as saving costs and time. 4. Easy Expansion of Global MarketAs you have the internet-based software you do not have to take help of any middlemen for distributing products in SaaS business model.5. SupportObviously, SaaS has become a centralized system for channelizing all help requirements potentially. It is a good arrangement by fixing things to the several business organizations.SummaryIn this blog, we primarily focus on the facts that makes SaaS solutions much effective over traditional applications or software. SaaS provides maintenance and a great degree of client/business supports; hence, it is a highly effective and proficient alternative for any business industry.   ARKA is full-grown web Development Company that has a great proficiency in SaaS website design. We have long-standing experience of giving ultimate solutions and advisory services to the new investors. To find out more about what benefits we provide, please drop a mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Why choose nopCommerce for Small Budget e-Commerce Development
e-commerce development

IntroductionBusinesses are in constant search for hosting platform that can hold multiple functionalities and customization services to improve customer retention. Choosing nopCommerce as an option for small and low budget online store development you can use its global community to get guidance for online store deployment step by step. Here you can find all the important features that can promote you for choosing nopCommerce development, have a look at the features-1. Multi-Store FunctionalityInstalling nopCommerce you will be enabled to run multiple stores from a single platform. It is more convenient as it allocates single database that means you are able to host multiple online stores on multiple domains and you can administer all operations from single admin. Furthermore, you can set different online stores for multiple product varieties and create small shops for promotional operations. In addition, you can include the following features that are more convenient and feasible for low budget e-commerce development-You can set categories and manufacturer for one online store separately. Arrange Products catalog for one store. Each configuration can be settled separately. Shipping and payment method can be established individually. Content, newsletters and graphical themes for one store.2. Mobile CommerceIt is necessary for any business to have a mobile-friendly online store. Over 80% mobile buyers have a bad shopping experience due to lack in app functionality. nopCommerce provides mobile compatibility to your business website with features-rich functionalities.3. MarketingnopCommerce comprises various features of marketing service, that are given below-This platform has a rewarding program that offers points got on money spending at your online shop. Customers can use those points as future pay for next purchasing. An online seller can fix discount e.g. 10% off or 20% off and you can set a time limit for getting the discount. Further, nopCommerce supports many other discounts features. Customers are able to subscribe newsletters on this platform. nopCommerce provides various tools for making your own custom newsletters page and it can be incorporated into third-party services. You can find a number of extensions and other marketing tools like Facebook, SMS notifications to shopper etc. It is completely integrated with Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, and Yahoo shopping etc.4. SEOSEO is the imperative process of increasing the visibility of the business site in searching. nopCommerce development services integrate SEO tools that help you in getting higher rank to get more traffic. It adds further features as-It gives full accessibility to keyword tags and URLs management division. nopCommerce supports two versions of sitemap; XML sitemap and HTML sitemap. It enables the business owners to localize URLs that increase the matching of search results in different languages. It is extensively integrated with Google analytics.5. Customer ServiceIt comes with great tools for high-level customers services on your online business site. It adds following customer services-It has a wishlist that allows customers to store their products for purchasing later. External authentication facilitates customers to connect with social media sites. RTL (right to left) supports customers as per they use different alphabets in searching. It gives a security configuration and password recovery tools for various categories of users.SummarynopCommerce has many resourceful strategies and capability as an Offshore development collaborator. So, it has become an ideal alternative for e-commerce organizations; hence, nopCommerce is a significant outsourcing platform for the e-commerce industry.    At ARKA, we provide best nopCommerce ecommerce development services by utilizing which online sellers can leverage higher benefits. Here you will find advance web services based on nopCommerce including development of front-end optimization tools. To know more about our services, mail us at - sales@arkasoftwares.com

5 Reasons why Angular JS is a Preferred Framework for Web Application Development in 2018
web development

IntroductionAngular JS is emerging strongly in the web app development world. It is one of the only platforms that can provide complete functionality to build spectacular single page web app. Being a developer one can’t imagine developing single page application without utilizing it. Angular JS development companies are making it more indispensable through integrating advance JavaScript features and effective HTML code. It makes it much appropriate for designing right form of web application. Some important features are discussed here so that implementing those you may prefer this framework for your future projects-1. MVC PatternAngular JS is MVC-based (Model-View-Controller) platform. This framework incorporates original MVC software setup; simply we can consider it as MVVM (Model-View-View-Controller). With Angular JS developers will need to divide just application and everything is automatically taken care of the MVC components. Besides, it provides perfect solutions for front-end improvement and there is no need of various modules to create an information-driven web application. So, in this year it might be much adaptable among the web developers.2. Ease of DevelopmentAngular JS provides different key capacities and alternative solutions to the web developers to compose and analyze code separately. Likewise, the developers will be able to reuse the others code without making a deal about any combination issues. This helps the developers in attaching the application improvement procedure to a good appraisement. This function might be more beneficial in this year while choosing Angular JS for web development.3. Ready Made Client-Side SolutionsHow would this feature be beneficial in Angular JS web development? Angular JS is a great portable program work on the customer side and there are no backend changes needed so it can be easily performed for any work. Besides, it gives a secure environment for developing the front end of the web application. Moreover, you can create applications with great sifted design and a client would not need to resemble strict task structure. therefore, you can optimize that through utilizing this framework for your next project.4. Dependency Injection and HTML template What’s more in Angular JS! It comprises a dependency injection that is used for assembling data services for web app; further, using HTML template you can compose components that can be connected to Typescripts for a significant phase of the program. Thus, it is emphasized platform due to its good approach to web development. Additionally, developers can figure out which library is to use without getting the burden. So, go to the preference for choosing Angular JS for the next project in this year.5. Google Backend SupportsAngular JS has powerful Google backend support so working with it developers are mitigated to be working with a hard code. Because Angular JS is developed by genius developers of Google it has complete support for the other common JavaScript application. Thus, in 2018 this might be the major reasons for using Angular JS over other frameworks like Ember.JS and knockout.JS etc. SummaryAngular development can be valuable for speeding up the web development process due to its multifunctional services and it is the better choice to make one-page web application as per the MVC pattern. Further, it is user-friendly so developers can create easily a powerful link for it to work on. So, don't look another side than Angular JS in this year 2018, and utilize it prospectively. ARKA Softwares is the highly introduced web development company. We legitimize properly the web manufacturing on Angular JS through providing essential services. SO, make simpler your next web developing project by making concern with our experts. To know more about our best services, mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Cost and Features of Opencart e-Commerce Development
ecommerce development

IntroductionIn the rising popularity of online shopping world, online shoppers are looking for the robust e-Commerce platforms for their online stores. They want multi-store functionality with complete simplicity and flexibility and also a large number of extensions for commercial business. Opencart is considered as one of the best and easiest platforms to set up an online business. It is open source framework and so economical to install and it makes allow small to large sized businesses for selling their products and services in lesser time. Here, we are having a discussion about its advantages and development cost, so one might get utter Opencart e-commerce solutions for prospective projects-Features of Opencart e-Commerce DevelopmentAdmin FeaturesOn admin dashboard, you will be able to access up-to-date information of the website, orders, customer's sale and analytics and further. Opencart development would allow you to create an admin-user group; moreover, admin dashboard manages your online store within maximum business proxies. It offers the capability to make the choices you want, color, length or size whatever is needed for your product objects. It has the multi-store functionality to have multiple stores, designs, and different looks.Customer FeaturesCustomers would be able to find products by making their search filtered. Filtration process can be added when you create products or services categories. By providing this opportunity to customers it makes easy translations as per the native language. You also can add additional language module to add more translations for required languages. You can choose any currency anywhere in the world; in addition, you are able to set different taxes as per the updated rates.Delivery and Payment FeaturesOpencart comes with a number of payment methods and distributors comprising Citylink, FedEx, and UPS etc. It includes several payment gateways and many more modules and extensions are added for further payment gateways. It is wonderful that you could choose from 36 payments options that integrated into Opencart development. Opencart is manufactured adding different types of sale reporting features to analyze sales reports.SEO FeaturesIt integrates SEO tools (search engine optimization) to optimize your e-commerce business site for various search engines. You would get many marketing tools that help you advertise your product and services making reports on the viewed and purchased products.Advance FeaturesYou can manage your Opencart services easily from a mobile device without any extra module improvement. You can manage third-party platforms for both on and off internet. It is essential when it is needed to enhance the working and profits. Additionally, Opencart development comprises over 13000 modules and themes to expand the website for both admins as well as customers.Development Cost of Opencart PlatformAn e-Commerce websites development cost may vary according to the simple and complex structure. If we consider Opencart or as like others then the development cost starts around $10,000 and may go high as up to $25000. It completely depends on feature's complexity.  SummaryOpenCart website development is exceedingly admired for its scalability and robustness.So; it needs to find a skilled Opencart developer team and also need to go with right strategies and affordable budget.At ARKA Softwares, you can get best Opencart development services. Here we provide advance development services such as Zencart, Magento Web development etc. for business advantages.Our development process comprises of designing of blueprints and outlining strategies to ensure a strong base. Thinking to start a project, share your project requirements at sales@arkasoftwares.com

5 Must-Have Features of Real Estate Websites
real estate website development

IntroductionThe huge evolution of newer technologies has made the Real Estate web development more feature-rich and convenient. It is making possible the Real Estate business owners to stand apart from the crowd by creating Realty websites on their own. You can find hundreds of features that can be integrated into the website for leveraging higher benefits. But while choosing the best of those would provide a sparkle look to your Realty website. Here, we have a list of the best features that a Real Estate website must have-Social Media IntegrationIt is imperative for any Real Estate business to use social media because it is one of the most powerful tools for growing the business strategies. Several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide lots of promotional toolsets to extend the messages to the users at right time. Besides, you can integrate those social media links into your Realty website pages so that you and your clients will be able to share property listings, blogs, and important objects/contents automatically.SEOIf your Real Estate website doesn’t have SEO (search engine optimization) tools, then your website will get lost amongst the millions of other websites. This service makes allow website to have proper page categories, posts and provides maintenance; an effective SEO determines the web keywordsresults, engaging more users with the website and make research in-depth. It takes patience but is worth it, making a good investment in SEO can improve your business to the upper level.CMSA good CMS (content management system) comprises many handy features like multiple editors, templates, analytics and security features. Thus, CMS is useful on Real Estate website to control, manage, regulate, share, and utilize required information by rectifying the business processes digitally. It helps in reducing the data redundancy, mitigates risks, and improves the quickness of content delivery to the visitors. In the case, if your website is critical for increasing demand and sales for your property business, using a CMS platform scale-up your business and digital marketing efforts to grow customers reach.Easy NavigationHaving an organized and easy-to-follow navigation for a Realty website is very useful and significant for the overall user experience.A navigable website enhance the visiting time of users or customer on your business Pages; further, it allows them to discover more information about the properties. Through strategic web navigation, a customer can go through the process of viewing and making deal on the property effortlessly. There is much more to appreciate while utilizing this service; thus, a better navigation is the must-have strategy to boost website design and page visiting. So, bear these guidelines in mind with respect to the navigation when making a plan for next Real Estate website.Mobile FriendlyOne of the best Real Estate web solutions! These days Smartphones are more popular than ever before, so a Real Estate website should be optimized for mobile compatibility. It is essential to reach the customers and in this digital age, you must make sure those customers on mobile devices could find and browse the property site. Some reasons are given here to make your Real Estate site mobile-friendly-A mobile device can be used anywhere, anytime. Google gives priorities mostly mobile-friendly websites. It is faster and cheaper way to reach customers. Your Realty business would be modern and more convenient.SummaryAll the above-listed features are not enough that makes a Realty website fully operative but utilizing these features for the property business site you will be able to make good things with better performance. Although with the changing time and situations, you would need various other features; so, creating and managing those with these major features you can modify Real Estate website utterly.At ARKA, you can get much scope in Real Estate website development; moreover, we have better approaching scopes in several services; SEO, e-commerce and healthcare etc. Besides that many others factors like quality, dedication, and persistence, we list in our concert. Get to know our services better, please mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Much Does VR Application Development Cost, Its Features
mobile app development

IntroductionVR application development is comparatively more costly rather than other phone application development. API integrations and app customization need more resources and time. The cost of VR application development including high quality and exclusive features can vary by orders of scale, resources requirement, and size of the project. We are describing here an appropriate study of cost estimation with its amazing features that can help you in calculating the approximate costs while you are at the first stage.Give a look below-Features of VR applicationThird-party Integration: -Number of plugins are available in VR app which allows developers to attach third-party apps in VR app development. Development Opportunity: - This comprise of various management services like project management, payment model etc. Marketing Platforms: - Multiple mobile platforms offer an almost free online market to distribute VR applications and VR games. Further, you can take profits of social media to promote the applications. Great Convenience: - VR application can save time and money to make business work more convenient. You can make an easy decision using VR app to evaluate the design. Effective Learning System: - It makes the audience's learning easier with new information about the product and service.Cost Estimation of VR App DevelopmentRate of VR application development may differ according to the different regions. You may have to pay different prices accordingly and the cost may get change as per the addition of advanced features. Make a look at the various manufacturing cost in different regions-A mobile app development company in the USA may charge you approx $ 40 - $240 per hour and it might increase along with advance feature. In Western Europe, you may be charged $40 - $180 hourly whereas in Eastern Europe you will be charged approx $25 - $70 hourly. In India, you would get a much more affordable price where you can have world class services just at $5 - $70 per hour.Some application that can be built for VR are discussed here with the estimation of their total development costs-The development cost of online shopping application in VR is approx $ 15k - $25k. The development cost of VR game application approx $5k - $8k. Development cost of 3Ds Max in VR $50k - $ 200k. Development cost of MMORPG starts form $100kThe exact price depends on development firm you hire. So, the final cost and overall time for building a VR application-3D runner app development in VR cost starts from $5k Horror game cost in VR $5k to $35k Theatre in VR cost $10k to $35k for UI and for backend $10k VR shop cost $11k to $35k for UI and $5k to $15k for backendTotal development cost is approximately around $5k to $300k and time taken can vary from 3 months to 24 months.SummaryIf you have budget and flexibility then it is better to come for VR app development. At this stage, you have to make a clear cost and time estimation for your project. For your convenience, you can divide your VR app development project into the separate dash and set price accordingly.ARKA is one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in the IT industry. Here you will find professionals that manage and motivate the customers offering them several new ideas. We make plans with better strategies and experience for customer's projects. Know our further services through dropping a mail at  sales@arkasoftwares.com

Why Magento is the Best Choice for developing e-Commerce Website
CMS development

IntroductionMagento has become one of the most customary frameworks in the world,with respect to its preeminent e-commerce solution elemental of flexibility, scalability, and other developing features it is a framework that is a global choice of eminent developers.Magento endows the e-Commerce websites with a professional demeanor and improves the overall website functionality. Lately, it is also seen that Magento web development has undergone a revamping.It’s advance features and agility in development has made it a popular choice for development of e-Commerce website. Here are some of them to prove our point-· Open SourceMagento is an open-source platform, it’s Open Source Edition offers free e-commerce customization in accordance to requirement. Whether itsgiant online business or just a startup, the Open Source Editions accentuates the ease of development in Magento.Also, it comes witha straightforward management and provides a great tool-system which allows customers to spin up an e-commerce store swiftly with minimal upheaval.It comes with theperks of Magento developer Community that is always at your disposal for resolving issues and keeping product updated.· Modular and CustomizableWe see e-Commerce businesses emerging in all shapes and sizes and of course types, but with it comes diverse enterprise needs. Thus, Magentohelps in coping with these challenges and meetsdevelopment needs of all assortments, whether a startup or corporate it takes care of everything. Magento is a highly customizable platform,with theversatility in coding it brings agility in modularization that help leverage scalability.· Fast PerformanceIt allows you to cache and load your pages fast by using Varnish-to retrieve data from huge databases in milliseconds.This feature aggravates the functionality and enhances users shopping experience.· SEO – FriendlyMagento comes with an inbuilt SEO facility which makes it much more SEO-friendly platform then others.Also, Magento shopping cart is an addition to advance functionalities and facilities in optimization process. In short, itrelinquisheshuge flexibility and simplicity to the online store and control over design, content and other.· Common Backend SystemYou can run multiple websites on the same common back-end system with Magento. Every e-commerce website can have a peculiar layout and design and still it would run seamlessly. You can even opt to have a different domain and yet control all of them in real time that to all together via a single integrated admin panel using Magento.Advance FeaturesMarketing and Promoting Tools: - It comprises new item promotional tools, product bundles and landing pages for products categories. Site Management: - Completely customizable web design by using template and CMS for informational and landing pages. Payment System: - Authorized configurationand integration with multiple payment gateways. International Support: -Supports for multiple-locations, multiple-currencies and multiple-languages and diverse tax rates. M-commerce: - Pre-integratedm-commerce for mobile users. This mobile interface uses HTML5 technology that supports multiple mobile browsers.SummaryMagneto has a huge online following and qualifies in each test. It has wonderful possibilities and helps radically in expansion of online business. Furthermore, Magento development companies implement various new technologies that has a huge impact on e-commerce web development. So, investing in the Magento framework might be beneficial for your e-commerce business and you can leverage more advanced features on your online business site.ARKA Softwares is the best Magento Development Company in the USA that offers superfluous web services whereby you can get a much feasible website.In Addition, we provide several e-commerce web solutions with proper explicitly so the customers can find a right way for their web projects. Please mail at sales@arkasoftwares.com  to know more about our web development services.

iOS 11 – A Giant Step for iPhone and iPad
Mobile app development

IntroductioniOS 11 is the latest update of iOS; the updated version comes with some of the most advanced iOS app development services. It is available for iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 and their later versions. iOS 11 is endowed with major changes in design, for example, control panel and lock screen have undergone a complete makeover. Besides, there are many new functions integrated to iPhone/iPad which users have longed for since a while. Here is a revelation on latest features of iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad Mini -Customizable Control Center: - In this new version of iOS you can customize Control Center to swiftly change the settings for the important things. Control Center customization integrates the multi-pane system in one control location; some controls can be expanded to take up many options like music panel pops up, connectivity panel etc. New App Store for Better Searching: - An all-new App store of the beta version of iOS 11 is now available to the users. This is the most momentous update since the app store launched in 2008, now it comes with new discovery pages, new app store product pages and 3 ASO (App Store Optimization) tests etc.App Switcher: - App Switcher has undergone redesigning in this latest iOS version.This app switcher is located on iPhone/iPad where the control center is. It preserves Split View or slides over multitasking windows so that you can easily have access to the third-party applications without interrupting the split-screen workflow. Dock: - Now, the Dock can be used for the multitasking purpose; this is able to hold up to 13 applications along with most recently used apps, dragging a Dock icon upwards pop up a new window.Drag &Drop: - By implementing this feature you can transfer test, photos, file and more links from one app to another app without any trouble with in-app share sheet. Mostly it is used in Split View mode and multiple files can be dragged and dropped at the same time.Instant Markup: - Instant Markup is a feature that allows basically anything on the iPad to be annotated using the Apple Pencil. A similar feature has also been added for all type of files and documents through a new “Markup through PDF "; this is good option helps you to convert any file into PDF file.Quicktype Keyboard: - This feature is available for all type of iPad systems. On iOS 11 it is easy and intuitive to type symbols and numbers; because of the iPad keyboard no need to use the swift keys now. All keys are displayed with both the numbers and letters.SummaryAdditionally, there are many outward-facing changes and internal tweaks that have been built into iOS 11.The iOS updates deliver latest tools and features for developers in iOS app development to make apps better than ever before. We are one of the best iOS development companies in the USA, ARKA Softwares holds extensive knowledge and experience in development on iPhone and iPad Apps; further, our experts come along customers requirements as they have in their app development project. So, if you have any further plan for app building and want to get complete information about our services, please mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

The On-Demand Tutors Finding App – Development Cost and Key Features
mobile app development

IntroductionOn-demand apps have made the world much more convenient and feasible for us by bringing services on to our door-steps.It is one of the trends which has caught the eye of novice as well as seasoned developers. When it comes of developing your own on demand tutor app mostly things boil down to the total expenditure an app development company will charge you as per your requirements. Here, we are discussing some key features and their manufacturing costs that can make your on-demand tutor app much more prominent in app market-Key Features of On-Demand Tutors AppSome common features of on-demand tutor app are -Using this app you can find a home teacher or you can make a request for an online teacher with advanced search. You can match your requirement and criteria with home tutor shown on the application. The admin of the application is able to track the location of the teacher, job status at just time. An in-built e-Wallet is available in On-demand tutor app that enables users to make cashless payment without accessing account details. Through using this app you can make a schedule for tutor booking; also you are able to change or edit the booking schedule accordingly.Advance Features of On-Demand Tutors AppBesides the general features, an On-demand teacher app includes many others advanced services that might be more significant to the users. Some major features are given here-Cloud System: - Cloudtechnology is greatly instrumental in app development. You can store or save your data like payment detail, user/admin detail and app service information on the cloud server and you can access all data whenever you need to utilize that. Multiple Payment Option: - This service allows users to pay via various payment options like debit/credit cards, net banking, e-wallet etc. thus, making a real-time payment you can book the tutor as per your demands. Tuition on Conference Call: -In-app conference call facilitates students and teachers for making discussion with each other. A teacher can provide a solution to the queries of any subjects during the practice time; other students also can discuss the topic through built-in messages or conference call in a transparent communication. Training on Video Call: - Tutor and learner can create communication with each other with built in video-call feature using the smartphone camera. This increases a student productivity and reduces time consumption, as practical presentation enhances the grasping power of student. Notification Alert: - Students and teachers can engage in a healthy communication via message/notification panel. The users can send push notifications to promote their activities to the accustomed users. They can also notify each other over left-overlearning and teaching sessions and payments etc.Cost and Time Estimation of On-Demand AppThe development cost of On-demand teacher app may vary according to the different regions from low to high as per the development requirements.The mobile app development companies or developers may charge you accordingly. Further, you can make estimation by reading these given statistics-In India, the development can cost you approx $25 to $200 per hour for the app development.In the United State of America and European region, the development cost can vary from approx $200 to $550 per hour. Some Eastern countries of Europe may charge you differently as per the range of app manufacturing might be $200 - $600 hourly. Thus, it would cost you approximately $7k to $30k for a single platform (Android or iOS); besides, if you are bending for advance featureslikeusing a native platform then the cost may reach high to $45k. when we go to higher end of cost determination, $70k is the upper limit and it sufficient enough to get you a robust application competing well in business space.SummaryOn-demand teaching apps are surely a boom in the education industry; it leverages unparalleled flexibility and convenience to education. While planning an on-demand tutor app you can refer the points mentioned above and can take a close analysis of features that you want your app to be embellished with and how much the development would cost you. ARKA is one of the top apps Development Company in the USA; it has versatility in its development work, resources, tools and a very efficient development process that is taken as a guideline to build robust and feature-rich web applications. We are a full-grown team of expert developers; our expertise can guide you through one end to another while seeking for an app development of various genre and platforms. To know more about our service and our previous work, please mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Reasons to Choose CakePHP over Other Frameworks
php development services

IntroductionCakePHP comes with a great number of advance features over the other PHP frameworks. It is open source platform and widely popular among leading web developers. A CakePHP development company offers fast and handy code arrangement on this framework that helps in developing complex and dynamic websites. So, there is no better choice than CakePHP for developing a robust website for any kind of businesses. Few major features are given here to make good reasons you in coming close to CakePHP-MVC pattern-Based FrameworkMVC (Model View Controller) is the major thing in CakePHP development. It makes task easy for developers to separate the logic from presentation. It can be helpful in data handling as it makes you simple for inserting, reading and changing data from the database. Besides, MVC design helps in connecting with the development command seamlessly and avoids any wrongdoing in execution.CRUD PlatformCRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) is very useful for any type website development as it makes the code management smoother and visible. You can see an even single code of application programming preliminary and check or converse it under the process of CRUD.ORMUsing ORM (object-relational mapping) technique on CakePHP you can translate data between incompatible type systems and object-oriented programming language so that you can define each relation between other classes.Open SourceCakePHP is open source framework, which makes it economic and cost-friendly. If you want to develop qualitative web applications then CakePHP is the easiest framework at a reasonable cost.Object-oriented Framework PHP provides developers an object-oriented environment for programming script and more resourceful aspects as well the CakePHP has all in-built resource and components compared to other core frameworks.Code TestingOn CakePHP, you get an easy testing method. A number of errors occur while creating a huge web application; so working on this platform you are facilitated to identify or analyze small/big errors and fix them immediately. Going through this you could simplify and create a much smoother manufacturing process.Zero Pre-InstallationFortunately, this framework doesn’t need to be  pre-installed so it allows developers to use it without  pre-configuration process. You would find most of the settings auto installed so you have to configure only database settings and the rest get installed automatically.Standardized SecurityOne of the important advantages is security and session handling. While working on this platform you would enable for data validation throughout the application so that you could work cohesively using fast and flexible security facilities.SummaryA modern CakePHP framework is providing many dominant and influential tools for web development; it is making both small and big web manufacturing simpler and faster. So, it can be utilized with higher potential to perceive a flexible CakePHP website development significantly.As we discussed above few important features of CakePHP; there several other features are available to appreciate.  at ARKA, you can  leverage the benefits of consulting CakePHP development work and gain extensive information about it. moreover, you can come to us to get a good standard of web development. To know more about our web services, please mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Development Cost and Features of a Mobile Wallet Application
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IntroductionUndoubtedly, mobile wallets have become the best way to pay for any kind of purchases. According to surveys held by top 10 app development companies in USA approx 50%, users make payments the digitally via e-Wallet. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to create your own mobile wallet app then here are some clues of cost and features. There are tons of applications available that can help you analyze and explore to make your perquisites. With the studies mentioned below you can chalk-out various aspects of cost and features of that of e-Wallet applications.Key Features of Mobile Wallet ApplicationAn e-wallet application offers lots of services with a virtual mobile-based wallet like storing money, transfer money, online/offline payment etc. It makes your online payments effortless with the myriad of benefits. Some usual key features are given here-You can store/add money to mobile wallet app You can add multiple bank accounts, credit/debit cards in mobile wallet app You are able to transfer money from your e-wallet to other accounts You can pay online your utility bills POS/Kiosk integration Tracker tools are available to track your everyday expenditureAdvance Features of Mobile App DevelopmentAdding following features can help you extend your e-wallet app significance substantially. The application can go high among the customers with great popularity and visibility. Make a look at these features-Data Synchronization: - Through this features, you can link e-wallet app with your registered social account and mobile number whereby you could get a high level of security and privacy. Cloud System: - This feature can help users in faster money transaction in the reliable and safest mode. With the utilization of the cloud technique, you can access the data powerfully and drag the attention of more and more users. GPS &Navigation: - Using GPS on mobile wallet app you will be able to track your nearby users so you can do payment by tapping on the individual’s name. Furthermore, it saves time and gives you speed, also you don't need to access extra account information of the user to accomplish the process. Wearable Device Integration: - Connecting your e-wallet app with wearables, enables you to conduct various kind of transactions. The feature makes good approach to the users providing them a great convenience. Virtual Card Integration: - It is one of the best attributes of the mobile wallet apps, this is a great advancement in e-wallet technology which allows you to make a virtual card like debit/credit card.Cost & Time Estimation for e-Wallet App DevelopmentThere different costs come up in different regions in the world; so you have to pay accordingly. If making plan for an e-Wallet app development, you can estimate the total cost through the given expenditure in different countries-In the United State, you will be charged approx $150 per hour. In the European region, you will be charged approx $130 per hour. In Australia, you will be charged approx $190 per hour. It is said that India is the most reasonable place where you need to pay approx $25 - $80 per hour.Concluding the complete manufacturing price of a mobile wallet app you may have to pay around $25k to $50k and if you need to add various extensive services in the application then you have to invest total $100 k to $150 k.SummaryHundred of e-wallet app are available on multiple platforms; you can go for them and analyze their developing cost accordingly .while developing your own e-Wallet app you must make an outline for manufacturing by making the good sense of affordability and feasibility you can come by the great e-Wallet app development.ARKA Softwares is one of the top 10 mobile app development companies around the globe. Here you will find apps/web development of high quality standard; we have the tools, resources, and expertise that can guide your enterprise to higher end of your business domain. For exploring more about our services contact us by mailing at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Ruby on Rail is Beneficial for Web Developers
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IntroductionRuby on Rails often called ROR or Rails is one of the best PHP web development frameworks which created using Ruby programming language. It is open source and object-oriented framework that provides influential website development with its affluent functionality. ROR is based on MVC- pattern (Model-View-Controller) and it became popular among web developers on account of its CoC (Convention over Configuration) viewpoint. Hence, how Ruby on Rails development firms are giving a rapid web solution to the web developers, to know that you can come by its great outputs in website manufacturing by looking at few most important features, given below-Ruby on Rails is PragmaticROR with its pragmatic nature has a capacity to generate elegant solutions for encouraging the Ruby on Rails experts or community. Besides, it makes free the programming code from the superfluous complexities; therefore, the web developers easily connect the modular things in the web manufacturing.ROR CommunitySince we find ROR as an open source framework, it belongs to an open-source community also. With the help of this community of experts, you can impel major and complex projects utilizing new libraries and bug blocking ability. How this community helps in web development, have a look at these points-Great control of web development process Fast manufacturing through the power of swift tools Quick response time to user’s review Much affordable and convenient with fixed increase in ROIFit for CMSCMS is the way of hosting multiple dynamic websites; hence an ideal CMS (Content Management System) comprises features like easy navigation, intuitive and smooth interface and images and templates etc. Look at some important CMS, support ROR-“Refinery “is the most popular CMS on Ruby on Rails containing almost all necessary features. Another one is Camaleon which is advanced dynamic CMS. You can adapt it for any kind of web development project. Locomotive in multi-site supported CMS. It is very easy to add custom content types at this CMS. The new CMS on ROR, Spina, it is multilingual and extendable CMS. The Storytime is blogging engine with multi-site support and built-in search and many other features. Easy to UnderstandIt is excessively explicable to any developer; irrespective of their experience. It is almost like the English language with the rare use of DSL. As ROR creates balance with DSL it provides a sensible programming code to programmers demonstrating self-control.so, you could be on good Rails code where you don't need to recall complicated methods.Automated Code TestingThe ROR community sets great aspects of the unit testing; so, it is good to be incorporated because of its code self-testing functionality. It is obviousness that each part of manufacturing process needs to be trialed before making open it for customers as well it needs to make sure that we can take it further for building without any annoyance.SummaryAll things that discussed above might be a gist of ROR; you can find more features through browsing relevant sites so you would be able to set a better plan for web development and increase the performance, project valve implementing Rails community.As it is one of the best ROR companies in the USA, At ARKA Softwares, you can implement your project mind with our professionals. If making a plan for next web development project then come with us and further your prosperity with good results. To know our most significant services, please mail at- sale@arkasoftwares.com 

How to choose the best theme for Real Estate Website Development
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IntroductionThe real estate industry is highly dynamic and to continually excel in the industry one is needed to deploy advance tools and technology into its business. Therefore, a large number of Real Estate web development resources are available online; one of them is Wordpress themes gives bedazzling and premium real estate web design to the clients. Here are a few specifications that can be minded while choosing Wordpress themes that can be useful in utilizing the features to trigger your new Realty web manufacturing-Ø  HouzezHouzez is a much admirable Wordpress theme which offers different listings, property templates and visual Composer modules etc. it was optimized to attain more customers call, schedules and earning much. So, whether you are setting your mind for Real Estate web mechanizing you could believe Houzez as it is the best theme with ultimate solutions; some more excellent new features of this theme what you ought to implement in web building-Dashboard design with new look and highly functional services Google map API with much accessible navigation Option to play gallery automatically New property filtering option by making more easy search Powerful admin portal and parallax background WPML ( Wordpress Multilingual ) supportØ  Real Place“Real Place” is the premium class Wordpress theme that offers lots of web design variations with simple customization and more flexibility. If you are looking further for setting-up a full-blown real estate website you should opt this theme, where you would render elegant and modish web development to your Realty business. Some extra much appreciable features of Real place, you should learn-Various property templates WPML supports Google map with property indicator and navigation Property search with much customizing and advancement Lots of layouts to show the properties Simplicity in utilizing Meta-BoxesØ  WP Pro Real Estate 7WP Pro Real Estate 7 comprises many customization choices; whereby it is an inclusive Wordpress theme. Specifically, this theme made for web designing to such types of categories like real estate brokers, land property manager, residential and business developers and other realty professionals. You can use custom property form on Real Estate site. More recognizable features are-Drag & Drop service to manage the property searches using backend admin Co-listing facility Facility to integrate users and agents with social media sites Tracking service to analyze the customer activity Ability to assign multiple agents Content can be managed through the front-end supportØ  MyHomeMyHome is a complete Wordpress theme includes lots of features that can help you in website designing for your Realty business. Using it you will be able to create different types of real estate websites; thus MyHome should be considered for multiple purposes exploiting its countless features. Here few important features are given to bear in mind-Quick setup and easy to utilize The easiest dynamic searching for fast results Based on IDX integration No coding is required in building website Faster SEO speed WPML compatibility and completely internationalØ  Real HomesThis theme is one of the best Wordpress development services and much popular among the website developers. Real Home contains complete services and features that provide a good standard and pleasant appearance the Real Estate website. Some very gorgeous features of Real Homes are-Easy and fully customizable searching Google map to display property search results Provide rich set of meta-boxes on property pages Security using Google reCAPTCHA Frond-end profile editing and property submission template WPML compatible and RTL or LTR ( Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right) language supported Read More:-Real Estate Website Development Cost and Features SummaryWith these specifications you can easily browse through best Wordpress theme that suits your Real Estate web development. There are many other Wordpress themes available that you can go for, besides, you can consult with web experts for finalizing best one.ARKA Softwares offers great Real Estate web solutions to the clients at any approach. Furthermore, at this place, we stimulate customers through making their requirements fulfilled. However, we work having a great conspiracy to achieve the motives that's why we are enduring over many years. If you want to know more about ARKA, please mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Mobile Applications can boost Your Business
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IntroductionThere are hundreds of mobile apps emerging for various platforms like Android, iOS, Window OS with their commercial usability. Infact, mobile app development is now part of the most powerful strategies for the businesses and enterprises markets to capture and encase larger profits and gains. According to various surveys, in large numbers mobile customers are consistently encouraging the usage of mobile apps to becoming a potential target for business to achieve. Consequently, mobiles apps are becoming ‘must have’ for all kind of businesses with Smartphones and mobile apps dubbed as synonyms of IT industry. Here are some top mobile app tactics which could enhance your business environment-1. Mobile marketing & SEOThe most recognizable thing, about 60% of all online searches are done through the smartphones; therefore, a proper mobile marketing is very important for advertising your business website whereas mobile SEO (search engine optimization) can make your commercial site much responsive by indexing the keywords so you will be able to generate a huge people crowd for your site.2. Anytime Customer VisitingAccording to the different researches on mobile app development companies, it has been observed that the amount of time a person usually spends of smartphones is more than two hours averagely. This is bespoke of great opportunities for you to make your customers attract to your enterprise web and mobile applications anywhere/anytime. Just by adding mobile inventories can improve your customer engagement leveraging long term customer loyalty ultimately opening revenue generation.3. Stand Clear of CompetitorsJust by offering opportunities to your customers to reach your storefronts by mobile phones  make your enterprise makes you stand apart from your competitors because most of the startups come with lack of understanding in the business mobile application; whereby you may become first one through facilitating mobile app to reach your trade in the end.4. Make Brand AppreciationUsually, most of the mobile users have accounts on social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc; those mobile compatible applications can boost your brand value by promoting your enterprise on social media sphere. By integrating your business platform with social media application you can expand company’s visibility to add to the new customer base and brand followers.5. Mobile In-App AdsMobile In-App advertisements can grow customers reach onto your business platform. You can add several categories to show your site in searching results to targeted huge numbers of active users. Therefore, you could add mobile video/audio, banners, In-App content and much more; these ads can open your trade to millions of active mobile users. SummaryThese techniques can be used for business enrichment and higher profits. A well strategized plan to launch your startup or optimizing services of your full grown business helps you in connecting to larger audience. There is no doubt mobile apps have become a much utilizable component of any commercial industry.At ARKA, as we have resources, knowledge and tools to build up the superlative web and mobile app creation, we have proven a global standard through producing better-quality of app development services implementing the modern frameworks. So, whenever you need to kick start your mind for a startup you could come at ARKA to fulfill your needs. Please mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com to know our more excellent services.

Top PHP Web Development Frameworks in 2018
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IntroductionPHP is the topmost server-side programming language that supports several web developing frameworks, giving a rise to emergence of new PHP web development frameworks. These frameworks come with different type of hosting capabilities, tools, developing process and timeline, huge management. Here, are some of the well-known and major frameworks taken in account for their specialties and services. Make a look at those platforms- 1. LaravelLaravel is the most popularly used PHP framework includes lots of exhaustive features and web developing tools. Following the MVC (Model- View – Controller) design pattern Laravel application development offers a robust web application experience to the customers. The most appreciable thing, it is an open source framework integrating various modular packages that create a vivid path for Laravel developers. Here, some major magnificent specialties of Laravel explained below-It is MVC- based framework that provides speedy web manufacturing services. It offers strong encryption tools and package used for the web security management. Laravel execute various dynamic processes to create the overloading potentials. Laravel development includes HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine) which make rapid unit- testing. Best documentation process and high level of abstraction.Also Read: Why Laravel is still Top Trending Framework of PHP2. SymfonySymfony is an MVC-based web development framework. Since it is an open source platform Symfony is excessively free of cost to the web developers. Besides, this framework is much utilized by developers as well by businesses for their commercial purpose.Its development process comprises Symfony components that are used to build a different kind of PHP web applications; additionally, it includes PHPBB, Drupal etc. Some much likable features are-It is too much cost-effective and time-saving whereby it is considered as much convenient. Symfony2 provides more influential, extensible tools or aspects. In Symfony2 you would get an automated task functionality tools so you will be able to reduce the testing process to analyze the quality of the website. Fully integrated with ORM (object-relational mapping)3. CakePHPThe CakePHP is unique and ideal framework having MVC support and scaffolding capacity to pace the web manufacturing. There is no need to configure XML, and the security features are more protective to take care of much general functionality. Moreover, it is persists in maintaining the consistency and customization of business websites with 100% acquiescence using W3C web standards. Some much recognizable features of CakePHP are-Security features add much ability to prevent SQL injection, CSRF and XSS aspects from validation. It uses pre-written code which saves lots of time in web manufacturing process. Provides inbuilt validation features. Supports ORM and object-oriented programming codes.4. CodeigniterBasically, it is used to create dynamic websites with PHP programming. While Codeigniter is an open source and user-friendly framework; A Codeigniter development company facilitates the web developers simplifying the PHP code-syntax with much rapidity, easiness and accessible. Functionalities of Codeigniter can be different at some points but all have a optimistic usability. Some superior features are given below-It has migration facility so a developer can execute the database updates all over the website. Using MVC model it provides straightforward management ability. Provides better documentation and LTS (long-term support).5. ZendZend is the high professional and much extensive Framework; it is commonly used for enterprise web development. Therefore, it comprises lots of customization services, feeds, and components whereby any web developer may perform with much easiness and convenience. Some core fundamentals of Zend are given below-It is an object-oriented platform. On Zend implementation, you can choose own web design and architecture. Easy Debugging with Z-Ray on the Zend server. PHP page caching on Zend server is used to improve the PHP website or application. Also Read: Top PHP E-commerce Website Development Platforms for Your BusinessSummaryAcquiring vital information of various PHP platforms you can justify a particular one but the above discussed study is not about the number of services and features a platform has; it is a complete discussion about the best abilities, functionalities and much authentic service provided by the framework. Thus, at finalizing this, we anticipate that you can go your best prosperities in your next web development project by utilizing the above-described frameworks superiority.ARKA is where you could find the best of mobile and web application development. We are a full-grown team that always put the customer’s requisites into practice; hence, at ARKA Softwares Company hiring a PHP developer you can accomplish everything through leveraging our paramount services. To know more specifications about our strategies, please drop a mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Cost to Develop On-Demand Food Delivery App for Android and iOS
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IntroductionMany On-demand food applications like food panda, Swiggy etc are becoming popular immensely among the generations. According to the current statistics of the top 10 app development companies in the United States, about 20% of people are using food delivery apps to render convenience of better speed, efficiency and affordability. While driving through various platforms as Android, iOS or Window; you should choose the one that provides modules/plug-ins and tools for facilitating in-app creating. Some of those aspects are free but somewhere you need to pay in the whole process of development. Let’s dig deeper into what may cost heavier on your project-Cost Estimation of App DevelopmentBelow are some of the basic app development expenses; that are allocated as per the individual services for platforms, Android and iOS. So, take a look at the given cost factors for On-demand food delivery app manufacturing-Development Cost of Customer-Side App: - Customer side of food ordering app includes several features to build like Account editing, real-time tracking and payment services etc. Optimizing together all features you can get a quick valuation of development separately for both Android and iOS. It may charge you around $8500 - $8600 total and consume 286 hours for the complete Android development process. It may charge you around $8500 - $8600 total for iOS and take 285 hours for the process. If you add backend process then you have to pay around $4000 and 134 hours approx entirely.Thus, the total cost of customer-side food delivery app might reach $ 15000 approximately for Android and backend as well the same cost for iOS and backend.Development Cost of Vendor-Side App: - Vendor-side includes fewer services than customer-side so it may cost you a little less for both Android and iOS. It may charge you $5100 - $5200 for Android app development whereas it will take approx 170 hours. For iOS development, it will charge you $5200 - $5500 and consume approx 175 hours. For the backend, you have to pay around $ 2200 and it takes around 75 hours.So, the total cost is $ 9200 - $9500 approximately for Android and backend where $ 9800 - $10000 for iOS and backend.Development Cost of Both Side (Customer - Vendor):- There are few common features in food delivery application for both customer and vendor; thus, the cost estimation for developing these common features on Android and iOS- For Android development, it may cost you $ 2000 for 65 hours of development. For iOS, you have to pay $2300 - $2500 and recruit around 80 hours entirely. For backend process, it will charge you $700 - $800 and take approx 25 hours.Total cost for Android including backend is approx $2800 and for iOS, totals cost is approx $3000 - $3200 adding backend.Development Cost of Restaurant App: - If you are likely to tend towards restaurant app development then it is a cheaper option; since there you do not need to build iOS or Android app but it is a web application. Therefore, the approximate cost of manufacturing is $ 2200 - $2300 and it takes around 75 hours for the entire process.Cost Estimation in Different RegionsIn the well-developed regions such as the United States and Europe, mobile app development firms and developers may start their cost range from a large amount of money. If we compare Eastern Europe with these regions, you could leverage cheaper cost in Eastern region. Look at the specific prices of On-demand food app development in different regions, given below-Development cost In United States of America: $100 - $250/hourly Development cost in Europe: $100 - $250/hourly Development cost in Eastern Europe: $50 - $100/hourly Development cost in India: $10 - $80/hourlyIt is complicated relative to estimating the cost of Android and iOS separately. Consequently, if you need to figure out the total cost while planning for the food ordering app development then you can optimize stats shown above. It might charge you large numbers of dollars (approx $17k to $25k) entirely. This range of cost may vary for both iOS and Android.Time Estimation of different ProcessesCost highly depends on the number of hours you deploy onto your project. It would be helpful to developers in managing the outline according to the time consumption in whole development. Some major time taking manufacturing processes are-Business management takes approx 240 hours UX/UI development takes approx 160 hours Admin dashboard takes approx 160 hours High-level design takes approx 60 hours App quality assurance process takes approx 100 hoursThere are various development processes of an on-demand food application. Each one consumes a number of hours to complete. Whether approximating entire time, it will take 7-8 weeks for the development. Wrapping UpThe money that goes into developing an On-demand food app mostly depends on the working hours; besides, it may vary as per the needs of services which you want to add to your application or website. Further, going to the iOS or Android experts can help you finalize the pertinent and affordable app development.At ARKA, we are one of the leading mobile app development companies. We excel at gripping all requirements what customers want; moreover, we deliver custom and enterprises mobile app solutions across various frameworks. If you are planning for getting a food delivery app development, you can leverage our excellent services. To know the best strategies of ARKA, you can contact us by dropping a mail here- sales@arkasoftwares.com 

Why Laravel is Still Top Trending Framework of PHP
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IntroductionLaravel is highly recognized platform of PHP, known for its integrated technology and performance. Laravel application development is much more genuine and resourceful as it adds latest web techniques and technology aspects to the development work. This ‘first-choice’ framework is a technical myriad for developers and still we feel there is much more to be explored of this amazing framework. The amazing functionality and features of this development platform opens a wide door to explore and experiment in development.1. Supports Object-Oriented LibrariesLaravel is much operable because it supports OOPs language libraries; you will find approx 20 pre-installed libraries only in Laravel. Besides which, it also gives you freedom to add new as per your choice. It also comes with advance features such as password reset, CSRF (cross-site request forgery) security, and encryption etc.2. Higher Authorization ProcessLaravel is PHP-based framework; it comes with more built-in functionalities. Furthermore, a website owner could access for organizing own logic of web development using Laravel. So, the approach of authorization is quite simple and it has two major ways of authorization process- gates and policies. Gates make simple and closure authorizing approach where Policies make group around an individual source.Also Read:- Why Laravel is the Pick of the Bunch for Web Development3. Artisan AspectsReally the great built-in console to Laravel framework! Artisan, which comes with Laravel including the command-line e  nvironment, helps developers to implement an easy mannered and monotonous programming work, so you could avoid manual process using Artisan. Additionally, you will be able to create your own custom commands; though, you can make own storage location without any hitches.4. Cache ConfigurationLaravel developers make a combined APIs for caching backend; also, it includes many caching configurations that are recognized within the file. The whole process could impart higher advantages to you providing an easy caching task as objects or files storing in the database. Likewise, you are able to configure the web platform with caching system simultaneously, enabling you to access your website performance through cache integration.5. Unit-Testing and SecurityThe integral Unit-Testing in Laravel would help you in evaluating the performance neatly. It is built-in testing on the basis of PHP unit; whereby, this framework comes with much convenient testing technique to analyze the web application meaningfully.Laravel is much persistent in terms of security for a website. It arranges Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate an encrypted password. Few security services Laravel provides are-Password Storing Route protection HTTP basic authentication Encryption User authenticationAlso Read:- Laravel or Wordpress- Better Choice for Your Web Project?SummaryIn this year Laravel development might incorporate advanced features. There is plenty to tell and plenty to explore in Laravel. It comes with a bunch of inclusive attributes that help in enhancing customization of the website as per the customer needs. What’s more, it has an extensive community which helps through providing definitive outsource and solution for the major projects time to time.At ARKA Softwares, we disseminate an amazing website customization service; our web design and app development always meet the client’s expectations that land higher opportunities. To know our services in brief, kindly mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top Advantages of using Opencart for Your e-Commerce Store
Ecommerce website development

IntroductionThere are many frameworks available to create an e-commerce platform that leverages high functionalities to the online store-fronts. Opencart is one of them; it is a remarkable framework due to its usability for both customer and seller. With purpose to customize Opencart , most of the Opencart website development companies integrates an assortment of basic shopping services and various modules/ plug-in which are free to install. Here, are some more facts to support our trust in using Opencart for developing an e-Commerce storefront -1. Easy Installation ProcessOne of the primary reasons that makes it favorite of developers, it is not much resources demanding. It works best if you are hatching a plan for startup. You must give preference to Opencart because of its easy and well-suited installation process. When compared to other CMS platforms, you can download Opencart without experts. Also, it’s a PHP -based system which means you won’t face difficulties in getting the support for customizing your e-commerce website.2. Robust and Fast PerformancePeople prefer Opencart for their online business because it enhances the speed and functionalities of their business site. Using AJAX in Opencart ecommerce development evokes its efficiency to speed up the website performance by reducing the site load time. It is a SEO friendly platform; it efficiently amplifies your online store presence and builds a loyal customer base for your business. 3. Multi-Store PlatformThis feature of Opencart is a striking help to store owners; the multi-store service enormously manages the administration of the portal by building a central panel to control the multiple stores. Thus by implementing this feature, you will be able to attend multiple online store bases. Additionally, you can manage assortment of products, customer preferences and other documented page layouts in one administration go for each store.4. Inclusive ExtensionIts extensions make Opencart authentic and well-equipped over the ecommerce market. It offers you more than 7000 add-on extensions helpful in expansion of on your online store front. For a seller, it is a great help as it enables him to add lot of software taxations modules, plugins such as shipping and payment etc. It also channelizes your customers by providing approximately 25 payment gateway solutions.5. Online Support PortalOnline supports to sort out problems and troubleshoot are easily available all the time. You can leverage support available on online portal service to your Opencart ecommerce site, available 24/7. Furthermore, you can watch expert videos and read guidelines on the portal that will help you in communicating with the management system.Also Read:- Benefits of Magento Development for Online E-commerce StoresSummaryWe hope above mentioned points must have helped you in closely looking into various advantages of using Opencart platform for creating an online-storefront. From these points you can critically analyze usability of various functions of Opencart that will enhance your e-Commerce work efficiency. When asked to us, Opencart is an astounding platform with exceptional customization functionalities, great flexibility and helpful modules and tools that helps building of a full-fledged e-commerce platform.At ARKA Softwares, you will find the solutions for your ultimate e-commerce development needs and requirements. At Arka you get the perks of having a full-grown team at your assistance for developing an online store. While hiring an ecommerce developer from ARKA you can rest assure of your project being in expert hands. So, let’s bring your enterprise online, mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com and know more about our services.

How to check efficiency of an ASP.NET Developer for your project
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IntroductionASP.NET is a well-known language among most of the web and mobile app developers. It provides Microsoft development environment which supports various languages. You can always hire an ASP.NET developer who lives up to your expectations to get desired and most suitable development. Here some important factors while you hiring an efficient ASP.NET developer-MCSD CertificationMCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) certification should be sought out primarily while hiring an ASP.NET developer. In fact, it should be high on your list as it is an assurance of a much experienced developer. MCSD certifies their work quality in web designing, app developing and others customized development works. It also testifies their experience on working with various Microsoft development tools and technologies. We can say that someone with MCSD certification is a technical expert in ASP.NET application development and can be a lot of technical help to your projects.ASP.NET MVC ProficiencyA must have the proficiency in MVC (Model View Controller); is an ability to manufacture attractive, fast, secure and much handy web application. Besides, it is a very popular hiring method that is fast spreading over the web developing market. In meantime it has become a necessity for a developer to support its ASP.NET development.Microsoft MVP CertificationMicrosoft MVP (Most Valued Certification) proves quality and proficiency of a developer. It helps in adding scalability of your project work. While looking forward at hiring a developer for your ASP.NET web project you look forward for an MVP certification.Knowledge of Client-Side Technology ASP.NET developers should be trained in client-side technologies like HTML, CSS, and jQuery and JavaScript etc. It is necessary for them to show sheer dedication in creating highly resourceful, catchy and interactive website. Also, they should be familiar with OOPs concepts like multithreading, inheritance, encapsulation, and classes etc. It helps in integrating higher scalability and functionality to your website with java code services.Good ExperienceYou must consider the experience level of developers when need to hire them for your project. It is equally significant to find out best qualities in them. A good ASP.NET developer is the one with technical experience that enables him to customize websites as per your expectations. Additionally, he must have an insight to provide ultimate solutions administering extra ASP.NET development services that includes modular strategies and plug-in.SummaryMentioned above are various points that specify the qualities of a good and efficient ASP.NET developer that will help you in deploying a resourceful developer onto your web project. In need of ASP.NET project expansion you should outline your enterprise needs and then audit and apt developer that execute genuine solutions for the requirement.Arka Web and Mobile Development Solution Company is a standalone provider of all your ASP.NET development requirements. We have a large resource of high-skilled and experienced developers that are well-acquaint with each stage of ASP.NET development. Team at Arka are expert advisors, they strategize high-resulting development solutions that are coherent to your enterprises utmost needs. To get an effective and scalable .NET development mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top WordPress Prediction for 2018
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IntroductionWordpress is worldwide acknowledged as one of the most resourceful platforms for website development. According to latest trends, Wordpress is commanding more than 28% websites in present days. The CMS based platform is completely free with fully customizing allowance. But this is obvious; developers and customers both anticipate looking at new Wordpress development services to experience exceptionality with new-fangled commodities. Here are some predictions for 2018 that will revolutionize Wordpress development radically- More Usual Video HeadersVideo headers are not a new thing on Wordpress; from launched version 4.7 ‘Vaughn’ this thing is supporting Wordpress with some incredible choices. Usually, the Video Headers are deployed by few specific websites but it seems things are going to change in 2018, on Wordpress a large number of websites are opting video-header approach. So we can see a deeper Wordpress integration with live video streaming in this year.Much Significant Mobile-First ThemesYou can't abandon it! Definitely, it is an important thing to be acquainted with mobile themes; Any Wordpress Development Company and developer always need to consider mobile-centric design to make the brand much influence. As you can observe the mobile mania around the world; therefore it would be essential to assimilate cellular-centric forms and themes on Wordpress and we could see a separate and wonderful design remains to happen in 2018.Drag and Drop with High ControlWordpress is a magnificent platform for website customization. For an example it is not possible to envisage Wordpress without its full-fledge Drag and Drop tool. The year 2018 is going to witness an extra edge to be given to web development with the Drag and Drop option, allowing designers to take an advantage by adapting it. These themes may be much useful in customizing a dominant website with virtual flexibility and simplicity in this year.Security and Privacy with Many optimizationsSecurity runs on high priority for any website. Cyber safety is a considerate necessity to guard the websites against potential threats. In this year, security can be a major concern; Wordpress may update some crucial protection enabling WAP (web application firewall) and Sucuri Scanner that could help you a lot in attaining security. So in 2018, you could able to drive numbers of security on Wordpress and be sure about safeguarding.More e-commerce Services on WordpressFacts clearly reveal that this year is going to be a year of e-commerce side integrating Wordpress. The e-commerce industry is reaching out to many firms that provide multiple of services and product assortment. For which Wordpress is a platform where you can find various web customization tools for e-commerce development. Various kinds of themes and plugins are available on Wordpress which mostly surge small enterprises. In 2018, the framework may present finest e-commerce choice including a great collection of business instruments.  also read:- LARAVEL OR WORDPRESS- BETTER CHOICE FOR YOUR WEB PROJECT?SummaryMany web design frameworks are available on the internet market. Wordpress is much-implemented platform among the developers and designers. It is one of the most powerful frameworks offering wide-range of web customization. In this year, you would witness a major evolution into perform space of Wordpress.If you are willing to launch a custom-designed website in any industry you can hire Wordpress website Development Company. ARKA Softwares offers proficient and customized web development.  Also there is a full-grown management which assists your project from start to finish. If you are interested, please drop a mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com  for further queries. 

Top PHP E-commerce Website Development Platforms for Your Business
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IntroductionE-commerce website development is exceedingly demanded on the online marketplaces. If you are making a plan to set up an online business with a small amount and realistic capabilities then you need to elect an open source e-commerce platform. You have a brilliant choice in PHP for manufacturing such kind of platforms; it is the most popular programming language that is powering developers mind for mechanizing e-commerce websites or applications. So hire a PHP Development Company or hire a developer to provide a quality and effectiveness for your business platform. Some popular and much-accepted platforms are given below which can be deployed to boost the online business-MagentoMagento is a PHP MVC configured framework. As we can see that Magento is on zenith obviously owning its superlative functionality. The thing came in 2008 on the online market and turned all faces to its side. Magento is an open source framework means available for free of cost to install. It provides you great flexibility and wide-range of services for your online store. Look at some splendid Magento development services and features given below-Multi-store platform Flexible and modular development SEO friendly various types of payment mode Customer analyzing and reporting Social media marketing, advertising, and conversational tools The Huge Magento Community to support customersAlso Read: - Why Magento is the Best Choice for E-commerce DevelopmentOpencartOpencart is another efficient and robust platform for online store management; it’s designed by implementing PHP programming code and MySql database. Having much basic shopping functionality and a huge collection of modules that are already integrated, Opencart sets a user-friendly environment worldwide. It is also open source framework including different kind of plugins and codes can be extended freely in the accessible system. You must hire an Opencart website development company to get more particular about the kind of development you want. Some standard features of Opencart-Administration dashboard User management system Multiple store management Options and Attributes for various products Affiliates for advertising and promoting Backup and restore extensionAlso read: - Benefits of having E-commerce website with Opencart PlatformWooCommerceWooCommerce fabricated by WooThemes and launched in the year 2011. The platform is one of the best e-commerce leading solutions; it is open source and free of cost plugin that integrates all functionalities to the WordPress website. You can install WooCommerce source code on GitHub. Most important features of e-commerce are-Robust WooCommerce community to support Ultimate scaling of e-commerce website Built-in analytics system Open source and WordPress-based platform Third party integrationZencartZencart is also PHP based platform which is freely available underneath the GPL2 General public license authority. The platform holds great abilities with respect to e-commerce development. It is popularly trusted as user-friendly, multilingual and easily customizable development platform among the designers and customers. It offers various kind of payment mode so the customer could be flexible at easy payment. Some other practicable and important features are-Matchless products managing Wide-ranging superfluities Integrated with phpBB Validated to XHTML 1.0 transitional Zencart community serviceOS CommercePHP-based OS commerce is popular e-commerce framework which is executed with MySQL database; it is an open source framework and can be operated on any server. The free software is available under the GPL authority. You can build self-hosted online store portal using this framework because it provides 7000+ add-ons so you will be able to manufacture your own business site.Boundless products management system website Integrated functionalities for shipping and payment User’s shopping history Information updating with more convenience tools Compatibility with different kind of platforms Navigable administrationSummaryIt depends finally on your liking and the kind of development will satiate your enterprises utmost requirements. Besides, you can optimize an e-commerce development company to find best perquisites for your online business store.Whether you want to know more about e-commerce development, ARKA Softwares arranges an assistance service having sheer knowledge in the required field. You can drop us a message at sales@arkasoftwares.com and put your quires to find ultimate solution.

How Mobile Applications and Websites are Useful for Real Estate Business
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IntroductionWhether it is e-commerce, medical, education or entertainment, mobile apps and websites are fast changing the world immensely. Most of the retailers prefer online business because it is easy to handle and financially affordable; consequently having a website and mobile application for Real Estate business is making users more convenient. In this manner, Real Estate dealers and also customers can take more advantages growing reliance on Real Estate website development. Here, some potent factors that why your real estate business needs to be empowered with technology.1. Faster SearchWith investing in online Real Estate business you are enabling your customers to explore the property details that are potential USP. Property details like images, price, size, and location etc can be analyzed online using personalized tools into your website or application. Customers can search for various types of services to deal according to the information provided by a property agent.2. Capturing by Audio/Video and NavigationYou can land your online property business services to foreign customers on the basis of their language, currencies, and requirements. Implementing GPS to Real Estate app/website you can convey your customer/client directly to your property site; making it much easier for your customer. Adding audio/Video communication adds the perks as your customers can inspect the property that and there. Promotions and announcements are made easy with audio or video messages.3. Online Customer SupportAmazing feature as this helps you reach your customers anytime anywhere. You can kill their queries, advice them, fill them in with important information within nick of time. It would be like offering your customers assistance anywhere anytime.4. Social Media MarketingAdvertising your brand to the online audience opens a lot of doors to opportunities. It allows property dealers to promote and introduce their brand related information on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others using websites and mobile app. It also allows you to share the previous experience of customers with a single tap on mobile, allowing your customers to explore your work freely. Notifying of the new offers, discount and forthcoming best deals for the future scenario becomes much easier too, it expands your reach and endeavor brand recognition.5. Instant Customer FeedbackWork iteration allows you to dynamically change with the future requirements. Allow your customers to giveaway their experience of their property hunt with you. Using a mobile app or website helps you collect customer responses on your services.Some Other characteristic of Mobile App/Web for Real Estate BusinessYou can connect with your client via Email services using mobile app /website Your property can be categorized according to the features Customer or client can look at current properties to buy or sell without at physical effort. Customers are able to get all detail of dealers online with them they want to deal. You can make available your Real Estate business on mobile and computer devices 24/7 via mobile app or website. Helps in closing deals faster. Property Documentation is simplifies.SummaryThere is a wide range of platforms such as Android, iOS for building a Real Estate app or website for. While looking for Real Estate web solutions or any kind of mobile app development strategy you must go for a professional developers and web designers to get a concern with them. It allows you to explore find realistic and pragmatic outlines for your Real Estate app/web manufacturing.ARKA Softwares is one of the best mobile Development Companies in the USA. We are an inspired and well-grown team in various technology fields; besides, we are also keen on Real Estate web development immensely. You can serve many other services at ARKA’s ground. To find more information about our work prospectus mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Why Magento is the Best Choice for e-commerce Development
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Introduction Magento is an open source framework that fulfills subsequent requirements of an online business across e-commerce industry; it is extremely modular and customizable to the Magento developers. They can fabricate it acquiring perquisites what makes it much attractive and user-friendly. Simply putting this topic forward we just want to explore, Why Magento is much better framework for your online business? Common Features of Magento If you are planning for the online store then Magento is the best option. You do not need to think about what type of business you creating and no matter what size of business you have, big or small; you can pick up this platform as the top preference. Here, you need to know few common Magento development services; whereby you could make it easier-Open Source Platform: - It is open source framework that means it is free to install. The Magento community edition is free of cost and it is most active and major developing community for e-commerce platforms. You can install extensions that are available at Magento marketplace for manufacturing the website. Hosting Service: - Magento is the framework that would allow you to choose hosting services as per your choice. Whereas the Magento community edition offers a convenient hosting service along with all the benefits so it makes the costs low and flexible for you to adapt. Easy to Customize: - An online business may vary in different sizes where you need to accumulate different types of tools and services to operate it. Magento is the platform that provides you a complete environment of the modular technology and customization for modifying your online business. Fast Service: - You definitely would like your business website to perform faster with such pressure of workload; Magento is the place where you get much and more for speeding up the website. It will provide you simplicity to retrieve database in milliseconds; moreover, you also can use Varnish to cache pages easily. Easy to Run Multiple Websites: - It facilitates you to perform different websites using common backend system. You can build different domains for different websites and these all can be managed using a single admin panel.Enterprise Features of Magento Above listed are not only the factors to appreciate for an e-commerce business, Magento development companies also focused on numerous features helping an enterprise to work efficiently -Dynamic Product Service: - Adding some dynamic sell rules to Magento your project managements becomes much systematic. Additionally you can use some strict tools to encourage customers. Customer Categorization: - This service is too authentic for an e-commerce retailer. You can create a category of users or customers by segmenting on the basis of location, address, preference and other information of them. It helps you to capture a proper mind of customers. Email Remainders: - To drag the interest of customers, email marketing is a great way to any e-commerce website. Magento offers an email reminder service to website admin used to notify users about products category, new sales, offers and selling history. Endless Carting: - Using this feature , customers can add a number of products in shop cart. It preserves your products so you don’t have to worry about missing something even while swapping your shopping device. Gifts for Customers: - The cheerful feature! Gifting the customers can attract more audience to your business website; you can promote your business providing gift on shopping beyond the limit fixed by you. Offer them points while buying products that can be redeemed on their next shopping trivial.Also read: Benefits of Magento Development for Online E-commerce Stores Summary Magento is a proven choice for e-Commerce development. With the help of a Magento expert, you would be able to gather many outlines that will help you to pick the right choice of Magento development that best meet your enterprise needs.ARKA Softwares is the full-grown eCommerce development company working for eCommerce development industry with full of efforts. Recently, the ARKA team has achieved many ambitions satisfying more than 250 happy customers. If you have any query about ARKA, please mail us to find at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Laravel or WordPress- Better Choice for Your Web Project?
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Introduction Which is much flexible, secure and handy framework for website development between Laravel and WordPress? You can't make a decision by far if you don't go through the study about the one particular. Laravel, it is popular PHP framework having various astonishing services whereas a Laravel development company makes developers develop sense for achieving needful technology aspects. WordPress already has its community around it so it is going to be tough by choosing one from both. But before you pick one you should analyze following case studies- Laravel Laravel the most popular PHP framework designed for web development was developed by Tylor Otwell back in year 2011. It is an open source framework and works on the MVC pattern. Laravel provides many accessible and influential aspects that are helpful for developing a robust and attractive web application. Many important features are available on Laravel that can be constructive to a PHP developer, few of them are –Code Separation: - It is useful for designers to change the HTML webpage appearance without requiring the developer help; additionally, At the programming phase, Laravel code separation boosts the process of bug fixing and possible features requiring. Tools for Faster Website Development: - Laravel works on cache back-ends which can be useful for speeding up the web performance; Redis and Memcached are loved cache back-ends supported by Laravel to use file cache driver. Unit-Testing: - It is necessary to implement Unit-Testing on each phase of web development. One of the important features of Laravel is automation testing; it is a convenient service help at analyzing the programming code with PHP unitl. You can fix bugs, error or application crashes to improve the web functionality. In-Built Templates and Libraries: - You find inbuilt template and libraries in Laravel which helps designers to create layouts implementing dynamic content. Pre-installed and object-oriented libraries are found only in Laravel framework. Bcrypt hashing, password reset and protection, and encryption are the best example of the pre-installed library. Mail Service: - Laravel framework provides a clean API configuration over the SwiftMailer library; besides it recommends drivers for Mailgun, SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES and more. It makes an application ready to send an email via cloud service and also supports various delivery channels such as SMS, Slack etc for sending and receiving notifications.A Laravel app development company provides you services likeMigration service for database MVC architecture support Exception Handling Routing service to maintain website Modular packaging systemWordPress WordPress is another PHP framework; usually, it is the first choice of web developers. If you are working on a project that consists of completely user-based functions like content uploading, internal messaging, profile matching, registration and payment system etc then the Wordpress based code is better and easier to carry out. Whether you are planning for major web projects, you need plugins and structure of WordPress. Few advantageous features are-WordPress Plugin: - To extend WordPress big web development projects you are facilitated to make plugin by the WordPress APIs. You can host plugin repository by creating Plugins on the website. Application Framework: - It provides many useful things like HTTP requests, databases, URL routing and translation and much more services; these all are used to develop a web application on WordPress framework. Custom Theme and Content: - On WordPress, you are able to make custom themes for clients or customers; the WordPress APIs will offer you an extension to build themes as per your preference whether you need to create it simple or complex.Another thing, custom content types are used to make own custom post types, metadata, and taxonomies. If you want your web application more flexible you need to integrate few lines of code while creating custom content types.Media Management System: - You can upload your media files like images, audio/video into the WordPress uploader of your website; moreover, adding captions, images titles into the web content your website would appear much attractive to users. SEO-Friendly: - To take care of your web application, WordPress is optimized for the SEO (search engine optimization) service; you can find various SEO plugins for your web applications.Other Useful characteristic and Services of WordPress are-Multilingual framework (Available in more than 70 languages) Provides easy tools to publish content User management framework Provides Built-in comments service Performs under GPL to provide you work freedomWhat Should Choose? You hardly able to select better one if you consider all analyzed study is described above because both frameworks have its specialization particularly in web development field. But at some points, Laravel has its impact having more extraordinary functionalities such are-Laravel has more development strategies over the WordPress; in addition, its restful controller provides automated stacking of PHP. Laravel is faster than WordPress for website manufacturing. Laravel services consist of Blade templating engine; it is powerful tools of Laravel. You can keep away technical issues using Laravel. You can use OOPs (object-oriented programming) whether using Laravel.Summary Most developers use WordPress because it is much practiced among them. It is a much-implemented framework so it provides easiness for web manufacturing; although Laravel comes with more aspects and services so it depends only on one’s predilection. So it needs to speak that Laravel application development is much appropriate at present time; besides it is simply compatible with PHP language code.ARKA Softwares provides effective and channelized services for web development. We specialize in PHP development using platforms like Laravel and WordPress ; the developer team produces an ultimate result with any web or application development process as well our experts suggest well-scoped services with any technology work. For more details of our services, mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Java vs. Kotlin: Which is the Better Choice for Android App Development?
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IntroductionWhile planning any new Android Application you need to choose what can make your application much beautiful and attractive. Developers go through a selection procedure of language to be used for coding of application. Amongst which majorly preferred languages are Java and Kotlin. Java, the traditional language, is used mostly by the Android developers and Kotlin, is proclaimed official language for Android by Google. For making a decision here are some important pointers that can help you select the appropriate one from the Java and Kotlin-Java vs. KotlinWhy is Java?As we have mentioned above that Java is the traditional language to manufacture Android apps. If you investigate at top 10 mobile app development companies you still find Java is the best programming language because developers have been using it since before the Android mobiles came to use. Furthermore, it is also much appropriate having immense open source tools/aspects and libraries to provide a congruous support the developers. Besides, Java community gives online support whether a developer needs anywhere, anytime.For beginners, Java is the subject that offers lots of opportunities in Android development field that can make their knowledge job laborious. Some important factors about Java that might be adaptable-It provides integrated codes available online. It can be updated frequently. Android system supports Java language code which is too much than you expect. For Java development, Android system connects all libraries with it. For freelancers, Java provides many app development tasks to master their expertise and knowledge.Why is Kotlin? Kotlin, since is the official language for Android development, is gaining rapid popularity among mobile app development companies in the US. Google publicized it as an official language because Android market in the US is smaller comparatively, so the development companies might show an interest in Kotlin rather than Java. Second thing is, people are showing much interest in Kotlin and preferring it, reasons its syntax is so easy to understand and you do not need to adopt upper-level programming terminologies to learn it. Even beginners can learn this language without any extra hitches.Having a look at given factors you can find more reasons for choosing Kotlin as per your preference-Android IDE has all libraries and functionalities that are required when running the Kotlin code. You can find online approx 2000 Android GitHub projects built in Kotlin; means you have more projects rather than Java. The interoperable thing between Java and Kotlin is, developers are able to perform both at the same instance. Using a plugin allows you to convert Java codes into Kotlin; so it is much appreciable for any Android developer. It is useful in removal of the garbage collection.Read also: KOTLIN: NEW PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE FOR ANDROIDWhich One Should You Prefer?Both languages are highly efficient but you need to select one.According to the top 10 app development companies, Java is much flexible for enterprise app development whereas Kotlin personal favorite of beginners and small businesses and startups. The other point is that Java has its active market around it so, still it is much favorable among developers but Kotlin is a new thing so the new developers can adopt this language and likewise it is going to be peerless hugely among professionals also. Java is defiantly much practiced language but we all have previous experiences that the new thing always presents much stuff with new taste; so you should just try Kotlin for your next project if not, Java has its position by now.SummaryWhile selecting the accurate language for your new project, it is necessary to optimize best strategies top to bottom because choosing better one from both languages is complicated when you are already proficient in particular one. Moreover, seek consult of experts and professionals to implement your outlines straightforwardly.ARKA Softwares is full-fledged mobile app Development Company; we concentrate on each inclination of customers what they needs or for what they are willing. We specialize in Android development, .Net development and several technology services. You can deal with us whether you are planning for your new project. To know more about our services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

How to Verify Your App on Window 10 Ready
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Introduction Window 10 is the most compatible version of Microsoft OS. The new Window 10 Ready is the resource for independent app developers who want to perform their apps on Window OS; the Microsoft application development authority facilitates you at providing a Window app certification kit that checks the stability, compatibility; performance and reliability while verifying your third-party application on the Window platform. For the Window 10 Ready, your app should comprise following requirement during the verification- 1. Compatible and Durable App Microsoft will allow your app in the terms of compatibility and flexibility on the Window 10; whether you prefer Window 10 Ready. The following points must be adaptable when verifying the app on Window 10 Ready OS-When your app in process on Window 10 Ready, it must not depend on Window compatibility solutions like AppHelp message, VB6 runtime, compatibility modes etc.; means your app should use its built-up fixes. The application must be aware of DPI; therefore it has to use assembly manifest rather than SetProcessDPIAware. Microsoft will certify your app if it has compatibility manifest and appropriate GUIDs. The application should not use arbitrary DLLs to interrupt Window32 calls also should not use Microsoft or Window NT or Window AppInit dills.2.      Supporting Window Security Microsoft certifies your app support Window 10 security\privacy features to manage the reliability of Window OS. Some of the security features your app must execute are-Window 10 offers APTCA security feature that should not be used by your third-party app while ensuring secure accessibility. Your application has to compiled with /SafeSEH flag (to safe exceptions handling), /NXCOMPAT flag (to prevent data execution) and DYNAMICBASE flag (to address space layout randomization). For Window 10 verification the application should use strong ACLs to secure directories and register keys.3.     Fresh and Permutable Installation Microsoft wants your app to manage according to the customer usability; likewise, the application must follow these important factors-The app what you want to practice for Microsoft web development platform, has to provide the complete information of itself to the Window 10 inventory/telemetry tools. Whether you have not MSI installer then the installation module have to fill given registry fields while installing- DisplayName Publisher InstallLocation UninstallString VersionMajor and VersionMinor MajorVersion and MinorVersion An app should not come about the reasons to make the window system for restarting forcibly. In any critical situation, users should get the chance to restart the system afterward.4.     Digital Signing the Files & DriversFor verifying your app it needs to generate a digital signature by the application whether it will be helpful to detect the virus or software authenticity. It should also provide an indicative and system-audit log system in the case of failing the Kernel module. Your app must provide an Authenticode certificate to sign the files like .sys, .ocx, .exe and .drv etc. Whatever Kernel-mode drivers are installed by your app, that all have to generate an MS signature which attained through the WHCP (window hardware certification program).5.     Pursuing User Account Control InstructionThe app should provide a manifest administrator that identifies the execution levels and suggests the Window 10 OS what licenses are needed to run the app. The Manifest administrative features should be executed in a split process that runs with administrative opportunity. The MS waiver demands the application to run their main process with prominent user’s rights. Users should feel a secure and reliable experience with default installation whether managing the installation of the application in the location of their preference.Summary As you know that an app development company and developer want their app to perform on various platforms like Android, iOS and Window OS. Whether we are talking about Window 10 Ready then it must be considered that Microsoft approves the application as per the requirements the app fulfills from top to bottom. Therefore Microsoft manages many certification tools and services to ensure the app which going to run on the Window framework. A verified application can get more advanced features and instant services on Window 10 Ready.ARKA Softwares is full grown company in the field of mobile and web development; we focus on each preference of customers what they needs or for what they are willing. We specialize in Android development, .Net development and several technology services. You can deal with us whether you are planning for your new project. To know more about our services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Java or .Net-Which Framework is better in 2018
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 Introduction Many software frameworks have surfaced over throughout world to develop and enhance the large-scale applications. Java and .NET are two of them; both are major technologies to support the desktop and server-side application. Now the question comes up what is better to choose or what is much ideal for developers in 2018? Generally, if we speak about Java and. NET both are different from each other in some ways; besides both languages have own programming method so it is not easy to choose what should be adaptable to your project. Whether you can choose one out of both in the next year comparing some important features and services that we are discussing here – ·  Technical Comparison between Java and .NET Coming across the technology features of both framework you can recognize your preference on the basis of your knowledge and proficiency of one out of both frameworks. Have a glance at the technical compatibility of Java and.NET-Java:Java supports Clojure, Groovy, Scala, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and many others programming languages. Web service support in Java- Add-on Java performs on JUnit for unit testing and JSF(Java Server faces) for Web Server Scripting. Data is accessed in Java by JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). Java is compatible with any operating system and Web Application Framework in Java is “Spring”. Server components are EJBs and the GUI components are JavaBeans. Java uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to Runtime process.Dot Net:Dot Net supports C#, VB.NET, C++, NET, PHP, Ruby, Python and other programming languages. Web server – Built-in For unit testing, it supports Microsoft Unit Testing Framework, NUnit and for Web Server Scripting it uses NET development services. In dot Net, Data is accessed by ADO.NET & OLeDB. It works on Window operating system and the Web Application framework is ASP.NET MVC and Spring.NET. Server components are NET and COM whereas GUI components are .NET Class. .Net works at CLR (Common Language Runtime) to Runtime process and HTTP engine is IIS.·  Functional Similarities and Differences You can pick up one on the basis of technology features and compatibility discussed above, but we have more characteristics of both that can make you ease for choosing better framework rather than another to your projects in 2018-SimilaritiesObject-Oriented frameworks: - You can use all functionalities of oops like inheritance, polymorphism, classes, string, and encapsulation etc in your application/web development using both languages because it makes your code more modular and flexible for your project. The Range of Target Platforms: - Both frameworks are compatible with the web, desktop window, and mobile app development. .Net is used to manufacture window programming like websites and application whereas Java performed to develop Android applications. Web Services Integration: - Both languages have capabilities to fabricate integrated web services like building Window/Android applications more extensible and interoperable; furthermore alike components and features of Java and .NET provide a typical method for accessing the database, scripting web pages and handling messages etc. DifferencesInterpretation and Compilation: - .NET project code is performed and executed on the operating system on which it was compiled whereas Java code is made in interpreted manner means isn’t modified to machine language. It is helpful for better performance of C# language. Data types Keywords: - To define the data types of both frameworks different keywords are used; e.g. “Boolean” for Java and “bool” for .NET and “const” in Java but “read-only'' in.NET. LINQ: - LINQ allows developers to ask quires using the code directly whereas Java has no LINQ feature to deploy.· Which is better between the Two? The following points will definitely give you the first sight to select much better thing to your future projects; so going through the factors you can able to choose better one in 2018-More devices can run Java (Android and Linux) rather than.NET. Java is open source framework whereas .NET needs Window license. Microsoft does not support Cloud, IoT, and big data but Java does. Java training is less costly where for .NET you have to pay too much. Java provides independent platforms opposed to .NET. Java language is used to develop the native application but NET application development is a single solution on the server-side platform.Summary Java and .NET both are the major frameworks to develop software but the important thing is what is better for your project; besides, it is no longer tough now to select one if you compare both going through the above study. The upcoming year 2018 will bring more new technologies with new aspects and what from Java and .NET will enhance the IT world; only you can decide this as per your preference and requirements.ARKA Softwares is full-fledged mobile app Development Company; we concentrate on each inclination of customers what they needs or for what they are willing. We specialize in Android development, .Net development and several technology services. You can deal with us whether you are planning for your new project. To know more about our services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Much It Cost for Development and Maintenance of E-commerce Website
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Introduction Many e-commerce websites exist in the online market, but have you ever wondered how much cost and strategic analysis it has done during the pre-production and shaping of the website? You may have never given it a thought but they if your business is ready to add the ‘e’ to the commerce then this article is a must read. This article will help you acquire sufficient material to know answers to your each query.Determining the proper outlines, technologies and economic resource that all are required while designing an ecommerce framework are important to be taken care during the pre-production of the e-commerce platform. In this article we cover up few highlighter of cost and strategic analysis that will be helpful by all means for your future website development project or maintenance of your online business- 1. Platform design For designing the e-commerce platform like WooCommerce and Magento you need to include many extensions and modules; you may even have to pay up to $250 - $500 to buy or download those online. And that’s not it because cost highly depends on the required services and other aspects. So if you have a mindset on the basic design configuration then it can cost you around $5000. You can consult your project with experts but charges are high, not every business is ready to afford hour approx $10 to $100 individually. 2. Website Design Online retailers need customer’s attention so they can gain huge traffic on the website; therefore they spend money on making the website much attractive and interactive to attract customers or visitors. They include good quality of graphics and animation and highly usable services in their commercial website. If you want to optimize maintenance of your website functionality and interface you can pick up or download convenient themes and templates online. As it’s not a freemium service you have to pay amount of minimum $250 ranging to $1000 or more depending on the kind of development you are seeking. 3. Content development Among the ecommerce development services, an insightful content is a superlative formula to offer perceptive information on the website to the customers; additionally, you need to update a regular blog on your e-commerce site. You can hire an SEO executive to provide your site the best reach in the online market; therefore you will be charged approx $50 - $100 hourly. For the best content or blog development, you might be charged on basis of per word. It is important for the elemental SEO process so they can manage your website as per the marketing demands. 4. Website Hosting If you compare web hosting price according to the size of the website then you will encounter different costs at the SaaS platforms. For a small online store, the price of web hosting may vary from $20- $250 inclusive of the limited services in the package. Many hosting provider platforms offer various plan into their package services; thus whether you are planning for the large scalable online business or just starting out the cost is directly proportional to your needs of web hosting in accordance to your business site. Overall Cost Estimation While deducing a relevant cost figure for e-commerce website manufacturing; we got an outline to each step of development and along with this we also calculated the various mechanized charges. Here, we are revealing an overall average cost of a commercial site design and maintenance. It would be helpful for an e-commerce development company and developers to reconsider the elements of business sites with respect to the expenses -If you are favoring an open source software for your small online store or just starting out then you have to spend approx $2k to $11k overall. This cost estimation is provided on the basis of popular hosted platforms. For a medium online store, you may have to pay approx $5k to $15k for complete manufacturing of the website. The price might increase up to $30k, increasing as per the requirement of existing services. It will cost you $30k to $400k completely for the large ecommerce business site. Besides, you must know the extra expenses while preferring the large scale of commercial business.Summary An entrepreneur or a startup should never lose focus on the cost factor. One must always keeps in mind the cost estimation of a website design according to the realistic resources. It is even more mandatory for the small businesses with minimal resources. Also to through some light on the subject, if you hire ecommerce developer from India it would be much cost effective to your website development inclusive of with best services.

Reasons Why You Should Develop Apps for Android rather than iOS
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Introduction Nowadays we use different type of the operating systems which are running our mobile devices; simultaneously a mobile app development company always has a preference for the platform that offers more resources, easy compatibility, and great career possibilities. So, in that case, the mobile companies are favoring mostly Android rather than iOS development. But not only career possibilities are to blamed about the preference given to android, considering the following points- · Android Studio vs. iOS Tools If you are planning to develop a mobile app then what operating system you will prefer? Give it a thought for a sec; obviously, you would like to go with the platform which provides mature and easy to employ development tools. Without a doubt, Android Studio has become a synonym for it lately. You can bear in mind the given objects of both frameworks to know how Android Studio is better than iOS-Android Studio is an official IDE that supplies faster and more efficient tools for Android development services. A developer can easily set up a new project for different types of applications. Some important features of Android Studio are-Live layout editor with immediate layout rendering Gradle-based build system Supports app development for other devices like wearable device, TV and the rest. A layout preview on multiple display configurationiOS provides the Xcode IDE for app development. It is an amazing platform for many specific tools and attributes. Features of iOS are-iPhone, Mac OSX, iWatch apps can be manufactured only on the Xcode. It has a newer swift programming language that makes the training process easy. It provides personal managing directories’ hierarchy to the developers.Read more:- ABOUT ASTONISHING iPhone 8 UPDATE: RUMORS & TRUTH · Hardware Compatibility Android Studio is also friendly with many other operating systems like Window, Linux, and Mac book; likewise, an Android developer is always flexible while using Android Studio on window OS X, Linux or Mac book.If we consider iOS then the Xcode operating system is flexible only with Mac system/machines. You need to arrange Mac computer or device to develop iOS apps because you cannot manufacture iOS apps on others operating system. · Code Understanding Android Studio gives more freedom to developers so they can find various different solutions for custom or native coding. Many other things like Intents, broadcast receiver and back service etc helps Android experts to recognize the deep coding of development.iOS provides off limited flexibility; so for the iOS developers, they have to follow the standard rules such as specific short key execution, drag and drop screen interface and so on. · Membership Subscription Android system charges an affordable cost to subscribe for membership. It will charge you approx $25 to publish an Android application.In another side, iOS will charge you more dollars to subscribe Apple's membership. You may have to pay around $100 a year that could be expensive for freelancer or startups.  Outline In a nutshell, Android system has an upper hand over iOS because of much provided handiness to mobile app developers. Android system might take more time to master in developing but the intricacy helps you to be perfect and confident in coding. As a result of this, you should choose the well-approached framework that easily fits  your preference.ARKA Softwares is the best Android app development company in the US. ARKA offers much preferable development services to the client/customers and the company always reaches the requirements for what the customers are dealing with. If you need to manufacture a mobile app, you can get more details of our services. Mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

‘Doctor on Demand’ Mobile App Development: Cost and Features
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Introduction There are many healthcare mobile applications leveraging the best of the medical services. Thousands of patients have been served with reliable healthcare/medical services via their Smartphone instantly. The applications not only cut out the long waiting line to see a doctor , but these also help you read and deliver reviews on their medical services. Apps like ‘doctor on-demand’ are a modest effort to simplify medical care. Consequently, healthcare web development companies are also conceiving new ideas for these apps upgrading them with utilitarian and desirable features. Features of Doctor on-Demand App Built for doctor and patient both; the app features are separated here considering the utility of the app for both users with features for admin panel particularly. Let’s have a glance at few significant features of this application-Patient Section FeaturesAppointment:The patients can book the appointment date and time by operating application, they are able to search the preferable doctor near their location at suitable time; furthermore, patients get a calendar service, so they ensure the doctor’s availability date to date. It also facilitates the patients to track the doctor according to the immediacy.Cloud Based Medical record:Patients get an e-Medical record service that will be useful to share health integrated documents with the doctor; It could be helpful for further treatment and others official process. The section also provides accurate maintenance and security of the documents.Better Interaction:A patient can personally be in touch with the medical specialist through chat-box service; moreover, she/he can discuss with the doctor making a call through the application. It makes it easy for the paitent to find out the information, reports and new updates quickly. A live video session also helpful when the patients want to express their health issues to the doctor.E-Billing:Patients will be able to have bill through in-app payment service. It is faster, secure and easy to process; thus they can experience the flawless payment gateway.Doctor Section FeaturesDoctor SpecificationsThis field adds the complete detail of the doctor like name, address, contact number, photograph and specialization in the field. If any customer/patient needs to know more about her/him, they can ask via this portal.Better work managementDoctors can check their patient appointment and confirm appointment accordingly; they are also able to cancel a particular appointment in the case of unavailability.Online PrescriptionA doctor can prescript online to treat common disease like cold, fever etc.; in the major condition, the doctor can go to the live video consulting with patients seeing more serious problems. Admin SectionMedical recordsIt includes complete detail of patients, their medical history, and other medical reports. It makes it simple for doctor to see a medical history of a person before examining him/her.ManagingProvides a complete list of doctors in patient’s zip location or in other location; besides, adds the category of experts according to the expertise field, so the customer can find the preferred physician easily.Store patient’s reports, medical treatment history and also generates the information of patients whenever required. Manage the details of doctors and can publicize that additionally. Consists of marketing tools like SEO tools, loyalty system. Coupon Codes etc.Manufacturing costs of a doctor on-demand app The expenditure of doctor on-demand app development completely depends on the kind of functionality and services what you need to add in your app. However you can estimate the manufacturing charges for the best healthcare website design or app development going to the approximates values in various domains-Developers/Designers in the US may charge you $50 - $250 hourly. Developers of Europe will charge you approx $30-$150 per hour. India based developers may give you some afford; they may charge you $10 - $80 per hour.Other technical charges with limited features on Android platform across the world-Technical documentation- $1k - $2k for 40 hours Front - end, back – end development- $10k - $20k for 400 hours MVP testing- $2k - $4k for 80 hoursSummary Doctor-on-demand app is a great application which seems to provide seamless solutions to the patients and doctors. The manufacture of this service is approaching healthcare website development too ahead; patients/doctors can experience the thing on doctor on-demand website. In the challenging time of the healthcare industry, this app/website may be a boon.

Cost and Time Evaluation for Developing Bitcoin Mobile App
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Introduction The evolution of the financial business has opened doors for various new digital technologies; Cryptocurrency is one of them. The virtual currency regulating the economic trend at present and seems to run for long time in the future. Bitcoin, the very trendy example of digital currency. You can experience this technology customizing a Bitcoin mobile application, but a mobile app development company need to know the proper strategies and time while developing a Bitcoin mobile app. What technical needs and how much cost and time the developing process consume; you can figure out through the given study- 1. Blockchain Technical needsThis is a mobile app that provides Bitcoin wallet available for Android and iOS. You can download it from Google play store easily, even though the application works on Window, Mac, and Linux. It is also called hybrid app because it stores Bitcoins online. It is also moderately hard to make payment. To manufacture of this app, developers require mostly Java to create backend service but sometimes they prefer Clojure and Node for backend design whereas AngularJS is used for frontend part. For designing Blockchain website, designers need AngularJS, NPM, BitcoinJS, and Bootstrap etc. APIs for various languages code Python, Java, PHP, Ruby and.Net and so on.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $27 500 Development cost for iOS - $25 000 Website designing cost - $5000 Designing cost - $7500 Backend development - $10 000 The total cost including other operating expenses- $79k approximately. It may consume approx 550 hours of Android-based working whereas it will consume approx 500 hours for iOS development.2.     Coinbase Technical needsThe second most popular Bitcoin app which is leading mobile app development services over the entire world. It is available for Android and iOS and you can access it through web browsers too. For the Coinbase - based services, developers are using several technologies and language code; they are combining Ruby, MongoDB, Node.JS, Swift (iOS) and Java (Android) etc. For APIs and SDK you need to use some important elements like user and story management, Blockchain notification; therefore you can use some basic tools Google API, EDS, AWS, and others.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $35 000 Development cost for iOS – $30 000 Website designing cost - $5000 Backend development - $10 000 Designing cost - $7500 The total cost including other operating expenses- $91k - $92k approximately. For Android-based app manufacturing, it will take approx 700 hours for complete task whereas for iOS it may consume 600 hours.3.     BitcoinJBitcoinJ is available only for Android system, still has the strong position in the market. In the manner, this application downloaded by 1million users on Google play store. This app provides open source services, so anyone can use it for their business purpose. In some case, it is little different from other Bitcoin wallet apps. If you want to develop wallet app, you need to pick up BitcoinJ API and REST API. It is performed in java but developers can use others JVM friendly code language implementing other like C++, javascript, Ruby, and python etc.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $27 000 Development cost for iOS – $22 500 Website designing cost - $5000 Backend development - $10 000 Designing cost - $7500 The total cost including other operating expenses- $76k approximately. For BitcoinJ Cryptocurrency, Android-based app development takes approx 550 hours whereas for iOS it may consume 450 hours.Summary This completely depends on your choice what services and tools you want to add in your Bitcoin application; picking your preferences you have to pay the much and more dollars how much it needs for developing the app. You can see the total estimation from the above study; approx $76k to $100k dollars will be charged if you are planning on a Bitcoin app development. Therefore you need to discuss the experts or developers to find the better outlines and mobile app solutions. Hopes, the case study would be helpful to get accurate and unique ideas.

Role of IT in healthcare industry of 2018
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Introduction Every country is spending large sum of money in improving its healthcare services to achieve easy and greater life with an efficient and economic technology to reduce the excessive health obstructions. Information technology is changing the trend providing more automatic and competent healthcare web development services. The new IT trends that will boost up the healthcare industry in 2018, are- · Cloud Technology in Healthcare Industry Cloud computing is a vital tool for any medical service and it is much accessible to both doctor and patient. In future, this technology will grow with more data storage challenges in the healthcare industry. Doctors will be able to record more patient information/data on the cloud system and will connect to the patient any time with cloud access. Some important variations of cloud system which could boost healthcare services in 2018-Cloud will provide much and better possibilities to grip big data at low cost. A big amount of data information will be analyzed cautiously without the occurrence of any error. A scientist can research the big data storage faster and can transform the information among laborites. In the case of adversity, cloud helps doctors providing necessary information and real-time guidance through the transmission system.· AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Healthcare Industry AI has revolutionized the healthcare services for the patients and doctors; besides, this technology is presenting best healthcare website design with maximum optimization so ,you can see more innovative factors of AI in 2018, some new factors of AI are below-You can collect data, store data, trace data and normalize data of medical records with Artificial Intelligence. Doctors will be able to combine data attribute of patients and make a plan for treatment. There are many mHealth (mobile health) applications that could boost the healthcare services with AI. You can see more improvement in medical/clinical documentation in the upcoming year.· Robotic Healthcare Services In the Medicare field, robotic treatment and surgery are in the high demand. The robot system provides 3-D visual effect and 10-fold magnification; the thing is very helpful in the major step of any surgical process/treatment. Some important factors are below which can advance the robotic technology for healthcare-Quicker recovery and pain reduction Improvement in robot-assistant system More magnified tools for complex surgery Enhancement in robotic instrument’s flexibility· IoT – Enabled healthcare Services In 2017, IoT applications accelerated the healthcare industry with novel approaches. At present this technology is vastly emerging the mobile app healthcare services with several changes and it is expected “The Internet of Things” will improve with much digital transformation in 2018. You can serve IoT with advance key components. Which are-This can be helpful for giving peace of mind to patients. IoT will enable patients and doctors for home monitoring with full independence. This can help doctors to remember the right medicine with a proper dose of the patient.· BlockChain Healthcare Services The blockchain is the significant future of Healthcare industry. This latest technology providing advancement in big data schedule and storage and it is also considered as a resourceful service that increases the security of medical records and information. Obviously, Blockchain will offer a more important strategic source for healthcare organizations in the next year. Outline We glimpsed much IT transformation in the healthcare industry; now we expect to see more than probabilities in the future. The evolution of IT is exploding the physical and digital world in the healthcare organization and it is entwining the digital technology with healthcare services. The connection between human and technology will produce more collective and creative thinking and better digitalization experience in healthcare services in 2018.ARKA Softwares provides effective and channelized services with healthcare website development. The developer team produces an ultimate result with any web or application development process as well our experts suggest well-scoped services with any technology work. For more details of our services, mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top Android Development Trends in 2018
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Introduction We all are much tech-conscious than ever before. We are about to enter in the year 2018, and it also, just like previous year promises a prosperous app development year. Various mobile platforms have emerged in the IT industry but what catches the eye of any mobile app development company is the hold of Android. Android has changed the mobile application development methodology in few past years and here we are again to welcome Android App Development trends 2018 - 1. AI &Machine Learning in Android Development Machine learning empowers any android app to recognize complex prototypes. In 2018, the technology will attract users to more innovative patterns with AI (Artificial Intelligence). In the coming year, we would be exploring various verticals of AI, some of which are-Deep learning Theory: It is a neural network which imitates the human brain. You are likely to see deeper neural network design in 2018. Capsule Network: It is a new form of deep neural networks; it helps to maintain the hierarchical relationships. You will be able to use the Capsule network widely in neural network architectures. Lean and Augmented Data learning: With the help of this technology, you can present broad problems. You can expect extra variations of this technology in the upcoming year. Hybrid Learning Model: Different neural networks such are GANs and DRL, have shown great performance with several types of data. It is expected to see deeper hybrid learning model in Android development in the next year. Automated machine learning: AutoML enables business clients to develop machine learning model for their business application without any complex programming environment. You could see more business AutoML packages and integration in Android development in next year.2. IoT in Android Development IoT (Internet of Things) is spreading all over the world and it continues to reshape the Android app development in 2018. In a very short time, technology has bound billions of mobile devices/Smartphone and we are always hunting for what new has evolved in the tech-market. 2018 is all set to bring new phenomenon in Android development in the next year-The Upcoming Business apps with IoT sensor More accessible healthcare apps using IoT New network security in Android apps Big data for Android applications3. Google’s Accelerated Mobile pages Accelerated mobile pages provide a remote search index for any android application page. It helps mobile applications to load faster and it reduces bounce rate. In 2018, AMP will be beneficial with some changes and improvements, that are-Higher CTR High page ranking Easy visitor study Mobile searching Index Less migration effort4. Android Native Apps Native apps work like websites, so in the upcoming year, Android native/instant applications can attract more customers with much convenience effects. You can take the advantages of such apps without installation. In the upcoming year, Android native apps can be useful in the following manner-You will be able to access the application easily by installing on your device. You can share the native app to another device simply. Android instant app will be compatible with the all Android version. You will get more space on your smart device with the Android native applications.5. Cloud-based Android Apps Cloud technology has become much easier and faster to access data without any burden effort; therefore, Android experts are focusing on more cloud driven apps. You can see cloud service with some new trends in 2018 while developing an Android app. The new trends are-More data security for commercial business/enterprises Online cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc will provide more data space with Android system Data streaming (Audio/Video, online gaming etc) can be more flexible on cloud driven applications Web browsing will quicker and trouble-free on Android smart devices Outline According to the statics, 75%-80% mobile app developers prefer to work for Android as opposed to any other operating system. Android system has become more and much popular platform for Smartphone and other smart devices. So in the manner, if you need to develop a mobile application, you should choose the Android framework for manufacturing.ARKA Software is the best Android app development company in the US. We specialize in Android development and our expert team always focuses on the customer’s preferences. We have smooth teamwork; therefore, we pick up the skilled and proficient developer for our team. For more details of ARKA's services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top Healthcare Apps for Fitness and To Keep Healthy
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Introduction Everybody wants to be physically active and fit; therefore, she/he makes many efforts like joining gym, walking and running or Yoga classes etc. But distress occurs when you cannot achieve desired results, sometimes things even take you under depression. It happens because of irregularity, choosing wrong exercises, uncertain food cycle, and other reasons. Whether you are worried about bad health or fitness is your prime goal, the healthcare web development companies have a better solution with some healthcare mobile apps which offer you a practical prospectus with some ideas and guidelines- ARE HEALTHCARE WEBSITES AND APPS BENEFICIAL FOR PATIENTS? 1. MyFitnessPal MyfitnessPal is a free healthcare mobile application. It includes fitness features like Calorie counter, barcode nutrition scanner, and recipe importer etc. It supports on both platforms Android and iOS. The app is easy to go even when you do not have enough time; it helps you manage your fitness schedule, food system, and daily exercises. The fitness app calculates your daily running, calorie burning and it recommends food plans for you accordingly. The interesting feature to appreciate in the application is that you can follow your friends and see their fitness schedule and meal recipes. 2. Sworkit Sworkit is a fitness training app that allows people to select the exercise according to them whether they want to follow Yoga, strength training, stretching or full body workout. People can set the own time period within they are going to do work out. With Sworkit Pro, you catch a perceptible announcement of each exercise so you can set your weekly/monthly goals. 3. Meditation Studio Meditation is one of the best healthcare applications that help in decreasing stress, reduce anxiety and headache. It is a well-designed app that gives user ease to use and provide an instinctive interface of any stage. The wide collection of meditation services see face off with many challenges; on the other hand, the app changed the life of the people who suffered from stress, depression, lack of confidence and insomnia. Meditation Studio has a good reach to some world’s best experts who suggest preeminent treatment and solutions. 4. Starva Strava is best healthcare mobile app for athletes. It is a social training app with its tracking ability and motivational things. Strava is a platform for a competitive community that interacts via mobile app healthcare services and knowledge; therefore, this app involves many experiences of a cyclist, runners, health trainers and Yoga teachers globally. You can evaluate your health & fitness practice using Starva and also you have a facility to compare your performance with other users. 5. Digifit iCardio Digifit iCardio is a heart care application and good thing is that this application works for both iOS and Android. An individual can connect it to heart rate monitor so she/he is able to track runs, ridings, and workouts. The app is very helpful for recording your heart rate, stamina, time consumption and your pace energy. If you are looking for real hard things to make you healthy and fit, then without any doubt you can plan with Digifit iCardio. HOW HEALTHCARE WEBSITES AND APPS ARE PROVING AS BENEFICIAL FOR PATIENTS? Outline We are surviving in a sedentary lifestyle where we are negligent of own body fitness and health. The systematic physical workout is beneficent at any age. Healthcare website development organizations are considering all circumstances and the developers are thinking deeply to produce sophisticated fitness apps which could be care and support anybody’s healthcare.ARKA software company is earning great position through providing better solutions for mobile app development. ARKA's developer teams make over the Android and iOS services in an excessive manner and the team is capable to design any type of mobile app. To reach us for more details on our services, mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top eCommerce Web Design trends in 2018
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IntroductionToday’s scenario, keeping oneself alive in Technology Sea is difficult; we all need to accept the new trends emerging in the online world. With elevating parameters of ecommerce websites, ecommerce development companies are trying hard to stay one step ahead of the competition. One setting a plan for website development for an online store needs to recheck all perquisites of the new ecommerce trends, 2018.M commerceM commerce has ‘become a thing’, fast pacing in online market lane. Online shopping via mobile is going to explode the ecommerce industry in next few years and according to researchers, M commerce is destined to takeover Ecommerce. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart are the top commercial websites who have been visionaries by introducing mobile apps and are all set to break sells record in 2018.Interaction of Virtual-Reality VideoWe all witnessed the transitions in website development in 2017. For this term we all are ardent on delivering services on the online businesses in a creative manner. Yet it seems for the year 2018; the technology will introduce virtual-reality to the online market where all customers experience a virtual interaction happening with ecommerce websites. Web developer and designer by accessing the virtual-reality videos can lead to major elevations in the industry in the coming year.New Grid LayoutsIn 2018, Grid layouts will lead to new makeovers of website pages; the services will make one more accessible to product searching and easy navigation. The new design theory will allow more existing pages and neutral space that will encourage customers to spend a longer time visiting on business site.  We have already seen drastic changes it has brought in the online business industry but with the introduction of new grid Layouts in 2018, we can only imagine what new chapters it would add to ecommerce development services.AI and Machine LearningIn 2018, you will continue to see the explosion of AI (Artificial Intelligence). In addition, we will experience machine learning with extra capabilities like voice search and visual search and the rest. Google’s AI is making a higher approach to the people who are planning for ecommerce business and want to develop a commercial website. We can all look forward to AI and machine learning that will enhance retailer levels rapidly.VR & ARWith the series of new technologies, online business has become more practical and comparable. The VR (Virtual Reality) technology like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear will draw more customers with in-store experiences. In the case of AR (Augmented Reality), the ecommerce app like Sephora is already offering better experience of product viewing with AR sense. Consequently, it will be interesting to reveal undiscovered dimensions of VR & AR use to draw customer attention of in 2018.SummaryWe can make number of predictions with respect to change in technology of 2018. Many innovative technologies including AI arrangements, AR&VR etc are interacting with ecommerce web services. Moreover, information investigations and related advances will turn into a permanent part anticipating web-based shopping patterns.If you wish to hire ecommerce developer, ARKA Softwares is the end of your search. ARKA Softwares is a responsible company, providing cutting-edge website development solutions. We fulfill your demands by adding your requested features to your ecommerce website, with our expert team always shooting for stars. For more details mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Type of Mobile Apps you Should Develop for Christmas and New Year
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Celebrate this festive season and welcome Christmas & New Years with fascinating trend of building festive apps. Usually people wait till New Year to make commitments to their coming life, but this year lets surprise the festive season with a commitment to lead your business to a new direction. Here are some of the great ideas to take your business online. With the world moving fast in this digital era, take your business to the global market by reaching costumers online. Developing mobile apps is the best way to reach people, and what time is better than the festive seasons when people relax and look forward to explore the world of Android/iOS app. So come on board because here are some of the examples of the type of apps that trend during festive season: E-Commerce Applications Developing e-commerce Applications opens wide prospective for Christmas and New Year. This festive season tap the various possibilities of commercial applications. All you have to do is– hire an app developer best at developing apps as per your requisite. A large number of shopping apps such as eBay, Wal-Mart, and the legendary Amazon make the most out of these merry occasions, why stay back? Gifting apps Who doesn’t wait for a Santa to pitch a gift down their chimney? Be a Santa by develop a gifting app, and help spread love and happiness around by surprising friends and family with gifts.  You can hire a developer to build an application and gift yourself with an online gifting business. Some well-known gifting applications are "the Christmas list (ios)", "Giftry" which have received great responses around for their impressive ideas and services. Food apps Christmas and New Year are the best time to launch a food app. Act smart and build an application for your online grocery/food business. For this festive occasion treat yourself with a Food Application and hire a developer with essence for food applications. Famous food applications such as Zomato, Food panda and so on are widely loved food applications. Travels booking apps People travel a lot in the festive seasons, whether it’s a vacation or visit to their old friends people are likely to travel a lot. Building an application loaded with new functionalities with convenient user interface is a key to a successful travel app. Sky scanner, Kayak are best known travel applications for  their extraordinary travel services. Utilize this festive season to utmost Festive seasons are cheerful and are a great recollection of memories. With fun and entertainment, utilize this festive season to chase your dreams by getting an online business with e-commerce application. Make this New Year memorable with a new phase in your business, by joining the world application software.ARKA is one of the best known Mobile App Development Company which holds its expertise in developing apps in the e-commerce, travel, food and gifting apps. Not only this, they have also taped the other areas and opened wide array of possibilities for small and big businesses. So, if you have an idea or dream to develop an application then wait no more and mail them at - sales@arkasoftwares.com.

The Upcoming big trends in Hybrid Cloud Technology
cloud computing

Hybrid cloud technique is an integration of private computing assets. In the business realm, the technology is growing and changing the startups gradually.  It is very easy and adaptable for any business entity. Hybrid cloud development provides preservation to the business organizations with greater security and control. It is cost beneficial and much competent cloud model for a small industry.Hybrid cloud comes up with new confronts in the IT field.  Additionally, it is providing acumen with higher visibility and analytics. We all are leading the world in our form but now it is ostensible that the technology is leading us. In the manner, the hybrid cloud model has been proving the important role for a long time. New things are to be accessed in it that can change the cloud system in upcoming technology with new strategies- · Hybrid cloud with IoT In the peak age of Smartphone, all generation is going toward the innovative technologies. Cloud is one of them that transcending the development of smart devices. IoT (internet of things) increasing the assessment of Hybrid cloud in many tasks. In business development strategies Hybrid cloud with the internet of things is leading the power of IoT based devices. For any startups and business platforms, it is very important to manage their data, applications and personal documents. The combination is making the process easy so you will be assured for that compliance.A report says that around 91 percent of IT employees suppose that technology to remain for next five years. With the belief, many organization extending the workload to the cloud base IoT. · AI and ML in cloud-native things AI (Artificial Intelligence) boomed the year 2017. It has been a very loud sound in this year. Still, that thing is shaping the future of technology world. With the Hybrid cloud, AI is emphasizing the business model in a virtual way. Combination of these two things seems to create a framework where everyone can adapt the virtual tactics and strategies.Machine learning is also manipulating the cloud-based devices. IT organizers and developers are using ML in cloud-native application development with a higher approach in business fields. Seeming in the future, we can observe the formative years with these new trends. · Hybrid cloud in holistic management On the business platforms we all face the complexity and the other hand we are also finding the way with cloud system to make the things simple across the multiple platforms. With this solution, we will able to control the consistency of multiple cloud interfaces. A business management system can tackle the dashboard distributing workload on hybrid cloud platforms. · Security solutions on hybrid platform A good business platform always needs a strong security layer for the datacenter and data structure. IT specialists are working for the advancement of security layers with cloud security. Hybrid cloud services establishing the new standard of cloud security and preparing the robust things for upcoming technologies. We all are looking into next time how the hybrid cloud surges the IT trends. Outline Hybrid cloud has changed the era of any business system. As a huge result, the thing is providing management tools and solutions in software and application development. Furthermore, many native-cloud apps are manifesting the IT world in an automated method. In the upcoming trends, business organizations will expect for the new services of cloud technology with multi-faced intelligence and highly distributed hybrid environment.ARKA software is impacting the information technology from last 7 years. The team is providing various designing and development services and whereas ARKA is best proficient company. Any customer can visit us. For more information of our services mail on – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Real Estate Website Development Cost and Features
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Real Estate market is broadly increasing in present time. Landholders are producing many directories to customize a user-friendly platform. Many techniques are available in the field that reforming the realty market and the management. As we know that the commercial market is on budding way whereas Real Estate web solutions are creating a vital role for property holders. If you are ongoing with this business, you should have a Real Estate website. It is very easy to launch and well-customized for your online property advertising and selling. Still, you are not aware of the configuration of website then we are here having a rich description for you including the key factors of Real Estate web development and costing that is below- 1.     Select & Host a domain name Building a Real Estate website initially needs a domain name or the URL that provides address link to visit your business profile. An online property dealer always should choose a domain name that is simple, easy to bear in mind and significance to your business. You can go the various extensions (.com, .info, .in etc) to find an appropriate one. You need a hard space to store the information, pages and content files on your website. The web hosting protocol provides you that space having periodic cost charges and making allow hosting on the web server. 2.     Update WordPress on website Real Estate website always needs a WordPress platform. You can prefer WordPress with many themes and plug-in services that are freely integrated with your account. It offers many low priced themes and features that are very useful to your business website. WordPress adds IDX addition, searching tools, E-mail marketing etc on your website. The platforms also more beneficial to promote your contents and blogs related to the industrial services, personal services, and others professional news.The WordPress service costs you approx 10$, 20$, 50$ /hour and above according to the kind of use. You may invest money in WordPress for an annual term that may be more reasonable to the website. 3.     Subscribe to property registration This section of website development submits the factors of your land property, housing property and other additional modules on your business page. It creates the filtered options such as property types, property site place with photos, property rate and size on the website page. You can add more description of your property listing. You will need to subscribe for registration of the property manually. Initially, it may charges you approx 40$/month. Others charges may vary according to your preferences. 4.     Website marketing Every website has needs of leading in the market. A Real Estate website should be leaded through the ways that it can draw the attention of customers. Website marketing always set an aim to get traffic of the audience. You can promote your website to various traffic stations that provide many services and tools. Some free and paid marketing subscriptions that a professional realty website should adapt to lead on various platforms and social media.In the terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) charges you approx $500-$2000 /month. Facebook ad words cost $0.5-$2 for average PPC (Pay per Click) and  Google Ad Words average cost range is approx $2-5$ /PPC.  Email marketing campaigns also is another option to lead your website for audiences. 5.     Website Software Coding Software coding of any website is the pricey and time expensive process. A Real Estate website adds many things such as new sheets, articles, images, videos etc. Developing a code for your website, enable you to set a business framework with a variety of functions. For this outstanding solution, you have to pay a large amount of money. For a small Real Estate project, Real Estate web developers may charge you around $500-$1500 and if you make a decision for large website design then you will we charged $3k-$20k or above by developers.  Prosperous features of a Real Estate websiteA good Real Estate website is the platform where a customer able to find the information of the concerned property. It includes user-friendly information as price, property location, design and size of the area. Also, you can contact the dealer for more details and information. Any user can visit the website via mobile, tablet. All functionality, images, video, content etc will exhibit on mobile and it provide the services as that are accessible on PC web. To make customers easy to reach on your selling properties and other services, the website contains a navigation system. It ensures proper direction to your customer s that redirects them to the link. A user facilitates to get new notifications about new property information, availability and offers via E-mail or other messaging services.Outline All business websites need a suitable management and modification. A Real Estate businessman should be attentive to all requirements while having a website. It should be customer approachable, proficiently functional and besides all that it must be flexible while dealing with a property. Whatever needs is preferable for the business class, above all that the has changed the planning of property trading.ARKA Company is the best phase where you can find much and more for your website development. The best team always performs according to your preferences and needs. ARKA team works on the way where everyone can experience the best accomplishment. To get more detail of our services  mail us -sales@arkasoftwares.com

Mobile App Development Trends in IT Industry
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In the year 2017, you all went through the new experiences of mobile applications trend. This year twisted up the mobile app development in the influence way. All mobile apps users and all the developers made a phenomenal instance with cutting-edge techniques in 2017. Now, what will be the new in 2018, yet it is to come but you all already have too much on what you can rely to boost the IT industry.As we all know the requirements of new technologies, we are stepping fast toward the mobile technology in the present and the future. There are various wonderful mobile IT trends that create a new face of mobile applications. The new development trends are thriving mobile app industry and simplifying the living.We have some latest trends that reshaping the app development vastly, these are –AI (Artificial Intelligence)AI is the powerful and cerebral interface that is attaining the vast level of intelligence. Intelligence is a bunch of thoughts, beliefs, opinions and many other eminence things.   An advance analysis and implementation of computer programming to make a relationship with others intellectual mortals terms “Artificial Intelligence”. AI is providing boost - up strategies in the mobile development fields. The biggest business platforms Google, Amazon, Facebook are playing the game with Artificial Intelligence. They all are appreciating the advantages of this new research. So AI is the most significant trend in current mobile technology.Cloud technologyToday, everyone is known for cloud technology. In recent time, it has become fast, cheap and easy to utilize for every developer and user. As the examples, we can take in mind the very popular applications Dropbox, Google Drive, LinkedIn etc. You can optimize the power of these cloud-based mobile apps, after all that the developers are still on effort to make cloud apps more powerful that consume minimum space in mobile storage.VR and AR apps developmentVR (Virtual Reality) devices have achieved too much prosperity in this year. For e.g. Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard are the VR appliance that made a revolutionary trend in Android app development.AR (Augmented Reality) is the addition of digital information that is used in animation vision. Popular games Pokémon Go, Sky Siege etc are the great creation of AR technology. AR apps are developed in 3D programming languages. Consequently, in the technical world AR is sophisticated and machine vision thing for Smartphone applications.IoT ( Internet of Things)IoT integration with app development is a versatile trend with more efficient interfaces. The new thing is providing an internet solution that enables the users to cope-up with their Smartphone online. IoT is also simplifying the integration of complex app development platforms. The mobile applications that are built for both platforms iOS and Android (Hybrid apps), all require it to manage the communication with others application interfaces.How IoT is reshaping the Mobile App DevelopmentM-commerceThe E-commerce organizations are immensely leading to M-commerce apps development. Developers are giving the functionality in commercial mobile applications such as fingerprint recognization, easy transaction, and NFC etc. The growth of m-commerce in leading platforms (Amazon, Flipkart) is penetrating a huge trend in the online marketplace.Hybrid apps developmentHybrid app development is a very popular drift that is brilliantly leading the application development. Such type of apps can be opened on the multiple platforms or operating system. Hybrid apps are the combination of iOS, Android and Window apps. The apps are implemented as distributed applications for all types mobile framework.Mobile App development ScaleApprox 15 billion paid applications installed in the year 2017. The average of downloaded free mobile apps in 2017 is 37 apps per individual more or less. According to the determination, approx 254 billion free mobile apps installed in this year around the Globe. Mobile app development companies in the USA is leading the economical rates of IT industry among all nation groups. OutlineThe world is running on mobile technology. Everyone is going with new apps experiences day to day. AI, IoT, cloud system and Android games etc are the best examples that are meaningfully proving the technical trends and the software developing. Mobile applications, websites building and several prosperous things that have taken the world so far like a tip on the iceberg.ARKA Softwares is leading progressively in IT industry. ARKA team consists of proficient and skilled developers that provide several mobile software and web designing services to customers. You can get the best experience visiting to ARKA softwares.  For more services drop us a mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

How IoT is reshaping the Mobile App Development
Mobile app development

IoT refers to “Internet of Things ". Frequently the big thing is rising around the Globe in the form of “human-machine thing”. It is immensely spreading in the daily technical news for different reasons. One most questionable thing; how it is reforming the mobile app development? Many reactions come out taking ultimate advantages of it. For example, some usually uses of this technology for the smart watch, smart belt, and smoke alarm and for many others objects that are taking IoT to the new heights. In what way this technology is integrating the real and virtual environment; this scenario comes out with real-time app development.“Internet of things” is the systematic process that works with physical elements or physical things that are accumulated with virtual programming, sensor systems, and data framework. Conciliation with physical things and workstation based design depicts a human-machine interaction. If we talk about the significance of IoT in mobile applications, then we all need to know through some methodical points, how the thing is impacting the mobile app phenomenon. The point’s are-Reducing human effortsIoT Mobile technology has become a virtual source that leads the innovation in the human working system. Mobile applications have already revealed the power of technology, whereas “Internet of things” is operating the mobile app industry in effortless manners. Few interesting technical services such as GPS, voice navigation, geological apps, etc. are making simple the human tasks. The services provide a complete combination with mobile applications that is the way it helps to manage the performances of human and industrial working.IoT mobile apps in organizationsToday we can see the effect of mobile apps in every phase of organizations. Mobile app development companies are executing the virtual power in all organization fields. The fields like healthcare, automobile, education, etc., mostly require an own mobile application for smart work. IoT automation is making more capable these organizational apps. New startups and self-employed persons always look for an online existence, so they all are going toward the business mobile apps. Simultaneously, that thing is making the mobile applications more efficient and simple for any E-commerce use.IoT in native app developmentMobile applications play an engaging role in the machinery world. Every person needs an application that can work on various platforms or operating systems. IoT featured framework makes available an extra coding to build high-performing hybrid apps. In this way “Internet of things” is creating a virtual trend. Users can connect the physical articles e.a. Home, vehicles, and devices with native apps and can feel a good experience of virtual worlds.Internet of things in cloud serviceIoT and cloud system are the powerful interaction for mobile app environment. The mobile app services are rising up with the IoT cloud memory. The cloud technology is a built-in framework where mobile applications are developed in real-time behavior. This technique is also making a room for business mobile apps without involving any proficiency to manage their data.Providing protection for applicationIoT generates a process to secure application code and data storage. The Applications are processed through a hardware encryption and error detection operation that fixes the unwanted obstacles and codes. Thus the applications which are connected any network services; all are scanned through IoT protection.Business scales of IoT app developmentPrediction about IoT app development is massively arising with the facts that there will be 34 billion smart devices connected to the internet by 2020. Amazon and Apple are the top industries that are leading this technique in app development. The biggest E-commerce platform Amazon is going to spend $55 million for the IoT development in its Lab126. It is said that $ 6 trillion will be invested in “Internet of things” in the upcoming five years over the world.SummarizeThis is the big time when you need to stand with new technologies. In future, you may mind the things which are not compatible with “Internet of things”. The mobile app development is reaching the height where you can find the real-time possibilities for innovative and much forward world.ARKA Softwares is a mobile app development company that work with the customer’s expectations and needs. Our team leads the new technical requirements and leverages the software development. You can go through our superlative work process. For more services drop us a mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

How healthcare websites and apps are proving as beneficial for patients?
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Across the world, usually, every person refers to the websites and applications to find the information related to health care services. The biggest noticeable thing is that Millions of Millions people are visiting on Google to look out for basic health care tips and solutions. People are going to the various specialized healthcare websites and mobile apps that provide a daily basis health meditation. Healthcare sites and applications suggest a newsletter subscription to each and every person who can visit to get the health support from the Medicare team. In the era of advanced technology, a healthcare website development company always goes ahead to seek a new chart for best healthcare websites. Some official support of healthcare websites and applications are--Increasing knowledge by introducing services to the public and new patients.-Making patients possible to serve the online facilities with simple instructions.-Simplification of some online process such as online registration, queries about health care centers and virtual communication with a Doctor/specialist.-Availability of the lab reports and order medicines online.There are many other topics in the healthcare sites and applications that can be much beneficial for each patient and person, few of them are here-Accessible emergency care-A healthcare website or application keeps the vital information about various health issues. A patient can get an emergency care form it. The healthcare website assists an online adviser that makes the best suggestion for a patient.  A hospital’s app can cure your body the way you ask for any surgical process and prescription. Visiting on a patient care site each person can find the details of everything they are required in critical condition of patients.Immediate monitoring-In the situation of medical emergency, you can save a patient's life connecting with a mobile healthcare application. You can monitor the patient in the case of asthma, heart attack, blood pressure or in any crucial condition. Patients can save health - data in particular Medicare application according to their requirement and can transfer the data information to doctors/consultant for real-time treatment.Online payment-An online payment option is also provided for every patient. It is great for any individual who is taking services from healthcare websites. Online bill paying is a convenient process whenever in the day or night. Various payment gateways are available on health care sites and apps through which you can go to the online billing.Patient health support portal-A healthcare support on the patient portal is easy service to be in touch with the consultant. Every patient wants a safe portal from that she/he can involve in the website/app services. In this way the patient is allowed for the online appointment, news reminding, concerning about laboratory reports and filling patient form, etc. Henceforth the portal empowers the patients through time-saving coordination and facilities.Healthcare websites and Applications-The field of healthcare association is varying its position on the rich ground. Many health supported websites and application are working over the world to give better service for their consumers. The healthcare association vastly inclines toward a superlative medical website design company so they can fabricate health support organized website. Some websites and apps that overcome with customary medical services are-WebMD-WebMD is a famous Medicare association in the U.S. On the WebMD.com you find lots of medical information and many newsletters pages. WebMD recommends patient to deal with some packages that offer premium healthcare facility without any cost.Mayo Clinic-This website will take you to a page which shows various methods of diagnostic services. Patients can go through it and make a decision about the treatment of any disease. Mayo clinic is the biggest health care hub where more than 3000 doctors and scientists work together to care of patients.DeepMind Health-The Medicare union is constantly favoring healthcare application development field to improve healthcare range. DeepMind is one of the applications that made for online hospital services. DeppMind Health is a Google app that provides knowledge about first aid. This app helps in the process of medical test and research faster and precisely. An instant service is that it makes surety for patient’s data control and safety.Medici-Medici provides services for both the patient and the doctor. A patient can connect to the Medici portal via application and send a description of the disease with photos to the doctor. After this doctor decides that if the patient needs to come for test or any diagnostic process.Outline-In the future, we can see many advance changes in healthcare technology. Best healthcare websites design and app development industry are additionally coming in rising with other customer services. Faster adoption of Medicare websites and apps is making heavy trend in the global market.

ARKA Softwares Elevates as Top Web Development Company in USA at GoodFirms
ARKA Softwares at Goodfirms

ARKA Softwares has made a name for itself for creativeness and state-of-the-art quality services in web development as well as mobile app development. ARKA has achieved a great deal of satisfied clients with its dynamic and outstanding software solutions across the country and around the globe.While web development & mobile app development is ARKA’s forte, though its services are not limited to it. Rather, the company also caters to businesses with specialized services in the field of digital marketing and eCommerce development. These pristine achievements have brought ARKA under the light of the stars at GoodFirms.GoodFirms is a pioneering research and review platform that helps service seekers find the best web developers across the globe. Each company that participates in the research gets evaluated on the basis of three major parameters - Quality, Reliability and Ability. In addition, the important business factors like experience, market penetration, portfolio along with web development and design capabilities are taken into consideration.ARKA since its foundation in 2010 has completed commendable projects having acquired the resources and skills from US and India. The research at GoodFirms carries a ledger of its universal clients such as Motor Cartel, Zyire, HotPropertyOffers.com, Snatch and Team11 that too with affirmatory reviews.GoodFirms follows up with clients to ensure the authenticity of the projects and responses and well, ARKA Softwares did not disappoint at all! With all the aforementioned facts narrated above, ARKA has proudly made it to the list of Top Web Development Company in USA at GoodFirms.The CEO at Motor Cartel which is startup company then trying to break into online classifieds industry in Australia endorsed ARKA Softwares for its web development project to GoodFirms. The client mentioned that ARKA was able to develop an official SEO friendly website for their company also capable of accepting ads. The project was finished within the committed timeframe and fixed budget excluding the additional changes. Besides, the client is highly satisfied with ARKA Softwares and praised their approach towards work and good development skills and recommends ARKA to their friends and colleagues.GoodFirms research also shows that the pie of client focus of the company is widely occupied by the medium businesses spreading through small and large ones. Also, the industrial focus is equally distributed among multiple sectors ranging from advertising, health & care, education, hospitality, real estate and what not! ARKA’s all-round development in providing IT solutions is an indicator for the company’s soon arrival in the list of Top Web Design Companies and Top SEO Agencies at GoodFirms.About GoodFirms:GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and review firm that aligns its efforts in finding the top web development companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

The Prominent.Net Framework with Its Newest Version-4.7.1
.Net Development Services

The .Net framework is development phase for building website application, a window for a system, window Azure, and window Server. Frequently .Net is considered as the scheme around the latter-days development thoughts. The framework of .Net development services have approved the performance in software development through the full-bodied developing atmosphere. The benefits of.Net can be seen with the types of application that are built. Some applications and services that are developed using.Net-XML web application and services Dynamics websites Mobile application and websites CRM services(customer relationship management) Warehousing services applications.NET is the optimization for the mobile-first and cloud-first development. The .Net development companies are making sense of the Devices and cloud-based applications come with the properties of.Net around the user’s viewpoints, and also running in focused/virtual environments. Here, we are discussing few core features of.Net-CLR (Common Language Runtime):- All programs and process of.Net run on the CLR atmosphere. The programs and codes that are running on CLR not need to manage memory system. It is mechanically managed by itself CLR. This process provides better performance and makes development easy. The runtime in CLR makes some benefits- Perfection in working Language components such as object-oriented programming, Interface, overriding and overloading etc. Supporting for exception handling Working with components developed in other languagesBCL(Base Class Library):-The .Net framework has taken the BCL too ahead through making easy the other languages to support future platforms variations. Currently, BCL is working on the features like remoting, construction, handling, manipulation, string management etc. Runtime subsystem in BCL is listed here-Profiling system Order system Targeting system Authentication CachingCTS (Common Type System):-It is also an important feature of the runtime maintenance in.Net.  CTS perform the function for cross-language integration, high performance, and execution of code. For primitive data types, CTS makes files in use of application development. It provides a complete implementation with object-oriented representation for other programming languages.ASP .Net (Object-Oriented framework):-ASP.Net make easy to work on about 25 coding languages such as Java, JavaScript, C++, object-oriented programming and virtual base.Net. It gives preferences developers to use the platforms to update and make over the records. ASP.Net works on the Visual Studio which merges specific tools like database management, debugging, web designing, and others programming activities.XML in the core .Net:-To execute the XML data in the process types in.Net we are discussing some point of views here-XML process in-memory provides relational data, object data and XML data.XML reader-writer in the stream-based process make available no cached, fast and on way forward to access XML data.XML documents execute the W3C object form in memory.XML path navigator makes easy to present many options for editing whereas it provides routing potential in memory.A Very latest version of.Net-4.7.1:- The latest framework of.Net - 4.7.1 has released by Microsoft over the last version -4.7. Within new features, function and new fixations the latest framework is remaining very steady platforms to programmers. The upgraded areas of.Net -4.7.1 are-ASP .Net CLR(Common Language Runtime) Networking Core .NetIn another hand, the latest framework comes with a lot of new accessibility betterment for the different libraries.  .Net convenience of 4.7.1 framework also makes advancement in the services, are-High disparity User Interface automation base Screen observationThe Hiring of a.Net Developer:-.Net Softwares development ability rate have been seen with the growth of 25 % within last few months. When we hire .Net developer who has perfection in.Net, he/she also shows the skills in Microsoft development and management. These days, we can hire a more professional.Net developer who gives us a strong suggestion about customization of website and apps development with services. For norm application development, we should prefer Indian companies to hire.Net developers.Outline:-Software developers work in many computer languages like C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Net. Among these all languages, the .Net is the unique ground to play various technologies. In development, field.Net provides specific and straightforward services to users. So, it does not seem until that the.Net framework will go down in the future.

Why Laravel is the pick of the bunch for Web Development
laravel development

In this rapidly mushrooming tech-savvy world, every entrepreneur aspires to have an eye-popping storefront of their business on the web, for getting decent sales leads and augmenting revenues with each passing day. It gets mind-numbing situation for the business owners, when it comes to cherry-pick the most skyrocketing web development platform for developing of attractive websites which is action packed with best features for the visitors who then gets converted to customers. Well, there are miscellaneous PHP frameworks available but Laravel development turns out to be the household name for web development in today’s date, for the web developers across the world.Laravel is the rising open source PHP application framework which is mounting up in the website designing and development. Using this framework is like a child’s play for web developers. The reason why development of websites is quite simple through this platform is because this has whacking community support.Laravel provides varied advantages which are required by the website developers in the present-day for making elegant websites which attracts the visitors in the wink.8 Ripping reasons to pick out Laravel for web development:#1 As easy as piece of cake:One of the pre-dominant to choose Laravel for website developing is because it is quite plain-sailing to begin without any hassle.  The icing on cake is that, even if you know just the fundamentals of PHP, you can still sort out for developing attractive 5 page website in just very less time. Isn’t it great? It is.#2 It is growing at the speed of the light:Yet another spiffing reason to single out Laravel for web development is that it is emerging at a rapid speed which makes it one of the developers-favorite platforms. This framework can finely take care of the top-rated projects in simple manner and different giant companies have resorted to this PHP framework for their website design and development phase.#3 It is the open source platform:Another top reason why developers have an eye on this PHP platform is because it is open source and helps Laravel  developers around the world to develop quite compound web applications like a duck soup. For beginning, developers just need PHP installation and the best text editor for them.#4 Built on MVC pattern:This particular framework is created on MVC pattern (Model View Controller). This does include whopping functionality and MVC is meant to heighten the performance and offers great documentation very simply.#5 It has good backing of Laravel community:Well, when it comes to the web development procedure, sometimes developers face stumbling block which is a soul-crushing problem for them and this is where Laravel community helps them immensely. This platform has the comprehensive community which does make the web development process quite thrilling and as easy as ABC for the web developers worldwide. The whole of the community responds at a wasp speed.#6 This also includes the blade template engine:One of the graded features to use Laravel is the Blade template engine. This engine is just instinctive and works in a better ways with HTML/PHP. Well, many of the incredible templates in Laravel are just light-weight and helps in creative of awe-inducing layouts. Blade engine also helps you in performing myriad functions like escaping conditional statements; define sections, extending of views, etc.#7 Testing in Laravel is as easy as pie:When it comes to application development, testing is one of the major phase and Laravel helps in making this part very simple like taking candy from a baby. Many times, even the new changes can also break different systems without any expectations. Laravel helps to run varied tests for making certain about stability of the application as such.#8 It is highly secured platform for web development:Laravel offers different things which does makes the application quite secure. Even the Laravel’s Object Relational Mapping is meant for making use of PDO and this also help in preventing SQL injections. The syntax in Laravel also escapes the html entities which are being passed through numerous parameters and also wards off the cross site scripting. You just have to resort to bracketed elements in this framework.Final Thoughts:At ARKA Softwares, we have the team of skilled and dedicated developers, engineers and programmers who help you in making your dream turn as reality by helping you from soup to nuts in the web and mobile app development phase. Our Laravel application development team have good prowess in developing Laravel applications which are action packed with features for the clients, which in turn help clients in flourishing their business by getting higher revenues.

4 Stupendous things every designer must savvy about whitespace
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Whitespace (or "negative space") is a void space between and around objects of a page. Components of whitespace in graphical UIs are:Margins, paddings, and the gutters Space around pictures and the graphic objects Line-spacing and letter-spacing in the text based content.Albeit a few people may consider whitespace a misuse of important screen domain, it's a basic component in an outline. Actually, whitespace is similarly as imperative as the substance. Web Design Companies helps you in developing mesmerizing websites. As Jan Tschichold stated:All great UIs fuse legitimate whitespace esteems into all page components from the top to bottom. The whitespace on a page can be just as essential as the space involved by UI components since content, buttons, logos and different items require space to move around.4 Smashing ways every designer must be aware of Whitespace:#1 Enhance text readability:Whitespace can make reading significantly less demanding by diminishing the measure of text visitors see at the same time. The absence of whitespace (fully cluttered page) wouldn't influence clients to jump at the chance to read content. Then again, legitimately utilized whitespace has been demonstrated to build content perception up to 20%, as pointed out by Dmitry Fadeyev.Two critical things to remember while improving your content substance are paragraph margins and line spacing (the space between each line in your content). The last can definitely enhance the neatness of a collection of content. By and large, the bigger the separating, the better experience the client will have while perusing.Illuminating relationships:The entire design emerges from the total of its parts and content relationships are characterized by encompassing whitespace. The Law of Proximity expresses that objects which are close to each other appear just identical. The whitespace goes about as a visual signal for this situation. Investigate the picture underneath:Nearly everybody who sees this picture sees two gatherings of circles, as opposed to just 12 circles. The circles are just identical and the main distinction between them is the measure of whitespace that isolates them.It's conceivable to aggregate things together by diminishing the space amongst them and expanding the space amongst them and different components on the page.For UIs, this implies questions in closeness will show up as one "unit." For instance, with regards to web frames, it's a smart thought to put marks near the applicable fields to make an object. At the point when marks are put nearer to the fields this makes the connection between them much clear for clients.Drawing in attention:Designers can utilize whitespace to impart what's most critical initially. There's a connection between a separation and consideration; bigger separation powers consideration. The absence of different components will just influence existing components to emerge more. It's conceivable to utilize a whitespace for your leverage—to draw meandering eyes onto certain page components. Additional cushioning around a specific portion of substance powers clients' consideration onto that territory just on the grounds that there's nothing else on the screen to draw consideration. Hence, the more whitespace around a protest, the more the eye is attracted to it. Top web design company will help you for getting the website designed as per your needs and preferences which will leave you thrilled.Make visual hierarchy:At the point when whitespace is utilized fittingly, it enables a page to make a general stream and adjust, which thusly conveys the expectation of the plan. Whitespace can bolster the general chain of importance. It creates either symmetry or asymmetry.CONCLUSIONWhitespace isn't a squandered space, it's an intense plan apparatus. It can be just as essential as the space possessed by symbolism, content or other UIs protest in light of the fact that even purge space fills a need and backings the visual honesty of a design.In spite of the fact that it appears a basic point, whitespace can be difficult to ace in light of the fact that the utilization of whitespace is both workmanship and science. Really seeing how much whitespace ought to be utilized to make a decent design requires rehearse. Well, there are various Responsive Web Design Companies which have the laudable team of developers and designers for designing attractive websites which you desire.

About astonishing iPhone 8 update: Rumors & Truth

Apple has recently launched 2 newfangled smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, for the worldwide Apple smartphone lovers around the globe. Well, in this post, you will know about the complete rumors and the truth of this beguiling smartphone. There will also be the rising trend if ios app development services, with the recent launch of these 2 enthralling phones.Both of these awe-inspiring phones: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus blends a bit of iPhone X through some bit of the previous generation iPhone 7 too and the iPhone 7 Plus. The complete alluring design part is what thrills the Apple handset lovers to bits because the designing of previous generation devices and these 2 iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are wrapped up in swanky glass bodies which is just sandwiched in complete astounding aluminum frame too. You will also find the Touch ID Home Button and also the bezels present in the phone, even at the top and bottom display part.Elegant & stylish iPhone smartphones by Apple: Rumors & fact:This spanking iPhone is also available in about 3 outstanding colors: Silver, Space Gray and also the Gold shade color which appears to be gorgeous. You will be able to check out that the smashing and dazzling iPhone 8 & the iPhone 8 plus smartphone which do include stereo speaker setup in these 2 currently launched Apple iPhone handsets which appears to be so ravishing. You can also hire app developer who have prowess in developing ios apps according which get huge hits on download on the app store.This new trending iPhone 8 will also have the stunning 4.7 inch display and the iPhone 8 plus will include the smashing display of around 5.5 inches. These 2 lovely displays are also getting good backing of True Tone support feature which is also designed for massive color temperature and complete intensity for lovely colors components. You will also feel over the moon for 3D Touch and P3 wide color amazing support for heavenly range of the colors that are available for you remarkably.This time for the enticing and attractive iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, this giant company has opted for alluring Qi based wireless charging features reloaded and this is meant to enable 2 great devices which are being charged as placed above any of the Qi certified inductive charger also. Regarding the iPhone  8 and iPhone 8 Plus, you will also find the whopping 6 core A11 Bionic chip located and Apple also claims it to be quite smart in usage, and this happens to be the robust chip to watch out for, which is also present in the nice-looking smartphone. You will also find the 2 kinds of performances, one of them is about 25% much swift than A10 Fusion chip in the iPhone 7, there are also the alluring 4 efficiency core present in the phone which is much faster to consider. You will also find the 2 performance cores which are 25 percent faster when compared with A10 Fusion chip to be seen in the attractive iPhone 7 phones, and there are about 4 enchanting efficiency cores which are just 70% faster.Another groovy feature included in this iPhone 8 smartphone is second-generation performance controller and also the 6 cores will be getting harnessed perfectly at the same point of time for enhanced part of speed at the time of handling much of the workloads. There is one of the appealing Apple designed 3 core GPU feature which is also about 30% much quicker than the last generation GPU and also much of the cores which is Neural Engine that helps in the purpose of machine involving tasks much quicker than ever. You will also find that, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus features that does include lovely camera feature with upgraded sensors to look at. This helps you in 83% much of the light in wide-angle camera. Another compelling feature to gander at iPhone 8 is a new image signal processor located in the same and it is created for A11 which provides enormous low light performance which involves mesmerizing fast autofocus and also the new pixel processing techniques which is meant for sharpness pixel texture also. We are the leading mobile app development service provider, having the team of skilled mobile app developers who have great prowess in development of attractive iPhone apps.Apple also adds the hardware enabled noise reduction technique and also the deeper pixels which is meant for new kind of color filter for less noise and also the better color saturation and also includes quite good multiple exotic range of colors included. This iPhone 8 plus also has the dual lens camera setup having other kinds of f/2.8 telephoto lens and also the f/1.8 wide angle lens in the same and these also includes new range of sensors. You will also be able to check out the optical image stabilization feature which is also present in the eye-popping iPhone 8 phones and the wide angle lens in iPhone 8Plus.Even the Apple’s best portrait mode is also available in the limited iPhone 8 Plus’s dual lens camera system which is being updated by contemporary Portrait Lighting effect which is also about dynamically changing in lighting the image to mimic studio lighting technology which is there in the phone. You will also be glad to know that, there is also video capture on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is also better than the old ones. You will be glad to know that there are 4k video which is just at 60 frames per second and the 1080 p is also just slow in the motion kind of video.Final Words:Well, the above mentioned are some of the rumors and truth you would know about the iPhone 8 handsets and these will help you in knowing about the phone, to a lot of extent and what kind of feature in the phone, will make you buy these lavish and luxe smartphones for the people around the world. This has also led to iPhone app Development Company rising with new methodologies in the segment of ios application development.

Which new features in .Net Core 2.0 will make developers on cloud 9

The stunning version of .Net has been released recently and it has taken the world by storm in the web development segment. Website developers worldwide are feeling on seventh sky by the launch of .Net Core 2.0 because it has made the web development process swift and efficacious to the core. Well, in this post, we will mention about the attractive features of this new version which will make asp.net development like a piece of cake.5 Splendid features of .Net core 2.0:#1 Feature of Tooling:In the earlier kinds of .NET Core, you were just required to run the dotnet restore command for the downloading of dependencies instantly after you have just created a wonderful project by making use of dotnet new command and also whenever you desire to add a new dependency for any of your project. In case of this newfangled version .NET Core 2.0, dotnet restore is meant to run indirectly when dotnet new command is being put into practice. This also runs inherently when the dependencies are meant to be upgraded by other kinds of commands, like run, build and also publish the commands and for carrying out. When the .NET Core 2.0 SDK is being installed, every kind of project which targets .NET Core 1.x can just be said to have retargeted for .NET Core 2.0. For retargeting of .NET Core 2.0, you just have to edit your project file through altering value of components from 1.x to 2.0.#2 Terrific feature of supporting language:Yet another feature of .NET Core 2.0 which grabs the eyeballs of developers is that, it supports the language Visual Basic. Apart from the colossal support of C# & F#, the all new .NET Core 2.0 also has the enormous support of Visual Basic language.Visual Basic:Through the new variant of 2.0, .NET Core is also meant for supporting Visual Basic 2017. This particular language works wonders for creating below mentioned kinds of projects:For creating .NET Core console application For creation of .NET Core xUnit test projects For creation of .NET Core class libraries For the purpose of creating .NET Core unit test projects For creating of .NET Standard class librariesGood support for C# 7.1:This feature will take dot net development to the next level. The all new version of .NET Core 2.0 is also meant for supporting C# 7.1 and this also incorporates smashing features and includes the following:Concluded tuple names Varied default expressions too The Main method and application entry point can also be just marked through async keyword.#3 Eye-popping features of platform enhancements:One of the loveliest features of this graded version of .NET Core 2.0 is also the platform improvising and this makes it plain sailing for installing .NET Core and using it for supported operating systems. This up-to-the-minute .NET Core 2.0 also provides single Linux implementation which works on the multifarious Linux distributions. Even this .NET Core 1.x required that you will just download a kind of distribution-specific Linux implementation. You will also be able to create enthralling apps which will also target every Linux distribution separately.#4 Boosting of documents:This .NET application architecture also provides you enormous access for setting of eBooks which provide good guidance and also the sample applications while using .NET for creating:Different types of docker containers and microservices Astonishing applications which are just deployed in Cloud with the backing of Azure Stunning web applications through ASP.NET Marvelous mobile applications through the help of Xamarin#5 Feature of extended APIs:Another impressive feature in .NET Core 2.0 which will give new wings to asp .net application development is the enthralling set of APIs and this does includes numerous missing functionality. This also massively supports 32000+ APIs in it. It has got quite simple for porting your code in the .NET Standard library with no such kind of code changes too. One of the problems also includes that .NET Core had been the lack of third party libraries. Say for instance, when the 1.0 version was launched, famous logging libraries such as log4net were just not available. This had also been the problem when you aspire to deploy your captivating app on Mac or for Linux. You would also like to know that .NET Standard 2.0 has also included the enthralling compatibility shim which will just enable any of the .NET Core application for reference of full framework library.Final Words:So, this new .NET Core 2.0 has hit the floors and is making the developers quite happy through the attractive features loaded in the same. It will make the web development process as easy as pie for the developers worldwide. You must go ahead with downloading of this recently launched .NET Core SDK and begin web development projects by resorting to this new upgraded and enhanced variant of .NET Core 2.0. Microsoft Application Development will be heightening with this version.

AWS & Microsoft joined hands for synergy effect

Alphabet’s Google has discreetly scored a noteworthy coup in its campaign to wind up noticeably an enterprise distributed cloud computing powerhouse, landing Apple as a customer for the Google Cloud Platform, different sources with learning of the issue revealed to CRN this week.Since inking the Google deals toward the end of last year, Apple has likewise essentially lessened its dependence on Amazon Web Services, whose infrastructure it uses to run parts of iCloud and different services, said the sources, who all asked for anonymity to secure their associations with the sellers.Apple has not abandoned Amazon Web Services totally and remains a customer, the sources said.As indicated by the sources, Google executives have told accomplices that Apple is spending between $400 million and $600 million on Google Cloud Platform, in spite of the fact that this couldn't be autonomously affirmed. Additionally vague is whether this range alludes to a yearly spending rate or a set measure of limit.Today damnation did not solidify over, but rather something surprising happened: Microsoft and AWS declared they are taking a shot at a venture together.Undertaking Gluon is an open-source, profound learning ventures for building, sending and management of machine learning models. It's significant that AWS and Microsoft contend furiously in the cloud based market. Truth is told, they each have AI related toolkits they are endeavoring to offer clients, yet, and in this case, and they saw it in their common best enthusiasm to cooperate as opposed to contending. AWS Cloud Management is rapidly progressing these days in tech sector.It powers organizations that once blockaded themselves behind exclusive stacks to cooperate despite themselves. Clearly, they would rather not lay down with the foe, but rather while being toxic acquaintances is to the greatest advantage of the two gatherings, obviously they will do it.We've seen some peculiar collusions in the cloud some time recently. Keep in mind when Microsoft and Salesforce united only two or three years in the wake of suing each other? That was an odd couple, without a doubt. The relationship may have cooled a bit since Satya Nadella seemed in front of an audience at Salesforce's Dreamforce Conference in 2015, yet the two organizations keep on working together when it bodes well for clients.Also, in the cloud it's about the clients. Only yesterday at BoxWorks, Box's yearly client gathering, there was Aaron Levie in front of an audience with Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise amass at Microsoft, all kidding and amiable and declaring how well the two item sets cooperate.It's anything but difficult to overlook that Box made its name in 2009 with announcements on Route 101 in California reporting how much preferred Box was over Microsoft SharePoint. Levie tried slaying Microsoft at whatever point he could. However here we are today and the two are onstage together, and the organizations work intimately with each other at this point.The cloud has a clever method for driving organizations together, in light of the fact that it's about the client in the cloud. The membership show powers sellers to put clients first — and they request interoperability with their instruments.The times of heading off to an organization for a single stack of programming are no more. Organizations may utilize Salesforce for CRM, Microsoft Office 365 for their office suite, Box for content administration and AWS for cloud framework — and they need everything cooperating without a considerable measure of whining and cost.That could be the reason AWS and Microsoft collaborated on machine learning systems today. Essentially on the grounds that it bodes well for their clients… and on the off chance that it bodes well for the clients, they will do it — whether where it counts they truly need to or not.Final Words:This has led to headway towards Cloud Computing Services for clients around the globe and they find the synergy effect of these 2 combining together as the great part in technology sector for the future. The cloud technology will be able to grow with each passing day.

Which one is pick of the bunch: CakePHP or Symfony?
CakePHP VS Symfony

There are exotic and heavenly ranges of PHP web frameworks available for the developers worldwide. Well, to plump for the best PHP framework for Custom PHP Development, is quite difficult task. Here in this post, you will know about the 2 incredible PHP frameworks which are trending these days, for developing mesmerizing websites for varied sector industries in the world.Without a doubt, Symfony and CakePHP are both equipped for developing the complex based applications easily and viably. This is the motivation behind why organizations everywhere throughout the world incline towards Symfony Application Development or CakePHP improvement to get the strong and robust kind of applications which helps businesses to succeed.Well, Symfony is one of the prospering web application PHP framework, and it is also being recommended for development of highly complex enterprise level applications and this involves myriad codes writing. Well, even the CakePHP is one of the highly advancing PHP framework for development of versatile web applications and mostly resorts to configuration designs as the Front Controller, MVC, Active Record and this is just the tip of iceberg. PHP Web Development Company helps you in developing websites in PHP by utilizing up-to-the-minute technologies.With regards to the wonderful web development frameworks, numerous PHP frameworks are accessible in the market that is being utilized for building astounding applications and sites. The designers can choose the finest PHP framework as indicated by their prerequisites for building a modified application with amazing technologies. Albeit, all PHP systems are utilized by the engineers for building proficient applications, among all, CakePHP and Symfony are utilized by the designers to a very large extent.With the assistance of CakePHP and Symfony, the designers can undoubtedly manufacture the most complex applications in an extremely effective way. This is one of the significant reasons, why Symfony and CakePHP are utilized by the organizations for building the most intricate and intense online applications. Be that as it may, with regards to choosing the best structure among CakePHP and Symfony, it is truly hard to choose which one is the best. To clarify the distinction between the two structures, here are some of the important factors to consider:Symfony: It is a powerful web application platform, which is predominantly utilized for the improvement of tremendous enterprise level applications. It has different PHP code classes, that streamlines the development procedures as well as builds powerful applications. We provide massive Symfony Development Services to clients around the globe.CakePHP: It is a standout amongst the most efficient and scalable frameworks, which is utilized for building up the most capable web applications. The engineers can without much of a stretch utilize the distinctive outline designs like MVC, Front Controller, Active Record, and so forth.Distinction Between CakePHP and SymfonyDocumentationSymfony: It is the best-documented framework that provides a detailed information for both the designers and clients, on Symfony questions. It has profoundly informative documentation and instructional tutorials that assists the readers to investigate more data.CakePHP: Although, it is one of the best updated framework, still it is very hard to get it. It has different community groups, IRC channels and CakePHP Google Group from where the developers can without much of a stretch acquire viable answers for their issues. As it has a more grounded community presence, different community submissions, and occasions, the engineers have enough documentation for their assistance.Center ComponentsSymfony: It has an extensive variety of segments that have an unequivocal reason. With Symfony's anything but difficult to-utilize parts, you can without much of a stretch make sessions, paginating, framework an application, security, and so forth. It is where this system exceeds expectations.CakePHP: When it comes to CakePHP segments, they are not confined deeply. They are effortlessly extendable and exceptionally utilized for the production of a dynamic application. Through CakePHP parts, the engineers can without much of a stretch improve the speed of their application and augment the performance.Community in these 2 frameworks:Symfony: It is profoundly utilized by the designers that implies it has a whopping community. Its people group is loaded with instructive different instructional tutorials, documents, and so on., which help the designer to a lot of extent.CakePHP: As it has a quickly developing group, a substantial number of technical documentation, tutorials, occasions, and so on., are effortlessly accessible, which is very useful to meet the client's necessities. As the leading CakePHP Development Company, we provide amazing designed website.Conclusion:There are different elements that designers need to consider while choosing a system for building up an application or a site. It absolutely relies upon the necessities on the organizations which sort of uses suits best. On the basis of these necessities, the engineers need to choose the system that is best for the development work. Regardless of whether you associate with a CakePHP development company or a Symfony improvement organization, you have to choose your necessities completely to get an intense application. Hire PHP Developer who have strong skills in providing the results on time.

Selling Halloweens costumes online is as easy as falling off a log?
Ecommerce Development Company

October month marks the month of Halloweens Day which falls on 31st October every year. The major significance of this day is the costume. So, are you looking forward to start with business of selling Halloweens costumes online? If yes, then you are headed to the right place. Currently, people are enjoying the purchase of some fabulous and terrific Halloweens day costume which they will wear for the day and enjoy this particular day a lot. All you need to is to Hire eCommerce Developer who is well-versed in state-of-the-art technologies for creating spiffing online web store by which you can spread the wings of your business through online channel.As a child, playing spruce up was just an amusement. Presently, grown-ups can get in on the fun and profit by figuring out how to sell Halloweens costume online. Furthermore, outfits aren't just bought amid Halloween; drama companies and cosplay aficionados are only two cases that ring a bell. The market for purchasing outfits is year-round, and anybody hoping to get in on the detonating eCommerce market has an incredible opportunity to flourish.The procedure is both a workmanship and a science, however it takes a solid establishment for a fruitful online business to prosper. As you set out to figure out how to sell attires online, you might be astonished at the fact that it is so natural to develop that kind of organization. All you require are the correct tools and a solid hard working attitude to create a mesmerizing name for your store and begin benefitting off of your business.4 Eyebrow-raising ways to sell Halloweens costume online:#1 Check out for distributor:You need to find numerous costume distributors. It'll restore a huge amount of results. Before you even begin with your store, you'll need to filter through these wholesalers and locate the ones that offer top notch costumes. Get in contact with every manufacturer you plump for, to work with and also build up good working relationship, finish with valuing and other significant details also. As you figure out how to sell out costumes online, you'll comprehend that solid business connections are very crucial for your store.#2 Find good photographer:A few producers and merchants may send over pictures for you to post on your web store front. To include your very own tad bit energy, you might need to work with a photographic artist to create superb pictures of amazing costumes in genuine circumstances. That way, customers can imagine their purchases before they spend the cash, improving the probability they'll purchase. Pictures are genuinely a strong part of how to provide astonishing costumes online.#3 Make the perfect theme, look and feel.Online costumes shops have hardened rivalry. To make your store standout from the opposition, it's critical to discover a turn on the run of the mill web based shopping background. It could be something as straightforward as utilizing pictures of individuals wearing the costumes in just inappropriate settings. Or, on the other hand, it may mean narrowing the concentration of your store to target costumes for plays, or costumes for youngsters.#4 Get up and running with the ideal programming.Similarly as an incredible outfit is made of fantastic texture, your store ought to use a solid programming platform. As you figure out how to sell the costumes online, you'll discover that you can spare loads of time and exertion with the correct shopping basket arrangement—particularly one that enables you to transfer amazing photographs rapidly and effectively.Wrapping up:Well, this is how selling of the Halloweens costumes is as easy as a piece of cake for you because this helps you for making money through online channel faster and easily. This is the ongoing trend which will help you gain good success in your business. We are the top eCommerce Web Development service provider, fast flourishing by developing the beguiling eCommerce website for various sector industries.

Why Python is head & shoulders above the C++ language?
Python Development Company

Python and C++ are amazingly extraordinary languages, and the vast majority of the distinctions aren't entirely beneficial one way or the other. So, for most uses, it's anything but difficult to pick a side and make a decent contention for or against specific language and execution highlights. Python Web Development and C++, both have their individual benefits to gander at, by the developers.Python and C++ when contrasted with each other can lead with a great deal of conclusions. Every software engineer will have his own particular feeling and we have attempted to assemble a couple of them to give you a reasonable point of view.Memory managing: C++ doesn't have junk accumulation, and invigorate utilization of crude pointers to oversee and get to memory. It separates amongst store and stack, and it expects you to take care of qualities versus references. C++ requires substantially more thoughtfulness regarding accounting and capacity points of interest, and keeping in mind that it permits you fine control, it's frequently quite recently a bit much. Types: C++ types are generally expressly pronounced, bound to names, checked at aggregate time, and strict until the point when they're definitely not. Python's sorts will undoubtedly values, checked at run time, and are not all that effectively subverted. Python's types are likewise a request of size less difficult. The security and the simplicity and the absence of affirmations help many individuals move quicker. Language complicatedness: C++ is a monster of a programming language. The spec is 775 pages of language legalese, and even the best C++ engineers I've known can be up to speed short by unintended results in complex (or not very complex) code. Python is considerably more straightforward, which prompts speedier advancement and less mental overhead. Interpreted versus compiled (usage): C++ is quite often expressly compiled. Python isn't (by and large). It's normal practice to create in the interpreter in Python, which is incredible for fast testing and investigation. C++ engineers never do this, gdb regardless.The Crucial Differences:C++ attempts to give you each language include under the sun while in the meantime never abstracting anything without end that could possibly influence the overall performance. Python tries to give you just a single or a couple of approaches to get things done, and those ways are intended to be basic, even at the cost of some language power or running efficacy.Much of the time, Python's theory is favorable position since it gives you a chance to accomplish most assignments all the more effectively and all the more rapidly with less mental overhead. Obviously, they additionally share numerous likenesses: they're both unequivocally at home in the OO worldview; they both have a for the most part basic feel with some not by any stretch of the not comfortable functional features; they both have special cases; they both have insignificant, library-based concurrency support also. Related: WHAT ARE THE FRIGHTFULLY SPIFFING BENEFITS TO COME DOWN IN FAVOR OF PYTHON? Which are the strong points of Python?Especially perfect, direct syntax. This is a noteworthy objective of the Python programming language. Software engineers comfortable with C and C++ will discover the syntax well-known yet significantly less complex without every one of the brace plus semicolons. Duck typing feature in Python: In the event that an object supports .quack, simply ahead and call .quack on it without stressing over that object's particular type. Huge standard library. Just to pick some random illustrations, Python ships with a few XML parsers, csv and zip file readers & writers, libraries for utilizing practically every internet protocol and information type, and so forth. Great support for building web applications. Alongside Ruby and JavaScript, Python is exceptionally well known in the web development community. There are a few develop systems and a supportive community to begin with.Great benefits of C++ over Python programming language:Runtime performance is much better and more unsurprising can be utilized for frameworks programming, similar to an Operating System can target pretty much every known stage including some embedded frameworks Good approach to learn low-level programmingBottom Line:The software development organizations are quite inclined towards Python language because it provides flexible features and less programming codes. This is the major reason why Python Development Company is highly admirable by the business owners for their web development tasks. Almost 14% of the programmers worldwide resort to the operating systems such as UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Python is a strong programming language and gives a simple use of the code lines, plus maintenance can be taken care of enormously, and troubleshooting should be possible effectively as well. It has picked up significance worldwide as significantly PC giant Google has made it one of its official programming languages.

How Angular 2 helps in loading apps at the speed of light?
Hire Mobile App Developer

As we can see that numerous apps are being rolled out with each passing day on Google play and also for ios platform. This has led to utilizing state-of-the-art technologies which will help in loading of apps swiftly for making every smartphone user feel on seventh sky at the drop of a hat. App Development Services providing companies are resorting to varied technologies which will help in soaring of app loading speed. One such thriving technology is Angular JS 2 and this has led to loading of apps at the rate of knots, which in turn makes app developers as happy as a clam.Loading time of the app highly impacts the conversion:Well, in case of mobile and web apps, complete performance plays an important role to a lot of extent, predominantly regarding the eCommerce websites. This is because it is linked with the customer contentment. Some of the best applications give much happiness to the customers at a warp speed. With every millisecond decrease in the application loading time, you will see much of the boosting of conversion rate. You must surely think about the best results from myriad experiments which are being presented at a separate mobile and web sites too:Currently, this particular web performance provides details for each kind of improvement and the conversion rate has hiked to about 2% immensely. Amazon has also seen that each 100 millisecond improvement in app loading time has led to about 1% mounting up in the whole revenue. Even at the time when Firefox said to have decreased the loading time just by 2.2 seconds then the overall downloads also expanded by about 15.4%.So, the first few second of this particular loading time is quite significant to consider for. You must note that your users who are just leaving your web page are quite high from the starting load time.Customers desire for apps to load in the blink of an eye:Digital shoppers are highly mushrooming with each passing day and they also anticipate quite high performing applications for their smartphone devices. You must Hire Angular JS Developer who have good knack in the Angular techniques which are being released from time to time.As per one of the report of Akamai:About 47% of the customers desire that pages must be loaded in just 2 seconds only. There are around 40% of the websites which takes quite much time for loading on internet. Just one second’s waiting time will be reducing satisfaction of customers drastically to a lot of extent. There are about 44% digital shoppers who also share their experience with their friends also, and this in turn will hamper your business online.It can be said that, web page performance and the page loading are highly corresponding to each other in various ways.Massive benefits with Angular 2:The group behind Angular reacted to this client request by drawing out the re-architected Angular structure called Angular 2. How about we check how it helps meet execution requests. Evan Czaplicki, a web designer, has thought of JavaScript structure execution examination in light of genuine applications. Angular 2 is speedier than Angular 1 and marginally quite ahead of ReactJS.Apathetic Loading in Angular 2When we develop a large scale application, it is a decent practice not to stack all the JavaScript records amid introductory stacking. The JavaScript files are required to load as and when they are being needed. Angular 2 has also the pre-built Lazy Loading instrument to enable us to accomplish this greatly. For performing this in Angular 1, we have to utilize outsider libraries, however this may expand the JavaScript package record measure and furthermore produce bugs in the application. All it takes is a couple of lines of code for implementing Lazy Loading in Angular 2. In the event that we diminish the underlying JavaScript package document estimate, it will enhance the loading pace of the whole application.AOT (Ahead-of-Time) CompilationEarly (AOT) is a component of Angular 2 that can convey monstrous execution to your application. Angular 1 also includes Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation. JIT compiler plays out a considerable measure of work at the run time. At the point when a client will invigorate a page, all the assemblage procedures will instate again and hit the execution of the application.Angular is being praised globally:Rakish Universal is another key element of Angular 2, which enables you to run your application on the server. The advantage here is that the server-side rendering will enhance the rendering execution for first-time clients. A little JavaScript record, Preboot.js, handles every one of the occasions (scroll click, et cetera) without bargaining on the client encounter. The server-side rendering will enhance the SEO encounter. Angular 1 doesn't bolster server-side rendering since it is firmly combined with DOM.Summing Up:Well, Mobile App Development Companies are going with the trend by making use of Angular JS for providing IT services to clients. Angular 2 happens to be the uplifting news for application performance, user experience and also additionally for your business. This is the reason is why migrating your application in the Angular 2 is just efficient for good user experience of Angular 1. You can see that, even Angular 4 has been rolled out and it is the enhanced version of Angular 2.

How to develop modish eCommerce website for competing with brands like Amazon?
Ecommerce Development Services

So, do you have an astonishing eCommerce web store idea and don’t know how can you shape up the same and how to onset your business? From the variety of eCommerce stores that includes multifarious vendors, giants like Amazon, and also the exclusive eCommerce stores which have myriad options that make it much tough to the zero for robust development team as per your budget and the business needs.In the present time, it is just impossible to talk about taking ahead eCommerce business without making a mention about Amazon, a giant brand and the retail segment. Varied eCommerce brands are just declared that working with the big platform of Amazon must be the way their business should lead. This will be of immense help in making your brand huge success. Well, customer eCommerce development will just cost you a king’s ransom.4 Splendiferous benefits to buy a readymade script:#1 Buying this will just not make a dent in your pocket.#2 This is just pre-built and you don’t require any kind of coding.#3 You also have best methods for customizing the same, as per your requirement itself.#4 It will help you for making your eCommerce store hit on the floors quite faster.Plump for goals in your eCommerce portal:In the current time, eCommerce is one of the rapidly thriving business sectors around the world. This is one of the best online buying and selling procedure and so the needs are just as easy as falling off a log as the business means. The major parts of this sector includes enormous sales, quality of products, and also the delivery on timely basis and these are the basic requirements of eCommerce growing business. Some of the trending goals of eCommerce segment include:#1 Whopping conversion rates for sales:When people drop on your web store and make any kind of purchases, then it will be worked out like the conversions and from different group of people who desire to purchase multifarious products from your elegant web store like the conversion part.#2 Satisfying customer plays an important role:Customers have a significant role in eCommerce business and so you desire to make your customers very happy and always fully assured of getting better services. Your customers are sure to get persuaded, when you give them with eyebrow-raising services and the products they want to have. One of the major parts which go best in this regard is that, you must deliver goods to your customers on timely basis and this will make them attracted to your eCommerce business.  This has the vital role in aim of eCommerce development.#3 Good attainability:Yet another best thing to consider regarding aim of eCommerce business is that, when you sell your products through online web store, then the major part needed is customers. When you will perform well and reach out to more customers, then your business will reach new heights with each passing day. So, your major part in eCommerce business is also to get good visibility through various online channels.#4 Gaining of immense popularity:One of the best ambitions of every eCommerce business is to get famous with each passing day and there are different ways of the same. One of the ways is through digital marketing. This will help you to take your business to the next level.Upswing your eCommerce sales by digital marketing:In today’s date, digital marketing has a significant role to play in increasing your sales to a lot of extent and there are varied ways in which you can do that:#1 Good SEO:This helps to enhance sales terrifically with each passing day. There are numerous SEO methods which will help you in growing your eCommerce business. It is vitally important to get higher search engine ranking of your eCommerce business. Even the competition is getting fierce in this field. Your online website must be easy for getting readable by the Google crawler and your targeted audience will increase on a daily basis.#2 You need to perform PPC campaign for increasing sales:One of the trending way of getting whopping sales by eCommerce startup is by PPC campaigning. This will help you in getting decent traffic at the speed of light. For this, you just need to usher in robust PPC campaigning to snowball the sale of your products with each passing day. You also need to personalize your PPC ads display as per your target audience rapidly. In this way, displaying your ads, different shipping offers and promotions will be as easy as falling off a log.#3 You must also start with product blogging:Well, if you are pondering over how to lay the cornerstone of blogging and the way it will help you in getting decent traffic to your eCommerce website, then you are required to perform well versed research on the same. When you begin with creating awe-inducing content and blogs for your products, then you will see an upward trend in your eCommerce sales. Eventually, this will help you to get massive success in your eCommerce startup.#4 You need to work on ORM (Online Reputation Marketing):Another stunning method of increasing your eCommerce sales is through online reputation marketing which will lead you towards mounting up your sales immensely with each passing day. This also helps you to get good reviews for judging the credibility of this particular company. Many times it is the soul crushing situation which also reflects the best imagery. So, we also have the best kind of online reputation marketing which helps in getting good success for your online imagery and creating amazing strategy for also keeping eye on negative reviews.#5 Affiliate marketing will help in increasing eCommerce sales:This is also one of the trending methods in enhancing your eCommerce sales at a rapid pace with each passing day. This will also help you in generating good leads and augmenting the leads. It will be efficacious way to bring massive traffic for your eCommerce website and thereby enhancing your sales.4 ways to give a facelift to your marketing strategy:#1 Drive immense traffic through instagram:Instagram helps you augment your eCommerce product sales and so, when you are done with creating your elegant website by eCommerce Development Company, then you can go ahead with creating instagram account to increase your sales at the rate of knots.#2 Increasing sales by conversion rate optimization technique:If your brand is performing well enough then this particular spiffing technique will help you gain more new heights in business. When you check out the UX research then qualitative data can tell you about alterations in A/B test for your eCommerce web store.#3 Email marketing will also help you in getting awesome traffic:When you get good repeat business, then you get to know about amazing response over digital marketing. This will help you greatly in getting whopping sales in eCommerce business.#4 Competition and good giveaways also help you in increasing eCommerce sales:One of the important methods of increasing eCommerce sales is through good giveaways. You will see the good growth in product sales and increasing revenues and getting good reputation.Final Words:Well, these are the awe-inducing methods which will help you to create an enthralling eCommerce website like the Amazon and you will be able to increase your profit and grow your revenues with each passing day. It will help you to get massive success in your business when you see good satisfied customer-base. All you need is the eCommerce specialist who will help you in creating stunning website for increasing online success of your business at a rapid pace.

Which trailblazing development tips to consider by CakePHP Developers
CakePHP Development Company

CakePHP created by Cake Software Foundation is one of the noteworthy open source based website framework. This Rapid Application Framework is constructed in PHP by keeping up the Model View Controller approach. A designer, adaptable or novice might face numerous unusual blunders at the time of running a PHP program. The overall response which is received by CakePHP developers at the timeof running an application will not be 100% right inferable from some amendable mistakes in codes. Designers, who are laudable coders, also amend the same at the root level for receiving world-class results. Give us a chance to investigate a few stages that can enhance your CakePHP development.CakePHP is the prominent framework which keeps the eyes of PHP Developers glued to it. It also offers the apt structures for various kinds of PHP applications. It is quite based as the Ruby on Rails concept, even this particular web application framework makes it faster for the developers for going ahead with whole of PHP web development process and very swiftly through the help of reduced coding for the purpose of development. There are also various features like the MVC architecture support and also the easy configuration, generating of the codes and also regarding the scaffold, also the good quality security techniques, also the built-in features, even the accessing of database, authentication and also caching, other myriad things needed for systematized website developing are also present in this awe-inducing web framework and this in turn helps the developers to a lot of extent.CakePHP can be considered as one of the best technique for quick, secure and much reliable PHP development process. In any case, one must be quite careful in development of alluring and elegant websites or any kind of feature-rich web applications with the help of CakePHP cms as there are some probabilities regarding unpredictable errors involved as per the developer’s vigorous care taken for the development procedures. The developers can also aim at coding without mistakes and can also make good attempts regarding enhancement of development ways to get outstanding results.4 Breathtaking Development tips to consider by Cake PHP Developers:#1 Amazing managing of tables:These are the essential constituents which are being resorted to, for website developing procedure. A developer needs to be familiar with some basics regarding creating of table and also the recasting of the same in components of table, adding of table and quite appealing and multifarious techniques for deal efficaciously regarding the tables in whole of the action of web development. It is completely head-spinning situation on the part of developers, for working with these tables and it is also mind-numbing to find certain information regarding the table.#2For correcting the errors, including command is must:It helps the developers for resorting to different command in the code process to spot and also for correcting the errors which just drops in at the time of file save process. Well, even in this, if function don’t give the apt values, it is then that, you must include the same before giving the command of save. It will be provide you the awe-inspiring results for returning every kind of mistake before saving of the file.#3 Creation of page but no inclusion of models:It is just not essential for CakePHP developer for setting dedicated controllers or for the purpose of elucidating different tasks in coding for every static page including. As the substitute, it makes easy for developers to make views for the folder of pages and get best action called regarding different pages through the running time.#4 Putting of validate array ON at the time of altering record files:As soon as the developers are done with coding then the next process is for validating of files. In this stage, developers have to dole out in specific errors when recording of the files. For getting rid of this soul-crushing problem, just keep validate array ON because this is eyebrow-raising technique in fixing of errors which takes place in this step.Wrapping Up:Each CakePHP Development Company can perfectly guarantee enhanced PHP web development task process in their firm via preparing their designers with the above practices. Additionally, even the independent designers have to completely concentrate on these points for improvisation of bracketed Cake PHP development services to provide massive results and 100% satisfaction to clients.

What are the frightfully spiffing benefits to come down in favor of Python?
Python Development Services

Python is among the rapidly pacing programming languages which woos programmers worldwide in the blink of an eye.The whole concept of Python was started when its maker Guido van Rossum had been confronted through different shortcomings of the trendy ABC language, to be precise. Rossum began with rolling out new language which is action-packed with the features of ABC language and also the stunning advantages such as the tasks of exception handling and also whopping extensibility. It was in the year 1994, Python 1.0 had been raised curtains from, and this had also borrowed the module system right from Modula-3 and also had enormous ability for good collaboration with Amoeba operating system and also includes excellent programming tools.It was in the year 2000, Python's core development team was also moved to Beopen.com, and in October 2000, Python 2.0 hit the floors with awe-inducing advancements including support for Unicode and also garbage collector too.In the year December 2008, also saw the arrival of Python 3.0, providing massive reverse compatibility and also having another ravishing design for avoiding nerve-wracking duplicative builds and modules. It is as yet a multi-paradigmfunction-rich language which offers the designers with myriad choices of object-orientation, functional programming and structured programming.Python today has assorted range of implementations likeJython, scripted in Java language for the purpose of Java Virtual Machine; IronPython is also written in C# for the Common Language Infrastructure, and PyPy form is being written in RPython and converted into C. To be noted, Cpython which is composed in C and created by Python Software Foundation is the default and highly efficacious implementation of Python. While these implementations also work in the native language in which they are being composed in, they are additionally fit for connecting with different languages by resorting to modules. Well, the majority of these modules deals with community development base and is open-source and free. Rolled out in February 2015, in Python Development Services, version 3.4.3 offers radical advancements in Unicode supporting, among other new highlights. Python 3.5 is as of now being developed, which was released in the month of September 2015. 4 Spanking Applications of Python language:Since its inception in 1989, Python has turned out to be rapidly flourishing language which is also a part of numerous web-based, graphic based, and also different desktop-related and computational applications to check out. This particular Python language being available for the Windows, Mac OS X & also Linux/UNIX and this also launches Python 3.4.3 which extends on up-to-the-minute features of his particular language that does involve various kinds of enhancements in the Unicode support and also various new kinds of flabbergasting features.#1 GUI-Based Desktop Applications:Python makes use of quite simple syntax, and even the modular architecture, rich text processing tools and also good ability for working on various working operating systems which does make it alluring choice for creating desktop-based applications. There are different GUI toolkits like wxPython, PyQt or PyGtk available which does help designers in creating exceptionally functional Graphical User Interface (GUI). The different application created by Python includes:=>Image Processing and also Graphic Design Applications:Python has been enormously used for making 2D imaging programming, say for instance, Inkscape, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro and Scribus. Further, elegant 3D animation packages, much more like the Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Lightwave and Maya, also makes use of Python in different ways.=>Various Scientific and Computational Applications:The swift speeds, efficiency and accessibility of different tools, for instance, Scientific Python and Numeric Python, have also just resulted in Python turning as the major part of applications which are associated with calculation and preparing some kind of scientific related data. Mind-boggling 3D modeling software, for instanceFreeCAD, and limited component strategy programming, for example, Abaqus, are coded in Python.=>Games:Python has multifarious modules, libraries and other kind of platforms which are best in supporting the games development. For instance, PySoy is a 3D game engine which does support Python 3, and PyGame gives stunning functionality and also the great library for the development of games. There have been various kinds of games which are just constructed by Python and include Civilization-IV, Disney's Toontown Online, Vega Strike and the list is long.#2 Wonderful web applications & also web frameworks:Python Development Services has been put to use for creating an assorted range of web based frameworks which includesCherryPy, Django, TurboGears, Bottle, Flask and various others. These kind of graded frameworks give standard libraries and modules which makes it plain sailing for the content management, first-rated interacting with database and also interface with multifarious internet protocols, for example, HTTP, SMTP, XML-RPC, FTP and POP. Plone, one of the top-rated content management system, ERP5, an open source ERP which is utilized for the aerospace, apparel and also for banking; Odoo – a solidified suite of amazing business related applications; and Google App engine are the myriad web applications which is constructed on Python.#3 For business & enterprise related Applications:With attractive and awe-inducing features which involves extraordinary libraries, extensibility, versatility and effortlessly readable syntax, Python is one of the most appropriate coding language which is meant for modification of large kind of applications. Reddit, which was initially composed in Common Lips, has also been rewritten in Python in 2005. Python is the robust language which also contributed in larger part for functioning in great manner for YouTube.#4 Operating systems:Python also turns out to be the important part of Linux dispersions. Say for instance, Ubuntu’s Ubiquity Installer and also Fedora’s & Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s best rated Anaconda Installer are also being written in Python language. Gentoo Linux also makes use of this language Python for accomplishment of robust tasks like Portage and also the package management system too.4 Robust Frameworks of Python:The frameworks which are full-stack include the web2py, Django and TurboGears. Full stack frameworks implies that you will see various codes which are required , right from different kinds of form generators to around template layout feature included in the same. This will also help you to make you wire the things as per your needs and requirements too. The Pyramid framework is the one which is completely non-stack framework, which does help you in creation of completely featured website and you will also come to know about including variety of coding in it, plus more of the bits can be added by yourself. This also includes much of the time in it. You can Hire Python Developer for your website development tasks.#1 Wonderful Web2py framework:This is one of the most attractive frameworks of Python which you must consider and this has the backing of marvelous documentation which does includes 600 page pdf and also involves introduction to Python. This platform is constructed on Model View Controller (MVC). This framework is not meant for making PHP embedded tags route to be down and also has good capability of generating the html from the code feature. When you are done with various kinds of models, it is then that, you will be getting full administrative interface which is meant for free usage only. The person, who has developed this record-breaking framework, is Massimo Di Pierro who was also the professor of Computer Science, based in Chicago. You will also get to see super-exciting documentation which involves 600 pages pdf and this also has the whole introduction to Python. Database support also has the built-in SQL based generation for the best ever databases and also the Google App Engine too.#2 High-functionality Djangoframework:It is quite different from web2py and it also has the support of Python 3.4 in it. This is also generally created for the purpose of gripping much of the native kind of Python and you will also be able to see reduced resorting to third-party frameworks and also the libraries. This is also the different MVC framework which the controllers are also called as Views and they are also meant for the purpose of different logic responsible for the purpose of user’s request processing and also for the objective of providing response. Django is also meant for making use of ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and this is used for mapping its objects in database tablets which is just in contrast with web2py’s Database Abstration Layer (DAL) and this is also meant for mapping different objects in queries, records and also the tables. This coding also work with the massive range of databases which does make it much money-making regarding different kinds of databases types just simple. This framework is not the Content Management System (CMS) which is like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. You are just required to write the whole coding for making wonderful website. This framework does work wonders in decent traffic websites like Mozilla, Disqus, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.#3 Tantalizing TurboGears framework:This is one of the leading full-stack frameworks which are on Python based Wikipedia web frameworks pages. This is also least favorite of the 3. All of the frameworks make use of libraries and various other frameworks but TurboGears performs even other kinds of functionality as contrast with the dazzling Django and also web2py framework. Say for instance, in this framework, database access is performed by the SQL Alchemy itself. To give a good start is generally painless but you will get to see the good kind of learning curve by which you can understand about using these overwhelming features of this attractive framework.#4 Promising Pyramid framework:This particular framework is also feature rich and is also the whole successor of the incredible and famous one already existing, which is Pylons. This does not perform a lot as-is, but you will be just be able to extend the same too. This is also created for a full-blown website which is also just documented itself.5 Pre-eminent &Beezer Advantages of Language Python:This all-embracing language provides the blend of bosker features which makes the programmers drool over this language for programming.#1 This includes the enticing Third Party related modules:The Python Package Index (PyPI) includes wide range of third-party modules that make Python as much capable for interaction with various other kinds of languages & the platforms. We are the leading Python Development Company, having good prowess in developing attractive and elegant websites.#2 Has the backing of broad support libraries:Python gives a substantial standard library which incorporates different aspets like internet protocols, varied string operations, web services tools and also the operating system interfaces. Various high utilizing programming related tasks have also been scripted into the standard library which drastically decreases length of code to be composed fundamentally.#3 It is open source language and has wide community:Python language is ever-growing and also includes OSI-approved open source license and this does make the developers feel over the moon because it is free to use and also involves the commercial related tasks. Additionally, the development includes the backing of community which associates for its coding by the hosting of varied conferences and also the mailing lists, and this also offers the numerous modules.#4 This includes user-friendly data structures:Yet another reason why Python grabs the eyeballs of programmers and web developers around the globe is because it includes the in-built data structures and this is meant to be utilized for constructing run-time data structures too. Moreover, Python offers great option for the ever-changing data-typing which also lowers support code length whenever required as such.#5 Python is highly productive and works at good speed:Python language also involves the enthralling and enticing object-oriented alluring designs which offers improvised process control abilities and also for possessing robust integration and also the text processing features in the unit testing framework and all this leads to the whopping speed of Python language. This work wonders for creating complex network based applications.Summing Up:So, above listed are the top-rated advantages of Python language which attracts the programmers for programming in web development. Well, the next big struggle for the business persons around the globe is to hire Python developers who have knack in development of fully-featured websites which helps in flourishing your business.

Why you must select best outsourcing PHP Development Services
PHP Development Services

Web development is one of the fast growing sectors with each passing day. Entrepreneurs desire to get the unmatched web development services for their project to flourish their business at a rapid pace. One of the leading web development technologies is PHP and business owners have the option for getting graded PHP development services outsourced, but you need to single out one-in-a-million Company for your project accomplishment. You would either settle on in-house or outsource the best services.There are oodles of PHP Development Company for your project, but you must decide on the one which will thoroughly understand your requirements. The reason why entrepreneurs plump for outsourcing web development services is because of the fact that it does not cost a king’s ransom.All you need to know about PHP:PHP website development is one of the top-rated choices when it comes to development of some enthralling websites and this language is used for the purpose of programming. According to the functionality, PHP clings for the myriad platforms and this makes it one of the leading platforms to be considered for web developers worldwide. PHP helps the developers in creating of ravishing website which is action packed with admirable features. The reason why developers keep their eyes glued to this technology is because they get to explore more and more with extravagant concepts. It is the leading server side scripting language to watch out for. This language is created in the year 1994 by Rasmus Lerdof.5 Fantabulous advantages of PHP for web development:There are multifarious alluring benefits of using PHP for web development:#1 It has built-in module present for database connecting:As the top-notch streamlined programming language, PHPT Hypertext Preprocessor is basically utilized over the internet. This is also meant to keep possession of capability in getting connected to the database. This particular database is far-reaching for the purpose of websites which are into selling different products through online medium, say for instance, the enticing eCommerce websites. All the elegant eCommerce websites which implements PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, gets connected swiftly for their database because of PHP incorporated modules. PHP is quite competent programming language, if these wonderful websites are concerned.#2 massive support of Library:Yet another incredible advantage of using this programming language is that, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor resorts to assorted modules which are up for grabs in the PHP and these include PDF & Graphics to be considered in different segment.#3 It is the cross-platform language:One of the mind-boggling advantages of using PHP is that this programming language is efficacious to run on varied platforms. This helps in trimming off the troubles regarding operating system by which a user makes use of website which is a kind of module with PHP server scripting language. Some of the top-rated platforms on which PHP runs coherently are Mac, Linux, and Windows, to name a few. You just need to hire promising PHP Developer who have knack in developing websites by PHP.#4 open source language which is heightening in usage:This is the apex-rated server side scripting module and the highly proficient open source platform among the web developers. In this PHP, you will see the tons of extension libraries present, and also numerous support communities within easy reach that helps in creating websites which works in the structured manner by PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.#5 highly stable platform:Another reason why this programming language thrills the developers to pieces is because this server side scripting language is quite stable for web development projects. Right from the advancement of this effective programming language, there are many of the bucks which got introduced for this particular platform which are now being recouped also.#6 Usage of this language is as easy as falling off a log:Another good benefit of this language is that, making use of this language is like a cakewalk. This platform is also quite compatible with various systems. Quite identical to programming language C, this PHP programming language is much faster to learn for the people who already know the former one. This helps in developing of attractive and jaw-dropping websites.Striking advantages of outsourcing PHP web development services:When you look forward to outsource PHP development services, this does not make a dent in your pocket, in contrast to in-house operating of web development aspects. For paying to outsource PHP developers, it is completely according to your necessity. So it is much inexpensive for outsourcing your PHP web development projects. You must outsource the PHP web development services after thoroughly knowing about the portfolio of PHP developers and how commendable they are, in the PHP development tasks. Apart from this, you must also know if they keep themselves updated about the recent technological trends in this programming language. The developers must be well-versed with Custom PHP Development as per the needs of various clients.Closing Thoughts:When you look forward to outsource the PHP development services, this will also help you in saving much of your time and you can utilize that precious time in core business. Well, if you have an idea of a startup and desire to grow he same through online channel, then you can feel free to contact us and our adroit team will assist you further in your project, from soup-to-nuts.

Which entrancing tips to consider for flourishing your fashion eCommerce business?
Fashion Ecommerce Development

Everyone in the present-time aspire to be an entrepreneur and get immense success by flourishing their business. There are myriad eCommerce websites which appears to be graceful, elegant and also very compelling to gander at. These kinds of enthralling fashion marketplace online are reaching new heights with every morning’s sun-ray. Well, victory in this segment is just back-breaking to track down as there is a tough conflict to be seen in this regard. An appealing website is something which woos visitors and customers at the drop of a hat.As per the survey of Statista, around 25% of varied users bin off the shopping carts because it just involves complex kind of navigating part and about 21% as the ordering involves way too much time and about 15% as the website gets time out. Shopping cart withdrawal is also heightening with each passing year, and even the money related losses are just lurching. None of the retailer will shrug off the increasing trend of influencing the mobile trend for marketing part. It is also said that sales of eCommerce will be skyrocketing through the enticing mobile handsets by the end of 2017. You are just required to have the all-embracing marketing approach for heightening your eCommerce business at a speed of light.8 Awe-inspiring tips to consider for flourishing your fashion eCommerce business swiftly:#1 You need to provide massive support to customers:No customer desires to go on to have a deal in business which does not provide enthralling customer service. As per the survey of Wall Street Journal, it is also found that around one-third of entire internet based transactions have been returned out. For smooth flow of fashion eCommerce platform, there must be the skilled and promising team of customer service agents which are also available 24x7 for keeping an eye on the customer related queries and assistance. When customer support is up-to-the-minute, then customers just feel over the moon and this grabs their eyeballs to your business.#2 Engrossing products attracts customers at a warp speed:Yet another method to entice your customers is through resorting to alluring product images on the fashion based eCommerce website. You must always settle on the pro fashion photographer for good quality oriented fashion related photography to enchant the visitors and customers to your website. This will help in making your web storefront unrivalled from your rivalries in the same segment. This in turn will also provide you a king’s ransom of revenues in business.#3You can also resort to personify a trendy lifestyle through online platform:It is quite head-spinning process to make any distinction in the world of ever-changing fashion and importance can just not be over stated at all. There is much of the competition through online channel and it will also help you to keep an eye on any of the alcove and then give a thought of splurging your money for demonstration of your knack in that particular nook. For instance, if you are selling the eve party gowns then you have to keep focal point on enthralling and impressive evening gowns can just be booming than just unambiguously selling assorted range of affordable attires.#4 You are always required to join hands with right kind of business:For making your fashion online store reach new heights, you must have good partnerships and get the thrilling website developed as it will help you attract new customers at a rapid pace. You must also enhance strong effective and robust relation with the passionate fashion bloggers in the industry. You can also lay the first stone by heading towards pre-eminent reviewers who will help you to provide quote for quality of product and also create good alliance with industry related websites who will just enable you for posting guest blogging or to be a part of their reputed fashion websites.#5 You need to create highly mobile responsive website:When it comes to fashion, you are also required to create awe-inspiring mobile responsive website which will help you to attract your visitors and customers faster with every passing day. Customers in today’s date make use of the gorgeous & elegant mobile handsets for getting their favorite products related to fashion by purchasing through online means itself. It must also be efficient in reading and also for interaction by any fascinating mobile devices.#6 You must say about your product stories in impressive way:Instead of opting to write simple product explanation, you must plump for creating quite attractive and tempting stories that will catch the attention of visitors and customers to your fashion online website and this will help greatly in increasing your visitors and clients on daily basis. Say for instance, if you start with creating attractive product story by making use of phrases which will help the visitors and customers imagine making use of the luxe range of products on your website, then it will better help you for augmenting eCommerce fashion business with enormous profits and revenues.#7 Customers must be able to search you without any hassle:One of the major parts of your fashion eCommerce business is that, your customers must find it very simple to find you and for this your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) part needs to be highly efficacious. You can opt to go with the promising SEO consultant who will help you in this regard and your page visibility on Google will enhance at the top pace for visitors and customers who wants to know about your business. You can hire praise worthy SEO team of eCommerce Development Company who will work round the clock for helping you take your business to the next level with each passing day. They have good knack in creating impressive Meta tags for the products you wish to sell through your fashion eCommerce store online and multiply your customers rapidly. This in turn will help you getting your page indexed faster.#8 You are also required to keep this just simple to the core:You must always keep your fashion website fully clean and this will just help in tickling your visitor’s fancy for the mesmerizing products of varied range. You must see to it that your gorgeous user interface is perfect and squeaky clean plus as pure as the driven snow. You will have multifarious range of options and also the buyer who’s also there for activating might just leave for the website of competitor as it can be seen that watching product specification is generally arduous and it is just mind-numbing to review he checkout related information on wonderful fashion web store.What will be the cost of developing an eCommerce website?Well, you would be startled to know that obtaining of dazzling domain name will not make a dent in your pocket and it will just cost you around Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per year. After the domain part is done, next comes is hosting and for this, it will just cost you about Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per year. Another part comes is striking shopping cart software and this will for about Rs 500 to Rs 5000 in a month. Next in the line after shopping cart software, it is the pretty and secured payment gateway and this will also not cost you a king’s ransom. It is just about Rs 6000 to Rs 25000 one time non-refundable money along with 2-7% transactional fee included. Apart from this, extra costing in this regard comes to Rs 1000 to Rs 4000 per year.Regarding hosting of your wonderful website:For this purpose, you have best option to cherry pick an eCommerce hosted platform which is provided by different kinds of companies which will just charge you some amount of money, either monthly or also annual, and this will just provide you attractive range of services which are stated above by providing varied plans which they provide.Zealous Zilingo is all the rage these days in fashion eCommerce brand:Zilingo is one of the rapidly growing eCommerce fashion based brand which is getting quite popular these days. This emerging company has just closed the whopping $8 million series A round for the purpose of heightening its fashion related functioning southeast Asia. It is the recently thriving fashion & lifestyle marketplace which attracts the fashion addicts to the extreme. This particular immense round had been guided by Sequoia India, Indonesia based Venturra Capital and also Susquehanna International Group and along with Wavemaker Partners, Beenext, Beenos and also Digital Garage which is just of similar material in the same. Erstwhile, Zilingo had raised about $2 million and this does makes this total to about $10 million as such. On this astonishing eCommerce platform, you will be able to find the products of massive fashion designers and the product will be getting delivered for your doorstep.Final Thoughts:Well, it will not be wrong to say that the fashion related eCommerce startup will be booming at the speed of a mile a minute and will attract the eyeballs of fashionable people around the globe at a rapid pace with each passing day. This has led to the growing demand of eCommerce Development Company who have robust team of developers who can develop the dazzling fashion web storefront by including attractive and wonderful features in the website for entrepreneurs to succeed in business.

Apple Raises the Curtain from New App Store
iOS App Development

Efficient company Apple will soon be raising curtain from new app store which appears to be elegant. This enthralling app store is just created from the ground for making it hassle-free and plain-sailing in searching feature-rich apps and the striking games. This flabbergasting designed app store includes stunning stories and also the editorial, which is being regularly, updated through new Today tab, plus also the Apps tabs too. You will get to see the appealing stories, and also the interviews which can be from general depth, also the smashing tips & collections of useful apps and the lavish games which will thrill you to bits. As the graded iOS App Development Company, we will help you to get the incredible apps created for your business to get massive revenues.Well, this incredible new apple app store will also have Apple’s out-of-the-box aim for helping and also for influencing customers with each passing day. App store users have also recently downloaded around 100+ billion enticing apps for their usage and according to the giant Apple, around $70 billion amount had been paid by this company Apple to the note-worthy developers, from the time when this particular app store has been founded in the year 2008.5 Eyebrow-raising elements of all new app store:#1 The feature of Today:This does begin with the Today tab, a feature-rich place for luxe games, apps and also the app culture too. By these lovely features like artwork and videos, App store also has incredible team of editors who just share stories of apps and enticing games which will shape up the way we just live and the developers who also have remarkable ideas that will help people. In this Today, varied and multifarious premieres, fresh release and also numerous tips and tutorials by which customers use app in unique manner.#2 Games & awe-inspiring apps:Games is also the flabbergasting category which you can find on app store. This category is just for the purpose of games itself. You can get to see the game regarding recommendations like fascinating videos, important updates for navigating faster and you can find variety of games being there and get the apt game, right from simple playing to game fanatics.You will see own tab of App which will help customers in all the things which they make use of and require, say for instance, photography, money management feature, and for shopaholics, social networking. Apps tab, being more or less similar to Games tab, will be including ravishing collections, cherry-picked collections in different categories and also the own app charts inclusion.#3 Searching and upgrades:This enthralling tab also enable the customers to see faster, as to what are the enticing changes for their best ever games and apps through recent upgrades and Search is being improvised for editorial content which is there in Today, Games and also Apps. You can just find by name, developer, category or trending topics. You will get to view the results as per your requirement and also the games, in-app purchases, editorial stories. We are the top-rated mobile app development company providing graded iOS App Development Services to various clients.#4 App product pages feature:This is called the home for each app for every kind of app product page. The giant Apple Company has given the thrilling and elegant appearance to this particular part in app store. The developers can just get a chance for spotlighting their different apps through encouraging and engrossing content, and also by keeping any information for different customers through the download decision making. Various developers can get a platform for submitting their queries regarding varied things on this platform, such as ravishing video app previews an also upto 5 kind of screenshots which you will be able to just localize so that any customer for any country can get fully efficacious customized part of the video. You will also see different accolades like chart position and also the part of in-app purchases, plus the customer-rating included, and various reviews. This will take iPhone Application Development to the next level in near future.#5 Feature of in-app purchases:Yet another enthralling feature in the new app store is also the captivating in-app purchases and this is also must-needed field on app store. You can just see this element in app product page in just the search results itself, and editors will just be getting the chance to showcase the same in Today, Games & the Apps. Customers will just enable their in-app purchases through the app store and you can take this to developer’s app or the game for completing the whole purchases.Closing Thoughts:These are the breathtaking features in all new app stores by Apple. You can also know about the developer preview of ios 11 which is being available for ios developer program to watch out for. Even the developers can know about beta program which can be there for promising iOS App Developers. The hot off the press ios 11 shall also be in this particular category itself and developers will have this as free software for iPhone 5s and next versions, in all the breathtaking iPad models, iPad 5th generation and also for iPad mini 2 versions.

How to improve software development process
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Everybody gets joy from ticking errands off of the schedule, isn't that so? At any rate, I do. However, it's never again fun when you sense that you're suffocating in work with an excessive number of things to do, or feel like you're endeavoring to juggle an excessive number of balls without a moment's delay. That is the thing that finishes inspiration and makes miserable employees. Yet, it doesn't need to be that way – usually, circumstances like this can be kept away from! In this post, I will present five straightforward things that can bring a touch of bliss into your workday, while likewise helping your item advancement procedure to wind up plainly more effective, and your group to accomplish more things.Enhancing your work procedure doesn't need to be an enormous operation on the off chance that you begin with little, incremental enhancements. These don't require everybody in your group to peruse a course book about another approach, or even learn new abilities. These are speedy enhancements, which you can actualize immediately.4 Ripping ways to enhance your software development process:#1 Generation of work flow:Despite the setting of your work process, it ought to be clear and unequivocal. Most of the techniques enable you to redo your work process so that, for instance, if you require each new component to be code inspected, you can make it an obligatory stride. It at that point turns into a propensity, kind like brushing your teeth – you don't have to drive yourself (or another person in your group) to do it unfailingly. Various Top Software Development Company in the world, performs this first process.In any case, how would you realize that your work process is working for you? Once you've made your work process express, you can begin taking a gander at stumbling blocks in your procedure. Here is couple of things you might need to begin focusing on in the event that you feel that your work is not streaming ideally through your procedure:Are a few phases in your workflow carefully moderate, or is work heaping up for a specific client or activity? Are a few errands over and again re-opened after they've been set apart as done? Are there loads of "dead undertakings", ie. errands that were slaughtered before achieving done?#2 You are required to clean your backlog timely:Topping off your build-up is simple – it's constantly less demanding to think of new thoughts than to really execute them, however your backlog won't fill a need unless you are effectively shaping it. An all-around product backlog causes you to concentrate on what's most imperative right now, while not overlooking other, less basic thoughts or bits of work that have originated from all way of channels. While choosing Software Development Companies in USA, you must check out about the company if they follow this procedure.On the off chance that you have an undertaking that has been on the backlog for more than a few dashes, consider moving it to some time or another rundown. Or, on the other hand simply erase it on the off chance that it doesn't appear to be applicable any more. Try not to stress such a great amount over inadvertently erasing something essential – if it's pre-eminent, it will be recommended once more. If not, at that point maybe it was intended to go.#3 You must know about definition of “done”:Meaning of Done, or DoD, is the acknowledgment criteria that guarantees that the errands, once finished, are genuinely done, as far as usefulness as well as far as quality also. Definition of Done is expressed as an arrangement of principles like:Features are fully executed Unit tests are passing Documentation is up-to-the-minute Feature is audited by QA Code is in ace branch Code is conveyed to creationThe Definition of Done guarantees everybody on the group knows precisely what it implies when something is 'done', and it expels the vagueness from the inquiry "are you finished with this component?" Without DoD set up, you wouldn't know whether the designer has quite recently done the center programming some portion of the work, or if the element is prepared to be launched for clients. We've all heard somebody saying "yet it takes a shot at my PC… “– that is not 'Done'! Software Outsourcing Companies goes with the above series wise tasks for enhancing their software development procedure.Having a DoD doesn't just power you to structure your working propensities and procedures to limit your work in progress (see beneath) and "rework" of more seasoned assignments. It likewise drives you to thoroughly consider what you're endeavoring to accomplish, and explain the esteem your group is adding to the business esteem as far as results. These are altogether profitable things to know!#4 Your progress must be quite noticeable:Does the greater part of your partners know the present status of the venture you're taking a shot at? By "partners", I don't simply mean your colleagues yet in addition your upper administration, business people, and even the client themselves. Is it clear to every one of them which highlights are as of now finished and which ones you're as of now taking a shot at? Will you be launching on time?A key rule of procedures like kanban is to imagine your work. With a physical board on the wall (or some other purported 'data radiator'), you stroll into the room and you can promptly observe what is happening. No compelling reason to divert the group by requesting announcements.The idea of visual administration goes back to the 80's the point at which it was utilized by organizations like Toyota for planning new auto models. One room was devoted for the outline group and its walls were secured with plans, outline mockups, plans, and venture advance graphs – anything that individuals should focus on.Bottom Line:Presently consider the procedure you're utilizing. Is it helping you to get astonishing results? Which exercises are helpful, from this point of view? Are there a few things that are out and out counter-gainful, or that are perceptibly agonizing and moderate? If you are searching about Top Software Development Companies for your project, you can feel free to Contact Us and we will assist you.

Apple unveils the new stylish iPhones
iPhone 10

After long wait, Apple has raised the curtains from gorgeous new handsets which includes, Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus smartphones to woo the Apple handset lovers around the world. The new phones launch event had been held at the lavish and luxe Steve Jobs Theatre and it is soon to open Apple Park campus for displaying the advanced new iPhone X, also called as iPhone 10 for marking the completion of whopping 10 years of grabbing the eyeballs of Apple handset aficionados in the world. This wonderful iPhone 10 includes a bezel-less 5.8 inches Super Retina Display which is there in OLED.Another jaw-dropping feature is that this elegant phone does not include any kind of Home button in it. This particular part replaces the action through just a swipe feature gesture for going to home screen or just for multi-tasking part. This resorts to FaceID for unlocking the smashing smartphone by making use of True Depth camera system at top of the display. Even CEO Tim Cook opted for calling this attractive version of his company’s attractive phone as the next-gen smartphone which will attract various smartphone lovers. The price of Apple iPhone X begins with $999.Well, this enthralling iPhone X is not meant for everybody but the complete volume play shall be with newfangled Apple iPhone 8 and good looking iPhone 8 plus smartphones which has the astonishing glass feature at both the sides. You will also find state-of-the-art feature of A11 Bionic chip including 6 crores and also 64-bit designing too. This thrilling phone also has dual camera and it will be there only for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 9 will just include the 12MP camera in it. This particular dual camera will also have incredible beta version of Portrait Lighting mode. If the company is to be believed, then it says that the class quality video capture feature will be present in the smartphone with function-rich 4K and also the slow in the motion.In case of mind-boggling iPhone 8 phone, you will also find that there is Qi wireless charging, and also does feature rival Samsung has had for some of the years. Apple Company also has well expectations which will make the volumes increase in the smartphone markets such as India, where it also has 2.30 per cent share in whole of Q2 2017 according to IDC.Apple Watch series 3 will also cease the work itself from mesmerizing smartphone and shall also be included with Cellular access and this will enable the users for making calls and also for connecting to internet for varied purposes like maps, or for music stream also. These new phones will also take iOS App Development to reach new heights. Well, without the trouble of contemporary cellular number because it will just also mirror same kind of numbers just like iPhone only. You must also note that Siri on Watch will also have the backing of voice feature in it and this will woo Apple handset lovers to much extreme.Well, Apple has also been able to squeeze for the purpose of antenna in the case of Watch and this feature is just accomplished by integration of this inside the display with electronic SIM. Even watch also retains the same kind of size just like old watch. This particular new trend will not be available in India first.Apple says that the sales of this particular watch had grown to a lot of extent and has turned as hot selling watch which in today’s date conquers the Rolex watch brand. If we talk about just staying with this tune, then it can be said that this trending watch has also been written off various times too.  Apple has just turned out to be quite smart for the purpose of selling it like the watch and just not the smartwatch, in short.Apple TV has also been revamped by 4K HDR which is just meant for catering to the larger screen handsets to know about and these have been wider part of living rooms around the globe. This will also be running with the recent tvOS and also 4K titles that will just not make a dent in your pocket to around more price than the HD.Apple Company has also begun by an ode to founder Steve Jobs, after whom this particular venue has got its beautiful name from. This was just apt, as per the words of Tim Cook. “We just devote this particular theatre to Steve, well the reason is that, we loved him and he has dreamt of these kinds of days.” Cook has also said this was just not perseverance to Steve, but just a way to inspire this whole new next gen of better and inspiring inventors. As imagined by founder Steve Jobs as the best workplace nestled in the landscape. Jobs also desired this to be just drawn for his lovely memories of Stanford. Also being powered through renewable energy, even the campus is one of the best on-site solar energy installations in this whole world. This is also considered as one of the best growing buildings. It is located in colossal area of 2.8 million square-foot major building of the world’s graded panels which are made of the curved glass and also just the stunning structure resemble pace ship and some says that Home button of Apple handsets too.Final Thoughts:So, it can also be said that Apple will be making a huge impact on the mobile phone segment with the launch of these smashing and alluring Apple handsets which appear to be incredible in different ways and attracts the smarphone lovers to the core.

How Android Oreo is head & shoulders above Android Nougat
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Android has recently unveiled the new version which is Android Oreo. There was a much time going with the Beta version and now the alluring 8th version has been hit the floors by Android. The new version is action packed with awe-inducing features which will make Android users feel on 7th sky.5 ways which makes Android Oreo one step ahead of Android Nougat#1 It is easy as pie to snooze the notifications in Android O:In Android O, this is one of the most striking features to be considered. All you have to do is just swipe any kind of notification and then tap on the snooze icon which will help you to snooze that notification for about 15 minutes. So it is completely possible for stopping the notification as per your need. All you have to do is Hire Android Developers for taking your business to the next level through captivating Android applications.#2 Settings at the speed of light:If settings are concerned, in Android Oreo it is relatively much higher as compared to Android Nougat, also for the tap on WiFiicons, Bluetooth, etc will be able to open the Quick Settings in the blink of an eye. In Android Oreo, it works in other manner. When you will click on text located under these items, you will then be headed to Quick Settings for that item. With this trending technology, much of your precious time will be saved in tapping, if you will just have to toggle WiFi as such. Android O has the splendid feature of hitting the tap on WiFi icon for the purpose of toggling on or off.#3 There is massive improvisation in settings page also:Even the Settings have changed to a lot of extent in Android O and it has enhanced a lot. It appears to be as enthralling slide-over panel from Android Nougat was not able to move down with designers at Google because this is just booted from Developer Preview of Android Oreo. Well, even the Settings page has become robust and now has varied categories to watch out for. With this, the Settings list will also get quite crisp and short in fact. Android App Development Company helps you in creating the app as per your requirements.#4 Fully personalized elegant appearing locking screen shortcuts:In the case of Android Nougat, even the shortcuts at the lock screen appear to be enthralling. In the Android O, this will see the enormous change and it will get completely customized to the extreme. Google also provides amazing ability for incorporating custom apps to the shortcuts which in turn makes it very competent. Now you have mesmerizing option for including things like “Composing New Email” and also “Directions to Home” and also for the purpose of locking screen shortcuts and also for actions which will get as easy as falling of a log to complete.#5 App install from other sources:Another eyebrow-raising feature in Android O is installation of app from various external sources too. Android platform has turned out to be quite liberal regarding the platform where any of the clients will get application form. Android is also the best platform for coming up with applications from any kind of place because clients also authorize “Obscure Sources” option in the Security settings only. In case of Android O, you will just have to provide consent for myriad single source itself.Wrapping Up:Well, apart from these, there are various other numerous highlights to consider for. This Android Oreo will just be making Android users feel on cloud 9 when they will be resorting to this particular feature. In various kinds of cases, you will just be able to make sure that your app users are making use of thrilling Android gadgets which looks quite appealing and compelling. So, if you have got gripping idea for feature android app, you can just feel free to contact us. We have the team of promising Android Expert who have great prowess in developing industry-specific apps for helping organizations succeed in their business. They have knack in developing super-rich Android apps as per your needs.

8 Entrancing reasons to single out Magento for online business
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Magento is a standout amongst other open-source e-commerce platforms. It is not just a platform which supports online business as well as it is likewise the graded Content Management System (CMS). Lion's share of the online business sites are resorting to Magento as a top-rated platform. There are a few reasons why first-rated organizations are cherry-picking this apt platform for online store development. Make analysis of them to look at why it is all the rage these days for the online merchants.To a great degree adaptable, versatile and in usage, it is as easy as falling off a log. One can construct a total online store by utilizing Magento systems. It empowers a designer to add nearly everything for any particular website and alter the site as per the customer's necessity. Notwithstanding all these, Magento Development USA benefits likewise help in eCommerce business in the accompanying ways:8 Mesmerizing reason to plump for Magento for eCommerce Business:#1 It is the open source platform:Being open-source, Magento site development is promptly accessible and subsequently is generally utilized by designers worldwide for developing commercial sites with multifarious features. Magento website development presents predictable growth with each passing day. There is no critical cost to utilize Magento website development features; and this has prompted a noteworthy ascent in the use of this platform in the present time.#2 It is fully SEO friendly:The SEO based functionality of Magento eCommerce development makes certain that you have myriad choices for URLs, sitemaps, meta tags, portrayals, keywords and the list is long. Magento involves in-assembled incredible SEO features that upgrades the search engine based results and enhances the website rank.#3 This platform is flexible in usage:Magento eCommerce devlopment enables a deserving developer to teach new elements and highly advanced methodologies to an eCommerce business website. Its high flexibility also enables easy customization of shopping carts, online items and a few others. Hire Magento Developer after well-versed research, for your online business success.#4 Magento is responsive:Magentoe Commerce business development also empowers accessibility on flabbergasting mobile handsets cell phones also; and along these lines, it helps in attracting whopping clients to the e-portal.For the small businesses, it can choose to begin with a moderately basic community installing and move up to Enterprise as it develops. In spite of the fact that there is work associated with the upgradation, however the fact of the matter is Magento is a flexible solution that can be utilized by practically everybody.#5 good compatibility with cross-browser:The cross-browser related services provided by Magento eCommerce development empowers good accessibility on myriad browsers, in this manner keeping any limitation on its utilization.#6 This platform is multi-currency and multi-lingual also:Another reason why developers keep their eyes glued to Magento for eCommerce online web development, is because Magento eCommerce services are best in bolstering cross-border language and also the multifarious payment methods.#7 Assorted range of storefronts & single backend:One of the most enthralling features to settle on Magento for your eCommerce business is because this platform provides enticing storefronts to choose from, for your online business to succeed eventually. Magento eCommerce developers feel over the moon in using this platform. They get varied shopping carts, to add on the website and also include multifarious catalogs & products for providing enthralling shopping experience to shopaholics in the world.#8  It provides best checkout option:Yet another reason to choose Magento for online tore development is because it provides amazing checkout option. Customers get the chance to avail just a single checkout for every product instead of checkout option for each one. This makes less empty shopping carts at the time of checkout.Wrapping up:So, the above listed are the best reasons as to why Magento is the top-rated platform for online store development for eCommerce business. This in turn helps you in creating super-rich store front online and helps you in getting higher revenues and decent lead generation for your online business. You are able to give enchanting facilities to your customers through online medium by the Magento eCommerce wonderful website. If you also have your eCommerce business, you can hire the experts of top Magento Development Company and we will assist you further.

How real estate development sector is recasting by Web Development
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The gen-next real estate sector is resorting to web development technology at a rapid pace daily. This is one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s date, and attracts various people related to real estate sector, such as home buyers, home sellers, to name a few. Many of the real estate and property entrepreneurs are taking their business to the next level by spreading their wings through online channel by reaching to numerous clients at the drop of a hat. They are also reaching to prospective customers who aspire to have lavish and swanky office, house, business space, etc. As the top real estate website design company, we are leaving no stone unturned in acceding to huge tech trends that hits the market in real estate sector and they also provide highly admired solutions for the property owners and also for real estate builders too.In the current scenario, consumer behavior is rapidly changing when the part is for searching attractive dream home. In the digitalized world, property-hunting process is changing rapidly. We have promising team of developers who take care of the needs of customers and help them from soup to nuts in dealing with the commercial real estate challenges around the world. Real estate sector has myriad state-of-the-art technology that gets unveiled by the IT sectors and we also have comprised it in other sub-sections- housing, commercial, retail, hospitality, etc.We have the app developers who understand the needs of the client and are also well-versed in working with trending technologies for helping businesses to flourish faster and efficaciously in various ways. We have the team of developers and programmers who keep themselves updated about recent technologies which arrives in market for making real estate sector advance. Real estate businesses are concerned for achieving present-date high-functionality online services such as the real estate web development and various others.If you have your top-rated real estate business and desire to design a stunning web portal, we have the best team to help you in making your real estate business reach new heights. We design enthralling real estate web portal as per your preferences and budget. We have clients from different parts of the world who are 100% satisfied with our services. Our business strategies help you in taking your business to the next level in very less span of time. We also thoroughly understand the technical confrontation with which gets included in this sector.All-embracing features of our real estate portal:Best platform for promoting your property. It helps people in listing, selling and buying of the property by just through the palms of your hands. It is the perfect solution for property selling and buying needs It helps people in finding new and advanced property according to sizes, price, location, by sitting anywhere. Feature listing of different properties.We make use of right kind of technology and top-notch platform which provides insight in booming brand performance swiftly. Having good expertise in real estate website Development Company, we provide myriad range of services as per your needs and which helps your real estate business succeed. We offer fully personalized real estate website design solutions for your company. We specialize in developing real estate web design projects which is as per your business needs.As this sector is fast growing and that is the reason why website developed for this growing sector, needs to be completely robust in different ways. This will help the property buyers, sellers, agents for listing their properties in terms of sale, and also the database. The real estate website which we develop helps you in getting higher profits and revenues and does provide strong platform for brokers and also the agents for establishing best web presence.Real estate website turns out to be the perfect technique which helps in marvelous search engine optimization, incredible market tactics, and all these features attracts the businesses of real estate across the world to our feature-rich services immensely.Final Thoughts:So, it can be said that the real estate sector is watching an upward trend in evolution through web development. All our IT web and mobile app development solutions have helped different sector industries heighten and get more number of clients with colossal and enormous revenues. The IT services we provide, also gives good happiness to the customers, as they get huge success through online channel.

Make Headway in the newfangled Swift Programming Language
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It was almost 3 years ago, Apple released the modish language Swift, which is all the rage these days. They divulged Swift as another programming language amid a WWDC14 keynote.Practically everyone expected incremental alterations and upgrades of the Objective-C programming language. Rather, Apple chose to make another promising programming language sans preparation: Swift is free of all the inheritance Objective-C has collected, yet Swift and Objective-C code are intended to live next to each other to make the change less demanding. Furthermore, in less than three years after its open declaration, Swift made it into the main 10 most mainstream programming dialects as detailed by the TIOBE Index in March 2017, and was named as the second quickest developing expertise in Q4 2016.Without a doubt, Apple has prodigious plans for Swift. Along these lines, regardless of the possibility that you aren't creating iOS or MacOS applications yet, learning Swift enables you to go for Linux, server-side improvement and most likely frameworks programming, as well. Be that as it may, to truly comprehend Swift and its esteem, how about we dig into the historical backdrop of Swift and what is the not so distant. This has also taken iOS Development to the next level.Awe-inducing Apple Swift: Programming the origin of feature-rich programming language:Chris Lattner is the man behind Swift, and he started building up this action-packed programming language amid his chance as an examination collaborator and pursuing Ph.D. at the University of Illinois. His object was to create a plain-sailing programming language that didn't require a pre-processor and was free of all the C and C++ inheritance. Chris started taking a shot at this deserving programming language as an examination venture called LLVM, a measured toolbox for building compilers. He intended to complete the task when he graduated, yet it was a long way from being creation prepared. To satisfy his fantasy and influence a genuine item to out of LLVM, Chris went searching for a place that would give him a chance to take a shot at LLVM. He discovered this place in Apple, where they contracted him to convey LLVM to generation quality.Know more about Swift programming language:Initially, it was simply Chris testing and playing around with his side venture on evenings and ends of the week. Be that as it may, as the venture began to come to fruition, administration and more specialists end up plainly included. Around then, the venture was still preferably an investigation than a noteworthy duty. In the end, the Swift task developed to a point where it couldn't be dealt with as a side venture any longer. In any case, Swift's future was not chosen yet. Also, there was as yet the consistently waiting inquiry of Objective-C. There are also various iOS Development Company nestled at USA and they provide services at reasonable rates for clients around the globe.Why not simply enhance Objective-C?There was Objective-C, a fight demonstrated, superior programming language. All in all, why not advance Objective-C – the programming language utilized by the whole Apple improvement group – as opposed to making another one from root?Apple kept on conveying extensive upgrades to Objective-C, for example, programmed memory administration with ARC, literals, and so on. (Indeed, huge numbers of the Objective-C improvements were made to convey Objective-C nearer to the – still super-mystery – Swift programming language.) But there was one center issue that couldn't be worked out with incremental changes: Objective-C is hazardous.Objective-C is a superset of the budding C programming language—it's constructed over C. And keeping in mind that C is an awesome programming language, it doesn't keep engineers from composing shaky code.After numerous discourses, it wound up plainly obvious that making another programming language was the approach—a present day efficacious programming language that is performing has a spotless sentence structure and gives a safe memory administration show. In June 2013, the official choice was made: Swift improvement ought to go ahead with the contribution of the Apple advancement instruments group.Swift is now open source programming language:Since Swift was launched, it's been constantly developing and evolving. About a year after its underlying launch, Swift 2.0 was reported, likewise at WWDC15. This time around, the programming had some real changes.Nonetheless, as Swift ended up noticeably open source, many individuals began making inquiries and tested choices made by the center Swift group: The measure of submitted recommendations and bug-fixes was overpowering. The unanticipated communication overhead caused some turbulence at first. It was an unnerving knowledge for the group: They were not set up for the horde of energized individuals and potential supporters.Be that as it may, the advantages of going open source were evident. What's more, now, a substantial group of expert designers have effectively contributed, and they've caused in moving Swift to the current date, where people love using this language a lot.The Verdict:Well, this particular high-functionality language is flourishing with each passing day and developers feel on seventh sky while making use of this trending language for the purpose of developing the apps. Apple is making constant efforts for enhancing the smashing features of this language. This will be of great benefits in near future among the ios app developers as it will help in developing various efficient apps on ios platform.

Roll out your eCommerce Website with Open Cart Development
Open Cart Development

As we can see that eCommerce is one of the rapidly flourishing sector worldwide and this call for making use of best web development platform for ushering in your enticing eCommerce website. OpenCart is one of these most admiring open source eCommerce web development platforms for PHP developers and programmers. This provides beguiling user interface and thrilling online store features which helps the developers create alluring storefront on web.Open Cart eCommerce platform is the apt platform to opt for, by the retailers where you can just install and download the shopping template as per your budget, preference and needs of your business. It helps the businesses to add varied products and you can begin with accepting orders online and generate whacking revenues for your business. It also provides high-functionality eCommerce extensions which includes order management, possibility for integrating myriad payment gateways and offering lifetime free software up gradation feature. The cherry on cake for using open cart development is that, it is quite search-engine friendly. Websites developed on this platform, tickle the fancy of businesses because it gets optimized faster.7 Groovy features of Open cart platform:For developing online store by this trending platform, is as easy as pie for the web developers. Various small to medium sized organizations can easily sell their products and services through this feature-rich platform. Development of sensational websites through this platform helps the owner for taking care of myriad online shopping transactions and it also helps in adding selected products in the cart, plus highly secured payment gateway.  This incredible platform provides enormous features which you must watch out for:#1 It has the impressive user interface which thrills the visitors to pieces.#2 It is highly flexible eCommerce web development platform.#3 One of the major benefit is that it is SEO friendly to the core.#4 It does not includes a king’s ransom for maintenance#5 It helps you to create good sales reports in the blink on an eye and creating the same through this platform is as easy as falling off a log.#6 It also provides breathtaking plugins, tempting templates, modules and varied add-ons.#7 It provides enticing option for giving product reviews.OpenCart customized website development:This platform, Open cart website development is one of the robust PHP/MySQL based, easy in usage, highly functional search engine and user friendly platform to consider for elegant eCommerce website development. This is considered to be the top-rated open-source online shopping cart eCommerce system which helps the online stores reaches new heights quite faster. The major benefit of developing website by this platform is that, it does not make a dent in your pocket when you opt for developing your eCommerce website through this platform. It helps the businesses in generating sales reports, efficiently adding of multiple tax rates, quite faster and easily. It is one of the ace eCommerce platforms which provide features that are customizable easily. This is also highly compatible with varied payment gateway integrations and also appealing templates which the online store owners can select from. The visitors and customers get numerous shipping methods for multi-currency transactions in plain-sailing manner, for amazing global experience. Developers have various reasons to single out this function-rich OpenCart platform for ripping online store development.This is also the most scalable platform to select for the eCommerce website development at a rapid pace with various features included. All you need is the skilled team which will help you in developing your attractive online storefront, by assisting you from soup-to-nuts, as per your needs and preferences incredibly. This will help you in getting massive success and take your business to the next level, by providing good returns by your online store efficiently. Hire eCommerce web developer who will help you in getting the online store developed, as per your budget, needs and according to your business. We have opulent experience of 7+ years in the field of fascinating website development which turns out as the gateway of whopping sales for the business owners around the world.Wrapping Up:Well, in short, it can be concluded that the OpenCart is one of the trending eCommerce web development platform which provides dazzling features for the eCommerce businesses of all sizes in the world. All the above attractive features have made OpenCart eCommerce Development as booming online store development platform in web development sector. It helps the online business succeed massively with good profits and ever-increasing visitors and customers.

Why makes WordPress CMS still efficacious for Web Development
Wordpress Developer

For all the web developers out there! Are you looking forward to know the trending web development technology in today’s date? Well, still in today’s date, web developers plump for WordPress for developing stunning websites for different sector organizations around the globe. You are as of now mindful of the way that entrepreneurs require a virtual nearness to make their mark in present time. An expert and pro-like website designing can help expand your odds of progress essentially. You most likely have even known about numerous web designers through which you can get your website designed for your business. You may even need a site for posting informative and engrossing blog posts, for wooing visitors.WordPress Development Services is all the rage these days, in this regard.Know about Wonderful WordPress platform:Have you known about WordPress? WordPress is an open source content administration framework. On the off chance that you don't know about CMS (Content Management System), it implies that this framework is open to use for all. Many people are occupied with this product to make it more hassle-free and simple to use. Therefore, open source content management systems are outrageously simple for resorting to. You simply wind up making a site in the blink of an eye! Regardless of the possibility that you are lost and don't recognize what to do, you will discover assorted kind of tutorials on the web with regards to making your own particular site WordPress. Besides, WordPress is continually getting refreshes which additionally pushes it towards being the best CMS accessible in the current date.It doesn't make any difference as to what kind of marvel site you need to make. You can make everything without exception with WordPress. With the perfect assistance of apt WordPress web designer modules; you can make the site, as you dreamt of. There are no such types of confinements. You can make one of the elegant website, for your business. You can make for the purpose of blogging. You can simply make a site devoted to your family! It fits to a wide range of needs! Hire WordPress CMS Developer who is laudable in skills and will help you for your requirements.#1 WordPress is the CMS which is skyrocketingOn the off chance that you as of now don't agree that WordPress is the best CMS then in the wake of perusing this article you will. You will admit to it once you have gone through all the reasons.#2 WordPress platform can be beneficial for everyone:In the event that you don't definitely know, WordPress is not only for bloggers; it is for everybody. From independent startup companies to bigger business, anybody can make utilization of this online webpage developer. You may be befuddled about WordPress and www.wordpress.com. WordPress is an open source programming which you can easily get from www.wordpress.org. Then again, www.wordpress.com is an administration which enables you to make individual sites or sites. The primary contrast between these two is the wellspring of facilitating. With the WordPress programming, you get the chance to have your own site. On the off chance that you've had any questions about it sometime recently, this ought to illuminate them.Since with WordPress you get the opportunity to have your own site, you can control everything. You are a definitive chief. You can make and deal with the greater part of your impressive content. You can outline it the way you need. There is no conclusion to what you can do with this product. You can incorporate oodles of modules. A portion of the modules offered by WordPress are free. This implies cherry-picking WordPress is a decent choice, as you get the chance to spare cash.Each individual has an alternate decision. You don't vital need to settle on one of the prior topics. You can just single out as per your will and vision. Previous subjects can be utilized as perspectives on the off chance that you are an amateur.Many individuals simply know WordPress as a CMS for independent startup or sites which post blogs. You will be flabbergasted to hear this however organizations like CNN and Vogue are making use of this enthralling software! Indeed, WordPress is efficient and robust software. It can go up against anything.#3 WordPress is just free for putting into service:The icing on the cake is that this platform is absolutely free to make use of. It will not cost you a single penny for utilizing. You have whole flexibility to utilize this software for your needs. You can adjust it as per your needs. You can expand upon the product and utilize it in any capacity you like. Obviously, there are a few components for which you need to make a dent in your pocket, say for instance, CSS alteration. For extra robust components, you have to certain a little measure of cash. As the top-rated WordPress development company, we have promising developers who will assist you from soup-to-nuts.Wrapping Up:WordPress is simple and you don't need to be a tech nerd to utilize it. Since there are thousand previous topics to work with, you can pass by without enlisting any engineer or developer. In the event that you require extra help, you can pick a WordPress master. Without any doubt, Wordpress is one of the ever-growing CMS for web development. One of the pre-eminent to choose this is that, it is highly secured platform and this makes web developers grin from ear to ear.

CakePHP vs Laravel: Which one to sort out for Web Development
Cake PHP Developer

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and there are wonderful technologies coming up in the field of web development. Well, it turns a head-spinning situation when it comes to plum for the web feature-rich web development technology which is all the rage these days. In this post, we will tell you about the most skyrocketing framework among the 2 awe-inspiring ones: Laravel or CakePHP Development, for your project.Compelling Cake PHP framework:CakePHP is the delicious framework which is an open source framework for the PHP. It is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern and written in language PHP. It is also just modeled after some of the concepts regarding Ruby on Rails and also distributed by MIT License. CakePHP makes use of the apex-rated software engineering concepts and also the software design systems, say for instance, convention over the configuration, active record, front controller, model view controller, association data mapping. This is also a kind of basis of structure for programmers and helps in developing super-rich web applications. The major goal is to accredit work in the structured and faster manner, in the absence of major flexibility. Competent CakePHP framework makes use of bug-free codes and structured coding for creation of wonderful websites. There are also different kinds of elements and constituents which are also well-organized. The reason why developers love this eyebrow-raising framework is because it has good capability for robust web applications.Laudable Laravel framework:Developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel framework is also the high-functionality framework for development of web applications and this makes use of model view controller architectural pattern to consider about. Some of the thrilling features of Laravel Development include modular packaging system having deserving dependency manager, and also varied ways for retrieving relational databases. Laravel is also considered as the top-notch PHP frameworks which help in faster application development. It is also quite hassle-free when it comes to trending features such as loading facility, ORM, etc.The expertise for developing some of the enthralling dynamic websites and alluring web applications makes this PHP, as one of the most smashing programming language from the developers’ point of view. This is the robust scripting language having varied frameworks, libraries and the tools.PHP frameworks provide astonishing maintainability, upgradability and also the hassle-free alteration of database to know about. This makes it back-breaking situation in judging the best framework for your enticing website. PHP framework is meant for providing simple change in database, upgrading feature, maintainability, etc.Comparison in both these flabbergasting frameworks:#1 Amazing open source framework which is free to use:Both of these beguiling frameworks are constructed on open source techniques. They are just free software and are being licensed in the MIT license. This also empowers the developers for using the technology without much of soul-crushing issues arising regarding pay structure.#2 It is also very simple in usage:Laravel framework makes use of command line interface which is called as Artisan and it is quite efficacious for easier and swift web development feature. Quite different from Cake PHP, it does not include the command line interface. It also helps the developers for creating their own kind of file and it is also a type of problem in itself. Laravel turns out to be feature-rich framework regarding ease of usage, by the developers.#3 As per the structure of code:Laravel performs better, if coding structure is concerned with. It is very simple in configuring and regarding development, and this provides it good benefit over CakePHP. This framework does not include any kind of system, but one of the major advantage it includes from laravel, is that, it is a powerful ORM (Object Relational Mapping). In this regard, CakePHP wins over Laravel.#4 Structure of framework:Laravel is exceptionally wonderful framework but not much better than CakePHP. This also does leave the architecture with much more open for the 3rd party plug-ins comparative to following of much uncompromising plug-in structure of CakePHP. Well, in certain cases, it gets plain-sailing to make use of current component, fully relying on third-party libraries can also lead towards maintenance nightmare and also something which enormous framework projects many a times suffer from. CakePHP also includes the astounding plug-ins which enables code for easily reusing, this in turn kees folder app completely neat.#5 Regarding portable concern:These 2 elegant frameworks run smoothly on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux. As the leading Cake PHP Development Company, we have the deserving developers who have good prowess in developing best in class websites for the clients around the world.#6 Support in these 2 frameworks:Good quality support is also anticipated by the developers who make use of the appealing and highly functional CakePHP framework. On the account of being into existence for good period of time, as compared to Laravel, this also has quite good community. This also helps developers in looking for the answers to different queries. Developers have quite good option for submitting questions on CakePHP website itself.Wrapping up:So, it can be concluded that, selecting the best framework, solely depends on developers, according to the incredible features of both of these frameworks. Both these amazing frameworks are quite exclusive in number of ways. Well, if you aspire to develop a dazzling dynamic website, then CakePHP turn out to be huge hit and Laravel works wonders when you desire to create APIs and the complex web application development. We are also the graded PHP Development Company which you can choose for your IT based project needs.

Apple’s 10th Anniversary Luxe Smartphone: iPhone 8
iPhone App Development Company

Apple is coming up with the 10th anniversary stunning smartphone: iPhone 8. This attractive and lavish smartphone will have some of the most incredible features to watch out for, by the Apple phone lovers. Different rumors regarding iPhone 8 tell that Apple does have something amazing for Apple phone lovers worldwide. There are stunning features in the phone which will make you feel over the moon. These smashing features include OLED display, also Touch ID feature, newfangled technology of augmented-reality and also the inclusion of wireless charging. In this post, you will know about up-to-the-minute rumors & news about awe-inspiring Apple iPhone8:Curtains from this phone will be raised in September:According to varied reports, it can be said that this stunning iPhone 8 would just ship later than just the normal one, at rock bottom, an analysis also says that state-of-the-art phone will be coming up in the month of September, moreover with the upgrading to iPhone 7 & 7 Plus.This iPhone 8 will not have Touch ID:Apple is going into some of the issues to find a way in fitting its fingerprint sensor located just below iPhone 8’s lavish display part. You will see that Touch ID will not be present in the new enthralling iPhone. This is also lending confidence for early reports which Apple will be relying regarding flabbergasting feature of face recognition which will be for unlocking the phone. Even iPhone app development companies are spreading its wings by coming up with lovely apps for use by the iPhone users.Home Pod feature:You will also see that the firmware for Apple’s new phone which will be having Home Pod speaker and it will also be the best collection of extraordinary things to know about this stunning iPhone 8 because developers will be examining scrupulously through the software to know about some hints, if any. Apart from this, developers have also checked about the elegant camera quality and features, charging ability, and also the classy resolution screen.When will iPhone 8 go on floors?Even in last some years, Apple has carried on launching events in the month of September, because phones will be coming soon after that only. If different hearsay is to be believed, some are anticipating iPhone will be getting launched in October and others tell that smashing new devices will be coming little later. The major cause for rumored delay is regarding the blend of constrained supplies in the parts along with some of the confrontation with Apple engineers, including some remarkable features in working aptly. For getting the feature-rich ios app developed, you must also opt to hire ios developers and they will help you in creating some of the high functionality apps for taking your business to next level.4 Fascinating Features coming up in iPhone 8:#1 Gorgeous Glass design in the phone:If the upcoming iPhone is concerned, this will include the all-glass designing which will make the phone appear to be enthralling. This dazzling model will be of 5.8 and 5.1 inches, as per hearsay. It will also provide appealing look to the new phone. Apple will be making use of stainless steel frame for one version of the phone, as per different reports, which are coming from Digitimes and Kuo.#2 Compelling facial recognition feature:This will be the eye-popping unlocking feature in the 10th anniversary Apple iPhone. As per the research note, Apple will also look forward to include a 3D laser scanner in front of its stunning phone which will be a new manner to unlock the device. Facial recognition will also be replacing 3D Touch as the major part for unlocking the phone.#3 It will have AI enhancements:Apple is also advancing about its feelings regarding artificial intelligence and this is the reason, AI will be the focal point to consider in this attractive smartphone. This state-of-the-art technology will be of great help in finding about your parked car to recommend which of the music you are required to stream up. This present-date technology will also be helpful in boosting your iPhone’s battery life too.#4 You will see Augmented-Reality ready in phone:Apple is also looking forward to have AR features which can be seen in the magnificent camera app. As per the reports of Bloomberg, iPhone is required to have AR-friendly features as the lovely company-wide effort for including first-rated technology in the products. Apple is also thinking to include rear-facing 3D laser in the all new iPhone and this will be helping in augmented reality based marvelous apps.Bottom Line:Well, it can be said that iPhone 8 is sure to thrill Apple fans to pieces because it will be loaded with outstanding features which will make iPhone lovers grin from ear to ear with each passing day. The features of this phone already allure people around the globe and this is the reason why they keep their eyes glued to the new and upcoming iPhone and its features. If you are an entrepreneur then you must also be trying to take your business to the next level by hiring web developers, commendable android app developers, and best iPhone app developers for your business to get new success online. Feel free to contact us and we will assist you.

5 Unexcelled Web Design Trends & Evolution in 2017

The whole world is getting digital tech-savvy in different ways. With every morning’s sun-ray, we see the some technologies getting released and this helps the IT industry to be taken to the next level. Year 2017 will watch massive evolution in the web design trends. In this ever-changing and fast pacing digital world, a website needs to be a robust storefront for your brand and organization. This needs to be quite efficacious in many ways so that it turns out a platform for colossal revenue to your business with each passing day. There are myriad web design trends to check out for, and this will lead to immense success for your growing business. Web Design Companies USA helps you in getting the most enticing website developed as per your brand.Check out the 5 spiffing web design trends of 2017:#1 Parallax web design:This is one of the fastest flourishing web design trend to watch out for in 2017 for getting your thrilling website created. It is being widely used for boosting user’s online experience when the user makes use of the website. Parallax designing resorts to assorted range of elegant backdrop images and changes the whole speed of the movements for coming up with an awe-inspiring illusion at the time of web surfing. Well, you might also see some of the disadvantages for making use of the parallax website, one of the incredible tools that will keep a viewer engrossed in different ventures on the website. All the thrilling backdrop or different kinds of images which are there on the luxe website, does progress at a very different speed as compared to rest of the page, as a whole. This superior animation technique which can be put into service for assisting the user on the particular site, and even for inducing their complete curiosity and this makes the page visit to last for much time.#2 Astonishing single page web design trend:This is the contemporary design trend to watch out for in the year 2017. Single Page Application (SPA) is springing up faster in today’s date. The growing usage of Javascript frameworks such as the AngularJS, BackboneJS and various others will help you in getting magnificent page refreshers at the drop of a hat. Eventually, this will help you in swift loading of the websites and also quite riveting view experience for any of the user. SPAs are also meant to possess splendid ability for reconfiguring any of the UI which does not certainly include any recovering HTML by the server round journey. Opt for the best web design &Development Company for your web design needs and you will get amazing results.#3 Astounding AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page):As we can see there is growing usage of fascinating mobile handsets for accessing of good web content, so the websites are now also extending their reach through mobile by creating AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and this has also come like the subset of HTML. These also make use of some JavaScript elements. These are generally created by reading of the content and are wholly personalized for not causing any kind of decline in the performance. It is much different from the websites which takes too much time in loading. AMP related sites works wonders in this regard because these are highly progressed and have faster loading capability. Moreover, these lovely websites are also differentiated by the sign of lightning flash and this also come into view. As the first-rated Web Design Outsourcing Companies in USA, we have the promising team of web designers and developers who will help you in your web development project.#4 Captivating canvas animation design trend:This is also a state-of-the-art web design trend to consider by web developers around the globe. Erstwhile static kind of web content can also get animated which leads towards enhanced user interaction and just decreased bounce rate. Well, this particular dazzling design trend must not be complicated with the GIFs because this latter helps you in merging of incredible images at the web platform for making the loop style video also, not enabling any influence with other kind of web page. Even the canvas constituent which is there in HTML5 will also be used for transforming anything at a web page for animation. It is very distinctive from Flash, this is being used like the external file and canvas component is nothing but its cross-browser feature which helps in removing any requirement of extra plugins for functioning.#5 Decreased minimalism web design trend:Well, it might be much alluring to know about the stunning trends in web designing in the near future. This present year of 2017 will have the most beautiful and enthralling de-cluttered appearance to know about. This does make it much compulsory for wide and the long running web pages which have awesome lustrous font which helps users keep their eyes glued to it. For having such mesmerizing appearance of lavish website designing, you can just make use of some white empty space and also the flabbergasting colors which provides classy look and feel for your impressive website.The Verdict:The entire above mentioned are sure to get under you website visitor’s skin and they will get enthralled when they check out your tempting website. This will eventually help you in taking your business to the next level gradually with each passing day. According to the voguish trend in web design, this will help you incredibly in selecting the best as per your budget & preference.

What is the Major Difference between Native Script & React Native
Native Script & React Native

As we can see that, newfangled technologies keep coming in the field of mobile app development, but some of the developers are not able to plump for the best one and they just desire to use the trending and function-rich technology. Here in this post, we will distinguish in 2 of the best technologies available for developing elegant mobile apps by the mobile app developers.As the developer, there are various kinds of frameworks in Mobile App Development Service, which will help you in creating flabbergasting and super-rich hybrid mobile applications which will help making life of people easy and safe. There is thrilling technology available which help you to write code just for once and later on, you will be able to run app on both, ios and Android. The major stumbling block regarding hybrid frameworks is that, they make use of the web view regarding rendering and just can’t access the native elements. This is the place where React Native and NativeScript provides some of the astonishing and solution in which you can just write once and run across various platforms which helps you in accessing of the native constituents in the same. Check out the detailed discussion about numerous pros & cons for both of the frameworks and this will also guide you immensely to fix on the most appropriate one, as per your needs.Distinction between Native Script & React Native:#1 Difference in Programming Languages:NativeScript makes use of TypeScript and also the Angular2. There is also a kind of uncanny and unnatural divide in between Angular users and also the plain TypeScript users, and this is present in the NS community. In this technology, at first, someone will wrap up native APIs in the TypeScript friendly equal. Later on, somebody else will wrap the same again in Angular 2 friendly equal. All you have to do is merge this with the fact that their community is just not vast enough and there are chances that, the conclusion will be to end with different missing parts of puzzle.React native, on other hand, makes use of JSX, which programmers, either love completely or hate completely, no in between. NativeScript keeps each single piece of component, divided. React fashion performs it all in just a single file. Both of these technologies can just be utilized in just old JS too, but you can also make use of the platforms’ preferred languages.#2 Differences in the performance:React Native offers the best Native experience and also through native contributing offers up to the minute faster experience.Nativescript also provides native contributing because it makes use of Angular for the same; it will comparatively be slow, as compared to React native too. We provide best iPhone App Development services to the clients around the globe.#3 Distinction in Community:React Native has the powerful and whopping open source community, as contrast with Native Script. React native outperforms Nativescript in every manner, if it is StackExchange or GitHub.According to GitHub, it is:NativeScript: 10K+ stars and also 850 ForksReact Native: 50K+ stars and also 12K+ is Forks#4 Difference regarding third party libraries:React Native technique is developed and also bolstered up by Facebook, and this has matured just currently. Various third party applications have begun offering API for React Native on daily basis.Nativescript also has colossal third party plugins which just don’t meet up for count of React Native Well, these kinds of plugins are just not verified 100%.#5 Differences in aim:Major aim of React Native is “Learn once, write anywhere”. The major goal of objective about React is, developing performance oriented user interface which looks appealing. React will also enable you to create and evince out-of-the-box UI for every platform.The pre-eminent aim of Nativecript is: “Write once, use anywhere”. This goes along with holistic perspective and you just have to run this smoothly through all of the 3 kind of platforms. Here Nativescript outshines the React Native.Bottom Line:Well, it solely depends on the part of developers for choosing the most trending platform for helping them in creating apps. As the top-notch Android Application Development Company, we have the adroit team of developers who keep themselves updated about contemporary technological advancements which helps them in easing the app development procedure. So, you just have to single out the one which provides good functionality and helps you in developing elegant apps faster.

Android Rolled out new version Android Oreo
Android O

Hello Android user out there! Here is one of the breathtaking announcements for you. Android has finally raised the curtain from the all new tempting Android Oreo. This Android 8.0 will have startling features to watch out for, by the smartphone lovers worldwide. There are various features coming up which will thrill Android users to bits.Awe-inducing features of Android Oreo to hit the floors:#1 It will have enthralling speed:This new stunning version will be having 2 time faster speed which will help Android users grin from ear to ear. This will also help in drastically reducing background activity in enticing apps which you use, one of the most exciting features.#2 Attractive Autofill features:This smashing feature will remember your logins for getting into your best-loved apps at the wonderful speed. You can also Hire Android Developers if you desire to add more enthralling features in the app.#3 You can view 2 lovely apps at once:This new Android O will also help you to see 2 attractive apps at once, say for instance, having the super strength and the laser vision.#4 Plunge into more flabbergasting apps with less taps:All you have to do is press notification dots to check out about something trending and then swipe away, this will clear the same. Android instant apps will also help you a lot. You just have to teleport direct into the new kind of striking apps, direct from browser and no such installing required.#5 Safeguarding of Google Play:This will also help you to keep your data highly secured by the misbehaving apps by scanning whopping 50 billion apps in a single day, also includes the ones which you might have not installed too. Android App Development Company also helps you to get the best Android apps developed, as per your choice and preferences.#6 Astonishing life saver:This new version of Android will also help you in keeping your battery life marvelous and brill at the moment you are talking, streaming, playing, and you can also feel quite self-assured regarding keeping your battery life robust.#7 Enchanting and alluring emojis:In this new sweet version of Android, you will get to express yourself more creatively in myriad ways. It will help you to share the lovely feeling in varied redesigned emoji set and this also has the addition of 60 incredible emojis which will leave you amazed with joy.10 Eye-popping features rolling out for your Android smartphone:#1 Astounding adaptive icons#2 Dazzling emojis inclusion#3 Flabbergasting homescreen for the appealing Android TV#4 Enticing framework of Autofill#5 Strong and efficacious pin app shortcuts included#6 Superb battery life feature#7 Lovely features of system optimizations#8 Elegant text choosing in Android Oreo#9 Notification dots will make you feel on cloud 9#10 Picture-in-picture modes will thrill you instantlySumming Up:So, it can be concluded that the above mentioned are the remarkable features of new Android Oreo and you will feel on seventh sky when you start using the same on your stylish Android handset. Are you looking forward to get most thrilling Android app created to flourish your business. If yes, you have come to the right place. We have laudable team of Android Expert who have colossal experience in developing award-winning Android apps which get huge number of downloads from Playstore.

Top 5 Reasons to Work With Cake PHP Framework
CakePHP Expert

There are various PHP web development frameworks available for the web developers, but the most delicious of all is the CakePHP framework. This is the most delicious PHP frameworks of all. This is created on MVC design pattern and you will also see the commercial production support which is there for the web developers around the world. It is completely based on the model-controller view idea, CakePHP is also said to make the web application development swift in different ways. This language is written in PHP and it is also completely open-source framework which is meant to create trending web applications. This Cake PHP framework also deploys the plain sailing designing patterns which also makes the code work clear and faster.In the PHP segment, delicious Cake PHP is also one of the older frameworks to make use of, in the web development process. There are mind-blowing reasons for web developers to opt for this framework for whole of your project needs. One of the gripping reasons why you must work with this framework is also reverse routing. Reverse routing enables the utilizing of the key which is present in key value array for making used in value. The developers feel over the moon as they can adjust URL structure by making use of the codes in just one spot as a substitute for code change. So this is quite appealing reason for developers to save time. Even the configuration in this framework is very low.5 Fantastic reasons to choose CakePHP Framework:#1 It has the support of ORM:CakePHP also has the brilliant inbuilt ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and this is also quite proficient to note about. Working on the databases and CRUD is as easy as a pie. As of now, there are around 2 kind of versions available for the web developers: version 2 and version 3. The CakePHP version 2 is not meant for supporting PHP package manager who is said to be the composer but this Cake PHP Web Development version 3 has other great advantages. This makes it much easier to use Cake version 3 as it has got numerous ways for improvement in the recent ORM for current version.#2 Built on the MVC pattern:Model View Controller is giant in the case for data handling, and the model class which is easy for you to insert, updating or for reading of data directly through database. Controller is best known for responding and processing to the events and is also helpful in modification of data much before the communication with model (database). View is mind-boggling for supporting rendering of data for the screen. This is the reason this particular MVC is simple to separate the logic through the presentation and this is quite useful for the larger kind of applications development and the websites making.#3 It is easy to expand with plug-ins and components:Yet another reason why this framework is loved by the developers is because this enables for creation of parts in the re-usable code and this is quite of great help in cases where there is just more than one kind of project. The libraries present in CakePHP framework, amazing functions can also be located in the components, helpers and also in the combination of various Models, controllers, views just like the plug-ins and in this manner it gets simple for you to modularize your dream projects. This reduces the work of developer in writing code from the ground. Single out the leading Cake PHP Development Company who will guide you in your project needs.#4 Ajax in the Cake PHP:You will also see the Ajax helper in this particular Cake PHP framework and it is present in core libraries which is quite efficient to utilize in multifarious ways, right from giving in through the Ajax, Event observer or may be for the building of Autocomplete. PHP framework of cake makes use of Ajax with inclusion of Prototype and the Scriptaculous.#5 Created in the validation:Regarding the coding through Cake PHP, validation part is the most significant to consider and this is also quite useful feature to watch out for, this does makes you to affix multifarious advanced rules regarding the validation rules for the single field itself. One of the excellent reason to jump on the bandwagon of Cake PHP framework, being the web developers. Also the presence of attractive plug-ins helper and the components which is present in CakeForgesite, and this helps save time for developers in writing code.Sum Up:Well, as it can be seen that this awe-inspiring framework has long list of benefits and so this is a must-use for the web developers around the globe. As a businessman, if you are looking forward to spread the wings of your business by an elegant website, then you must Hire Cake PHP Developer who is laudable in the skills of web development for different size companies through this admirable framework.

Which Programming Language is all the Rage these Days: PHP vs Python
PHP vs Python

In this fastest tech world, you will find that any of the technology which gets introduced today, turns out to be outdated tomorrow. With every new morning’s sun-ray, a new technology hits the market which takes the IT sector by storm. This has led to keeping updated from the programmers and developers’ side. There are various kinds of technologies to check out for. Well, it gets mind-numbing situation for the entrepreneurs to plump for the developers and programmers who are commendable is trending Server Side Programming Language for their web apps and mobile apps development necessity.Python and PHP are 2 of the most voguish programming languages to watch out for. PHP on the one hand, is basically made to bring into play as server side scripting language and Python, on the other hand, is resorted to availability and for dynamics. Much alike, these 2 programming languages are heightening in the field of web developed, from the developers’ perspective. Both of these languages have incredible advantages to know about. Every developer wants to know which of these 2 is skyrocketing these days: PHP vs Python for Web Development process.Prominent PHP Programming Language:Developed by Rasmus Ledorf, this is one of the leading programming languages available to the developers and programmers around the globe and helps in web development process without any hassle. The moment this particular thrilling language was developed, it was soon appreciated by the developers because of the ravishing features included in it. PHP language comes up with the new smashing trends which make programmers feel over the moon in using for web development.Promising Python language:This is also the unrivalled programming language for the programmers, and it was developed by Guido van Rossum as ABC language replacement. The smashing reason why this language is hit among developers is because this language is loaded with amazing features and is also having Unicode support. This language is very different from PHP; Python from the start was just created for full stack programming language, just being irrelative of web development itself.What is familiar in these 2 languages? Python & PHP:Both of these feature-rich languages are plain-sailing to grasp, if compared with Perl, C++. Both these flabbergasting languages are followed by the whole detail documentation. These both high functionality languages are open source and just can get advanced only by users by improvisation. Both these languages also have good community base which helps in great deal for programmers to learn these languages efficaciously. These languages are just highly versatile to watch out for.What is the dissimilarity in these 2 function-rich languages?#1 Through syntax point of view:You would like to know that the whole syntax of language is composed of the grammar rules. You will also find that major distinction lies in different kind of languages, be it programming or the spoken, you will see huge distinction in syntax part itself and also entire process of grasping language by grammar focus. The syntax in PHP is just similar to syntax in C language. Major elements used in writing codes by this language, are curly brackets, operators, and also various characters. On the other hand, syntax of Python is just based upon the breakup of code with the tabs and different spaces, and this does help in pacing up of whole process of coding which in turn leads to heightening of careless errors. It is also simple to give commands through this language. You must perform well-versed research to Hire PHP Developer for your IT based requirements.#2 By the development logic point of view:Python language is much of the aspect-oriented and it does breaks up program function and differentiate program in many of the modules. PHP, on the other hand, is object-oriented language and also encapsulate the code modules which include different functions and data into varied objects. So, through this Python, developer does make distinct functional modules and later on registers the relation between “if-then”support.Other differences in PHP & Python:Python is one of the adjustable programming languages and PHP is just managed & tuned. In PHP language, additional libraries can be loaded manually and in Python, special packages are required. It is just dissimilar to PHP, wherein, to assure software security involves much of the extra tools and applications which do get written in programming language Python and these are the safe too.Which programming language to single out? PHP vs Python:Well, when it comes to plump for the best programming language, it must be noted that, both of these languages are quite different from each other. Again, it solely depends on the developers, as to which language is the best to opt for web development purposes. From the developers’ side, choosing the apt programming language depends on various factors like features, ease of learning, etc.Bottom Line:It can be concluded that, selecting the best from Python & PHP depends more or less on flexibility, versatility and also the nativity factor. If selecting the most pre-eminent programming language is concerned, as a developer, then it completely depends according to the web development tasks. So, dear developers out there! I hope this article must have made you feel on seventh heaven. So, just choose PHP vs Python for Web Applications wisely.

Which are the first-rated programming languages to rule in 2017?
Python Development Company

In the sector of web development, there are multifarious programming languages which are available to web developers, programmers, engineers. Well, when it comes to plump for the top-notch programming language, it is then that it turns head-spinning situation for programmers and developers around the globe. There are numerous programming languages to watch out, but you must opt for the most trending one which will make you feel on seventh sky for the web development process. It is a soul-crushing moment for the web developers and programmers to single out the trending programming language that helps in web development.5 Unrivalled programming languages which will rule in 2017:#1 Promising Python programming language:This particular programming language will make the beginners feel over the moon because it is very easy to understand language. This particular language works wonders when it comes to support the object-oriented, function-based programming, and also the procedural programming too. You will find awesome nugget of python language community which helps to solve any of your query, and this eventually makes it plain sailing for you to get access faster. It helps in creating mind-boggling web and desktop based apps. We offer unsurpassed Python Development Services to different clients around the globe. Giant companies like YouTube, Mozilla, Dropbox, NASA, Yahoo makes use of this function-rich language.#2 Incredible Java language:Yet another amazing programming language for developers is Java language and this helps you for creation of attractive web and mobile apps for the companies of different sizes. It must also be noted that this is also the oldest programming language and reaching new heights with each passing day. It is prodigiously popular for usage by web developers around the globe. The reasons why developers keep their eyes glued to this particular is because of the fact that there are marvelous resources, it is being used by the developer worldwide with ease in usage. This particular trending language originates its language through the C and C++ and this is reason why multifarious courses commence by these languages before plumping for the Java. This language is being used by Uber, Yelp, Intel, eBay, Spotify.#3 Robust Ruby on Rails language:Yet another feature-rich language is Ruby on Rails and this is the framework, Ruby being the highly competent programming language which is used in this regard. The reason why developers gets thrilled to pieces by using this language, is because reading this language is as easy as pie and so this language is highly recommended for everyone through sans-programming experience. Ruby is nothing but a cluster of multifarious shortcuts and quite compelling for beginners and amateur programmers in the world. ROR is being used across the world for creating enticing web apps which appears to be quite elegant. Developers also feel on cloud 9 by using this language because development process takes very less time through this language. Top-rated companies making use of this language are Hulu, Airbnb, Bloomberg, Groupon, SoundCloud.#4 Powerful C & C++ language:The Best Programming Language 2017, this also helps in development of promising web and mobile apps for companies of different sectors in the world. These 2 languages which are action packed with features also form whole basis for the languages such as Java or some different complex languages. It is quite simple in learning this language for programmers. This language being function-rich, the programmers love to jump on the bandwagon of this particular language in efficacious manner. Being used for the app development, this language is being used by the giant companies like Facebook, Microsoft-windows, Android OS Chrome server, and also the large kind of universities too. The trending reasons for using these languages is that it goes well for the low-level programming, for the game developers, it gives marvelous advantages.#5 Smashing SQL Language:The reason why this particular language woos the programmers is because it is the language which is in-demand. As per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, there were around 56000 developers in around 173 countries who were asked for the trending technologies used and the reply was SQL being the second most used language, after JavaScript.Wrapping Up:Dear programmers! I hope this post must have helped you a lot to single out the most awe-inspiring language for making your web development process simpler and also easier to the core. As the graded Python Web Development Company, we also have the laudable and adroit team of Python developers for developing the super-thrilling website for your 0business that will help you to attain new heights with each passing day.

All about new-fashioned technology: Android O Developer Preview
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Well, state-of-the-art in Android segment has been launched. This is the Android O Developer preview. Along with this, Google is reaching new heights by coming up with the trending and thrilling technology. As per the Google, Developer preview 4 is like the “release candidate” and this just implies that despite it is just focused at the team of developers, also the early adopters and the beta testers must get much comfortable when it gets loaded at production devices also. This state-of-the-art technology is there for usage on Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Pixel C, Nexus Player, also the Android Emulator. Google feels over the moon by releasing the final Android O APIs for earlier Deverloper Preview and so this is just quite uplifting for developers around the globe in all Mobile Application Development Companies worldwide.Know more about the O Developer Preview and DownloadThis particular technology involves all-embracing features for the developers and these helps in testing your apps efficaciously for multifarious screen sizes, also the network technologies, GPU/CPU chipset, and also regarding the hardware architectures included.One of the trending ways of starting with this feature is by developing and also for testing, and this helps to enroll the complete devices which is for support in the Android Beta Program. If you have made up your mind in installing the system image, then you will be checking the links for this complete page in downloading any kind of enthralling system image and also by flashing it to your whole device. When you make use of this updated technology, you will get to know that there are multifarious hardware devices, right from attractive phones to TV and tabs. Once you are done with installing of system image for your thrilling and stunning device, check out the programmer overview to know the timeline and the migration guide.2 Smashing ways to get Previews for your stylish handset:#1 You can just enroll for OTA system update:This can just be done by Android Beta program itself. When you will just enroll, then the device will be said to get systematic over-the-air (OTA) updates for the milestones only and it just creates N developer preview. If you come across the upcoming Android release, you will see that your device gets upgraded by itself to this high functional version. If you opt for this particular version, you will see the seamless transition and just by your recent environment and also by the numerous launches of N Developer preview for the releasing version.#2 You can just download a developer preview system image and flash your whole device:The whole of OTA updates will not offer automatically for various handsets which you can flash automatically and by yourself, but you can just register all of those kinds of devices at Android Beta Program in getting updates from OTA. If some distinct Android version gets launched, you will be downloading some kind of device image which is also final from also the complete factory images.Signing up your device for auto updating:When you just get whole access for device that is in support, it is then that you will get over-the-air upgrades for preview versions of Android, when you just enroll your luxe device at Android Beta program. All these feature packed up gradation can just get downloaded without any hassle by itself and it will be upgraded for your trendy handset like the official system upgrades. You also have the best alternative for un-enrolling your enticing device as per your comfort. Then it gets OTA update to almost many of the latest production release for your whole Android system for that particular handset, like Android 7.1 Nougat. This update also needs comprehensive reset of your device and this makes the user data to be taken off. One major factor to keep in mind is to keep back up of your data which you need it and then opt for un-enrolling the device. You can hire Android Expert for your Android app services also.Wrapping up:Well, I hope that this ground-breaking technology must have made you feel on seventh sky, as you are Android developers. Being the leading company of Android App Development USA, we have the promising team of developers, engineers, programmers who will assist you developing the useful and good-looking mobile apps which will be of great help you in helping your business reach new heights. You can feel free to contact us for your Android based IT needs regarding your business.

6 Voguish Web Design Trends in eCommerce Website Designing
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In the year 2016, eCommerce website designing had been taken to the next level and there had been lovely web design trends in coming up in this field and this will also help you in taking your business to the next level, thereby earning higher revenues and getting good customer-base. Well, you just need to know about the lovely and elegant web designing trends and these will make your visitors go awe.Here is the list of 5 lovely eCommerce web design trends which will leave you amazed with joy:#1 Mobile responsive design will be reaching new heights:There was a time when the eCommerce websites were being used to be designed, by keeping in mind about the desktop itself. Later on, these designs turned out to be highly mobile responsive because these days, people just love to make use of trendy smartphone more, as compared to the desktop. The eCommerce Web Design trends are being changing completely, from then to now. As it can be seen that customers prefer shopping from their stylish mobile handset itself, and this has led to designers thinking of mobile first design, while designing of feature-rich website.#2 Semi flat designs will rule in the year 2017:Yet another enthralling eCommerce web design trend which will be spreading wings is that of semi flat design, and this is also being loved by most of the people in world. Semi flat design helps in making design quite enticing to gaze at. Even the users will be able to get incredible experience. In the year 2017, it can be said that semi flat designing will make eCommerce flourish swiftly. With the use of this trend, website appears to be trendsetting and also up-to-the-minute. The whole of eCommerce sector is coming up with new-fashioned technologies in semi flat designs also.#3 Alluring images looks enticing:Ravishing images works wonders for the eCommerce sector to make the visitors keep their eyes glued to the websites. If research is to be believed, then more than 90% of people do feel that many of the visuals are just powerful factor which just affects the decision regarding buying. An elegant eCommerce website can easily show the attractive and amazing products. Fascinating images of products tickle someone’s fancy in the blink of an eye. This is the strong factor which will be ruling in this eCommerce segment for the visitors and customers around the globe. Hire Dedicated Web Designer for giving attractive look to your eCommerce website, instantly.#4 Marvelous material designs will also rule:Material design will also be ruling the eCommerce segment at the drop of a hat. Alluring designing matters the most in this sector, it is getting quite popular and all the rage these days. Different eCommerce companies are getting colossal success by implementing this gorgeous material designing. Multifarious killer material designing features also involves catchy card related layout, animations which are quite responsive, and also the transitions too. This kind of material design will also be trending in the near future with each passing day.#5 Hamburgers shown at the left side:These are also quite in trend these days and this does makes the website look trendy and super-thrilling. There are numerous sites which makes use of the hamburger menus. Bootstrap is one of the leading frameworks which are being commonly used in this regard, around the globe. Year 2017 will see the rapid change in this sector and we will see the luxe hamburger menus placed at left side on the wonderful website. Various giant companies have already started implementing on this stylish trend, like Google and many others.#6 tantalizing typography matters:This year of 2017 will also see the rising trend in typography, widely. This needs to be very flexible which looks great and also senses-soothing. Larger typefaces appears to be just very strong and provides feisty message for your customers and has quite massive impact on varied aspects for stunning websites that does include the mood, readability and also gives the top-graded user experience, etc. It will be helping you for creating debonair brand for your startup. It will help you augment your client-base and generate good revenues.Bottom Line:Well, these above mentioned are the trending eCommerce trends that will be spreading wings in the year 2017 for these sector entrepreneurs worldwide. This will surely make them grin from ear to ear when their business will see an upward trend with robust brand. Have you just created your startup and looking forward to find the services of leading Web Design Companies in USA, if yes, and then you have come to the right place? All you need to do is, just ping us at sales@arkasoftwares.com and we will help you in your project from soup to nuts.

6 Smashing eCommerce Platforms for your Online Store
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Are you running a startup of eCommerce business? Do you desire to grow your eCommerce customer base through online channel?If the answer to the above questions is a big yes, then you are headed to the right place. Here in this post, you will know how to grow your profits, revenues and increase your customer base, through the best eCommerce platform for small business to know about. Many people around the globe are internet users and they just want to have the safe, secure and easy way to make online purchases by sitting anywhere. All you need is the best eCommerce Development Company for meeting your needs.Related: HOW MUCH DOES AN ECOMMERCE WEBSITE COSTAs we can see that the eCommerce markets is reaching new heights with each passing day. Technology is advancing in the blink of an eye. Well, in this particular segment, there are certain factors to be considered like the Payment Gateway which helps in the integration with your eCommerce site. You will be able to run your eCommerce store, by sitting at home or at office itself. You require excellent technique for your products listing, shopping carts management, orders processing and also for the purpose of personalization of different things with your branding of eCommerce store. So, are you all set to know about the top-notch eCommerce platforms for your online store?6 Awe-inspiring eCommerce Platforms for your online store:#1 Open Cart:One of the top rated open source CMS for the eCommerce. This has the simple for using backends and also supports the systems which are just not include all the elements when compared with different platforms. There are amazing plugins included and CSS can also be just edited through the admin. Altogether it is the perfect platform for your online store creation.#2 Magento:You will be able to see around 100000+ eCommerce websites which are being created at Magento platform. Having the long list of advantages, this is also far cry from others, for your best online store. Enthralling plugins and extensions of this platform, makes eCommerce business owner grin from ear to ear. One of the function-rich platform and you can get the dedicated developers with ease, for the development of eCommerce online store. The icing on the cake is that, it will not cost you a king’s ransom for getting your online store developed by this platform. It is also strong platform with good personalization of functions. Also quite SEO friendly platform and this will help you to grow your customer base and revenues. You can also find the community for assistance through the tutorials and troubleshoot.#3 Shopify:Shopify is yet another extravagant eCommerce platform for you to know about and you will just be able to reach new heights by your online store creation through shopify, it will surely help you in getting good profits and revenues. There are around 70000+ websites which makes use of Shopify because it is one of the trending platform. Some of the elegant features in this are large number of the add-ons and also the professional appearing templates which you can opt for the classy and attractive storefront. Also the feature of 24/7 customer support makes this as the best eCommere platform for startups. Your customers can be reached through phone, online or also the live chat in this platform. SEO compliant is one of the major benefits why eCommerce businesses keep their eyes glued to this platform for growing their business rapidly.#4 BigCommerce:Yet another thrilling eCommerce platform to watch out for is BigCommerce and this helps in the creation of online businesses with ease. There are also about 80000+ websites which makes use of this hosted platform for your eCommerce business. It provides elegant features for the online store owners and this does includes the user interface usage as easy as a pie. We provide the best Big Commerce Development Services for the clients around the globe and affordable price makes them grin from ear to ear.#5 OS Commerce:Yet another feature-rich platform for your online store is the OS Commerce and there are multifarious websites which are being created by this platform because it is the open source technology which provides feature-rich advantages to the store owners. This had also been the early open source platforms being available for eCommerce business. What makes the business owners grin from ear to ear is that this platform is easy to install and has simple user interface. For your help, there is also the active forum with huge support base. There are also various plugins and the add-ons which enables inclusion of different functionalities.#6 PrestaShop:PrestaShop is also one of the best in class eCommerce platform for your online store. Much similar to the Wordpress or when you just install the WordPress software for just your own server, then this Prestashop also lets you for making use of same kind of tools in the cloud just on your own itself. You will just be able to begin your store with the help of PrestaShop’s classy features and also for the product listing along with some popovers too. This will also help the faster browsing by everything which you sell and with the less visits to more product pages. Different features also involve same kind of tools involved in the cloud just on your own. Prestashop also lets you for running the multiple stores even from the same kind of admin account itself.Final Thoughts:requires the selection of Best eCommerce Development Company who have skilled and laudable team of developers, engineers, programmers for your eCommerce web development needs. This will be of great help to you for the product promotion, supporting the customers and also for store functioning smoothly. This market is going on increasing at a rapid pace with eCommerce startup launching faster by people and they just desire to increase the customer base and achieve higher revenues.

All About Newfangled Technology: Apple ios 10.3.3
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Top-tier giant company in the field of smartphone, Apple has raised the curtains from state-of-the-art technology Apple ios 10.3.3. Well, now the question arises for the tech-world is that, how will this be accepted by the world? Should you just upgrade with this recent technology and how will it be quite beneficial to you? This post will help you to know, if iPhone Application Development Companies in the world must jump into the bandwagon of this technology or not?As to the matter of fact, Apple beta have also tested this particular release for about 2 months in 6 of the betas, and this is just extreme for just about minor point release. But before you make up your mind to upgrade for this latest version, you just need to know about something about the same:5 Enticing Features of ios 10.3.3#1 Who are the target audience for ios 10.3.3?This up to the minute ios 10.3.3 is just anticipated to be the last version of ios 10 launch, and just like the antecedents is remarkably compatible with the top-rated iPhone 5 or just the upcoming one, even the stylish iPad 4 or later trends and also the 6th generation iPod or the touch or even later version. After being said that, the new coming 3 models will just not be having ios 11, so this makes it to the last version of this ios 10. For updating to these settings, you will be able to get informed in automated manner and if not, then it will just be getting activated through the navigation- Settings>General>Software Update. This ios 10.3.3 size also differs as per the devices also; generally it is only in the range of 80-100 MB.#2 If you desire to install this version:The all new version of Apple ios 10.3.3 might be very smaller in size, but it does play a significant role. If you will see about security issues being fixed, then it is just very serious, and it just establishes no new kind of bugs, though even not the ones which can be far higher than secluded incidents. Even the reverse side of ios10.3.3 is that, it just enables you to rather too many bugs be detected, and final launch of the ios 10. There is also hidden notion that Apple will just be able to push this ios 10.3.4, and as of now there is no such sign about the same for the beta testing and the launches just covers above partly. Every iPhone App Development company is looking forward to upgrade for this new version.#3 This new technology helps you for app support:One of the reasonsto upgrade for this new version is because of the fact that this technology also helps you for app support. The current example is of Asana. In the month of April, Asana came up with the action-packed updated features which are meant to efficaciously kill support for the Apple’s ios 8 operating system. If you are recently making use of Asana, that does implies that you are making use of the device which is running on ios 8 and you didn’t check out with the feature of ios10.3.1, you will just need to make use of the same.#4 Whatsapp fanatics must upgrade to ios 10.3.3:If you just love to use Whatsapp to the extreme, then the ios 10.3.3 version is meant for you. You will surely love to use the same. In this year earlier, WhatsApp also came up with the best update for the famous ios app and it also provides with the best improvised support for the SiriKit. This does implies that you will be able to ask Siri for reading all of your WhatsApp messages. All you need to use is “Hey Siri” command and then ask Siri for reading your messages too. For answering to message of your friends, family and the co-workers, will get as easy as the pie, through the use of Siri, with the help of your voice itself.#5 Upgrade to ios 10.3.3 if you are facing any soul-crushing ios problem:Yet another beneficial reason for upgrading to the new version of ios 10 is, if you are facing some of the nerve-wracking problems with your ios. Say for instance, if you are going through the bug or any performance issue on the ios 9 or any kind of older version about ios 10, you will also be thinking for just installing the ios 10.3.3 for your device. This will surely create some of the good impact on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch’s awe-inspiring performance. This ios 10.3.3 version update’s alteration log will not work for providing exact bugs Apple’s fixed for the current maintenance launch. This ios 10.3.3 update will also be patching the quality-oriented performance issues which you will just be dealing with, on just the older version about the ios. All of these matters also involve UI bag, problems with the WiFi or the worse battery life also.Final Thoughts:So, the above listed are the reasons which will make you feel on seventh sky when you will upgrade to the ios 10.3.3, all new version of Apple ios 10, and it will make you feel immensely happy. As the entrepreneur, you might also be looking for the ios App Developer for Hire, for getting the quality-oriented ios app developed for your business, and taking it to the next level.

5 Breathtaking Medical Website Design Trends 2017 to Thrill Medical Professionals
Medical Website Design

In this digital tech world, every professional desire to spread the wings by getting more clients for business. This is the reason why people are making optimum use of the web, to achieve great success. Coming to the medical profession, in this case also doctors desire to gain good advantage of web world for getting huge success. Everyone is using the internet for enhancing their search about anything. In this regard, a stunning Medical Website Design plays a major role for the medical professional, and also for the patients. A good medical website design must be created by using amazing design trends. It must be updated regularly, by using the recent technologies which comes in the market. Patients check out for the reviews of every doctor, over the internet. People also make well-versed research about any hospital or the practicing doctor, on the internet.To get a website developed is the foremost thing, but the next part is to understand the requirements which the website must include. Technology keeps on changing in the blink of an eye. There are various website designing trends to consider for the purpose of developing and designing lovely medical website.A feature-rich medical website must be such that, it helps in connecting with the patients and interact with their brand. The perfect blend of knowledge will just enable your medical site as the professional site, which uses the recent technology trends. So, which are the thrilling medical website design trends of 2017 for the medical professionals? You will read in this post further.5 Fantastic Medical Website Trends in 2017:Here is the compilation of thrilling medical website design trends to watch out for in 2017:#1 Responsive web design:This website design trend is all the rage these days, the reason being, users desires to get the same experience of website viewing, on all the multifarious screen sizes and also the resolutions. A patient wants to have the same kind of website visit without any hassle on the handset, laptop, computers or any other relevant gadgets. As it can be seen in the current scenario, smartphones are the trending way to get any kind of medical information, right from the palms of your hands, in just a click away. This has led to the development of websites which provides good quality user experience on the electronic gadgets which provides information. To know if your function-rich Healthcare Website is highly responsive, you just need to test the same on various platforms. In this way, you will be able to know that your patients are able to get good experience by your website visit.#2 Easy navigation feature in the website:Yet another incredible feature to be included in healthcare website designing is that, it must be navigated easily and this helps to expand search of any patient, easily. You must include different sections for knowing about information such as doctors, services, etc. Searching functionality on a website will helps the user to find any medical information, from soup to nuts. The navigation bar of the medical website must be simple in usage for the patients around the globe. Normally, the websites have the best navigation bar which stay at the top of your web page and patients and check any of the information in plain sailing way. Inclusion of the navigation bar in your website follows the user in whole of the experience.#3 Elegant flat designing of your website:This can be done in simple way and creating the quality oriented user interface by including the major elements of the healthcare website for the optimum user experience. You must opt for the simple and elegant appearance of the flat design and this will enable your site for focusing on usable consumer content easily. Simplicity will also enable your entire website for telling amazing story regarding your practice. Flat design also has the wonderful minimalistic design which makes use of the crisp typography and also the larger backgrounds too, and this has the good visual appeal for your information to tell your patients. By making use of flat design, you can also make good use of the whitespace do exclude the unwanted items and provide it the business feeling too. The complete blend of all these elements provides captivating and appealing look to your website and gives the whole professional look.#4 Regarding the tock images, less is always more:If you make the perfect usage, then the stock photos turn out to be interesting and also quite captivating content for your entire website. These are quite lower costly option for the photos which are just shot in the professional manner, and it can also be a last minute option, if you need something faster. We are also seeing the decrease in usage of the stock photos through the medical websites. But now-a-days, it is the trend of using the authentic and genuine photos regarding your practice, apart from any of the generic image too. Your website must also be for the achievement of a purpose. You can also opt for adding the photo of yours and also of your team.#5 Your homepage must also be long:It can also be seen that, today is the trend of websites of long scrolling. This might be because of the success of famous social media websites like the Facebook, and this also enables us for scrolling up to longer time and also persistently watching new content. People are also opting for this particular style trend in medical website design.Parting Thoughts:So, if you are also a medical professional and looking forward to help your patients search you, then you must note the above listed significant features to be included in the Medical Website Design and this will help your patients to get good information from your website. This will help you greatly.

5 Must to know factors for every App Developer
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Mobile app development sector is booming rapidly and there are multifarious advanced technologies coming up in the sector of mobile app development around the globe. Well, before looking forward to start with the mobile app development, it is then that, you must know some of the factors in mind and these factors will help you a lot in the mobile app developing sector. It can be damn easy for building the mobile applications, but something which is quite important is that, it will help the app developers to give good user experience too.Related: 6 FAR-REACHING TIPS TO CONSIDER HIRING PROMISING APP DEVELOPERWith each passing day, stunning and appealing handsets are being launched for the handset users, around the globe. And there are different fantastic smartphones of different screens sizes. This has led the developers to come up with some of the trending mobile apps to be used for different operating system, ios, Android, etc,5 Important factors to know for every app developer:#1 Location missing factor:In the current date, in smartphones, location feature is all the rage these days. This also makes the developers to include the same in the app. Moreover, Mobile App Developers just don’t support the location feature at the time of mobile app development or web app development. Well, if the locations services are added in the app, then it is quite possible to have the amazing experience, as like the search application which does keep a track, as to where the user is, and also offering the locally advertising which is just applicable to the advertising. Hence, one of the factors is that, developers need to know ravishing methods for creating feature-rich interfaces.#2 Know regarding touch interfaces:All the developers and designers, who are in the field of creating amazing applications for the ravishing handsets, need to have quality knowledge regarding the interfaces. This requires good knowledge in the designing plus the UX point of view, if compared to the coding part. One of the restrictions is that, as an app developer, you must not at all diverge from the major purpose of the app and make your complete plan to create good functionality app, in just few clicks, for the user.#3 Overlooking of native v/s web selection:You are required to quite observant, if it comes to determine from the native or the web development part. Developers are also required to make decision for making apps flourishing on the native benefits and also have the app being downloaded at the device or for building the web apps which has good functionality on mobile OS’s web kit facility also. The latter option makes it as the standalone apps, doesn’t matter much, if they are functioning on web kit browser services. This is also the important factor in Mobile App Development, and app developers must know this.#4 Hardware over-reliance:It can be seen that, with each passing year, smartphone devices are into employing of faster chips and these are also for giving response better for the graphic processors and also for hardware acceleration, also for enhancement in the complete animation effects also. At first, you just need to think about, if the user will be gaining something from the experience or just not at all, and later on making use of the hardware to support the feature-rich app. For example, animations will be able to utilize the bolster screen transitions in the mobile application. You must know that, you just don’t have to make the speed slow, for any of the application or the unnecessary input for such processor oriented methods.#5 Consider about the user experience:Being a laudable mobile app developer, your major focal point needs to be on the targeted user and also for depth of the problems. When you calculate some issues, which they are just going with problems, then you will also be able to come up with the mobile app which just sort them all and will be able to make their lives faster. You also have to make the navigation very plain sailing in the mobile app, this will help user for directly getting to the content required for the user.Closing Thoughts:So, it can be said that the above listed are important factors to be considered by the mobile app developer, and this will help them to take their career in mobile app developing, to reach new heights and take the mobile app development to the next level. Every mobile app developer is required to know about these aforementioned factors which will surely help them, in excelling for career life. You must hire the developers from reputed Mobile App Development Company, and they will assist you for the requirements.

Why PHP Developers Keep Their Eyes Glued to Codeigniter Development
Codeigniter Development

Web development sector and IT service providing web developing services, are getting popular these days. Amateur and pro web developers, desires to know about the top-rated technology, being available for them, that will make the website development process for them, quite easier, plain-sailing and hassle-free. In current date, there are multifarious open source platforms available and this accredits the developers for developing ravishing websites, just for free. One of the most appealing and function-rich open source platforms is Codeigniter Development, this will surely help you in developing free websites, without any kind of hassle and doesn’t cost a king’s ransom for sure.This PHP framework is all the rage these days, among the PHP developers worldwide. Codeigniter is the trending technology which helps the programmers and coders for writing code from the scratch, with classy features. Attractive customized web applications are being created by making use of the Codeigniter technology. It is one of the fastest growing technologies in the IT service providing sector around the globe.It is created for the PHP developers who require the uncomplicated technology platform. The programmers will be able to get the toolkit which will be having advanced versions of libraries, captivating plug-ins, modules, and various other kinds of resources which helps to support the high complex PHP processes and functionalities.Highly advanced Codeigniter Development Company have the unmatched services and provides you with getting the personalized web application developed that helps your business reach new heights, and also for taking your business to the next level. When you single out the codeigniter developers, it is then that, you must know that they need to have good prowess in their field and must also have competency to work with this trending PHP technology.4 Gripping Advantages of Codeigniter Framework:Codeigniter frameworks includes different kinds of inbuilt library classes and below are the most trending features, on which, the PP developers keep their eye glued to:#1 It holds bug efficiently:This codeigniter framework offers the user-friendly and also the attractive interfaces which just supports the discovering and error-handling around the world, in whole of the application. It gets easier for getting different kinds of bug handling commands and also debugging messages in it. This also displays much of the PHP errors, just in your entire application and this feature attracts the PHP developers.#2 Functional validation framework system:In this php framework, form validation feature is meant to help you writing of code smoothly and just in a single line itself. It is quite simple to make use of efficient validation framework system for writing of code which is free from any error.#3 Benefit of configure and personalization:The recent files in Codeigniter s very easy to edit and the developer is able to create all his elegant requirements in developing based on the feature-rich applications. It is just very easy to customize any kind of current files and this is the reasons why codeigniter also highly attracts the amateurs in the field of web development across the world.#4 Outlook for migrating:This is also very simple in managing database schema updates in different fields, just by making use of the migration side. Codeigniter gives the astonishing feature regarding migrating from server to server quite easily.Other Benefits of Codeigniter in web development:One of the open source framework, codeigniter is easy for configuration. For the web developers, it is quite simple for learning and for utilizing. It is good for customizing as per your preferences and needs. Programmers and developers find it plain sailing for developing of web application, by using highly secured method. It helps the developers for creating both the front end and rear end of the application efficaciously through the Codeigniter. It is the graded PHP framework which also reduces the coding required to develop PHP application and this helps you in keeping complete focal point on the project.Wrap up:Hence, codeigniter is the first-rated open source development platform of php framework. The reason why it attracts the developers is because it is plain sailing for usage and includes the quality-oriented debugging features in it. It has great quality in detection of bugs and handles the errors in plain sailing manner. We are the top-rated Codeigniter Development Services provider in the world, having good & happy client-base, with 100% satisfaction from our valuable services. It has the quality-oriented user-friendly interface and this makes it simple for development of dynamic and fully secured applications.

How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost
Ecommerce Development Company

The major growing business in today’s date is of eCommerce and people in this business, always desire to know about the charge for eCommerce website, for getting their website created in the budget which does not cost them a king’s ransom. But then what is the exact costing involved, when it comes to eCommerce Web Development for these businesses? You will know as you read further.Well, if it is the creation of a fresh & new eCommerce website for your business, or redesigning of the existing eCommerce website, there are some of the major factors to consider in both the cases, and here you will look at the same in depth:What will be your major significant business needs?What kind of eCommerce platform which you desire for your business?Which kind of expert help is being required for you?Price depends on self-hosted and hosted platform:#1 Hosted platform for eCommerce website:A best hosted platform is one such software piece which does run successfully and without any hassle, on someone else’s server. Also, much often than not, you will just not be having any access to the coding which just runs your site perfectly. In the hosted platforms, the graded ones are Squarespace and Shopify.Why to single out hosted platforms?Simple in usage:It is plain in usage and include just 1 web interface. In a nutshell, there will be no such single line code for writing.It gets auto update:One of the gripping advantage to hand-pick hosted one is because, the changes in these are done auto, when required.This hosting is much compelling:When there will awe-inspiring traffic on your eCommerce website, then also the website speed will not be affected.#2 Self-hosted platforms for eCommerce website:This kind of software is the one which runs smoothly on your own machine itself. You just generate and check out the coding and are accountable for the upgrading of the same. If in case, any kind of technical problem arises, then you will be sorting it or ask anybody for the help, for the same.Why settle on self-hosted platforms?Fully customized platform:You will be altering anything hassle-free, if there is something which you don’t like it. If you have got access on bank end code, then you will be able to do any kind of alterations- or you can also just get it done by paying someone.You don’t possess code:In the self-hosted platform, you will not possess the code. Well, when you will hosting your own software, then it will be considered as solely yours and you will be able to stay on that particular platform, for as much of time, as per your desire, and you will have the means for controlling the same.So, what is the price of eCommerce website?Well, this is something which depends on multifarious factors and not just a single one and you need to consider every aspect, for your business.If jaw-dropping design is concerned:It comes to about 2k pounds to 5k pounds for the simple site, say for startup, when created using Wordpress or Shopify. If complex websites is concerned, the cost will come to 20 k pounds to 30k pounds, which is being created for your business, by some 5 to 30 persons of ecommerce Development Company or outsourcing one. For much complex eCommerce websites, it will involve 50k pounds. For the top-most eCommerce website, it will be around 100k+ pounds costing.If the fees of software or license:While using hosted platform like Shopify or Squarespace, there will be no such single penny to be paid, and monthly fees will come to $30 and $300 per month. This price bracket also involves the security upgrading, which will be paid to any other person, for self-hosted platform. Again, the highly attractive Wordpress platform is just free for downloading and installing. You can just host all by yourself. Even the magento is quality oriented open source platform, but includes license of 15k pounds per year. You can host this by yourself only.Costing for Hosting work:If it is hosted solution, then it will involve hosting price in the monthly fees only. In all others, you will have to host it. The secured one is Rackspace, the managed solution to know about. The costs for these can just be within 350 pounds to 2000 pounds in a month, as per your power requirement. While estimating massive traffic to your website, lavish money on servers is required.If there is extemporary work:So, eCommerce Development Services providing company might charge around 40 pounds to 150 pounds, on hourly basis. Freelance eCommerce developers will be charging around 15 pounds to 70 pounds, on hourly basis. If you hand-pick best offshore web developers for eCommerce website, then can cost you the best price, which is 5 pounds to 20 pounds per hour.The Verdict:So, the above mentioned factors much have helped you in creating the elegant eCommerce website, as per your need and requirement. So, what are you waiting for? Hire eCommerce Developer, having good prowess in creating stylish websites which will help you in increasing the customers and take your business to the next level by getting good revenues and profits, the end result of a business.

6 Far-Reaching Tips to Consider Hiring Promising App Developer
Mobile App Developer

You might be a creative mind and having a marvelous app idea for your app development project, but your next nerve-wracking situation comes when you have to single out the praise-worthy app developer for your app development. It is the part which requires good knowledge about the app developing segment which will help you to hand-pick the elite Mobile App Developers who will take your project to the next level.Related: FIVE EMERGING TIPS FOR ENTERPRISE MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENTWell, there are innumerable platforms from where you can find the app developers and these include LinkedIn, Google search and many other platforms to check out for. All you have to do is to choose the most first class for your project. Here is the list of 6 tips to consider before you settle on the dedicated team of developers:6 Amazing tips to consider while hiring best app developer:#1 Check out the whole portfolio of app developer:When you look forward to hire the unrivalled app developer for your project, the major factor to keep in mind is that, the app developer is must to have superlative and prodigious UI/UX skills which can make the app user leave gob smacked at the drop of a hat. The major part of your mobile app need to have the dazzling designs on which the user keeps their eyes glued to.#2 Developer, not just passionate in developing apps, also interested in your business:While settling on the praise-worthy app developers, one of the essential factors to consider is that they must be able to usher you throughout whole process of app development, as per your specifications in the app. This will also help you to give the unsurpassed results in the developing of apps. The meritorious app developers understand as to what will be working and what doesn’t work in your entire app description, because they are just said to have worked with multifarious clients. Mobile App Development Company in USA has the team of app developers who will meet all your expectations under one roof.#3 You must have the client references:While selecting the record-breaking app developers for your entire app description, you need to check the client references because this is one of the significant factors because none of the hiring process can be done without this. This part will just be revealing out the prospective hire if compared with the interview sessions. Developing of mobile applications is the most costly thing and demands much of undivided attention by the app developer. There are excellent Android Developers who will guide you for Android app.#4 Designing must be one of the factor:Development of the website or any of the glossy application is very necessary to know, apart from how it also works. You need to walk an extra mile to know about the different partners involved who can also add value for your website and app to look great and appealing and this will also define as to how your users will also be communicating with your entire product also. You are required to consider the complete aspects regarding your business and this will help you in hand-picking the right app developer.#5 Communication till the completion of project:During the complete process of app from soup to nuts, it is much required to know about how the developer will be communicating to you till the app development project accomplishment. This is the major significant segment if you are just going with the remote team of developers. You must note that the app developer which you choose, must also provide you the daily chatting, also the group calls and the calls done at individual level must be as efficacious as possible. You have the whole right to check how efficient the app developers are, when the app development company is not letting you to communicate to the manager properly for your app description. This is also important when the app developer will not enable you for reviewing app developing progress by each of the team member.#6 Select the team with whom you can create relation with:This particular app developing job is just not a one-time process. The mobile apps goes through the different evolutions and also various sequence of operations, which are just based on round-the clock user feedback. You must opt for the developer who will be giving you whole guidance through the entire lifecycle of any product and just not any kind of abandon when the starting development is finished and app is in hosting stage.The Verdict:Well, these aforementioned 6 tips are the best for choosing the right app developer and you will be said to choose the right developer as per your specifications of the app. Your vision of your app is life-changing and so you need to go with the laudable team of developers to give you timely results. All you have to do is choose your app developers wisely after considering the above mentioned factors in mind. Be it Android developers or iPhone Developers, settle on the top-notch available in app development.

7 Smashing Tips to Consider while Hiring Ruby on Rails Development Company

Hiring dedicated team of web developers is one of the soul-crushing situation which every business owner face in today’s date. Every businessman desires to go with the best team available for their web development needs. In today’s date, Ruby on Rails is all the rage these days for the web development sector. But what matters the most is selecting an award-winning Ruby on Rails Development Services providing company because it will help you from soup to nuts in website development process.At first, you will surely list out the vertex ROR development company and it is essential factor to search the appropriate one and remove out the fish out of water from your list. And there are multifarious factors to be considered before settling on the perfect ROR development company.7 Must-know factors while hiring Ruby on Rails Development Company#1 Proficiency matters:If in case you find it tough to select the best ROR development company, or if you find it difficult to know the competence of the company, then you can go with after knowing the reviews from friends or the people who can give you good advice. Before the hiring procedure, you must also ask the selected company to get the full procedure made for your project, as per your requirements.#2Know about experience of ROR development company:There are various kinds of Ruby on Rails Development Company in the IT industry, but you need to hand-pick the prize-winning company which has colossal experience in developing awesome websites through ROR. Well, this language is quite fresh language in technology, but you must select the one which has proven track record in working with this promising technology. You can see their portfolios and also the high-ranked case studies because this will help you to choose the good one for your project.#3Results must be on time:Well, if you are not much into technology then also you will surely know about your own business and you might surely have some great and different ideas by which you want the results as per your assumption from the technology partner. You must also talk to them for knowing how well they are into commitment for your project with the sustainable solutions also and the services which are quality-oriented, if there is some of the result oriented mind-set.#4Company’s working methods:Yet another significant factor to consider while choosing the elite ROR web developing company is to know about the functions which company uses to work. The Ruby on Rails Outsourcing Company must have adroit team members who will assist and guide you better. The company which you opt for must be such that it follows the perfect set of industry practices and has the unmatched quality control procedure in giving valuable services. If you settle on the ISO certified company, then it is icing on the cake.#5Developers having good communication skills:You must also opt for the developers having good communication skills so that they can communicate properly for your project based needs. Opt for the team which can be available to you at any time. For this, the best to opt is a company which is nestled in various geographic places and has also the point of interactions where you are being situated at. So, web developers have excellent interaction would be a plus point to consider by you.#6Consider the client reference:Before you select the best ROR web development company, then you must also ask the company to provide you with some of the references from many of the clients who have worked with that team for their project accomplishment. This will help you to fix the deal with the best ruby on rails web Development Company making use of ROR technology. You also need to speak to any of the references for knowing how their observation was for their project with that team and accordingly you must proceed for taking decisions.#7 Consider the business awareness:As you are also a businessman, so you can judge business awareness and this might be right upto your success path. Well, it is just not the consideration of technical competence and total of experience; you must also see the complete unity and sharp-wittedness of the business. If you think the company exceeds your expectations then also raise few questions and take your project further to different level.Conclusion:So, the above mentioned are the must to consider factors before Hiring Ruby On Rails Development Company and this will also help you to hand-pick the superior ROR development company for your project requirement. We are also into the execution of Rails based projects effectively after understanding what the client needs. Having good client-base from different parts of the world, we have a team of highly-efficient developers in their respective field and this helps you in getting affordable services.

Why Node.js Technology is Far Cry from Others in Web Development
Node.JS Development

Are you a professional in the field of web development? Do you desire to reach new heights in your career by making use of the modish technology for web development?If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you are certainly at the perfect place because in this post, you will know about the top-notch technology which helps in making the web development process as easy as pie.Well, Node.js is the open source server side runtime environment which is created on the Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine and this also created the building fast and completely highly scalable network applications in the area of web development. Node.js is the platform which has been developed on Chrome’s JavaScript. The applications are written in the JavaScript. The best part is that, it also gives the non-blocking I/O API, by use of which an application’s complete scalability gets better.This technology works wonders for real time applications and also for various websites which are being expected for witnessing enormous growth for various users. This was established in the year 2009, by Ryan Dahl and Node.js also makes use of JavaScript and different modules which enables in development of web servers efficiently. These applications can also be run on different servers-Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and also Unix.5 Compelling Reasons to Use Ultra-Modern Node.js in Web Development:#1 Helps in web development at rapid pace:One of the eyebrow-raising features which makes web developers keep their eyes glued to this up to the minute web development technology is because it helps in the faster web development. This technology runs on the V8 engine which is being developed by the giant Google and it makes use of JavaScript in native machining code. Node.js helps in decreasing the trouble which comes in the creation of separate threads and also makes use of the single thread. Most of the works in web applications involving reading or writing to the database, network connections and even the file system can also be very easy to perform with this web development technique. This technology gives good advantages to the enterprises and even the LinkedIn made use of Node.js from Ruby on Rails.#2 Trouble-free coding:Another jaw-dropping feature of node.js is that it enables the web developer for writing JavaScript for both the server and client and this eventually makes it quite apt for transporting of data between and server and client for co-ordination of performing work synchronously. There is also a web app framework, meteor, and this is being created through the Node.js and also supports the same codebase even for the client and server. The data changes which are being done in the server are also present in the client and this web page also presents this data and updates can be just made in the same. Node.js is also sufficient for every requirement of the development process and also provides the faster network apps which are highly scalable.#3 Best for real time applications:If you desire to develop the real time web applications like that of chat, etc, then this node.js turns out to be the amazing platform. If gaming development is concerned, then this is the most apt platform to watch out for, by the web developers. This is also the event based server, as a web developer, you will also be attracted to this feature which is non-blocking driven server. This is just superb when the web apps can go best with the large number of real time users.#4 Resolving database queries:Yet another reason why web developers must use the node.js for web development is because, this helps in solving of database query about new NoSQL databases like the MongoDB, CouchDB also having the JavaScript framework. Developers will no longer have to adjust any kind of syntax distinctions at the time of uniting the Node.js and NoSQL database also. It is the perfect with real time web apps like the JSON which is being stored data format and this just allows running in absence of any bottlenecks involved in data conversion, and not alike Ruby on Rails platform which involves same format from JSON to the binary models.#5 Best in data syncing:Another reason why Node.js is the trending technology in web development is because this helps for the data transfer between the server and client very faster because node.js also entitles to the writing of JavaScript for both the client side and server side too. This new-fashioned technology is quite effective in management of asynchronous I/O from the root and this is also very proficient in for solving any damn web and networking problems which arises.Summing Up:So, it can be said that this fastest growing technology will take the web development world by storm. The numerous attractive features will be able to help the web developers in making web development quite faster and efficient in different ways. Almost many of the IT companies are making use of this technology for Web Development Services.

Why Drupal 8 is the trending technology for Website Development
Drupal Development

As we can see that web development is spreading its wings in the IT sector these days. There are different kinds of technologies which are available for the website developing in today’s date, but they just keep their eyes glued to the best ever technology which helps them to make the process as easy as the pie. One of the most admired technologies for website development is Drupal 8 around the globe. It provides mind-boggling features in web development and this is the major reason why professionals in developing websites, are attracted to this Drupal Development technology.One of the highly preferred content management system to watch out for, by the website programmers. In this ever-changing IT sector, the professionals have got the multifarious options available for the managing, building and the optimization of website. It provides various functions and features regarding the web development. All the startup and established business desire to grow their customer-base through the online channel and this call for the excellent and user-friendly website to be developed. If you want to expand your business to get good profits, then Drupal 8 is one of the best options to know. If dynamic website development is concerned, then Drupal is the pre-eminent choice for web programmers and engineers. For the website hosting also, this technology is efficacious. It provides reasonable web hosting plan combined with the Glowhost.Well, well, well, what will make the engineers and programmers to jump on the bandwagon on this recent technology trend for web development? Here is the list of 6 reasons why it is the best option:6 Flabbergasting reasons why Drupal 8 is best for web development:#1Fully secured platform:This is also the strong framework for web designers and developing professionals and it also stops the intimidating remarks which come to the website. Many IT companies worldwide, are embracing with this technology because it is highly secured. This is also best for removing any kind of critical issues in very less time, in web development. This technology is also just less exposed to any possibility of getting attacked or just harmed. Also the govt organizations are embracing this technology for this reason. For providing Web Development Services, security is also the major concern.#2Highly scalable technology:According to performance also, Drupal is also the best technology to be concerned. It is also the best for developing complex web apps which have good customization functions. It allows developers with high quality features like smart caching and this is also powerful for running at lower hardware specs than the earlier versions of this technology. If compared to Wordpress, this technology also handles more requests per second. Related: BENEFITS OF USING MAGENTO PLATFORM FOR YOUR E-COMMERCE BUSINESS #3Supporting numerous content formats:Different website has different content format to know. There will also be the huge difference from article to Wordpress blogs and even the other part, whitepapers. This is also very important for adjusting with the content on multifarious website. Even the comments can be easily approved or disapproved, according to the nature and comment type. Drupal is also the leading web development platform for live video streaming. Having powerful features, this attracts the experts in developing and programming websites for the purpose of web development.#4Highly adaptable content management system:This is also admirable CMS because it can be adapted to any environment regarding the web development. If it is the work of creating content or publishing it, then this turns out to be the best option. Even the editorial workflows are quite simple in maintenance. For the purpose of publishing, one can also use the option of preview. So, this makes certain about correct usage of text on a particular website. Being the top-notch content management system, the content can also be seen on different devices by this technology usage for website CMS.#5 Also supports various languages:One of the most enthralling features to watch out for, by the web developers, is that it supports different languages. This feature is also best for saving of money and time of web developers to a lot of extent. The websites can be easily customized in various languages by this particular technology.#6 Perfect for the digital apps:As it is the tech-savvy world, Drupal is one of the best to consider by the engineers, programmers. Integration of apps with the technology is as easy as 1-2-3 by the use of this technology for web development. In future, world will get digitalized with each passing day and also the best for integration with social media too.Conclusion:The above listed reasons are the reasons why web developers keep their eyes glued to the new version which comes in Drupal for the purpose of creating websites and this makes the complete procedure much simple and faster. As the pre-eminent Drupal Development Company, we have adroit team of developers who have good skills in the designing and developing of websites and they will help you in the same.

Trending PHP Framework for Web Development: Laravel

The current date is of the gen-next technological advancements and the software developers look forward to make use of the best and new technologies which helps them in the development of function-rich web and mobile apps. They keep their eyes glued to the class apart recent technology trend which helps them in the development of top-notch web and mobile apps. Also the best php framework for beginners, Laravel Application Development helps the developers for ease in web development.One of the fastest php framework 2017, having a bright future in the tech world. This also has the top-rated functionality for developing the modern applications quite faster and also highly secured ones. It is also the best php framework for large scale applications and this makes the software developers, programmers and engineers grin from ear to ear, at the time of web development. This framework also has best modern approach in the tech-savvy world and developers need the same. Even in the earlier time, this was created for the MVC architecture and it meets the requirements like user authentication in best possible manner. This also includes various kinds of extensible code and strong support in database management.If you are an amateur or the professional Laravel Developer, once you will know about the advantages of this framework, it is then that, you will jump on the bandwagon of the same for your IT based requirements and needs.Laravel PHP Framework is All the Rage These Days:Every professional developer desire to write the codes which are reusable and clean, the codes which helps in the hassle-free development of quality oriented web and mobile apps. PHP is the scripting language and is leading technology trend since few years, reason being, the pre-build flexibility, simple in usage structure code which enables you for spending much of the time on actual website than spending of time on code repetition by the developers.In the current scenario, the developers find it much difficult to choose the best PHP framework, but the Laravel is one which you must opt for and this helps you for creating best web applications for the large scale or the small businesses also.Why developers must jump on the bandwagon of Laravel framework?As the PHP framework, Laravel is the best open source web development platform and the reason why it is trending, is because this is being designed for faster web development process in simple way. This platform also has the dynamic and vigorous developers’ community support and also included are amazing features. Here is the list of reasons why the developer must opt for the Laravel framework for web development:#1 Has the best authorization technique:Well, it is very easy and simple implementing different techniques through this framework, and also authenticating too. In this framework, everything is just configured in extraordinary manner. It also offers the easiest manner for organizing authorization logic and also just controls the access for resources.#2 Libraries are also object oriented:Another advantage is that, it also has the object oriented libraries and majority are just pre-installed and are not found in other famous PHP frameworks. One such pre-installed library is the Authentication library in it. Well, it is plain sailing to implement and includes the advanced features like active users checking and also the bcrypt hashing, resetting of password, CSRF (Cross site Request Forgery) protection plus also the encryption part.#3 Having MVC Architecture support:Another reason why this framework is cherry picked by the developers is because; it completely supports MVC Architecture such as the Symfony and this makes certain about the clearness between the logic and presentation. MVC is meant for enhancing the overall performance and also enable good documentation and also has multifarious functions.#4 Highly Secured framework in usage:Every developer likes to develop the highly secured applications for the web and keep their eyes glued on the framework which gives them this feature. Laravelframework is the best for this. In this framework, password never gets saved like plain text in database and it uses the hashed password. Bcrypt hashing algorithm is being used for generation of encrypted representation of password. In this particular framework, there is usage of prepared SQL statements.#5 Templating engine in framework:Even the template engine is quite intuitive and does involve working on the HTML/PHP and this is the reason why developers love using this framework for web development. Also have the lightweight templates by which you can also develop the layouts through dynamic content. It also has the widgets like JS and CSS coding.Conclusion:Overall, this framework has the best features which help the developers for web development and creating best in class websites of different sectors in today’s date. Laravel Development Company helps you for your web development needs, as per your requirements. The developers make use of this technology for the web development and they see the good advantages also.

Custom Software Development Trends: Where Industry is Heading
Software Development Company

It is the digital world which is turning as tech-savvy with each passing day and this call for the embracing of Custom Software Development trends which comes in the market for the people who are into the field of software development. There are multifarious kinds of advanced version of tech solutions to know about. So, today I will be sharing the top trends in the custom software development and these will thrill the software developers to bits.5 Top-notch Software Development trends to watch out for in 2017:To all the software developers out there! Here comes the list of software development trends that you must watch out for in 2017:#1Know about the Chatbots:One of the fastest growing software development technologies in demand and this will help the software developers in making the impressive customer-friendly bots. In the recent days, chatbots are turning out to be the fast and easy way for the purpose of communicating customers with ease in the business. As we can see that the entrepreneurs are growing and so the businesses, this will be making to the need for best chat bots. The customers can easily opt for calling representative on the phone as it is also fast way for communicating. This will be the increasing Web Application Development trend to be seen in the year 2017.#2 PAAS is also the one to keep an eye on:The whole concept of the mobile workforce is the cloud and this also needs the connection of internet for accessing the work which is being attained a higher recognition and this also turned a recent technological advancement. You will also find that the PAAS solutions will be the key controllers to know about. It will not be wrong to say that the AI based predictive analysis is also ruling these days. So, this is yet another software development trend to check out for.#3 Open Source will also be rising in this year 2017:Software developers keep looking for the best ever techniques that emerge in the open source and this helps them for the development of class apart open source technique related softwares. Developers around the globe keep their eyes glued on the open source platform for the development of trendy softwares. The year 2017 will see the growing trend for open source platforms like the Linux. Opt for the best Software Outsourcing Company which will meet the requirement of your web development need in best possible way.#4 Google’s Go is also the recent technology software trend:Yet another software development trend to watch out for in the year 2017 is the Google Go. The new programming language will be attracting the programmers and developers in this year. It can also be said that this programming language is just like another C language for the people in software development field. Google has added this new language and it helps in the programming of their app engine for cloud based development. The icing on the cake regarding this language is that it can make use of the multicore programming natively.#5 Software development team will be getting globalized also:Well, it can also be seen that the outsourcing part will be taken to the next level in the year 2017. This software trend will also be reaching new heights as it has the advanced communication tools like the video conferencing facilities and also the inclusion of multifarious kinds of software testing options. Well, this will also make it as the huge in demand software trend for facilitating faster communication among the freelancers around the world.Wrapping Up:So, the above listed are the top 5 software development trends to watch out for, by the software developers worldwide and they will also know about the growing demand of these high class technologies to change the world. Software development is one of the ever growing industries with new kinds of technologies coming in the blink of an eye, with each passing day, for the software and IT companies to check out for. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed fastest growing software development trends will be ruling the tech world in the year 2017.

Five Emerging Tips for Enterprise Mobile App development
Mobile App Development

It's boom time for mobile applications, thanks to the propagation of smartphones, and the consequent mobile-first approach. Enterprises are taking off applications by the dozens, not simply to offer cutting-edge solutions for their clients, but also to deal with their internal operational and business processes smoothly.However, in the midst of the noise, the development and direction of the Mobile App Development platform are affected by a few superfluous factors. Here are the top emerging tips for enterprise mobile application development:Analytics and user experience:Clients expect a similar experience and execution from their enterprise applications as they are already accustomed to with commercial mobile apps which make it critical to give an ideal client experience. By collecting and analyzing data and feedback from end clients, associations can identify poor performance and use and all the more rapidly roll out the appropriate changes to upgrade client efficiency.Cross-platform tools:In the BYOD environment, developers must create applications that work over numerous operating system and devices. Employees are as of now utilizing an average of three devices a day and that number will just increment as the IoT keeps on rising. Cross-platform tools let developers build mobile applications in one codebase and deploy those to various devices, taking out the need to hire multiple developers with specific native code expertise. This decreases the time it takes to deploy applications to their mobile workforce.Agile development platforms:Mobile applications need to be reviewed more often than their desktop counterparts to meet client expectations. By embracing agile development methodologies as opposed to the more traditional waterfall technique, organizations can ominously lessen the release timeline through quick repetitions. In this approach, teams work cooperatively through design, development, testing and planning.Middleware and APIs:Integrating with the back-end frameworks is one of the all the more challenging aspects of fast mobile app development. Via automating this integration through middleware and APIs, organizations can save resources & time.Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD):With CI and CD tools, developers integrate code into a shared source where it can be confirmed through automated build and test abilities. This makes it easier to perceive and remediate any errors more rapidly and gives developers a chance to push code directly into creation as soon as new changes are made. This definitely decreases development times.Parting Words:Though today’s users expect that instant access to their applications from whatever device they choose and wherever they are on the network, organizations are facing new challenges when it comes to giving those to them. Businesses need to grow new strategies when rolling out the application infrastructure that empowers designers, developers and operations teams to give quality mobile applications at a significantly more fast pace than ever before. A definitive objective is to streamline the procedure to keep clients happy and productive while saving the organization time and money.As one of the world's leading mobile app development service providers with several of projects added to our repertoire, we are all prepared and energized for what's awaiting us. We believe in remaining tuned in to all current technological progressions and our services will ensure you get a high-quality application for your platform of choice, in as short a period as could be expected.

Empower business with iPhone Application
iOS App Development

The release of new mobile applications consistently is an ordinary course in this techno-world. Be that as it may, the release of iPhone applications is expected and welcomed by most of the clients owing to its amazing features and UI. The utilization of iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and tablet are more popular as it is feature rich and progressed. The applications developed on these devices give the client a pleasant experience. Every business that desires to enlist its presence on the mobile platforms with applications, chooses iPhone app development first followed by other platforms. An iOS application not just gives the business a chance to connect with the maximum number of clients but also adds credibility to the brand.The increasing number of iPhone users makes it a compelling factor for the businesses to develop iPhone apps. Here are some ways in which you can empower your business using iPhone application:Authorize Core Teams:Envision the world of convenience when the sales representative, on meeting with a potential or existing client, pulls out the iPhone, opens an application that draws on information from the CRM, and assemble all details about the client, right from his purchase history to open enquiries, his favored channels of communication etc. The sales representative also gets exceptionally customized tools and relevant insights, for example, market surveys, reports, and so on. iOS applications enable empowerment over all functional area, be it accounts, Logistics, HR & other teams.Empower the Core Client:An iOS application could similarly profit the customer of the enterprise. Employees could, for example, utilize an internal employee application to make leave requests, get to their finance subtle details, stay updated on everything from upcoming team meetings to office parties, and that's just the beginning. Such applications eliminate complicated and time consuming paperwork, be it filing trip sheets, cost reports, or appraisal forms. With the bulk of data promptly accessible readily available, employees can concentrate wholeheartedly on their core errands, enhancing their efficiency complex.Modernize Internal Methods:Numerous enterprise applications streamline inner workings and convey huge profitability picks up. Representatives starting a task could connect to an iOS application that guides them through the particular procedure stream, helping them finish the task without being impeded by doing things the wrong way, or looking for directions. The application could also facilitate electronic submissions of documents and bills related with the task and ensure the following in line gets a notification to process the same. The benefits are multifold and incorporate reduced paperwork, better efficiency, quicker turnaround time, and cost cutting. Still better, representatives are enabled to do the task 24/7.Assemble Profound Relationship with the Ecosystem:An ever increasing number of businesses try to develop applications that help the organization manufacture profound relationship with their ecosystem partners, for example, suppliers, contractual workers and others. An application that sets aside a real-time stock levels and issue alerts would provoke suppliers to make convenient deliveries and enhance the effectiveness of their business too. Contractors could sign into another instinctive iOS application to get a list of open projects, deadlines, billing and more. Channel partners could also gain from direct access to a huge amount of assets, and all the data they require, without making subsequent follows ups, or invest time looking for data.Renovate Organizational Procedures:Every one of the potential outcomes happened just when the app development is done well.  iOS developers would do well to customize endeavor applications by giving it a distinct look and feel that echo the brand image, offer appropriate choices, for example, selection of languages, adaptability to empower or disable certain features, area mapping and more. The capacity to customize the application and the presence of value added features make the employee feel more connected and improve the value of the application.Endorse Keen Work:Applications can enable employees to work more brilliant rather than harder. A collaborative application that empowers managers to set targets, notify team members of their targets and due dates, permit team members to present their results, and accomplish more can take out a decent lump of such meetings, and save significant time. Such application based internal communications is also a good way to conquer storehouses, a major hindrance for the free stream of information.Parting Words:Developing and publishing an application for iPhone is a tough task as quality is of preeminent significance. Apple's app store abandons such applications that don't meet its rules and henceforth, iOS app development is an exceptionally pivotal process. The iPhone users are also very specific about the quality of the applications and by and generally abandon an application that does not stand up to their expectations. This is the reason, why one should trust only a reliable app development company for iPhone application development.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Leaders by Applancer
Top 5 Mobile App Developer

Rahul Mathur is the founder & managing director of ARKA Softwares which is a highly recognized mobile app and web development company situated in India and having marketing office in USA. Established 7 years back, ARKA was founded with the aim to offer best IT services to organizations that either cannot afford to hire an in-house IT team or are not willing to do so. Today due to the superior work quality, consistency in performance and dedicated commitments, ARKA Softwares has become one of the mainstream app development companies in U.S.A. We have successfully completed 150+ projects in this short time period and all reviews indicate the best quality service clients can get.According to Applancer Rahul Mathur is in the list of top 5 mobile application development leaders all around the world.

An Exclusive Interview Taken by Applancer.CO
App Development Team

ARKA Softwares has earned an immense reputation as one of the most reliable, exquisite, creative, and expeditious web and mobile apps development companies in the USA. Since its inception, the ARKA Softwares exceptionally excelled in providing dynamic and innovative software solutions and thus has a never-ending list of satisfied diverse clientele to be proud.ARKA Softwares is a highly-renowned software development company with a proficient team of designers and developers who are masters in their field of expertise. Our mobile applications and the websites offer highly engaging UI that guarantee a pleasing user experience. If you are seeking robust IT solutions with a touch of creativeness then you have come to the right place.Here is the full interview taken by Applancer.co

Tips to Hire and Decide Costing of iOS App Developer
iOS App Developer

Regardless of whether you're making a native iOS application starting with no outside help, relocating your application to Swift 3, or updating your application for iOS 10, you'll require an Expert iOS developer to get it going. What requirements to go into your project, to what extent will it take, and what amount would it be a good idea for you to budget for the better iOS developer for the job? Here's a glance at the procedure:What Does an iOS Developer Do?An iOS developer will take the particulars for your Mobile App Development and transform them into a working, client-ready iOS app. There are various phases a mobile app developer will be indispensable amid: design, coding, APIs and other back-end reconciliations, and testing. Balanced iOS developers have involvement with both design aspects, as UI and UX design , and real programming, regardless of whether it's in Objective-C or Swift. Each application will be distinctive and have diverse necessities, however regularly incorporate the accompanying stages:Detection and Wire Framing—This is the blueprint of your application's content and the stream of how clients connect with it. Design and Software Arranging—Any representation are imported made into the Xcode development condition. In the meantime, a durable arrangement for the software architecture of your application is made. Coding and Joining—In Xcode, utilizing either Objective-C or Swift, the developer will code the usefulness of your application. In the meantime, your application's framework design is assembled, including any back-end incorporation. Testing—With quality confirmation testing, your developer will go completely through your application on a gadget or in the Simulator of Xcode to guarantee there are no bugs. Debugging should be possible ideal in Xcode. Preparation and Compliance to the App Store—Apple's accommodation and approval process is famously more troublesome than Google's, so it's useful to have a prepared iOS developer who realizes what's in store. Getting your application live and in the App Store makes a couple strides, including designing the code, making a profile and a listing, then submitting it through Xcode for affirmation.Defining your iOS Project:Set up your project's objectives and necessities in however much detail as could be expected to help you budget for Hiring an iOS Developer. This helps developers give more precise evaluations to your project, regardless of whether that is design mockups or API particulars.Will your application require login? Will it be by means of email or social profiles? Furthermore, will clients need to make profiles? Do you require security, similar to 2-calculate verification? Will your application need to empower in-application buys, audits, or direct access to your site? How essential is design? Do you require an application symbol made?If you have inclinations about iOS innovation or programming languages, incorporate those in your post. If you require an application coded in Swift 3, for instance, you'll need an iOS developers that is versed in the most recent cycles of the language.Here are a couple of parts of an iOS application project that can regularly influence cost.Project Timeline & Deliverables:Laying out what you require from your iOS application will help you decide expectations, phases, and the measure of time it will take to finish. iOS development projects can take anywhere from seven days to six months, or more—it will all rely on upon what you require as far as design, integrations and other functionality.Developer Experience & Rate:More experience means a higher rate, which can build the cost of your project. Experienced iOS app developers are versed in AutoLayout, design patterns, APIs and MPIs. They'll have worked with Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C or Swift, server-side scripting, database organization and integration, and server administration.Define what the iOS developer will do as more tasks may cause a lower rate. It is safe to say that they are updating an existing application or making an application starting with no outside help? Do you need a few bugs settled, or server-side scripting and database administration?Scope & Complexity of the iOS Development:Budgets & Timelines are more vulnerable to developing past introductory extension when you don't envision complexities and difficulties. Does your application require complicated API mix? Will it deal with delicate data and require complex OAuth customization?Defining specification in advance is the most effortless approach to precisely decide time and cost gauges while hiring an iOS developer.Wrapping it Up:In case you're making new application sans preparation, you may require a more elevated amount developer with the experience to take the project from the earliest starting point and see it through to finish. If you have a small budget and are accomplishing more straightforward updates, you can indicate that you require a junior or intermediate-level developer. Layout challenges the developer ought to foresee if possible. You'll have the capacity to incorporate additional time with your budget and grow your testing course of events in the occasion that hiccups occur. Defining particulars in advance is the most effortless approach to precisely decide time and cost estimates while Hiring an iOS Developer.

Top 5 trends in mobile app development for 2017

AI ChatBots and Messenger appsMicro & Hybrid enterprise mobile appsAndroid FirstAccessibility will join UXAR will join utility appsConclusionMobile applications have indeed made an invincible space in our day to day lives. The statement, ‘there is an app for everything’ has expanded its reach in better and innovative ways. According to a report released by Touchpoints, adults aged 25 and above use their smartphone around 264 times a day, while people between 15-24 years use it 387 times a day.The world of smartphones is at peak, and subsequently the usage of mobile applications. The hike in the usage eventually grabbed the attention of mobile app development companies globally. The growing market of applications While iOS and android applications are gaining the user eyeballs at their best, it has been noticed that Android application development market has a comparatively larger user base. No doubts, this is due to a larger customer base they have. How to grow with the growing mobile app development market? To get yourself into the list of top app development companies globally, it is vital that you move with the trend, keeping a firm grip on what could be the coming demand.To add a little ease for you and understanding that as an android app development company, it is important for you to stay updated with the latest trends in app development industry. Here, we have listed top 5 trends in mobile app development for 2017.Let us have a look at them: AI ChatBots and Messenger apps The evolution of instant messengers and AI chatbots has made an impeccable space in present society. Users are getting acquainted with more and more personalized way of interacting with the brands they use. With this increasing engagement of users, enterprises have started to interact with mobile app development companies, so as to have the attention of a larger audience.The inclusions, help in delivering a high-end experience to your target audience and serve them with a more personalized approach. Having a mobile app development for your business with this will help you make a better space in the growing mobile app development industry. Micro & Hybrid enterprise mobile apps Another trend which is predicted to play a major role in 2017 is the evolution of companies taking enterprise solutions to tablets, smartphones, and wearable techs. The demand for expert mobile app developers is at peak. Enterprises are hiring top mobile app development companies to get the task done, and it is expected that the demand for same will increase by 200%. The reason behind this massive hike is probably the no/low-code development tools, which are also known as citizen developer initiative. It is believed that they will become the hottest trend in the mobile app development industry. The small UI centered micro apps and hybrid apps which lower down the development cost will be gaining the attention of top mobile app development companies globally. Android First Android indeed has a larger user base in comparison to its closest competitor iOS. The same with other attributes of android app development has gained the attention of android app development companies. Android app developers are trying their best to bring innovative solutions for the enterprises. Looking at the massive inclination of users it is believed that enterprises will prefer Android application over the iOS for their business mobility. The prediction isn’t coming out of the blue, in fact, it is noticed that by the end of 2016 53% mobile app developers prioritize android app development over its competitor iOS.No doubts, that Android is expanding its ecosystem, and is all set to release new security updates to gain the attention of remaining; especially the corporate sector. Accessibility will join UX According to a survey, 24% of the people using smartphones are in some form either physically or mentally disabled. However, contradicting this, the only handful of mobile app development companies are coming with an application which is easy to access for the disabled users.For the year 2017, things will change and a number of mobile app developers will come with applications that deliver ease of access to the challenged users. The major contribution in this trend goes to the Internet of Things, which has mobile applications part of our day to day lives. The home automation systems,     medical alarms, communication systems etc have indeed opened new opportunities for the sector. AR will join utility apps Though they have been part of fiction fables till date, but they are getting themselves into the current arena. There are numerous mobile applications which come integrated with augmented reality, and it is believed that this number will be enhancing its reach in the year 2017.Augmented reality and Artificial intelligence will be the key role players this year. It is important for organizations to understand their usage and get them self well acquainted with the pros of it. Conclusion Experts from the industry believe that year 2017 will be a game changer for the entire mobile app development industry. If you are a startup planning a long term ride in your industry, this is the time to pull up your sleeves and understand difference sub-sections. And, if you are a mobile app development company, the time is tough; tighten up your shoe laces as the marathon has just begun.

Benefits of Using Magento Platform for Your e-Commerce Business
Magento Development

Let alone the online shopping freaks, have you ever noticed how often you bought goods from online e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay in past two years? Many individuals, who were earlier sceptical about the credibility of e-commerce, have now become regular online customers and prefer this new trend over other conventional ways of shopping.In order to make an efficient e-commerce marketplace that fulfills your business needs as well as serves your customers exactly what they seek, you will need to plan out your strategy. And choosing the right platform to develop your site in, is the first step. There are a lot of platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento when it comes to building an e-commerce portal, but undoubtedly Magento outruns the others with the stunning features, extendibility, and flexibility it offers. Magento developers rarely come across the problems and bugs that frequently occur while developing in other platforms such as ASP.Net, thanks to its predefined functions.Benefits of Magento PlatformGood for SEOOver 110,000 e-commerce business are already there struggling to grab their piece of pie from the billions of online buyers. Thus, one thing is crystal clear that you are in a tough competition. And to beat that, you will need to rank higher in the search results in your niche. Unlike many other e-commerce development platforms, Magento helps you achieve that.Ample of Magento development companies nowadays offer to develop sites with lots of scope for SEO. To make your reach to a higher audience, you need to boost your search engine rankings.Open Source and FlexibleWhile developing an e-commerce website costs way more than normal ones, you can still save huge bucks since Magento is an open-source platform. It is completely free to download and use.Magento development, however, is flexible and allow you to edit and make changes to the website with extreme ease. Being an amazingly secure and feature-rich framework, Magento comes with various inbuilt features that reduce the development time and cost. It’s so flexible that you won’t feel stuck while making changes in later phases.Simplified and Efficient ArchitectureThe needs of website owners vary according to their niche and concept. And Magento suffices all those needs efficiently. That’s why Magento e-commerce development is gaining momentum over time. Being a single development platform, it offers amazing flexibility to take your website in any direction you want with the desired features, functionalities, and payment methods.Magento can be called figuratively error free since it takes care of all the errors or developing issues that can occur during the website development phase.Efficient Content Management SystemE-commerce websites have to be efficient enough to handle a large amount of content. Smallest of overlapping, glitch, or wrong pricing can break down the website for hours or results in financial loss. Hence, a strong content management system is required to efficiently handle all the operations. Magento offers a Flexible CMS that can help you handle and operate your website despite its size and number and & type of products it sells.Mobile FriendlyEven though that most of the online buyers still prefer and trust desktop over mobile for making online transactions, smartphones indirectly help by high leaps in directing your customers to your website. In today’s fast-forward lifestyle people use their mobiles to quickly check on the useful emails of exclusive discounts and offers. If they like anything, they will either buy it right away or through their PC or laptops later. Magento, due to its mobile friendly configuration, makes your site look easily accessible and engaging on your customers’ mobile devices.According to experts’ speculations, online sales will surpass $500 billion by 2020. Hence, smallest of businesses that have littlest of the idea about the importance of e-commerce is striving to make its presence in the online market to keep themselves off the risk of possible extinction. Having said that, questions like how to develop an e-commerce site from scratch and what are the best practices to develop one emerge in the mind.

Agile Model for Software Development Lifecycle
Software Development Lifecycle

To satisfy the rapidly changing demands of the clients in today’s times, when the world is technologically ascending, holding on to a long-strict software development process doesn’t seem like a wise move. Being flexible and delivering faster is now not optional. The use of old waterfall model for software development, due to its lengthy, linear and strict phases, is winding down.To overcome the drawbacks of the waterfall model, a more efficient, flexible, iterative, and incremental solution was required. And the Agile model perfectly conquered those drawbacks. The Agile software development methodology is not only adaptive to the unexpected changes that usually occur during the development process but it possesses the capacity to deliver the project in timely and in an agile manner.In Agile, projects are firstly envisioned, prioritized, and divided into manageable segments. Each segment is now handled differently by adopting an iterative approach. Each segment has its own deadline and requirements and follows the basic process of planning, requirement analysis, designing, developing, and testing. That’s why a plethora of software development companies are increasingly adopting Agile. Maybe you should too. 

How to Make Money with Free Apps?
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With the growing importance of having an app, every business is focusing on developing an app of their own. Generally speaking making an app is all about having a great idea, doing research related to it, identifying the audienceand then finally getting your hands in the actual prototyping and converting idea into app process and finally testing to see if it’s good to launch. But have you ever wondered how these apps make money?With a high number of app options in the market, users always prefer to have apps that are free of cost. So now the question comes how will you generate money to cover the expenses that have gone into the creation of your app? There are options to generate money even when yours is a free app, like ads or in-app purchase, but there are many more than just these two. Let us look at them all -Now before we get into making smart app monetization strategies, it is important to know the market and competition first and also to know who your audiences are; this is where your mobile application development company will come in handy. When developing an app, companies usually find this information to design an app that would stand out from your competitors. So once you have that sorted out with your agency, here are some of the ways that can be considered as options for generating revenues from your free apps.Find Sponsors:You can be partners with small companies or any brands that can help you find and target any audience similar to yours. These brands or company can even help you market your app. This will not only help you generate income but being sponsored by big brands will also give your app visibility and popularity.In-App Purchase:This is the most common and the most successful way to generate money from your app. You can provide the users with some initial features and then ask for some small amount to unlock the advanced features. It is like making the users addicted to your app with some features and then asking later. Many gaming apps use this, when users wants to unlock any new weapon or to get more coins.Make use of subscriptions:This is also the options that many apps with the latest content uses. If your app offers all the updated information to the users and you have built a targeted audience, then this is what you can try. Provide users with some part of the information and then you can provide the full content by charging a monthly or yearly fee. No one will hesitate paying for the updated information.Income with Affiliation:You can use this option not only to make money but to build relations. This option works on cross promotion. You get paid through promoting someone else’s work via your app. A small portion of potential users are targeted and each time any of them clicks on the ads being promoted on your app you get paid.Merchandising:If you are a well-developed brand in the market or even associated with any, then you can try your hands with merchandising. Make use of key chains, hand bands, or any other option, to make money. This is also the best and easiest way to get indirect marketing which only demands you to be creative.Advertisements:The term is self-explanatory. If your app is always busy with the heavy traffic, then you can use popups or can also make use of banners or promoting it on social platforms.Free Samples:Use this option for all your creative apps. Let users experience a free sample of your app with the most innovative features. If the users feels happy and satisfied after using your app they then can use the full version of it by paying.Every option has its own advantages and dis- advantages. Do a little research and choose the best one that fits your needs by understanding the basics of monetization strategies and which type of audience you are targeting.

4 Reasons Why Your App Would Fail
App Development

According to a study, almost 9 out of 10 apps don't make it that long in the market and there are slightly fewer chances for you to survive the competition either.Let's point out one fact that among 1.5 million apps that are already available on play store, do you seriously think that only you have got an "idea"?I'm afraid not; there are billions of people in this world and tons of billions of ideas are born every minute, what is so special about you?Failure has more odds than success, that is why there is an old saying that, "Fall seven times, come back up on eight"!See, that clearly meant that you are going to fail but not under my watch captain!Mobile app development is an awfully tricky field to be in right now, the reason being people have many options to choose from and they are not willing to waste their precious time on stupid newcomer or a smart newcomer as well.An app on play store gets at most a blink of an eye which leaves you a fraction of half a second to make an impression!That is tough.And it is even tougher to get the revenue or downloads out of it when it is almost impossible to get your app the eyeballs it deserves.Well, imagine you have a nice house but it is located in an open field just south to Antarctica, and now you wait for the Ozone layer to start depleting there so that NASA guys can knock on your door and you would be able to crack a deal with them.That's exactly how it is if you run a mobile app development company in USA, the only difference is that in your case people have to have the craving for your website, the thirst which anybody else cannot quench.Once you feel the rats of mediocrity eating you from the inside then only you can start to build something innovative or I shall rather say create something new.Once you identify the problem and it's solution as well not you will be facing the real challenge and i.e.How to make my app famous?In order to do that you need to eradicate the following mistakes;Not Much Research of The Target Audience.Well if your app doesn't suit the appetite of your target audience, they would eventually vomit.Cross Platform Incompatibilitye.g. not considering back button unavailability in iOS.The Agony to WaitWe all hate that loading part while watching a video, same goes for the website as well. And you surely do not want that to happen to you as well.Surface TensionThat is ironic! You need to hire mobile app developers who know their thing well. In-depth testing is needed if you want the target audience to not fall apart from you.The Conclusion"People Have Ideas, Only Thing They Lack is Implementation".

How Does a Mobile App Development Lifecycle Work?
Mobile App Development

Mobile app development lifecycle is virtually identical to the software development lifecycle. However, an app might be simple enough to be developed in just a day or can be extremely complicated that require months of design and developing work. Whether small or big, every android project contains these fundamental steps of development that both an entry-level and an experienced developer should be aware of.The best mobile app development companies in USA have now begun to hire mobile app developers that have a deep knowledge of their field. Knowledge of SDLC is now a must. An app should exactly depict the idea of the client and must be smooth, efficient, and usable from user’s perspective. It is notable that a mobile app is an outcome of combined efforts of developers, designers, content writers, and testers. Thus, paucity in any lifecycle phase may cause a lot of rework and blunder.No doubt, none project has been ever completed without the slightest of problems. Bugs are inevitable. The basic thing that distinct top-notch technocrats from the common ones is their attentiveness to immaculately accomplish every phase separately. Let’s have a look at the different phases of mobile app development lifecycle:The ConceptThe commencement of the development of a mobile app basically starts with three things: An Idea, research, and initial blueprint. The world we know now has become completely different than the one we used to know 15 years back. There were always creative people. But, unlike earlier times, now great ideas don’t stay buried in the grave of the brain. The information era, where one great mobile app can generate millions of revenue in a short span of time, people have become to embodies their ideas. Things you should consider before going forward are:Check if something with the same concept is already available out there? If yes, then what advantages your app offer over them? If it wasn’t your app, would you still install and use it? How much bigger audience may get benefits from it?Once all these questions are answered with satisfaction, you can be sure to take your next step.DesignOnce you determine that what your app is all about, the next step is the design phase. App marketing experts emphasize on the design of an app over and over again. It is the primary thing that makes the first impression on your possible long-term user. If the design is unnecessarily dubious and the in-app navigation is not smooth then your app has a high chance in getting rejected, irrespective of its usability.There are apps that users like to keep in their phones even if they are only moderately useful because of their amazing design.For UX design a designer can avail various wireframes including Mockingbird and Balsamiq. For various platforms such as Apple, Android, and Blackberry, the structure of wireframe may slightly differ. However, the basic functionalities remain same.Once an immaculate UX is created, it’s time to design an equally amazing UI (User Interface) design. Because that’s what will compel the users to do or buy what you want them to. Make sure your design satisfies the following points:A professional appearance. No too many vibrant colors. Easy color based navigation and app map. No dead ends.DevelopmentMobile app development is one of the first phases that starts taking place right after the initial blueprint of the app. The development team starts making its development strategy while keeping up with the pace of designing and planning team. While developing, one need to make sure that no mistakes are allowed since the tiniest of the bug can turn off the interest of a user. Broken links, long loading time, in-app purchase glitches, and a plethora of ads negatively impact the reputation of an app.Testing and StabilizationThe testing phase is what the boost a mobile app from a prototype to a fully-functional, impeccable app-store beast. Even with the extreme consciousness and attention, there are always the little guys whom no one loves to see: Bugs. These bugs, if not detected during the stabilization process, can cause major damage to the apps or may invite hackers to show off their highly-discouraged magic.A tester looks out for the crashes, payment problems, security loopholes, smoothness over a number of platforms, and overall performance of a mobile app before showing it a green light. The usual phase of testing combines prototype, alpha, beta, and final version.There are some testing deployment options which can make it easier for a tester to gather user feedback on the performance of the app. Some of the most popular are Testflight, Vessel, LaunchPad, and Hockeyapp.com. Some of them support a multiple number platforms and others, such as LaunchPad, are platform-specific.The LaunchThe part the client awaits the most. A successful launch of a mobile app is not only a big day for the development team but also for the person who sowed the seeds of the idea for a planned bloom. Nowadays, when multi-platform apps are in the vogue, it has become a trend to launch an app on a number of major app stores such as Google play store, iTunes, Windows app store, and BlackBerry stores.Apart from these, you can reach a broader range of audience if you make your app visible on AppBrain, Amazon App Store, GetJar, and Handango.

Tips to Boost the Speed of Your WordPress Website and Blogs
Wordpress Development

Imagine, you’re in a meeting or doing some important work and the website takes long to load. Isn’t it annoying and embarrassing, too?While there are many factors that are responsible for a successful website including navigation, appearance, interface; one important thing worth mentioning is the page load. According to a 2009 Akamai study, nearly 47% of visitors expect a page to load in under 2 seconds, and 57% of visitors will abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This study and many others confirm that website loading time affects sales.Google’s Take on Website SpeedThe team at Google conducted an experiment wherein they dropped their website load speed from 100 milliseconds to 600 milliseconds. With this, they saw a decline in the number of searches by 0.2% to 0.6%. These results continued over 4-6 weeks.Further the team noticed that with a 400 millisecond delay, there was a decrease of 0.44% and 0.76% in the first and second three week periods. This experiment proved that impact in the number of searches performed is huge even on the scale of Google web search.So, what should website development companies do to increase the speed of their websites and blogs? Here are 4 significant tips one must start implementing today.Compress Your WebsiteYou might be aware of file compressions and its impact. Same applies when it comes to boosting the speed of your website. When you compress any file as a ZIP file, the overall size of that file is reduced.  This makes it easier as well as faster to send it to someone.When it comes to compressing a website, Gzip works in exactly the same way. When you install Gzip, it compresses your website’s files as ZIP files automatically. This helps save bandwidth and speed up page-loading times. On visiting your website, the browser of the visitor will automatically unzip the files and display their contents.Load Ad Networks Code and Analytics AsynchronouslyAd networks’ codes and analytics tracking codes play an important role in impeding your site’s speed, particularly if the remote server is slow or down. To prevent this issue, configure all your tracking codes to employ asynchronous delivery.  This will help prevent a delay or server outage with your Ad network or analytics service.Install a Cache PluginA cache plugin is an absolute must have plugin that cache’s the mostly visited pages on your website and make them available to the next visitor immediately. The plug-in generates html files which are served without ever invoking a single line of PHP.Try using WP Super Cache or if you have experience with caching plugins try W3 Total Cache, I also like the easy to use Hyper Cache which is great for people on Shared Web Hosting. Hyper Cache is a very lightweight caching option for the average WordPress blog, offering speed without a lot of overhead. If you are looking for a more robust hosting option for WordPress then you might want to try WPEngine.Optimize the WordPress SQL DatabaseTop website development companies ensure optimizing WordPress database of their websites.  For this, visit the cPanel of your website and use phpMyAdmin for optimizing and repairing the Tables.If you’re efficient, you can also automate this process by installing a plug-in such as WP-DB Manager. Other way is to up a Cron Job, which is an automatic program that can be executed at specific times and even at specific dates.Put a Significant Limit on the Social Sharing Buttons on Your WebsiteSocial sharing buttons are a must on websites, undoubtedly. However, stuffing 100s of them is something to reconsider. Why?A majority of the social sharing buttons use JavaScript.  This can be very difficult when it comes to performance. Having social sharing buttons on websites slows down the site and reduces traffic. There are many such cases of a Facebook social media website that outage significantly effects the speed of people who installed their share buttons.As a solution to this, either limit the social sharing buttons, or configure them to load asynchronously. This would not slow down your website.

Google’s New Android O Releases. What To Expect?

What is it we hate most about our smart phones even after they are the fastest, smartest, and best communication device ever made? Of course, their battery backup. Battery backup of mobiles seems to be stagnant for a couple of years. But, maybe, that era is going to be over now. Google’s new launch, the developer version of new android O, with its several enhanced functionalities will allegedly let you call & text your friends for several more hours.Android O (which will possibly be renamed in future) has a whole new improved way to deal with background apps in order to keep the battery from draining fast. What is the factor that causes the most power draw anyway? It’s prominently the large power draw of background services, location, and implicit broadcasts. With Google’s android O, all these unnecessary services will only be updated less frequently or when actually needed. It will result in less drainage of the battery.It has just been a few days since the launch. However, the debates have already begun to strike up over the similarities the new android OS with Apple’s iOS. No doubt android share a bigger market, but iOS has its own multitude of the admirers. The top android app development companies in USA should now focus to develop apps that can run in tune with newly launched OS.Since Google has launched their new OS specifically for mobile app developers, it is notable that it want them to have a better insight in operating system’s new functionalities. So far, our developers were able to figure out the following new specifications of the Andriod O:Better Notification HandlingAndroid O has come up with improved notification handling. Unlike earlier, now it is possible to see a toggle for notification by pressing a notification for a few seconds.Native Support for App BadgesEarlier, it wasn’t possible check your unread notification count just by looking at the app icons. With Android O, the app badges will reflect the number of unread notifications.Keyboard Navigation FacilityAndroid O has made the in-app navigation easier than it ever was with its brand-new keyboard navigation facility. Now, you will be able to navigate with extreme ease by using arrows and tabs available on the keyboard.Improved Quick Setting ScreenWith Android O, the quick setting became just better. The old quick setting has been replaced with color-based controls that lets you modify various in-app settings.Multiple Windows in a Single ScreenOne of the most notable feature Android O has to offer is Picture in Picture Display. As can be comprehended by the name, picture in picture display allows the user to watch multiple windows in a screen that can play multiple types of media such as videos, flashes, and images.We haven’t yet forgot the days when those 2 MP phones were a luxury. In today's times, people’s expectations are growing faster than the technology. And the top tech giants made it a point to continuously improve their technologies to make people’s lives better. Google has just stepped up with the improved Android O expanding the horizon of abundant possibilities. 

iPhone App Development 2017: Trends A Developer Must Know
iPhone App Development

The rumors have begun to spread like a wildfire. The tech giant Apple will be launching an all new series of feature-rich devices, including iPhone 8, in 2017. Apple’s portfolio of inventions is really precise yet highly striking. It’s no less than astonishing that a company can generate revenue of billions with just a handful of devices. Let alone trendsetting devices, the Apple app store is annually generating a revenue of $45 billion for app owners all around the world. It clearly depicts the fact that quality truly pays off.The best iPhone app development companies in USA are continuously hiring competent developers and designers all over the world to create state-of-the-art apps. No doubt, it is extremely important to adhere with the upgraded development technologies as the devices are getting faster and smarter every day. That’s why a developer should know about the latest trends in iPhone app development and should get in tune with them.Some of the iOS app development trends are as follows:Coding With SwiftThere has been much argument among the top iPhone app developers over why swift is better to code than Objective-C. Released by Apple, the swift is now open-source and offers a wide range of tools including frameworks and methodologies.The main reason behind the continually increasing number of developers are adopting to Swift over Objective-C is, it takes less codes to write. It is relatively easy and fast to code with Swift and is less error prone due to better syntax and construction that helps avoid potential error returns.SecuritySecurity of mobile apps has always been a major concern of most of the developers. The hackers and app developers seem to be in a race to leave each other behind. Apple has always been known for putting a fair emphasis on iPhone apps’ privacy and security. And the future developers should always make it a point to attain the highest standards of security while making the simplest of apps.Apple has made it mandatory for app developers to induce App Transport Security (ATS) in their apps for increased security. With the ATS functioning, all HTTP connection should be HTTPS. This improved internet security is achieved by ATS’s Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol. By taking Apple’s continuous efforts to make mobile devices more secure, we can certainly say that app security will reach a new level in 2017.GPS and Augmented RealityEven though the GPS in mobile apps isn’t a new concept anymore. However, by looking at the success of Pokemon Go in 2016, that GPS is now not only for drivers. With the more and more creative app, games, and tools ideas emerging nowadays, we might experience utilization of GPS in various apps unlike ever before. Thus, developers must be ready to take their imagination as well as innovation to an entirely new level.Did you know the global revenue of video game industry in 2016 was $100 billion. Imagine how much a developer can earn just by perfectly and creatively mixing up augmented reality feature in a gaming app he develops in the future.So, just pack up your knowledge, buckle up your skills, and gather all the supplies needed to conquer the 2017 revolution of iPhone App Development. There will be challenges you can learn from, skills you can acquire, and most importantly innovations that might change the world. 

Common Mistakes to Work on for Seamless Android App Development
Mobile App Development

We are sailing, sailing in the ocean of mobile apps! With millions of android apps out there, it is extremely important for the android app development companies to work their tail off to stand out in the competition.But, have you ever wondered why some Android apps earn more popularity than others?  Why some apps are more engaging for users than others? While there are multiple factors responsible for this, user experience is one factor that is worth mentioning. Offering a seamless, interactive user experience helps any app make a space in the smartphones of users.And to offer such a heart-winning user experience, android app development companies in USA and across must avoid making certain mistakes that are very common with android app development industry.So, today we’d like to share with all our smart developers five of the most common Android app development mistakes and strategies to avoid them.Not Considering User ExperienceOften apps like Uber, Instagram, Fitbit, etc. are critical to the business, wherein the product manager is fathomed with the inside-out of the app. He/she well understands the capabilities and functionalities of the app in detail. Such apps are technically effective, however failed to generate curiosity and excitement in the end user.Project managers and even app developers often overlook designing the app considering the user experience. Further, they fail to carry out beta test of the app with some set of users to ensure a solid application. When they fail to do so, the app also fall short of convincing the users on launch. Hence, it is important to consider user experience for an app to succeed in the market.Lack of a Well-Crafted Mobile App Development ProcessAn uncertain and scattered app development leads to chaos, discrepancies and bad output. Top android app development companies in USA and across work by establishing a well-structured app development process that makes the entire process easy, manageable and flawless.A high level android app development process covers –Market Research – This marks the beginning of the development process where a thorough analysis of the current market and trends is done. Market facts and user demographics are collected at this stage. Requirement Analysis – At this stage, detailing of what resources (both tangible and intangible) are needed is done based on the facts of the market analysis. These requirements are also aligned with the company’s goals. Based on these, strategies for development are prepared. Setting the Timelines and Milestones – Depending on the availability and non-availability of resources, timelines with milestones are set considering various phases like app designing, development, beta testing, alpha testing, and launch.Lack of Intuitive and Interactive GraphicsWhen it comes to app development, what is the first thought that strikes your mind? Interactivity! It is one vital factor that determines the acceptance and success of an app.It is a common observation, which suggests that users prefer apps that are interactive and comes loaded with visual cues. Hence, the android app developers should learn to manage implementing intuitive elements into their android apps. This reduces the learning curve for the end user drastically.Not Following the ConventionsWhile you might want to go creative when developing your android app, you cannot always afford your creativity. This means that you sometimes need to stick to what users expect. For instance, you might want to use attractive icons in your app, but users expect standards icons, which they have been seeing across over the years. Therefore, you should stick to the conventions and save your creativity for other areas.Overlooking Battery UsageSmartphones sucks if they’ve poor battery life. The reason behind high battery consumption of smartphones is undoubtedly the apps installed in them. Hence, it’s your responsibility as an app developer to ensure that your app does not drain the battery of the phone too much. You must ensure this before you release the app. In addition, ensure that your app does not consume any battery when not in use. This will prevent users from deleting the app faster than any other app that sucks down battery power even when unused.ConclusionWhile these are some common mistakes that app developers often make, hiring top android app developers can ensure you a seamless, faultless android app development.

What’s new in Microsoft Sharepoint Apps for iOS
SharePoint Application

The SharePoint mobile app for iOS is famously being called ‘the intranet in your pocket’, and for good reason. When the SharePoint application development was first introduced, it was a new vision for the future. Installing the app meant that the user could take his intranet with him in his pocket.According to the website of SharePoint application in USA, this app could help users stay connected to important things like sites, portals, content and people from across their personal intranet while they were away from the desk.The top SharePoint application development company enables many users to keep ahead of their work by providing quick access to the team websites, portals and resources, along with a view into the work of the other team members. Further more, the app is loaded with an intelligent Microsoft Graph that works by applying machine learning activity into Office 365 to connect the user to the relevant documents and people detected around him. The SharePoint app allows users to switch between accounts very easily and prompts the user to sign in with the SharePoint credentials once the app is launched within an iOS enabled device.The SharePoint mobile app works with SharePoint Online in the following instances:Within Office 365SharePoint Server of 2013 and 2016 on-premisesThe user’s hybrid environmentThere are multiple tabs on the app for iOS – The People TabThe people tab gives the users an insight and visibility into the work of other people working along side the user. The user may use this feature to search and browse their colleagues in the area. The user may further tap onto the contact card and explore what the other person is working on. The Office 365 supports this intelligence.The Sites TabThe Site Tab makes a list of the websites most frequently visited and followed by the user. Upon clicking a site, one may view the recent activity, site’s assets like sub sites, pages, documents and lists, and recent files. The site can also be shared with other users, showcasing the app’s ability to quickly and natively render the site elements.The SharePoint application development tab has further enabled the mobile app to link to other Office apps. When a user clicks on an Office Document from the recent files, it takes the user directly into the corresponding Office Mobile app. This is similar to the use where when a user accesses a SharePoint document library in a team site, the user is taken to the corresponding OneDrive mobile app, where the file can be discovered, viewed, shared and managed across Office 365.The Links TabThe Links tab of the app takes the users to portals and websites programmed by the user’s company for everyone to see. These are curated by the SharePoint admins from the SharePoint home in Office 365. Any investment in responsive, mobile-designed portals surely comes through the app. Also, tech giant Microsoftis investing in responsive design on a top priority basis to make sure that all new experiences such as the SharePoint home in Office 365, Microsoft Delve and the Office 365 Video are responsive and mobile by default.SearchThe SharePoint mobile app for iOS offers a search option throughout the database with clean results that are filtered by people, sites and files. When performing a search in the SharePoint mobile app, users connect through the full enterprise search, therefore finding content and people from all overtheir intranet, SharePoint team sites, company portals, and content recommendations powered by Microsoft Graph.Enhancements on the app like an Android and Windows Universal versions are expected along with authentication methods that include mobile application management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM).

How Guest Blogging helps Increase Your Brand Value?
Digital Marketing Company

SummaryWhile last few years saw a sudden decline in the popularity of Guest Blogging among the digital marketers, it is yet an undeniable fact that this is an effective tool to increase your search engine ranks.Introduction‘Guest Posting is dead’ – 2014 was the year that declared guest blogging a waste. Google’s Matt Cutt favored by saying, “OK, I’m calling it: If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.”While guest blogging has been giving rise to spammy links and content to some extent, its decline has been tremendously exaggerated.It is true that Google rejects repetitive and spammy content. However, if your guest post content is fresh, unique and good in quality, Google definitely likes it. If you’re an online marketing agency, you might well know the benefits of guest blogging.To help you recall the power of this overlooked yet effective SEO tool, below we have discussed in detail about how guest blogging can help digital marketing companies in USA and across globe build their brand.Guest Blogging - IntroductionGuest blogging is a process of creating content and getting it published on other high-quality websites. This is an effective way to build your reputation online and drive traffic to your personal blog or websites. It offers you an opportunity to share your thoughts to an increased number of audiences than you usually do with your own website, that too, for free. Though you don’t get paid for what you do, it gets you many benefits in form of increased traffic that’s driven to your website along many backlinks.The bigger the guest post site you choose, the more benefits you reap. You should always pick websites for posting your blogs that have better rankings on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) than yours.With guest postings, you can get:Significant Rise in Traffic - Guest blogging will drive different target visitors to your website or blog, which is beneficial, especially for business and ecommerce websites. Immense online influence - Guest blogging is a proven way to influence people, both in their professional as well as personal life. Since guest blogging can help you increase the viewers’ number, it greatly helps you enhance your reader base and online influence. You not only target your regular readers, but also grab the attention of audience of your guest blog website.Increase in online visibility – When you get more traffic and positive feedback from our readers, it is quite obvious for Google and other top search engine to focus on you. This will in turn get your site better ranking in search engines. Fostered authority and credibility – With guest posting, website/blog owners get the chance to interact with many top bloggers from their industry. This helps you enhance your networking as well as stay updated with industry happenings. In addition, when other bloggers start noticing you on a regular basis, you get the credibility from them.Advantages of Accepting Guest Posts on Your BlogBy now, you might have understood the benefits of Guest blogging on recognized websites. But, do you know that even you can accept guest blogs on your blogs? You can ask your readers to write guest posts on your blog. Accept the articles if they’re unique, original, and SEO optimized. Send targeted visitors to your website, and guest blogging will help your personal blog to get wider recognition on the Internet.Wrapping upUndoubtedly, guest blogging is one of the best effective ways to set up quality backlinks and get more traffic. Whether you’re running a big company or are just a start-up, guest posting will take your website as well as brand to the next level. Plus, you’ll also get benefitted in your SEO power and online popularity. This is a great tool for those who are unable to make investment or hire online marketing companies. Add guest posting to your digital marketing campaigns and your web page can have a significant ranking on search engines.

WhatsApp GIF Support – A New Feature for Android User

WhatsApp has been a revolutionary app among the mobile app development companies. Since launch, it has entirely changed the scenario of instant chat services. One after the other, it has been integrating many new and significant features to make it better over the years.You might be wondering what’s next now?Recently, WhatsApp added another striking feature in its app interface. Now, WhatsApp allows iPhone users send GIFs giving a tough competition to its competitors like Facebook Messenger and iMessage.GIFs or the Graphics Interchange Format are basically short looming animated images that don’t have any audio. These are a common yet interesting way to convey a reaction. While GIF’s were popular in the early days of internet, they have gained immense popularity with the rise of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and iMessage.And now, WhatsApp has added itself into this list, too. However, this feature for now can be used in iOS only. WhatsApp GIFs lets you send overblown reactions to your heart’s content.But, the process isn't very straightforward since iOS doesn’t natively support GIFs. Users need to first download WhatsApp version 2.16.15 from the App Store. On downloading, follow the steps given below:How to send a video as a GIF?A GIF can be as long as six seconds. To send a GIF, pick any video you want to send as GIF by pressing the Plus (+) button on the left side of the text box. Then, select Photo & Video Library and select the video you want to send.Now, in the top right of the screen, you’ll find an option that lets you choose between sending it as a video and a GIF. Select the GIF to edit its length and send to the recipient.How to send a Live Photo as a GIF?The new WhatsApp version also lets iOS user send Live Photos as GIFS. Live photos are the software’s own animated images. However, this won’t work and the process would be a little fiddly if you’re sending it from a smartphone with 3D Touch.To send Live Photos as GIFs, go to the option “Add a Photo” and select the one you want to send. However, you must 3D Touch your live photo so it pops out. Then, scroll up to search “Select as GIF”.Live Photos are supported in iPhone 6s and 7 and their Plus variants, even in the iPhone SE. However, the SE version doesn’t support 3D Touch, which means they fail to activate the option.How to Copy and Paste from the Internet?WhatsApp has become amazing now! Earlier, you were not able to save GIFs in iOS from the internet and send from WhatsApp. But, with its recent updates, you can now bypass these and send them across WhatsApp contacts by copying and pasting.To do so, find a GIF on the internet. Copy it by holding down and select “Copy”. Simply, paste the copied GIF into the WhatsApp text field and send it across.Using a GIF keyboardNow you can also download an entire keyboard with GIF support for a truly higher-level GIF use, such as Giphy, Gboard or iGIF. Simply, download it from the App Store, and follow the instructions.Once you reach there, simply select the keyboard in the chat window of WhatsApp and copy and paste to load the GIF.Android and WhatsApp webWhile the GIF feature isn’t yet in WhatsApp for Android, it is likely to come soon. WhatsApp has released a beta version that offers the GIF support. WhatsApp typically integrates features across multiple platforms quickly. Talking about WhatsApp web, it is able to read GIFs, but cannot send them at present.ConclusionThe GIF feature of WhatsApp is greatly accepted by the users. Android app development companies in USA and across should develop apps inspired by WhatsApp and develop such features to offer better functionality to the users.

Top 10 Prototyping Tools for UI and UX Designers
UI/UX Designer

SummaryTrying your hands in UI/UX designing for the first time? Are you an experienced UI/UX designer who begins with prototyping?  No matter whether you’re a beginner or run a top website designing company, you must know several useful prototyping tools to envisage your end product.IntroductionIf you’ve decided to build your career as a UI/UX designer, you must consider understanding the importance of prototyping in your industry. Prototyping is a crucial aspect of making a website work. To remind you, prototyping is a mock-up or demo of a website or an application that gives an idea of how it’d look as final product.Creating and enhancing products based on prototypes is increasingly being adapted by mobile UI/UX designers. And to make the task of prototyping quick and convenient, many prototyping tools are available out there to the designers. However, the availability of a slew of UI/UX prototyping tool, it often becomes difficult for the designers to choose the best that can bring twice efficiency with half the effort.To make it convenient for you, we’ve listed top prototyping tools that are being used by best website designing companies in USA and globally.FlintoFlinto allows designers to create interactive prototype for desktop as well as mobile applications. The tool functions on the drag-and-drop methodology. The best part of this powerful tool is that mobile users can test their prototype as an app in their mobile devices on the go. Modifications can too be seen simultaneously.AxureThis powerful tool simplifies the prototyping process by allowing designers to build simple, effective prototypes. You do not have to write a single piece of code.  The tool is an ideal means for creating simple click-through diagrams, sitemaps along dynamic content, user flows, animations, math functions and data-driven interaction.MarvelMarvel helps develop prototypes of websites, mobile, and web applications by building screens directly in the tool. You can also add image files either from Photoshop or Sketch. The tool allows the using gestures, animations, and transitions to convert your static web designs into interactive prototypes.FormCreate and tailor native prototypes on modern devices on the go with the Form tool. Incorporate latest web design components like material design, touch ripples, flat design, and take your design prototypes to the higher level. This unique tool helps you execute designs on the device at 60 FPS saving your time and efforts.InVisionA superlative prototyping platform, InVision is also a collaboration platform that comes with a user-friendly interface allowing designers to upload web design files, integrate gestures, animations and 3D effects to generate clickable and highly-interactive prototypes. You can also receive instant feedback for your prototypes.Proto.ioAn ideal tool for developing interactive, beautiful, and high-fidelity web and mobile prototypes. Proto.io offers a whole slew of built-in templates and UI elements to the designers that can help them develop mock-ups that look and work exactly like your final project should.OrigamiThis promising tool lets designers design new-age interfaces, top-notch prototypes and animations for websites and mobile apps. You can create wireframes from the scratch that further helps you play with them to develop the best website or app. In addition, you and your clients can also preview the designs on their device on the fly. It is also possible to design prototypes with layers.JustinmindWith the help of Justinmind tool, designers can create influential, feature-rich prototype of websites, and mobile apps quickly and efficiently. You can collaborate, share, test your ideas on real devices immediately.UXPin                      UXPin is a popular tool among top UI/UX designing companies for wireframing, prototyping and even testing websites for generating better user experience. It is shipped with over 1000 of in-built elements that designers can utilize to experiment with their designs and layouts. You can use an editor to build static and interactive designs right away. It also allows importing files from Sketch and Photoshop to get the things done on the go.Adobe Experience DesignAllows you to accelerate your prototyping progression! It is a cross-platform tool, which helps you both design as well as prototype websites and mobile apps.  You don’t have to do any coding. It is an ideal tool to re-use, create and remix web design and vectors from start to design wireframes, prototypes right away.MoqupsCreating websites and mobile apps mock-ups become super easy with Moqups. It comes packed with 31 built-in components like buttons, icons, figures, graphs, and even iPhone mockup. Moreover, design can also convert their images into interactive prototypes within a few minutes.ForeUIForeUI is a user-friendly prototyping tool, which lets UI/UX designers to create mockup and prototypes in easier and quickly. You can also create intuitive flowcharts to describe your prototypes. FireUI makes reviewing design concepts, sharing of ideas, and testing usability very easy.Missed out something? Helps us know your picks! 

5 Ecommerce Mistakes That Could Be Holding You Back
Ecommerce Development

Well said, “One stupid mistake can change everything”. The saying fits perfectly well in the E-commerce business. While humans are bound to make mistakes, no matter how educated or experienced they are, one should realize what wrong they’ve done before it gets too late.Often business owners overlook small mistakes they make in their business, but they can add up to cause real headaches for their E-commerce business.Have a look at 5 most common E-Commerce blunders, and how one can fix them.Insufficient ImagesAs an e-commerce business, you should consider the importance of images of your products. These are as important as a clear and accurate product description. Keep in mind that images are worth a thousand words. When your customers visit your website, they’d look for high quality images that are attractive, well-framed and taken from different angles. Also, make sure that the images you display are not too small as this will put your customers off.  Hence, it is better to display large images, and even add a zoom function for the viewers to view enlarged size of the images. So, the next time you develop e-commerce website for your business, ensure adding adequate images with clear display.Selecting the Incorrect Ecommerce PlatformIt takes a lot of time, efforts and money to start a platform. Hence, it’s important to choose the right e-commerce platform from the beginning. Evaluate what all functionalities and features you want, which integration requirements are needed, and how you want your store to look. Also, ensure that the payment process you choose is intuitive and works seamlessly across various devices. Research well before finalizing an E-commerce platforms, it’s a worth.Imprecise Product DescriptionYour product descriptions are the only way for the customers to know the features and specifications of your products. Not only add valuable content and relevant keywords to your E-commerce website. Ensure that the product descriptions you add on your website is précised, informative and engaging making it easy for the customers to know how the product will benefit them. It should not be too lengthy or too short. Also, it should cover all the key points. Try to answer all the possible enquiries about its working, material, price, warranty, etc. Don’t just copy and paste the manufacturer’s description. To get an idea of how to write alluring product description, go through some of the websites developed by top ecommerce website development companies.Complex Checkout ProcessOnline customers are impatient today. They want an easy and quick payment as well as check out process.The best type of checkout process is one that demands least effort. Limit it to a single page and add all of your billing as well as delivery information, and a “place my order” button. To make it more convincing and simplified, give the option to use the same information they entered last time for the returning customer.Ignoring SEOYou E-commerce website cannot work well if not optimized. SEO is a delicate science, and the impact of SEO optimization can take a bit long to give output. Hence, SEO should be considered as an important long-term strategy. If done in the right way, SEO is one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your E-commerce website as customers look for the products you sell.Thanks to the Google updates that SEO is no longer about stuffing a slew of keywords into your content. It is all about how your website is built, users’ behavior on your website, type and quality of the content and images. It also considers your website authority. Therefore, optimize your e-store for SEO from the start and it will pay dividends down the road.No Social MediaGetting in synch with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an important marketing requirement for ecommerce sites today. This helps to improve customer engagement, and make your brand feel more accessible. As a business owner, you should interact with customers and followers regularly, as well as promoting your business.If you’re an ecommerce business and not embracing social media, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to allure your audience. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are perfect places to present your product imagery, just like an online catalogue. Hence, mark your presence on all these channels and make sure you add social sharing buttons throughout your website, especially on the product pages.Your TakeAre you making any of these eCommerce blunders? Are there any other mistakes we missed? Feel free to share with us in the comments below. 

Google ‘Possum’ Algorithm Update
Possum Update

Digital marketers have again tied their shoelaces as Google has launched its new algorithm named "Possum,”. For those who are wondering what this new update is all about, Possum is a local algorithm update released on September 1, 2016. This update is aimed to impact ranking in the 3-pack and Local Finder, i.e. Google Maps results or the local results. In addition, its main aim is to prevent spammy and duplicate results and diversify the local search for people searching for a local business or service.Below are discussed four major changes this update is expected to bring. Read on to learn whether SEO companies in USA will benefit from it or not.Preference to Local FilterIt seems like Google’s local filter is functioning independently from its organic filters. This is quite clear with the fact that Google is filtering out of its index those local search results with a link to a website. For instance, if Possum update considers a page as duplicate and decides to filter it out of its SERP, a local result with that same page related with the listing can still be returned.Moreover, businesses now will have the opportunity to get ranked twice in the 3-pack while earlier one of the two listings were be filtered out. This means that top SEO companies have two opportunities to present in a 3-pack for both a “www” version and a non-“www” version of their website. With this, it is clear how local filter operates independently from the organic filter and that they are less connected than before.Unfortunate AddressesIf a company’s physical location is outside the city’s periphery, but most of its clients are within the city, then it is possible that Local Packs have not necessarily aided these businesses earlier. Local Packs are exhibited within Google’s SERP that offers searchers with relevant business information.Affiliation FilterEarlier, local algorithms were used to filter out local profiles, which shared either a phone number or domain eliminate duplicates in the Local Pack. However, after this new update, it seems like another dimension has been added to the filter - the address.While this isn’t a problem as it is nearly impossible for businesses to have duplicate addresses, for certain industries, (like health care or law) multiple practices can be located in the same building. Multiple offices can now share the same address if the building is very large. Hence, adding a suite number here proves to be effective.NOTE: The filter doesn’t weeds out perceived duplicates from local listings. Rather, it acts as an organic search algorithm that chooses one listing while pushing the others down.Similar Keyword FluxuationWith this new update, the importance of order of keywords has gained more importance. Queries such as “Link building services in USA”, “USA link building services” and “Link building USA” can be used to deliver fairly similar search results as Google can identify them as words having similar meaning. It seems that a small change in keyword order can shift 3-Pack SERP position, which means that it may be now best to use multiple iterations of a keyword on various pages of website. You can also select the iteration with the highest search volume.It’s all about the LocationThe new Google algorithm Possum uses IP address locations to serve more customized local results to users. Say, if a searcher looks for “organic link building services in USA” from their office in Chicago, he/she may not see the same results as any other user who is searching for “organic link building services” in a town where the company has a location.In addition, the farther you are from the city, the more zoomed-out will the map appear in Google Search. A user may see the drop in the result even if they include the service and city in the search query, while a user in that town would have likely seen that result first. This means it’s important for the marketers to make sure that the user’s location is set to the right city or town when finding the ranking.

Web Design Trends you can expect to see in 2017
Web Designing Company

SummaryOver the last few years, we have seen plenty of new trends and ideas changing the face of web designing market. Let’s see what does the upcoming year brings for us in web designing.IntroductionWith the world quickly moving towards the end of 2016, and technology transforming rapidly, top website designing companies have began to drift their thoughts in the direction of next set of emerging web design trends in 2017. So, here are a few trends that are expected to help web designers enhance their creativity and portfolios.Increased Mobile-first ApproachWhile designing mobile-responsive websites has already been adopted by top web designing companies, 2017 would be the year of Mobile-first wherein websites will be designed for the mobile devices first and then the bigger devices. More and more companies would emphasize on designing content that fits on mobile and smaller screened devices first, instead of designing them for the desktop.Enhanced Hero ImagesUsers are incredibly visual beings. In 2017, hero images will be strong with websites displaying high resolution, brand curated images to invoke audience interest. While images will play an important role, typography will also become more vital next year.While video will continue to dominate, web designers are tinkering with it differently. Motion graphics and background videos will get attention if used correctly. In addition, the success of animation would greatly depend on simplicity and subtle gentle movements.However, yea 207 would be less convincing for stock photography as users will get fed up of its overuse. While stock photography will still be a part of blogs and on social media, using it in website will be sloppy.Responsive Design at a Wider ImplementationWhile responsive design is something that has been around for a few years, website designing and development companies expect to see it as an even bigger uptake by big and small brands in the coming years.One of the major advantages of responsive design is that it lets businesses to pay for only one website build that effectively delivers content on smartphones and tablets and even on the desktops. Apart from its cost-effectiveness, another reason for increasing popularity is because of the Google’s ranking algorithm dropped in April last year. According to this Google update, the sites with optimized content for mobiles will get a boost in their rankings. Any website which isn’t optimized for mobile will see a major downfall in its search engine ranking.UI Patterns and FrameworkThe increasing popularity of WordPress and pre-designed templates has had a noticeable impact on the looks and functionality of many current website. It is expected to see increased emergence of both UI and UX patterns across the web wherein many sites would look and function in similar ways.In the increasing competition today, brands can’t afford to take risks in their user’s experience. As such, it makes sense to use these UI patterns and principles to enhance their website.As these existing UI and UX patterns develop, it is expected to see more and more brand’s implementing them to offer more unified and consistent online surfing experience. Brand’s top priority in 2017 would be to keep their users happy by implementing a streamlined UX and do away with design gimmicks to compete in an ever-increasingly competitive market.Extensive utilization of rapid prototyping toolsRapid prototyping tools are undoubtedly one of the most useful advancement to hit the web-design industry over the last year. These are, thus, a must-have tool for any web, UI and UX designing company. With the availability of tons of rapid prototyping tools, it is quite evident how successful they are and that brands are greatly benefitting with them. It is anticipate that in 2017, even more brands and designers would jump on the band-wagon to streamline their workflows and increase work efficiency.

Point you should Remember while Designing Mobile App
Mobile App Development

Having a mobile app is like adding value to your brand for the organizations. The increasing demand of the apps has given a new facet to the Web and mobile application designing companies. However, the market is ever expanding wherein your app is likely to get lost if it lacks the x-factor.While mobile apps are need of the hour, building and designing it is very daunting. Often, organizations that already have a strong online presence also struggle with crafting and optimizing their mobile apps. So, to help you get into mobile-thinking, here are a few significant considerations in designing mobile apps.Mobile is the King Desktop lost its throne a while back and it is taken over by the mobile. Therefore, one should think mobile first and then the desktop when it comes to designing. You ought to prioritize your mobile design, which generates a better user experience automatically. When you focus on designing the mobile version of your website, all irrelevant content is left out as there is no room for it. However, this doesn’t means that you cannot create a detailed app, but you focus only on the necessary. It is all about the UsabilityMobile app means “usability”. An app should have a good usability in order to survive on the ever expanding market competition. As a top mobile app development company, your goal should be to make mobile design intuitive, which means that all its text, icons, and gestures should be self-explanatory. You should create a user-friendly interface that won’t make the user guess their functionalities. Mobile apps need to be delightful and memorable.Indulge the User A dark reality – users have a tendency to try an app, and never take a glimpse at it again if they feel frustrated or cannot figure out how to use the app. For this reason, the on-boarding stage is one of the most critical ways to determine if the user is engaging to the product. Unfortunately, this stage is often overlooked by the mobile app developers. Consider Conventions Before designing your app, take a glimpse of the other popular apps in the market. Find out what actually your competitors or the top mobile UI/UX design companies are doing to make their product hit the charts.It is always a good idea to stick to the standards and conventions set up by all the great apps out there. Not to mention hers, conventions are set of design rules or norms that guide the user. For instance, having a navigation bar on the top of the screen in an iPhone is a convention these days.There are various conventions for the designers to consider when designing Android and iOS apps. It is advisable for you to understand and incorporate them in the app to make your work as lean as possible.Let your Users see Gestures Gestures play an important role when it comes to app usability and interface. In mobile design, you should know that your fingers act as a mouse. Hence, you should think about tapping rather than clicking. Therefore, touch devices allows the user to use gestures such as pinching and swiping, which further offers oodles of new ways of interaction. Since, good usability embraces both the super user and the novice, actions should be intuitive for both of them. While sticking to the conventions is necessary, sometimes your app must also have that unique feature to feel unique from others. For this, you should be extra creative with nudging the users as a designer by adding simple hints.ConclusionDesigning mobile apps renders different opportunities to the developers than designing a web design. UI/UX  designing company should keep up with the evolution of mobile app design techniques and conventions. This also means that they have to reconsider their tools and hone their skills to design according to the contextual behavior of their users.

Brilliant Features of Android N You Might Didn’t Know
Android N

Android N or Nougat is the latest version of Android. And it is believed to be the greatest Android update. While it has been made available on only a few handsets by Google, it is still worth a wait.Keen to know what’s so special about this Android version? Continue to read on the article to learn about its pack of amazing features you won’t find anywhere else.MultitaskingGoogle is known as the top android app maker in USA and probably in the entire world. And it is quite judicious to call it so. Android N allows multitasking with its split screen feature in all Android handsets. Hold down the task-switching button on your home screen and your screen will split into two that would let you work with more than one app at once.While it can be little fiddly for users with small screen, but it‘s a Godsend for those with larger handsets and for serial multi-taskers. There’s also a Clear button to close all the apps at once.SettingsThe settings menu in the new Android version has also undergone a revamp. When you enter the settings screen, the first thing you’ll notice the suggestions for tasks you might not have done with your phone yet, such as set up voice commands or email accounts.In addition, each option on the list gives you some piece of relevant information that could save you some menu-diving. For instance, you can check your storage capacity, data usage, current Wi-Fi network, etc. on right from the menu. Android N also adds the feature of reflecting persistent settings in the list itself when activated.Keyboard ThemesThe top android app development company has come up with a ton of themes for the Google keyboard. You no more need to install any android app from the play store to customize your keyboard. Now, you can choose different colors, add or remove the borders between keys, and set a photo as a backdrop. Now give your keyboard a new look every day!New EmojiWith Android N, Google is also reviving its suite of emoji, giving it a more uniform appearance. It is also proposing the Unicode Consortium to adopt 13 new emoji for better representing professional women in the universal character set.NotificationsThe look of notifications has been completely transformed in Android N. Now, the things are much visually more pleasing, with a full-width design and tinier icons, which make better use of space. Even the notifications are more functional now; users can expand them twice to see more information and perform specific action. And if you don’t feel like swiping, you can expand each notification using the little buttons, which is yet another new thing in N.Top Android App Development Company has also added a neat feature in N that offers the ability to long-press on every notification for controlling the way user wants to receive alerts from the app. In addition, N also allows users to long-press any notification and chooses whether to display them mutely or block them altogether.Easter EggAlthough, Android N doesn’t yet have a version number, it isn’t stopping Google from putting in its conventional Easter egg. To remind you what’s the Easter Egg, each version of Android comes with a hidden visual flourish that can be accessed by tapping the version number rapidly in the system settings.Battery LifeEvery version of Android assures better battery life and Android N makes this promise again. With this new Android version, apps will be enforced to be less battery intensive. In Android Nougat, the battery usage would be lowered t an extent. The Doze state would be woken by calls or texts. However, other than that, it’ll be in a low power state and would be ready to spring into action when in need.

Why WordPress is the World’s Most Popular CMS?
Wordpress Developer

What makes Wordpress enjoy over 60% of international CMS market share? The fact that WordPress is powering 26% of the global websites makes it pretty much clear that it is the today the top choice of a majority of top CMS development companies.  It is also one of the most preferred ways to publish content.So, what are the reasons that WordPress generates more interest than any other platform?Open-Source SoftwareWordPress is an open-source Content Management System, which means that a private company cannot delete your content on its own, irrespective of reason. Hence, it is impossible for the companies to lose their content once they publish it using WordPress. This makes wordpress a reliable and secure CMS too.Being open source software, WordPress is the most viable option in terms of cost offering you complete possession over your content.Multilingual WordPressAccording to WordPress.org, it is possible to develop Wordpress websites in more than 60 languages. To put it simply, WordPress has been entirely translated into over 60 languages and currently more than 70% of WordPress websites are in English language. Wordpress has made it possible to democratise publishing a real possibility as blogs and websites can be developed in multiple languages making the platform relevant to a truly global audience.Easily CustomizableSo far, WordPress has been used as a content management system or a blogging platform. However it has also been used to create different types of websites. This has been possible because WordPress is a fully customizable platform. Also, being an Open Source software, it welcomes contributions including plugins and themes helping website development companies to develop different wordpress websites. The showcase section of WordPress.org proves the effectiveness of WordPress to be used for various purposes along being a good blogging platform.WordPress Plugins & ThemesWordpress offers a multitude of themes to help enhance the design and functionality of a WordPress website. These offer different templates. In addition, for every template, there are many plugins, which further help in customizing these templates to add more functionality. Because internet is flooded with wordpress themes and plugins, wordpress is the most preferred website development platform today for small and even top website development companies. The increasing interest in WordPress and growing repository of plugins and themes has also motivated many third-party companies to produce premium themes and plugins professionally.Social MediaThe power of social media platforms is huge. The numbers of likes and comments on your social media channel determines your brand popularity and success, particularly for large businesses.  There are over a billion active users on Facebook alone. Combining this number with the growing importance of Twitter as a promotional platform for businesses can help you realise why the ability to integrate these posts in your WordPress is important.It is very significant for businesses to offer an experience to their users to engage with authoritative long form content & share it instantly with their connections to start a conversation on a single platform. Wordpress is a platform that offers its users complete control over their content. In addition, it also understands that the real power of content is improved through connections. This is what social media platforms are meant for. Embedded social media plugins in WordPress include Twitter, Youtube, Photobucket, Flickr, Slideshare, Dailymotion, Google Maps.Conclusion        All the above discussed points make it clear that WordPress is the best and here to stay. Also, it will grow bigger in the coming years. If you stay informed and exercise basic best practices in place, you will be safe with your WordPress website and happy as well.

Pros & Cons of Ruby on Rails
Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is a highly efficient framework platform that is both easy-to-learn and work. It lets you build high-end web applications with extreme flexibility and in less time spent in testing and scaffolding. Some of the popular websites such as Hulu, Airbnb, Basecamp, Shopify, and Zendesk best exemplify the extensive scope of working with Ruby on Rails.Whether you want to hire a Ruby developer or want to learn it from the scratch yourself, look out for the proficiency on both Ruby and The Rails. Ruby is a programming language that helps you to write the code in fewer lines and in a more comprehensive way than other programming languages. Rails, on the other hand, is an agile framework encompassed with lots of tools like automatic scaffolding, built-in testing, and metaprogramming that do the most work for you. Here is an Infograph on pros & cons of Ruby on Rails. 

4 Ways To Localize Your Content For Amazing Results
Localize Your Content

Several businesses understand tremendous profits can be made when they localize their product to foreign markets and access foreign consumers.Hiring a professional localization services team to translate the marketing content, however, can stress out the content creation team as they must now write content that is easy to translate.Although the gains of mobile app localization are obvious, the actual act of localizing the product can be long and laborious. At the same time, translating content into different languages can seem to be a very pricey and lengthly process.However, understanding and implementing a few simple tips that we list below can help you avoid making costly mistakes when localizing content. Not only can these ways help limit your localization costs, they can speed up the pace of the project and boost revenue streams by ensuring high-quality translations.Compose Content With Localization In MindWriting content with international audiences in mind is less expensive, more efficient and easier to localize. When you compose content with localization in mind, you are thinking globally while acting locally.Expressing cultural diversity in your writing is extremely important.When writing content that will be translated later, be careful with metaphors, scenarios and examples. Exercise caution when writing in slang, idioms or expressions that are understood in your own culture but not in others. Referring to historical events of your country also may not resonate. These needn't be removed entirely, simply implemented carefully so that these can be easily translated into the target language.Take into account spacing issues as you write. If you have limited space, know that translated texts can span longer than its English equivalent. Certain languages are "wordier" than others, requiring additional words to express the same meaning. The German requirement to compound words, for example, may cramp the spacing in an app or software screen.Write Clearly And ConciselyThe localization team of translators will have an easier time translating when you write the original content simply and clearly.Your wording should always be simplified and focused on the main important points. If you find yourself dwelling on a tangential topic, stop and prune your writing.Employ simple sentence constructions and use specific terminology related to the product or service. Write in active voice so that translators can easily find the subject of the sentence, which makes their job easier.Clarify your writing and make it more concise by using nouns instead of imprecise pronouns. Use correct grammar and syntax. It's likely a mistake in the original content will be replicated in the translated versions so always be careful when writing the original text.Establish A Unique VoiceNow writing with more clarity and conciseness doesn't mean you have to completely change your unique writing voice.While most experts on localized content for international audiences recommend that you not use idioms, humor and casual language, we believe you can still preserve your unique voice in the writing.Imagine yourself as a translator and write up a clear version of the content in question, one that uses globally accepted English that may be used as the content to be translated and localized. You can then write up a second version for your English audiences that uses humorous, idiomatic, clever English.Having such a practice will allow you to communicate your unique voice while still allowing for well-understood translations.Use ImagesThe use of images to complement your content will help you save on localization costs.This is because the right complementary images reduce the need for worded explanations in the original text, which means less translation work in the end. The images may also help communicate your message better.While a picture may amplify the message you are trying to communicate, be wary of cultural norms of the society you are targeting. Not all images convey the same meanings across cultures. Bikini-clad people in a picture for one society would not work in the Middle East, for example.Also make sure to not have your images contain text so that you won't have problems translating the same later. If text must accompany a graphic, aim to separate the words from the graphic and introduce the text as a separate component.In above these four tips for writing great source content, you'll be sure to secure accurate, worthy translations for your international audiences.

The Amazing Ways To Avail The What’s App Video Call Features
What's App Video Call

The much awaited WhatsApp feature is finally out now – the WhatsApp video calling. The video calling update is available for devices having iOS, Android and Windows 10. According to the Instant Messaging App Company, video calling will use learning from voice calls and would be fast and reliable. In addition, video calls will be encrypted end-to-end just like chats and other media on WhatsApp.However, to begin using the video calling, it is a must that your friend should also have the same version of the app.How to DownloadVideo calling is supported by all the devices with Android 4.1 and above. The new feature has been rolled out via the app update. To use this feature, users will need to upgrade their app from the respective app store.How to make a WhatsApp Video Call?Open WhatsApp Click the Contacts tab Search and choose the contact you want to start a WhatsApp video call with Click on the phone icon towards the right top corner of the screen Choose Video call from the popupFeatures of WhatsApp Video CallingMulti-TaskingThe launch of WhatsApp had really raised the bars for mobile app development company to develop better apps than this. However, there’s no replacement found till date. And now by adding the video calling feature, it is nearly impossible to beat it.Unlike other apps, WhatsApp allows multi-tasking during a video call. When you connect the call, you can choose either the rear or front camera of your smartphone. Users can switch between the two during the video call.Also, a user can opt if the preview of their video is the main picture in the call or the incoming video from their caller. They can also minimize the call window to open other things like, chats, messages, etc with the same caller, and the video call won’t get disconnected. Even the smaller window can be moved anywhere on the screen.Data UsageOften users get worried about their data consumption when they hear about video calling. WhatsApp app does not have a separate tab for listing the data usage of video calling. All the call data is clubbed under one tab in the Data Usage section of both the iOS and Android devices. In our case, we used 3G network for a 2-minute session of video calling on WhatsApp. Overall, there is no much data consumption in WhatsApp video calling.Video QualityWhen it’s a name like WhatsApp, quality is not any issue and this has been proved once again. According to WhatsApp, the quality of videos automatically adjusts itself depending on the users’ network speed and quality. The company has made sure that the video calls are real fast and reliable all the times. Product Lead – WhatsApp, Manpreet Singh told that the company will try to continue the call as much as possible without any interruptions.  “There is a whole diversity of connection speeds, even within networks. We are working to expand that range,” he added.No Group CallingWhile WhatsApp video calling supports multi-tasking, it doesn’t support group calling for now. But, there are multiple malicious links to invite people to download the same. It reads, “You’re invited to try WhatsApp Video Calling feature. This malicious link ensures user security as only those who receive this invitation can enable this feature. On clicking the link, the user will be asked to invite more friends for video calling to activate on their device. However, these links can also be spam or malicious links and can harm the device.

Interesting Things to know about Snapchat Spectacles
Snapchat Spectacles

November 2016 marked a historical month for the popular image messaging and multimedia mobile app, Snapchat as it suddenly launched its new sunglasses – Snapchat Spectacles.  The new product has already created a buzz around and people are keen to know more about it. With this new product, Snapchat has entirely changed the definition of Sunglasses. With many unique features like sunglasses-turned-video-camera that allows you to capture quick 10-second scenes has made these sunglasses the top choice of the customers today.So, here’s all you must know about this amazing pair of “Smart” Sunglassess.Camera glasses and not the Google GlassEarlier, it was speculated that these glasses might be somewhat similar to the Google sunglasses. However, these $130 pairs of glasses comes with a camera inside that takes snaps without the need to remove them from your face. Unlike other smartglasses that look like oddball things, which any a normal person wouldn't wear for long, these glasses just have a camera and no display.Smartglasses with a Connected Camera InsideThe smart glasses are capable of recording 10-second video clips. These videos can further be uploaded on Snapchat via Android or iPhone paired through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is also expected that the company can develop android/iOS mobile app to facilitate the same, in future. Even if the company doesn’t come up with anything of this sort, we are sure top mobile app development companies would surely launch a set of some amazing apps for the same.Buy them from a Vending Machine. While the smartglasses have already been in so much demand since launch, they are not being sold in the stores yet. Even nobody was sent any piece for review. Instead, pop-up dispensers are currently the only way from where a pair can be grabbed for trial. Wearable glasses aren’t new, companies like Pivothead made them many years ago. Later, Google Glass came up with similar concept (it could record video clips and photos). So, it can be said that while this technology has been there for years now, Snapchat Glasses are trying to take the next step with more advanced features and quality.Bright and weird-creepyThe Spectacles have bright, Elton John-esque designs. There's a circular ring of LEDs that glow when video is being shot. These are different from those Pivothead making the black sunglasses look nearly normal. This approach hides the camera in the bridge of the glasses.Selfie-challenged Smart GlassesOne unique thing about these glasses is that they are outward-facing camera-glasses.  These can be used for capturing action shots and snapping others.Records video of 10 seconds at a timeThis might act as a loophole for these spectacles. Users can only record a small video for about 10 seconds, which is muck like what Snapchat already does.Spectacles Case cum ChargerThe spectacles come with a bright, colorful packaging case. However, the case seems to be clever enough as it can be used to charge up the glasses when not in use.Capable of shooting circular video that can be viewed in portrait and landscapeThe spectacles have 115-degree wide-angle camera that captures video in a circle. Users can view these videos in the Snapchat app, both in horizontal or vertical mode. You can also continue to spin your smartphone around in any orientation as the video is reframed as needed. This prevents the user from repositioning their phones for certain videos.Designed to sync into SnapchatSnapchat Sunglasses welcome you to the world of connected wearable app-cessories. These are like a new generation of IoT. These are a one-purpose gadget, which syncs into Snapchat right away.

What Features make Joomla Popular Amongst Developers?
Joomla Development

Joomla is a reliable name in the CMS and website development industry. It is one of the most popular software packages in the world that is used to develop, organize, manage and publish content for blogs, websites, Intranets and mobile applications. Because of its scalable MVC architecture, Joomla is also a great base to platform for web applications. Top CMS development companies globally greatly prefer Joomla for their content related business.Currently, over 3% of the Web is running on Joomla. It also rules the CMS market share of over 9%. These percentages are evidence that Joomla powers the web presence of hundreds of thousands of businesses, non-profits and large organizations, governments, worldwide. Joomla is as an award winning CMS led by an international community of over a half million contributors that help even the most in-experienced user to develop their websites and turn their digital visions into reality.Here are some of the Joomla features that have made it the top choice of developers.MultilingualOne of the distinctive features of Joomla is that it is widely supported open source multilingual CMS platform. It offers language support for over 65 international languages. Content creators and webmasters can develop their websites to be accessible in multiple languages, regardless of the need to step out of the options available in the Joomla core software. With this multi-language support, developers can develop websites that are much more accessible that reach out to a much larger audience.User ManagementJoomla employs a registration system allowing users to configure personal options. There are nine out of the box user groups with different types of user permissions based on how users are allowed to access, edit, publish and administer. Authentication is a crucial aspect of user management and fortunately Joomla supports multiple protocols, such as LDAP, OpenID, and Gmail. With this, users are allowed to use their existing account information to streamline their registration process. Moreover, all these steps can be unified onto with extensions that give complete control over what users can access and their authentication on your website.PHP 7 SupportSince the launch of Joomla 3.5.0, it supports the most recent release of Zend’s PHP: PHP 7 offering a significant performance boost to your website. This support is a real aid to the PHP development companies as users can enjoy the benefits of performance improvement. However, Joomla still offers legacy PHP support to PHP version 5.3.10 for web servers that  aren’t yet upgraded.System FeaturesDevelopment in Joomla facilitates speedy page loads with page caching, GZIP page compression, and granular-level module caching features. To help the system administrator in troubleshooting some issue, Joomla offers an error reporting and extended debugging mode to resolve the issue. The FTP Layer allows file operations, such as installing Extensions, which do not require developers to make all the folders and files writable. It makes the website administrator's life easier and increases the security of your website. In addition, it also allows administrators communicate efficiently and quickly with users one-on-one through private messaging or all website users through the mass mailing system.Microdata library implementationJoomla Development companies are able to integrate microdata more easily into their websites extensions and. From generating the detailed markup for directories to automating the Author tag in articles, the microdata library canl significantly enhance how developers can optimize SEO with Joomla.Powerful ExtensibilityWhile Joomla’s core version is just the beginning, its real power lies in the way developers can customize it. It offers more than 7,500 extensions to extend the website and broaden its functionality. To see thousands of extensions to enhance Joomla, simply visit the Joomla! Extensions Directory or use the Joomla extension finder built into it.

How Big Data can help your organization to grow fast?
Big Data

Big Data is the process of mining and processing of petabytes’ worth of information to gain valuable insights into how customers behave, supply chain efficiency and many other aspects of business performance which requires big data analytics.Industry-based research has shown that early adopters of Big Data analytics have gained a commendable lead over those who have not yet tapped into this.Big data management has since been recognized as an important, competitive tool, the use of which requires a company to make three kinds of table stakes.The first stake includes the data itself: large quantities of information in a format that allows for easy access and analysis. A majority of large companies are already in possession of this.The second stake involves advanced analytical tools, such as proprietary and open-source tools and platforms that are widely available nowadays.The third and most challenging stake includes expertise. Advanced big data analytics requires professionals who possess state-of-the-art skills in everything, ranging from data science to privacy laws all around the world, apart from developing an understanding of the said business and the relevant sources of value.However, these stakes are just a part of the bigger picture since Big Data is more of a business program that requires technical savvy rather than being another technical initiative.Analytics leaders have stipulated that in order to succeed with Big Data, it needs to be embedded deeply into the organization’s infrastructure. Embedding this into the very structure of the organization is the only way to make certain that information are shared across business units and functions and used judiciously.A good big data solutions program requires ambition on the part of the organization, a strong horizontal analytics capability and an organizational home for the big data analytics.Leading companies begin the big-data embedding process by spelling out their ambition with regards to using Big Data as a new way of doing business. Incorporation of advanced analytics and insights as key elements of all important decisions is one of the main steps towards realizing this ambition.There are four areas where analytics can be relevant:improving existing products and services, improving internal processes, building new product or service offerings, Transforming business models.These objectives may often overlap.To look at an example, Humana, an insurance provider, uses Big Data to transform its business. Using its claims data, the company can determine who is likely to end up in a hospital for preventable reasons and then intervene at an earlier stage. Humana and other health insurance companiesalso mine data to help improve patient outcomes and reward healthy behaviors.Horizontal analytics capabilityOnce an ambition has been defined, Big Data leaders work on developing a horizontal analytics capability to overcome internal resistance, and create the infrastructure to use data throughout the organization.For example, a global consumer electronics company selected high-impact analytics projects for extra support that creates positive business outcomes and an increased demand for Big Data solutions. The company further gave increased incentives to senior executives to tap Big Data capabilities and provide for Big Data services in USA.Organizational homeWith regard to the horizontal analytics capabilities, big Data leaders then create an organizational home for the advanced analytics capability that is often known as a Center of Excellence (CoE) that is overseen by a chief analytics officer.Creating an organizational home requires several key design decisions like setting a strategy for Big Data deployment, assigning collection and ownership of data across business functions, planning the generation of insights and prioritizing opportunities and allocation of data scientists’ time, hosting and maintaining the technological infrastructure, setting privacy policies and access rights, and determining the accountability for compliance with local laws and data security.To start with the big data solutions, one must benchmark the industry and determine the company’s current position in Big Data analytics and capabilities as compared to the most immediate competition. Following this, other decisions can be fathomed as to how big data can help your organization to grow fast.

CakePHP vs Laravel
CakePHP vs Laravel

CakePHPCakePHP Development is the well known platform of PHP. CakePHP has been developed to provide a basic organizational structure to make web development faster and easier. It is a PHP 7 framework loaded with a flexible database access layer, code generation, and scaffolding features that help develop prototypes with comparatively less code. It offers built-in translations, database, access, validation and authentication features and is licensed under MIT license.LaravelLaravel is a PHP web framework created to develop MVC based web applications. It is an open-source framework featuring modular packaging system and dependency manager. It supports built-in support for user authentication with efficient ways to access relational databases. Licensed under MIT license and free-to-use, Laravel is one of the top PHP frameworks in the world and so many organizations are working on Laravel Development.Here is an Infograph on CakePHP vs Laravel

Things You Need To Know About Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

SummaryCloud Computing is no longer a novel but a dominant paradigm in IT these days. And the reason is pretty simple -it’s increasing demand for enormous benefits.IntroductionIf you’re into an e-commerce business or an IT mammoth, you might be fathomed with the value of your company data. Saving, tracking, evaluating, managing and securing massive amount of data is daunting for every organization regardless of their size, scope or industry.  To deal with these complexities, organizations have shifted from traditional databases to cloud storage. Because of the growing adaptations, cloud computing has today become a commodity in the business world.While there are endless cloud service providers in USA that can help you reap huge advantages from cloud computing, you should also know about its drawbacks. Hence, take time to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of this revolutionary technology and get the most out of your cloud integration services in USA.Advantages of Cloud ComputingCost SavingsPerhaps, the most significant benefit of cloud computing is in terms of IT cost savings. With cloud computing, organizations can save on capital costs substantially with zero investment on in-house storage and application needs. With cloud, they can also cut operational costs on on-premises infrastructure in the form of air conditioning, power, etc. This gives them complete control over their investment and helps them with pay-as-you-need facility. In addition, cloud services are extremely cost effective, even for smaller enterprises.ReliabilityTop ecommerce website development companies require enormous space to save their website data securely and reliably. In the same context, cloud computing is much more reliable with a managed service platform than in-house IT infrastructure. Also, popular cloud service providers offer a Service Level Agreement guaranteeing all-day, all-year service availability. You get a huge pool of redundant IT resources along with quick data recovery mechanism that facilitates transition of hosted applications and services to any available server to prevent data loss.ManageabilityWith cloud computing, organizations get enhanced and easy IT management and maintenance capabilities as all the resources are centrally administered. In addition, you need not to invest your efforts and time in IT infrastructure maintenance and updates as everything is maintained by the cloud computing service provider. Therefore, organizations can enjoy a simple web-based user interface to access application, software, and services – without worrying about installation and maintenance.Cloud is GreenIn general, the cloud is more efficient and environment friendly than the traditional IT infrastructure. It takes fewer resources to work, thus saving energy. Only the resources that are truly required at a particular moment are consumed by the cloud system.Potential Drawbacks of Cloud ComputingSecuritySecurity is the biggest concern for organizations in cloud computing. As companies leverage a remote cloud based infrastructure, they essentially give away their private data and information that might be confidential and sensitive. Because of this ease accessing and procuring cloud services, nefarious users are able to scan and exploit loopholes within a system and can cause harm to company data.Vendor Lock-In and Limited ControlAlthough cloud service providers ensure flexibility and integrity, organizations may find it challenging to switch their services from vendor to vendor. Frequent integrations and hosting current cloud applications on another platform cause interoperability issues.In addition, with cloud computing, organization get limited or no control to it since the cloud infrastructure is completely owned, managed and monitored by the service providers. Organizations can only manage and control the data, applications, and associated services, not the backend infrastructure itself.DowntimeAs cloud computing entirely runs over internet, if your internet connection goes down or offline, you won’t be able to access any of your servers, data or applications from the cloud. In addition, with the increasing number of cloud users, the server can go down or come up against technical outages, which can cause temporary hindrance to your business processing.ConclusionRegardless of its disadvantages, cloud computing still remains strong and on top of organizational needs. It still has a bright future with its user base increasing persistently and more big players attracted towards it. Hence, it can be concluded that Cloud technology is harder to ignore in current digitally connected business world.

Why Every Business Needs a LOGO?
Logo Designer

IntroductionJust like every individual is identified by their name and looks, every business can be recognized by its business logo.Logo designing has been a traditional marketing practice, which is often overlooked these days by businesses. Marketing experts believe that a good logo is important for a successful business. It is a simple way your customers remember you, even if they do not know your business name. Ask any top web designing company who have been designing unique and meaningful logos and they will tell you what all it takes to create a logo that serves your business purpose as well as looks attractive.The bottom line is that if you have consistent marketing materials along with having an outstanding corporate identity, you can actually make a huge difference in your business, by increasing sales and ROI.Below are discussed five surefire ways an outstanding logo will help your organization succeed.First Impression is the Last too. Even before you begin with all your marketing practices, be it traditionally or internet-based, an attractive logo can create deep impacts on your customer’s mind. Wayne Stuetz, founder of The Sodfather Landscaping in White Plains, New York shares how the first impression of their logo gives them an edge. “People are always asking for a t-shirt with my logo on it. My logo is very memorable, and once a person has seen it, it’s hard to forget.” Your logo gives a better understanding of your business to your customers. Hence, your logo is a powerful way to develop a positive impression on your customer. Use this opportunity!Get you More Potential CustomersThere are a few things associated with having a business logo:It is your unique identity. It can be a great way for people to recognize or remember you. It tells your customers who you are.They say, “Never judge a book by its cover”.  However, the fact remains that customers still judge products based on looks. Customers look for companies that have the right look to it which often acts as the criteria to decide whether to buy the product or not. Even some people may feel wowed by the professional looking logo of the company to the point that it impresses them into buying.Enables you to stand Out from Others Logo designing is nothing new and is existing since ages. Hence, there are myriads of logos around but you’ll notice that very few logos stand out from the crowd. It is a great achievement if your customers are able to differentiate you from your rivals and is critical in winning the battle for customers. Choose a logo that fits your business niche, is attractive and descent but at the same time looks professional too. To get a better idea on your logo, hire a logo designer to help you in the same. Original uses of colors, shapes, words, and fonts can set your logo apart from others.4. Boost your Credibility and IntegrityA good-looking logo can give your business an impression of being professional and experienced.  Plus, it can also aid in making your business appear more credible. By establishing this type of credibility, you can present yourself as an expert in your field boldly.Earn Trust with a Flavor of Professionalism Professionalism of the business is one thing that convinces customers to choose an established landscaping business over a few kids with lawnmowers. A logo means that your company is in the market from years which builds a sense of trust and reliability in them. If companies are able to convey their messages of professionalism through their logo, a lot of their work is already done in terms of branding.Still thinking? Find a good logo designing company in USA and get your professional looking logo designed today!

Importance of Responsive Web Designing
Responsive web design

With so much happening in the digital markets over the past few years, it has become nearly impossible to track the changes that have occurred. The industry has shaped up quite well and the growth is being registered at double digits. Because of increasing competition in the digital sphere, innovation has become very important and one of the most recent innovations that has helped in shaping the industry further is the introduction of responsive web designs.What exactly is a responsive web design?When asked from a prominent Professional Web Design Company, a Responsive Web Design is the one that can adapt to the different browsers, different screen sizes and different operating systems without having to change the code or having to develop an entirely new page.They further stated that such designing has become possible due to the new age framework like HTML5, CSS3 and so on. The new innovations allow the web designers to optimize a single website to run smoothly across a desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet. Furthermore, the designer also makes sure that the layout of the site is apt as per the screen size and the website is able to detect the source gadget in order to display the correct version.Some of the advantages offered by responsive web designing as quoted by some prominent Web Designing Services:Responsive web design removes the need for developing special WAP sites for mobile. Responsive web design ensures that the website is displayed in accordance with the screen size and gives the best performance to the visitor. Responsive web design is designed to work smoothly across all devices and react accordingly to touch, clicks or other input devices. Responsive web design is a one stop solution for a website and is quite advantageous to the e-commerce firms as they help in boosting conversion rates.How does responsive web design help you in reaching more people?A responsive design is preferred by the people. A site viewing smoothly and working perfectly inside a mobile device is more likely to be used by the concerned people. RWD is also becoming more relevant as mobile traffic to websites is increasing with each passing year and people are accessing the internet on various devices that they own. This calls for support for smaller screen sizes, touch based inputs and other design changes which will make the site work perfectly on a smaller screen.Moreover, Google ranks the pages which are developed using RWD technology higher as the content is more readily accessible to the people. If you’re targeting audience that uses internet on their mobile devices, then the chances of getting discovered in Google search increases if your website is built on responsive technology. As per a report by one of the biggest Web Designing Company, responsive design increases the web traffic to a particular website by a factor of multiples.So, if your site is developed by a Web Designing Company emerging market of the world,then you must always insist on building it using RWD technology. It will be quite beneficial to your firm as more and more people will be able to successfully access your website and interact with you. You might also consider building a mobile app for your services but all that shall come after you’ve established a good user base with your website.

What are the important features of iPhone 7?
Iphone 7

The new generation of iPhone received a mixed response, although the waiting list suggests strong demand.The much awaited iPhone 7 is out now putting an end to all the speculations to its have’s and don’ts.  Within a week of the launch, iPhone 7 has already hit the shelves. The Giant claims that consumer response to its new smartphone has been enormous and many of the popular models have sold out already.  The overwhelming response of the customers can be determined by the fact that iPhone 7 have already wiped out all stock and it’s no more available in the stores today.So, check out the amazing features and cool specs of iPhone 7 that are making its customers go crazy to buy it.Design – As usual, Apple continuous to keep up its identity in terms of its smartphone designs. Just like all other iPhones, these new devices are of the same size in every dimension. While iPhone 7 is 7.1mm thick, 7 Plus is a slightly thicker 7.3mm. Both the variants are available in five colours - rose gold, gold, silver, standard black and polished jet black.The Non-Clickable New Home Button – While the home button is changes less dramatically, users can feel its impact quite literally every time they put their fingertips on it. Apple introduces a non-moving home button this time which is pressure sensitive. It can be kitted out via the latest Force Touch technology.Water Resistant- For the first time, Apple has manufactured its smartphones with water-resistant capacity. Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with IP67 rated water and dust resistance. While both the variants aren’t as water resistant as Samsung smartphones, they’ve been tested to resist immersion in water for half an hour.Upgraded Camera - The camera in iPhone 7 has been revamped to improve low-light capabilities and are capable of taking even sharper photos. While iPhone 7 has a new 12MP sensor that is 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient, iPhone 7 Plus comes with a dual-lens camera allowing a huge rise in quality when zooming in on a photo. So, it can be said that the camera feature this time has put an end to a problem that has plagued Apple for decades.Further, cameras on both models also have 12 megapixel sensors and 4K video recording capability. The cameras allow live editing of video files that too with wide colour capture. Users also get the features like image stabilisation and new camera flash to enhance photos shot in low-light. Moreover, in order to create a more effective flash experience, Apple has also doubled the number of LEDs to four. Even the front camera has been upgraded to 7MP for FaceTime and selfies.No headphone jack – This new feature in iPhone 7 variants has turned out to be one of the most controversial decisions of Apple. The Giant has removed the headphone jack and provides a pair of Lightning Ear Pods, instead. These ear pods can be connected through the charging port.  These ear pods have a unique working style. The ear pods work on the Infared sensor technology and are controlled by the rear and motion sensors to detect your voice and use Siri. The AirPods can withstand five hours of continuous usage delivering 24 hours of total battery life. You can also connect the Airpods to Apple watches, iPads and laptops.Improvised Apps – Apple is one of the top iPhone App Development Company in the USA and has proved it so far. And even this time, the new sets of iPhones offers enhanced apps to the users. Apps like outfolded, Fantastical 2, Motion Stills, GamePigeon iMessage app, etc. iPhone 7 and Plus offers an improvised app experience to their users.Battery life – Both the models are said to have the longest battery life ever in any iPhone. The battery on iPhone 7 can withstand upto 14 hours on WiFi and 12 hours on 4G. On the other hand, the iPhone 7 Plus can last 15 hours on WiFi and 4G. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Features – A Quick Look Feature iPhone 7 iPhone 7 PlusDisplay 4.7" 5.5"Resolution 1334 x 750 1920 x 1080Camera 12MP camera 12MP wide-angle and telephoto camerasProcessor A10 64 bit A10 64 bitBattery Life 2 hours longer battery life than iPhone 6s 1 hour longer battery life than iPhone 6s PlusStorage 32GB, 128GB or 256GB 32GB, 128GB or 256GB  

Website Redesigns: Be Sure about these Questions before Getting Started

As businesses continue to evolve, it’s a necessity for their website to grown along with them. With the changing trends, and to remain ahead of the curve, it is important for businesses to regularly update your website’s design and maintain that modernity.While minor website updates are common, your website might also need complete redesigning. This does not imply that you’ve an outdated website design, but it could be performing poorly, or stopping your visitors from staying on your site easily enough.While top website designing company can easily redesign your websites, there are certain aspects on which you as a website owner should rethink about.Here are some questions to ask before rebranding your business through redesigning your website.What do you expect from your website?Long before you begin with your website redesigning process, figure out why you want to do it and what will you get out of it. Do you want to reconsider its appearance, or functionality content changes, etc?  Your responsive web designing company can help you out in this context. Make a list of all these things so that you know what you want before you go ahead.Is your existing website fulfilling all your needs?You build a website for a purpose, such as to give your business an online presence, sell products, showcase your services, provide information, or just entertain your visitors. Therefore, it is better to identify the goal of your website before beginning to redesign it to get a better insight on what all needs to be done.Is your existing website mobile-responsive?According to the ITU study, there are seven billion mobile subscriptions globally, and the worldwide penetration of mobile-based broadband connections has increased to 47% as of 2015. Also, according to the recent Google updates, website development companies should build websites that are mobile responsive, otherwise they won’t come under Google search results. So, it is a must for you to redesign your website to give it a mobile-friendly interface.4. What makes your business distinctive?Your website is one of the most powerful platforms to prove your business unique from your competitors. Therefore, the design of your website should be apt enough to display the unique value that your business tends to offer to the customers. Before you begin your website redesigning, analyze your competitors and determine their good and bad points. Use this information to build a plan for your own website. Also, look at the design elements that you want in your website and decide how you can highlight your brand’s unique capabilities with them.5. What are your future goals?Ask a few questions: What do you want your redesigned website to achieve that your existing design can’t? Or you simply want a modernized look for your brand? Are there critical issues in your current design that can be fixed only with a new layout? Set your goals and proceed accordingly because a new website design can directly and indirectly enhance your business by creating a completely optimized online experience for your audience.  You should also discuss your goals with your website redesigning company so that designers can work to achieve those goals. While a website redesign should be an enhanced business step for your organization, it should also be an improved online experience for your visitors.6. What new features do you want to add?For this, you can consult your responsive web designing company as they can guide you better on useful and latest advanced features. Modern features like live chat options, audio video capabilities, social media feeds, and more can be unique add-ons to your website’s redesign. Such features can push your brand forward in your industry and give you an edge against competitors. However, make sure that the features you want to add in your new design are the ones that your users will actually benefit from. Don’t incorporate them just because you think you should. Industries vary greatly from one another and the needs of each demographic are also different. Hence, ensure that you  provide your audience with design elements that help improve their online experience.

Top 7 Push Notification Tools To Boost Mobile App Engagement

for better mobile app engagement, it is important for the app development companies to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.You might have heard about a term which is so much in trend these days – Push Notifications. These are one of the most effective ways of driving higher mobile app engagement to your app. With push notifications, you can easily and quickly alert your users about new updates, news, and other useful information relevant to the app.According to various researches, it is found that smartphone users who allow push notification on their apps have 88% greater engagement. With this, it is pretty clear that push notifications play a crucial role in achieving increased user engagement and helps a lot in app retention rates. Therefore, online marketers should aim at grabbing more app engagement and developing deep connection with their users than your competitors.Here are top 7 push notification tools that can serve as powerful engine to boost your mobile app engagement.Urban AirshipIt is the best tool for those who have just stepped-in to mobile app optimization. Urban Airship is a mobile app messaging platform, which combines various engagement strategies, push notification and mobile analytics techniques together. This allows app engagement and integration and is designed especially for Google Wallet and Apple Passbook. It also allows traders the flexibility to store details including loyalty cards and deals. With this, you can deliver customized, engaging in-app notification for users across various mobile platforms, geographical locations, and preferences. The intuitive web-based editor helps in scheduling updates and previews them across varied mobile operating systems.Push WooshPush Woosh is a highly scalable push notification toolkit offering value for money. Being compatible with multiple platforms, it offers an easy reporting and segmentation along the modern statistics and multi-languages support and even location-based tagging. This toolkit allows you to send push notifications to all the major mobile platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS. Plus, it also offers push scheduling, time zone, a private cloud and geo-location push.CarnivalIf you’re looking for best mobile app optimization services, Carnival is your best bet. It is a mobile- friendly mobile app engagement platform that helps you to run multiple push notifications. It assists mobile app development companies and marketing team to run push notification campaigns easily. Services like in-app messaging, rich customizable message stream for push notifications are the top features of this toolkit. The best thing about this toolkit is its auto-analytics integrations along analytics providers. Moreover, it is one of the most preferred tools for e-commerce, loyalty apps and consumer businesses for rich messaging and personalization.MixpanelThis tool helps easily monitoring of the actions that people take on your mobile apps. Rather than trailing page views, this toolkit records the events and activities allowing you to know where you need to give more attention. Targeted messages, scheduling, notifications and A/B scheduling are its main features that help you figure out the right message. With this tool you can also perform actions like instant and real-time data analysis, tracking and retroactive funnel reports.SwrveThis tool is built on scalable cloud service and is incorporated with an entire mobile marketing automation platform. It also offers principle features like mobile in-app campaigns, market automation and messaging.PushBotsIt is yet another effective mobile app engagement tool allowing you to send messages to any mobile platform straight from your dashboard. PushBots helps select your audience based on username, specific devices, send broadcasts and geographical locations. It also consists of engagement campaigns, dynamic and retargeting push notifications.Oracle’s Push.ioThis is a programming tool that helps in managing push notifications and performing audience reviews. This feature mainly targets SMS and e-mail notifications. It proffers features such as individualized customer-centric SMS campaigns, advanced analytics and auto push.

An Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing with WordPress
A/B Testing

We all know that we can make changes to a WordPress website by exhausting some good web development skills to improve the aesthetics of the website and optimize the visitor journeys to improve the conversions. But what should you do if your business is not receiving the anticipated number of phone calls, emails or orders? What wrong are we doing by creating a fancy new website with a blog, while the previous simple website had been bringing in more conversions than the new one? Let’s read on!A/B TestingA/B testing is basically about comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. You can display two variants of your website to the visitors at the same time, and the one that fetches more pertinent conversions can then be capped as the winner!Most of the websites on the web have a similar goal- to attract relevant visitors who can then be reformed into leads.There are numerous approaches to conduct A/B testing:Split Testing: It is the simplest way to conduct an A/B testing exercise. Just pick a single element on a page, modify it and then create two versions of the page to show to the users and test the difference in the responses between them.Multivariate Testing: If you have conducted the basic split tests and are looking for the most intricate elements to pair that can bring the best conversions, thenyou need to try multivariate testing. This allows you to test various permutations of different elements on a page.Experimental Testing: Under this test, every element of a webpage is put under the testing lens to see which one has the most substantial impact on the users. Usually experimental testing is performed after conducting split and multivariate testing.Why Conduct A/B Tests?A/B testing allows you to get the most on your digital investments. The price for improving your conversions using A/B tests is negligible as paralleled to the costs of procuring paid traffic. For instance, a basic payment to an A/B test plan costs around $40-50 a month, which equals to the cost of about 10 clicks on a typical Google AdWords campaign; but the rate of return on your A/B test is much complex in long term.When to Conduct an A/B Test?Once you have installed a WordPress website, keep in mind that there are factors that cannot be assessed in an A/B test. Regardless of how many tests you conduct, the performances of your website will stay unchanged unless you use the right tools to solve the right issues. Thus, an A/B test can be vindicated in one of the below scenarios:Website re-launches: It is always suggested to commence a split test after designing a new website in preference to waiting to see how it shall perform with your audience. Inspect the test results and arrange your elements according to their performances.Product Launches: Whenever you are launching a product, try conducting A/B tests. It allows you to act immediately if there is something wrong with the way the product is displayed on a page.Improved Conversions: An increased conversion is a happy moment but is also a good reason to carry out A/B testing to understand what it is that your visitors like and use of your website.Reduced Conversions: If your website suddenly notices a major downfall in conversions, then it is time to carry out A/B testing, provided that you have checked that there are no server side issues.What Can Be Tested?Further down is a cessation of elements that can be tested via A/B testing:HeadlinesSub- headlinesParagraph textContent near the foldPricing structuresSocial proofCall to action textCall to action buttonsLinksImagesTestimonialsAwards and badgesMedia mentionsSale promotionsNavigation and UX experiencesFree trial durationsFree or paid deliverySteps for Conducting A/B TestingAs stated by Seasia Infotech, a web development company in India, the following steps can be trailed for conducting A/B testing:Test Your Website DataAsk yourself why you need A/B tests. What in your website is not performing healthy?Now conduct some preliminary researches to find the probable traces on why your web conversions are stumpy. Dig into the traffic analytics to see any niggling exit pages where the user interaction is low and analyze the paths your visitors use to reach your website.You can also use heat maps to identify what your visitors’ are looking for the most on your page.Lastly, conduct interviews, share online surveys and call for feedbacks to see what your onlookersare expecting to see (and do) on your website.Establish a GoalOnce you have identified the problem areas on your website, you need to have anobjective: What is the result you want to get when your team updates the page another time?Build a HypothesisConstruct a supposition based on the insights from the visitor behavior analysis tools for increasing conversions. For case: Which element needs to be updated? Is there a need to increase the size of theCTA button? Will adding up a registration button/ social login help in reducing drop offs? Does that form need to befragmented into small segments? And most significantly - if your change succeeds, will it be attuned with your long-term strategies?Test the HypothesisMake a variation to your hypothesis and implement a test against the original page. Observe the data for a set duration of the tests with respect to the existing conversion rate, the number of monthly visitors and the anticipated change in the conversion rate.Analyze the Test Data and Draw ConclusionsOnce you have gained a concrete dataset to work with, it is time to test it and surface with the subsequent steps. Analyze the results and perceive which variation performs better and brings a higher conversion rate. If a specific variation outclasses the other, it is clearly a winner and you can go forward with its execution.P.S: If there is no noteworthy difference in the two variations, modify the hypothesis or test something new.Report Results to All the Concerned MembersAt times the results of an A/B test are astonishing. Share them with the other teams and let them know the outcome to decidetogether on the next steps.Tools to Conduct A/B TestingListed underneathare tools you can use to start with:UnbounceOptimizelyAdobe TargetNelioVisual Website OptimizerYou can also choose from some plugins fromWordPress like WordPress Landing Pages, Google Content Experiments and WordPress Call to Action.Once through with all these points, you can pursue the A/B testing process.

Steps to follow to make an effective and appealing website
Steps to follow to make an effective and appealing website

Everyone nowadays seems to have a website of their own. When the internet is flooded with so many different websites, it becomes increasingly hard to stand out and get people interested in yours. The trick to get people to notice your website is to make it appealing and effective. All you need to know are a few tips that will give your website a whole professional and attractive make over. Providers of software development services in USA have claimed that an effective website is the first step to gaining online brand loyalty and a firm must give their time and attention to their websites.Importance of websites for the firms:As per the providers of web application development services,websites are important for a firm because:It is the showcase of your firm in the digital world It is the first impression that you make on your online visitors It is the digital platform where you can make sales and gain more customers It is the showcase of the firm’s work culture, their prime clients, their achievements and their professionalismSteps to make an effective and appealing website:Before you sit down in front of your computer to make your website, contemplate its purpose. Why do you want to build the website, and which is your target audience. Define your websites goals and purpose. Go on a website tour. Visit websites that are related to your field of idea, and visit even those websites that might not be related to your field. The purpose to gain as much knowledge as possible and view the other websites with both an admiring and a critical eye, so that you know what works and what doesn't. Or what else you should add to make your website more appealing. Create a blueprint of your website. Which link will connect where, the sub links, make a detailed map. It will make your website more organized and an organized website is so much more appealing. Add pictures as and where you think is necessary, but make sure that your website is balanced, that is, it doesn't tip or favour one side over another. You don't have to rely on symmetry to balance your website, asymmetrical balance looks as, if not more attractive, though they are harder to pull off. Finalize the layout of your website. The layout should be crisp and define your website to a certain extent. Once you are done with that then you can some decorative touches to your website. Don't go overboard with the decoration. When it comes to websites, simplicity is the key. It makes the website more appealing to the user and is easier to browse through. Try not to make a pallet out of your website. Add colours that go well with each other and flow together. Use lighter and darker shades as and when necessary, but don't make the colours so loud that they overwhelm everything else. Once you make your website visually appealing with the right colours and right spaces, make it more effective by adding certain interactive features to it. The easiest way to do that will be to add a live chat window on your website. It gives the user a more comfortable space to interact with you or your team. You can include a video in your website too. Make the video about the website, what it does, its purpose, what you do or who are you. This will make your website more prominent and draw in users. Nowadays everyone carries a smartphone. So, it is important that you make your website mobile friendly. Making it mobile friendly will help you grasp the attention of a wider audience as most people rely on their phones or tablets to access websites on the go. So, making websites using responsive web designing is a must for attaining proper scaling of your site.

Microsoft .NET Now Supports XAMARIN!
Cross platform mobile developmental companies

Xamarin is a software that needs no introduction. It is a name that has changed the face of cross-platform development today.Cross platform mobile developmental companies are well aware about Xamarin, its usage and benefits in app development. Still, for those who have just stepped into this developmental aspect, here’s a brief about this amazing software.Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned software that simplifies the development of mobile applications using cross platform mobile app development. It allows mobile app development companies to write native iOS, Android and Windows apps with a C#-shared codebase. By using Xamarin tools, mobile app developers can also share their native code across multiple platforms.Today, over 1 million app developers in more than 120 countries around the world use Xamarin's products to develop their mobile apps.And… what’s more!Earlier this month, Microsoft released support for .NET Standard Libraries for all Xamarin application, which means that this amazing software can now be used to work with .NET Standard Libraries too. While this includes developing and using local .NET Standard Libraries, this also includes adding .NET Standard Libraries from NuGet directly to the Xamarin apps. Moreover, it’s now convenient to share code across all .NET platforms, which also include the recently launched ASP.NET Core and .NET Core and platforms.Let us know about .Net libraries.What is .NET Standard Library?It is a “proper specification of .NET APIs intended to be available on all .NET runtimes”. It can be thought of as a simplified, but extended Portable Class Library.In other words, .NET Standard Library is single library with a standardized API for all the .NET Platforms, which includes .NET Core. Simply create just one .NET Standard Library and use it from any supporting .NET Standard Platform.According to Microsoft, .NET Standard Library enables the following:Defines a standard set of BCL APIs for various .NET platforms to process, irrespective of the workload.Allows developers to generate portable libraries that can be used across all .NET platforms, using this same set of APIs. Minimizes and avoids conditional compilation of shared source because of the .NET APIs, just for OS APIs.This new functionality can be used in the Xamarin Studio IDE and in Visual Studio 2015. However, the latter should possess Update 3 and is updated to include Xamarin 4.1.2.Benefits of Using Xamarin Cross DevelopmentUndoubtedly, Xamarin is worth paying attention. Here are reasons why cross platform app development companies prefer using Xamarin fo their OS and Android cross-platform app development.Fewer Learning – With Xamarin, developers just need not to learn, C#, and no other language. This is because one core set of classes in C# is effective on both the platforms. Limitless – Xamarin embraces the features of each platform it uses and doesn't try to force commonality unnecessarily. This combination of two different platforms offers an endless range of features for the developers to use from. Quicker reach to market – With Xamarin, developers can code application logic only once and share it across both the platforms. This in turn helps the developers to focus entirely on app building and shipping. This saves us a lot of their time resulting in faster app delivery to the market. Less bugs – Since Xamarin offers faster time to market and requires less code writing, chances of bugs are also fewer, because the less code you write, the fewer are the errors. Thus, to conclude, it can be said that Xamarin is gaining more attention with each passing day and with good reason. It is like a tool set that enables development in multiple platforms with least chance of work duplication.

Agile is about Flexibility

Website development has undergone many changes since its inception. From traditional development methodology to agile methodology, website development has become more effective and flexible.While earlier the website designing/development companies followed traditional methodology that revolved around the idea of creating a prototype of the end product and proceeding according to the designed visualized structure,agile development fulfills the demandof 21st century to have flexible and effective developmental methods. With agile, one can keep up with the unavoidable changes within today’s rapid development cycles.What makes Agile More Effective?Unlike the traditional waterfall method where the entire team worked on a monolithic code based on a prototype, the developmental approach allows small teams to react swiftly to constantly changing needs. Working on the changes persistently helps in high quality deliverance of the website in 50% less time. With Agile, it becomes convenient for small teams to design, code and render small chunks of thoroughly tested, working system in recurrent iterations.With each iteration, the system gets better until a final, desired system is delivered to the end-user. This helps in developing a system that fits-in the customer expectation.Hence, using agile,website development companies can create system of any size and type as well as deliver them much faster with more functionality, error-free code base than ever.With Agile, instead of working on the entire module for six to eighteen months and releasing it as a complete package, website development companiesuse small iterations of planning, coding, and testing to deliver a functional code in a one-to-four week development cycle.While the companies not only save a lot of their and customer’s time, it also helps to save a lot of their money. Beyond this, it leads to a significant increase in the productivity (up to 25% improvement in majority of the cases).The agile methodology saves teams from wasting their efforts and time in making changes as per the customer’s requirements and going back and start all over. Instead, Agileintegrates the requirements changes into the development cycle.And above all, there’s disciplined project management.Allocation of resources during the entire development cycle is bit complex. However, this is not a problem with agile as it promotes the use of engineering practices that constantly deliver high-quality system. Since, agile teams are small, allocation of resources gets simplified.  If any project requires more resources, number of teams is increased.Let’s discuss it in-depth. In agile, each team is responsible for a specific part of the system being developed. This allows each team to focus on their part, and constantly deliver on time and onbudget components to achieve the final system. If there arise a situation to alter the project scope, it becomes easy for the project manager to add or reassign teams. This is another benefit of using Agile.The Bottom LineHence, there is no doubt in saying that Agile is becoming more widespread. The realization that you have most of the require information at the end of the development cycle helps a lot in the mainstream software development methodology. Due to this, website development companies are realizing eventually that a change in the internal ideology can develop a more rapid and successful system. While many organizations still deploys the traditional waterfall methodology, agile – the challenger methodology is becoming more popular because of its more rapid delivery and increased involvement of the customer at each stage in the development cycle.All the above points prove that agile overcomes the drawbacks of the traditional Waterfall style of development allowing the on time, bug-free and on budget delivery of high quality system which keeps the customer happy.

What’s New in WordPress 4.6?
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Wordpress 4.6 is here! Upgrade now...Yes, you heard that right!Mid of August offered us the release of WordPress 4.6.  Indeed, a great news for the website design and development industry. It is being considered as the second major release of 2016.The release of this new version brings some exciting new improvements for the website developers and also fixes several bugs. The beta version is already out and people have started trying it.SO, let’s explore more to find out the new features in wordpress 4.6. Native System FontsSince beginning, WordPress has been using Open Sans font from Google Fonts project, as its default font. This helps in making the admin interface look similar on various platforms and devices. Unfortunately, this affected the speed and relying on a third party project.To improve these shortcomings, the native System font feature is incorporated in 4.6 that can be used for the admin area. With this, your WordPress will load faster and make you feel like your native device and platform. This updation will only be reflected in the user interface elements inside WordPress admin area and won’t affect content areas including post editor which makes use of your theme’s editor style sheet for fonts. Editor EnhancementsWordpress has been a powerful and efficient website design and development tool because it offers myriads of opportunities to develop a website. Also, every time it releases a new version, it offers amazing new features and brings improvements to the post editor.And this time, WordPress 4.6 brings in some cool new improvements to the edit screen.At times, users end up adding an improper URL or broken link in a post that goes live when you publish the post. This no more would be a problem in Wordpress 4.6. This is because 4.6 will now attempt to check for broken or improper links in the Visual Editor. If it finds a broken link, it will highlight it with red dots, displaying the link URL in red. Ehanced Look of the Import ScreenWith this new version, it is super easy to import content from platform like Blogger, Tumblr, etc. using the Importer plugins. You can find this plugin on Import Page under the Tools menu option. Further, the import screen is easy to find and more readable.It makes use of shiny updates for installing importer plugins in the backdrop. This ensures the end to unwanted pop-ups asking for installing importer plugin. Updates for Plugins & ThemesThe new Wordpress version ensures increased page loading speed. Previously, when you installed a plugin or theme, it showed you a progress screen. This is no more a feature in the new version. WordPress 4.6 makes it faster to install and update your WordPress themes and plugins without the need to leave the page. Better Auto-Save and RecoveryWordPress 4.6 comes with an enhanced disaster recovery mode for the auto-save feature in the post editor. Previously, when users disabled revisions, it affected restoring drafts from browser cache and autosave feature.This issue is now fixed and users will be able to easily restore posts from browser backups and autosave. Miscellaneous ImprovementsWordPress 4.6 also brings lots of new improvements for developers. Here are some of those under the hood improvements.Resource Hints - Resource hints is a new W3C specification, which allows browser to connect and prefetch resources to improve performance. Persistent Comment Cache - WordPress 4.6 allows comments to be cached as a persistent object type. This means comment cache is properly validated and updated when there are changes. WP_Post_Type Class - WordPress 4.6 introduces the new WP_Post_Type class. It changes $wp_post_types to an array of WP_Post_Type objects. This provides methods to handle post type supports, rewrite rules, meta boxes, hooks, and taxonomies. 

Simple yet Effective Tips to Improve your GPS Signal on your Mobile
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Navigation is an important part of our life; you need it no matter where you go. While we are not the successors of the great explorer Christopher Columbus, thanks to the technology and its constant advancement that it gave us smart phones and GPS (Global Positioning System) which allows us to explore new places conveniently and find directions anywhere, anytime without the fear of being lost.While the app world is flooded with myriads of navigation apps, not all GPS Sensors work well all the time. In addition, weak signal or internet connectivity may leave you lost.So, if you want to strengthen your GPS signal on your smartphone or tablet, here are some tips that may help. Tip 1: Turn on “High Accuracy” ModeIn order to receive the best signal strength, you need to switch on the High Accuracy Mode. While switching to this mode will cost you a little more battery consumption than normal, improved GPS signal would compensate this sacrifice.To enable this mode, follow a couple of simple steps:1.1: Go to the SETTINGS option in your smartphone. Tap LOCATION and turn it ON. 1.2: Check out the first category under Location option. You’ll find MODE. Tap it and set it to HIGH ACCURACY. This option in your smartphone helps you with better location estimation by using your GPS as well as your Wi-Fi/ mobile networks. Tip 2: Check Your AppsWhile technology offers immense benefits, it sometimes gets a little complex. Similar is the case with mobile platforms like Android. At times, multiple apps using common smatphone functionality like FourSquare, Navigation, GoogleMaps, etc. cause problems. Even third-party task killers can also cause interruptions in GPS tracking system which causes weak signal strength or inaccurate location tracking.If you experience similar kinds of issues while using your mobile’s GPS or any Navigational app, make sure to restart your phone. You can also stop all the background apps and refresh your GPS. This will also improve your GPS tracking system. Tip 3: Check your LocationYou need to have some predefined set of things for any app to work properly. Hence, for the GPS to work effectively in your smartphone, GPS needs a clear view of the sky. For this, you’ll be required to stand in an open area for satellites to communicate with your GPS correctly.If you’re using Google Maps, it helps you get a clear idea about the signal strength. But, if you aren’t using Google Maps, and are not sure about your exact location, you’ll see a light blue circle around your ‘current location’ marking. And if you find a grey dot, it is an indication that Google Maps is unable to track your current location. Tip 4: Use an external GPS receiverIf your smartphone GPS fails to work accurately and fails to guide you through, do not rely on it, especially when you’re at an unknown place.  Instead, buy an external receiver that can be connected with your smartphone easily through Bluetooth.Tip 5: Determine the actual cause behind your GPS issues - hardware or software-relatedBefore you make use of this tip, you should thank the app designing and development companies for their efforts that has made our lives easy. By using apps like GPS Essentials, you can detect the reason behind your poor GPS signal, whether it is a hardware or software issue.If you’re using GPS Essentials, go to the main menu. Select SATELLITES and see your phone getting connected to the satellites around the earth. If you are unable to find any satellites, this could be because of the improper working of your GPS hardware. However if  you are able to find any satellites, but your GPS is still out of order, then this is an indication to some software issue. As such, you can use other tips discussed above in this article.While these tips can help you boost your GPS Signal strength, there may be some variations in the options depending on your smart device. If you have your own way of improving GPS strength, feel free to share with us.

List of Mobile wallet apps that can save you from cash crunch
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India is today the second largest country across the globe to adopt digital mode of payment for day-to-day transactions. A majority of smartphones users have mobile app installed to enable e-wallets and use them for various purposes like mobile recharge, booking tickets and hotels, bill payment and online shopping. This is a clear indication that there is still a room for faster, secure, and reliable online payment methods. These amazing financial apps apps prove that there are alternative solutions available to help during this cash-less time. At ARKA, we offer organizations the facility to hire app developers to develop such mobile apps for the users to simplify their financial moves and routine jobs. 

Mistakes you should avoid while writing CSS for WordPress Theme
Common CSS Mistakes for WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes rule the internet. Almost one third of the websites are developed using WordPress templates and in order to survive in the competitive digital world, one has to learn the tricks of WordPress. However, working around WordPress is not a simple task and one has to toil hard in order to become an expert. So, for helping those who are trying to get things right, we have compiled a list of the common mistakes made by developers while creating CSS for WordPress themes and how they can avoid these errors.Common CSS Mistakes for WordPress Themes:Prior to creating this list, we took suggestions from a well-known Website Development Company and also from a WordPress Development Company .Their inputs helped us refine the results and present to you only the top 5 mistakes that are commonly made by the developers.Adding extra codes: The most common mistake made by developers is the addition of repetitive or redundant codes in their CSS. This mistake leads to slower loading and makes the theme look quite messy. One needs to understand that there are better and concise ways to do things in WordPress and the developers must seek veteran help while doing their initial projects in order to avoid these mistakes. Syntax Errors in CSS: Despite being well versed with CSS<, there are times when developers forget to imply the basic rules pertaining to CSS and due to this, there is a huge effect in the final outcome. These issues are largely due to carelessness and to avoid such issues, a developer can use CSS validators for finding out the errors. Selecting Wrong Template: Since there are files with common names like comments.php and comments-popup.php, one needs to be quite careful. Many a times, a developer selects the incorrect template and makes changes in that template. Such actions do more harm than good and can even mess up the entire theme. Always keep a backup file of every file that you are editing in order to make sure that if you go wrong, you can restore your work just as fast, says a prominent developer from a Website Designing Company . Placing files in the Wrong Place: This mistake is generally made by the newbies. All codes and files are placed in specific locations and you must adhere to these rules in order to develop a theme. For instance, the HTML codes are placed in the index.php files and all the PHP files are stored in the themes folder. Also, CSS files are always located inside the style.css file which is found in the theme folder. So, go through a proper module in order to understand the basics so that you do not make these mistakes. Multiple Choices for the Developers: Since there are a lot of choices available to the developers, they tend to mix up things. The most common blunder is to assign multiple references to a single selector file. In such cases, there is data processing conflict as all selectors start loading at once and cause issues. So, keep an eye while you’re using selectors and make sure that you take help from a veteran in your first project so that you can continue to work properly in future.So, avoid these 5 common mistakes made in WordPress by the developers and ensure proper WordPress theme development for your website.

Top Virtual Transactions Mobile Apps for Currency Ban Crisis
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Past two days, honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi made a historical announcement to break the grip of black money and corruption in the nation. He took an unprecedented step by declaring a ban against currency notes of value Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 from the midnight of November 8th, 2016. He also confirmed that the new notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 will be available November 10th, 2016.The announcement also declared that all the banks as well as their respective ATMs across the entire nation will remain closed to public for two days, i.e. from 9th - 10th November 2016. In addition, the government also fixed a withdrawal limit on every transaction from ATMs to Rs. 2000.While it was a smart and significant move by Modi towards abolishing corruption and back money, it is also definite that it is impacting people of middle class and those from the villages and rural areas. Since, the banks and ATMs were planned to be closed, it is affecting people’s daily regime by leaving them cash-less. Small businesses that run their business on cash and working class, who exchange their services for cash every day are facing hardships for some days. It is expected to continue for the next 10-15 days more.Mobile Wallet – Perfect Solution to Cash CrisisWith the technological revolution, smartphones have really made our lives easy. The best part is that smartphones aren’t any away from the reach of even a common man. Moreover, having myriads of amazing apps on your smartphone is like icing in the cake. If you’ve a smartphone with good apps, no crisis can hinder your life, not even this currency ban crisis. Thanks to the app development companies that have offered us some virtual transaction apps, commonly known as the “mobile wallets”. With these apps, you can ensure that you can make all your transactions, without the need to have any cash.PayTMPayTM needs no introduction. It is one of the oldest and the most reliable platforms facilitating online transactions. PayTM was launched in 2010. The app is based on a semi-closed model allowing the users to withdraw money directly from the bank and make payments to the clients tied up with the company. PayTm allows customers to perform e-commerce transactions and make bill payments including electricity bills. Not only this, PayTm also allows users to transfer money and benefit from services like travel, entertainment and retail industry. Recently, they also collaborated with top educational institutions in India for cashless payments of fees and other expenses. With PayTm, you no more need to carry cash or card everywhere. PayTm is also the top choice for app development companies to develop new apps based on similar plots.MobikwikMobikwik is another online transaction service provider that connects 25 million users to nearly 50 thousand retailers globally through its mobile network. With this app, users can add money through credit, debit, net banking, and even doorstep cash collection. Mobiwik has a user-friendly interface, and can be used to recharge, pay your bills and even transfer money from one wallet to another.PayUMoneyPay you money was launched by one of the top android app development companies situated in Gurgaon. They also launched their wallet service last year. Using this app, users can store their money in the wallet for numerous transactions.To stay at the top of the competition, this app offers a variety of amazing benefits to the users such as like one-touch check out service, amazing discounts and cashback offers on each transaction they make via the app. In addition, users also get instant refunds on cancellation of transactions and keep their transactions safe.State Bank BuddyThis is an app developed by the State Bank of India that allows users to transfer money to other accounts and users. State Bank Buddy facilitates bill payments, recharge, book tickets for movies, book hotels, shopping as well as travelling tickets.LIMEThe brain child of Axis Bank, LIME aims to offer a reliable mobile wallet for making payments, banking and shopping to its account and non-account holders via their credit and debit cards. Not only this, it also allow users to share their wallets with their family and loved ones for various purposes.Citi MasterPassThis is an app for the Citi Bank account holders to shop at more than 250,000 e-commerce merchants. The app has a faster and secure checkout system. It can also store all your credit and debit details, loyalty cards, prepaid recharging preference, and shipping details all in one place.ICICI PocketsThis app uses the bank account to offer a mobile wallet to its customers. All the transactions performed on this app are safe and reliable. It can transfer money, keep a log of all the transactions, pay bills, and moreover send gifts and split bills with your friends. ICICI Pockets employs a virtual Visa card to carry out all the transactions.HDFC ChillrAn instant money transfer app launched by HDFC bank for its account holders, it allows them to transfer money to anyone in their contact list. This app can also be used to send money, split bills, recharge and even request funds from others in their contact list.ConclusionIndia is today the second largest country across the globe to adopt digital mode of payment for day-to-day transactions. A majority of smartphones users have mobile app installed to enable e-wallets and use them for various purposes like mobile recharge, booking tickets and hotels, bill payment and online shopping. This is a clear indication that there is still a room for faster, secure, and reliable online payment methods. These amazing financial apps apps prove that there are alternative solutions available to help during this cash-less time.At ARKA, we offer organizations the facility to hire Android app developers to develop such mobile app solutions for the users to simplify their financial moves and routine jobs.

10 Awesome Hidden Features of iOS 10 you must Know
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With the launch of iOS 10, Apple comes up with entire heap of new additions and enhancements. Apart from offering obvious add-ons, such as Siri can work with apps and Messages now has its own App Store, there's a lot more for users this time.Here is a list of 20 such striking features that every iOS 10 user must know about.Transcript Your Voicemails NowWith iOS 10, the top iOS app development company offers the ease of transcribing your voicemails within a few seconds of receiving it. It's as accurate as Google Voice.  Once done, click the voicemail to expand it and you can see the transcription of your voicemail.Note: This feature may not work for all depending on your carrier.A 3D Touch to Clear all your NotificationsiOS app development in USA has greatly evolved with the launch of iOS 10. Now, you can clear all your notifications displayed on your iPhone’s lock screen, however, this hidden feature relies only on 3D Touch. Simply, hard-press the “X” icon and tap “Clear All Notifications”.iMessageWhile every Apple users might know about the mini App Store just for the iMessage app, it is likely that you overlooked a hidden feature. Top iOS app Development Company now lets you search for an animated image within iMessage directly. All you need to do is to tap on the App Store icon when writing a message in iMessage. Swipe to the images page, and then enter a search term.Wipe off all your Safari tabs with just a PressUsers using Safari app probably have 12 to 30 tabs open at a moment. However, you no more need to close every single tab individually. With iOS 10, Apple now allows you close them all at once. Simply, click the new tab page, tap and hold the “Done” button that will pull up a menu giving you the option to close all your tabs.Use your Camera as a Magnifying GlassWe all might have often tried to zoom-in with our camera to use it as a magnifying glass. Thanks to iOS 10 to offer this as an in-built feature now.  With a quick settings change, users will now be able to triple-tap on the “Home” button to open the camera with magnification automatically that you can adjust.Be Picky with your Read Receipts iOS 10 now allows its users decide if they want to send read receipts based on the contact list. While earlier users could only enable or disable them for all their contacts, now they can go into any conversation and set the feature. Simply tap on the "i" button in the top-right when in a conversation and turn read receipts on or off.Give your Stopwatch a new lookFor years, your stopwatch in the default Clock app looked the same. However, with iOS 10, you can now give it a new look. Just go to the stopwatch screen in the Clock app, swipe to the left and apply the new face. The new face looks classier than the old digital one.Now Siri will Announce who's Calling YouNow your beloved Siri can announce the name of caller calling you.  In situations when you’re unable to check who is calling you, like while driving, jogging, etc., Siri will tell you who is on the phone.  Not only this, Siri can also notify your callers when you have headphones plugged in your ears or are connected to your car's Bluetooth.Markup your PhotosApple has updated its Photos and iMessage apps with a new tool allowing you to markup photos. Choose the photo to send in iMessage and tap on it to preview it. Then, select the “Markup” option in the lower left corner. This option lets you write, draw, and color over the photo before sharing it. The same can be done with Photos app using the Edit button.Weed out unwanted stock appsWith the new iOS 10, users can now eliminate stock apps they no more need. This is somewhat similar to removing third-party apps. Simply, long press on the app you want to remove and tap the ‘x’ icon. You can always re-download them from the App store in future, when needed.

The role of team in an Organization
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Teams play an important role in any organization. A team can be defined as a group of like-minded individuals having various specialties, who work together to complete a defined task in a company. There are marketing teams, sales teams, teams for research and development and so on.Understanding benefits of having teams: An IT Company exampleIn order to understand the benefits and the role of having a team, let us take the example of a typical IT services firm. In an IT firm, the various services offered are:Web Development Web Designing SEO Services Digital Marketing App DevelopmentIn order to cater to all these service niches, firms generally divide their workforce into varied teams that work on a specific part of the project. Based on the technology being used, we have .NET Development Experts as well as PHP and WordPress experts for developing the website theme.For a typical Website Development Company USA, UK, India, the organizational structure is somewhat same and we can divide the various teams in the following broad categories:Development Team: This is the core team of web developers. They develop the framework of the websites and are experts in .NET, ASP.NET, PHP and related technologies. The technological expertise also depends on the location as the firms tend to use the technique that is famous in that geographical region like PHP Development USA, .NET development in US and some other platforms being used in Australia and elsewhere. They develop the websites in accordance with the client needs and have experience and expertise in creating highly efficient sites using the latest technologies. App Development Team: This team is specially recruited for making mobile apps. They are trained in mobile web technology and the sub groups inside this team can include a responsive mobile web design team, mobile SEO team and app marketing team to say the least. These people develop and design the app for Android and iPhones and are responsible for helping their clients in getting higher user attention on their apps and drive their business forward. SEO and Digital Marketing Team: Digital marketing is another important aspect of web development. A website or mobile app can never be successful without a robust marketing plan and SEO. A professional SEO team USA, UK or India includes experts who have experience in designing SEO based sites, writing SEO oriented content and driving keyword based traffic to the website and app. Web Designing Team: The designing team consists of experts who have a creative mind and can come up innovative design ideas in accordance with the requirements of the client firm. These experts are generally trained in graphic designing, banner designing and animation and VFX. Their most important role is to create a visually attractive theme for the clients and without their efforts, none of the sites would look as good as they do. Support Team: Another very important team that constitutes an organization is the support team. They take care of all customer grievances and ensure that the clients get their issues addressed as soon as possible. Without the efforts and hard work of this team, a firm can never achieve good after sales service and might never become popular. Sales and Marketing team: Another very important team is the sales and marketing team. These people bring out the best of the firm in front of the potential customers and pitch the services in a way that the potential customers are converted to actual customers. Executive Team: They are the CEOs, CFOs and other executive dignitaries of a firm. They are responsible for all the higher decision making and shaping the policy and work culture of the company. They are the ones who make sure that the vision of the company is in accordance with the work that it does and having a good executive team is very important for the growth of the company.So, having teams for various functions is an effective way of getting things done and creating a synchronous hierarchy inside an organization.

Complete SEO Guide Part 1
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Every business with a Web site requires Search Engine Optimization services, which work in the process of putting a website as high up as possible in terms of visibility on Google search results by creating content that makes it possible.What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?Search Engine Optimization is a “marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic or non-paid search engine results”. It comprises of both the technical and creative elements required to improve search rankings, increase traffic, and increase visibility amidst search engines. SEO has many aspects that range from the keywords on a given page, the use of these keywords and the manner in which webpages and other websites link to a given website on the Internet. Another important aspect of SEO requires a web site to be structured in a manner which the search engines can comprehend. This automatically requires a developer to create a web site that is user-friendly, apart from being search-engine friendly.SEO further involves the following aspects:Searching the terms and/or phrases (keywords) that produce traffic to a website making a site friendly towards search engines building links and marketing the unique value of a siteIt is a fact that majority of web traffic over the net is driven by the top commercial search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Another source of web traffic includes traffic driven through social media, but search engines remain the main and primary method of navigation for most users over the Internet. The important thing to note here is that this feature is valid for all kinds of websites – irrespective of the niche they cover or whether they provide content, products, information,services etc. Targeted traffic to a website can increase publicity, on-site revenue and exposure that is equal to mainstream channels of marketing. Investing in SEO can potentially create an exceptional rate of return compared to other types of marketing and promotions.Search engines are unique in the sense that they provide targeted traffic in terms of picking out the target audience. This is done primarily with the help of keywords and search engines are akin to the road maps that make this happen. If a website is not easily found a by a search engine, or if the content of a website is not available on the database of a given search engine, the site misses out on a potentially large chunk of traffic that could be driven towards the site. This is an important aspect of organic link building services in USA.How SEO Helps Search Engines Find a SiteSearch engines are smart, but they need help to crawl over the web and create appropriate links. The major search engines work continuously to upgrade and improve their technology to be able to better crawl the web and process better results for the users. All these techniques are used in one of the leading digital marketing company in USA.According to research done by one of the best SEO company in USA, SEO helps boost rankings in a manner which encourages the placement of content in spaces where the users can find it more readily, in addition to making content available to search engines in the first place. Handling SEO on Your OwnAlthough SEO is in itself a complex term, the basics are fairly easy to understand and even a small amount of knowledge and its application can make a big difference. Basic information gleaned off the net coupled with basic principles of application can make a huge amount of difference in a very short span of time.Handling your own SEO and getting results depends on the time commitment, willingness to learn, and the complexity of the website(s) for which the SEO is being done.ConclusionTo put it simply, SEO is a means to increase a site's appearance in the search results, which can lead to increased traffic on the website. To know more, read on SEO Guide 2.

Future forecast of the Drone market and app development opportunities
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The world of drones has evolved from the primitive definition of a military aircraft that is unmanned and used for air strikes. Drones today are being used for a lot more than that and the opportunities they present are unmatched.Right from delivering e-commerce orders, providing first aid, helping with private security to doing aerial advertising, drones are being used for many commercial purposes today. The market for drone is supposed to see a double digit growth in the coming few years and as we approach 2025, we can see a lot more commercial activity with drones around us.What are drones?Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are aircrafts that are designed to work without a pilot. These were primarily used in combats wherein the attacking country did not want to have any casualties. The drones were a great way to scan and attack in specific regions and have long served the purpose in wars. Drones were traditionally large airplanes which were controlled by the Department of Defense of a country and used during combats. The regulations placed on them were in compliance with the aircraft regulation authority and all drones were required to abide by the guidelines laid down by them. However, the commercial drones are much smaller and are sued for local purposes which do not require them to have any certification from the aviation authorities.However, smaller aircrafts which are nearly the size of toy helicopters are being used in order to deliver e-commerce orders, provide first aid tips, circulate things around a place and many other innovative things. The emergence of drones in this field have made them commercially viable and right now many companies are interested in suing drones for their own use as well as develop new drones for further commercial exposure.The probable future of the drone market:The drone market is certainly poised for a growth in the coming years. Reports from prominent market research firms reveal the fact that there are many companies that are considering venturing into the drone business and there is a very huge potential for mergers and collaborations among the robotics and IT firms. These two divisions can work together to create a perfect web of services with robust drones that can be used for a variety of purposes.So, the general trend that seems to be shaping up is in the favor of drones and the market for drones will show a double digit growth in the coming few years as the commercial applications of these UAVs are understood and explored.How drone can help IT firms?As per the recent reports published by a leading Top 10 mobile app development company , the market for drones is going up and with their growth, the IT firms are also slated to see a steep growth curve. The reasons for that include the fact that applications need to be developed for controlling and maneuvering the drones. These apps can be made by an app expert and that is why IT firms see a lot of opportunity in the drone market.Top 10 Android app development companies  claims that the app development services for drones are going to be a major part of the app business in the coming years and the professionals who are starting up right now should gear themselves up for that. Experts will be needed in the field and as drones are not just some gaming apps or shopping apps, one will need some prior knowledge about aviation maneuvering and machine handling before they can venture into the field.So, all providers of iPhone App Development Company in USA and other regions of the world should probably gear up for a drone fight as the future holds tremendous potential for them. If the staff can be trained to develop apps for the drone industry, then the IT and robotics industry can work together and create a perfect synergy of consumer service along with cutting edge technologies.

How the Iris Scanner on the Galaxy Note 7 Works?
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You might have noticed in those James Bond spy movies – an agent in black walks up to the locked entrance of a high-tech super-secret facility. With a quick eye scan at the terminal, a robotic voice notifies immediately that they have been identified and then, they are allowed to enter. Wasn’t that amazing, right?While these gadgets in most of the Bond movies seem awesome, they aren’t real. On the contrary, iris scanners exist beyond the realm of fiction.This reminds us of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Besides having a pool of unique features, it does have an iris scanner, which is pretty cool! It is for this reason that this new Note 7 has created a buzz around.Iris Scanner is a technology that was once a part of the science fiction movies is now easily accessible to the customers.Want to learn more about this amazing tech? Let us explore how iris scanners work. How do Iris Scanners do their Magic?Have you ever heard of the two different colors of eyes? It’s a fun fact, but a real one. Having eyes of two different colour is a condition called hetero-chromiairidum. It is a rare trait and is found in less than 1% of the world's population. Among the various eye colors, brown is the most common one, while amber, green, and silver are also the rarest.Now what’s an iris?Iris is a beautiful part of the eye that recognizes color of an eye. When you look at your eyes from close, you’ll find intricate, curvy lines on its surface, which span in and out. The pattern these lines form are read by an iris scanner to identify you as YOU.  This pattern of lines and waves is very complicated and is generated randomly; it doesn't change with time. This means that every individual’s eye is unique. You might get shocked but yes it’s true that even your left and right eyes different in their iris pattern.However, an iris scanner isn’t just used to take picture of your eye for comparing against whatever it is recording. The actual process is: firstly, a beam of near-infrared light directs at the person's eye. This near-infrared light works improvingly than visible light as it exposes the pattern of the iris comparatively more clearly. Hence this makes it easy for the camera to capture it. Apart from this, with this type of light, iris scanner can work in the dark also. Even the colored lenses and prescription glasses do not obstruct the beam. On capturing the image, the iris patterns are translated into code using an intelligent software. The resultant code is then searched for an appropriate match.This is one such technology that Top 10 Android app development companies can use to develop unique photo apps. What make the Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner Unique?While the iris scanner in Note 7 works same as described above to a great extent, there are definitely other reasons that make special. Note 7 phone has a separate dedicated front camera designed solely for taking iris readings. This front cam is supported by an LED shooting near-infrared light at the customer’s face.One question that arises here is that why iris scanning can’t be performed by the front-facing camera?   This is because the camera that undertakes iris scanning requires high sensitivity for the near-infrared beam of light. On the other hand, in the traditional cameras, IR beam is filtered due to its interfering with the standard photographs. Also, the scanning camera has a finer angle of view to "see" the user's eyes better, particularly at a distance.While Samsung is not the only company to come up with an iris scanner phone, it could become the first to launch a smartphone with an iris scanner that is actually very good.

Is Rank brain is replacement of Hummingbird?
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With the launch of RankBrain, Google has stirred a debate in the digital world. People are speculating if this new AI service from Google is the next step and will ultimately replace Hummingbird or if it is just a supporting tool which the search giant is using for processing the searches.What is RankBrain?RankBrain is the new Artificial Intelligence system launched by Google which is used to understand the ambiguous searches received by the search engine giant. As per the reports of prominent providers of SEO Services in USA, RankBrain is not a standalone algorithm and will work with the current Hummingbird algorithm to make SEO much fairer.Right now, RankBrain is handling about 15% of the searches made on Google and as per the reports of some of the biggest SEO players, Google had launched the AI several months ago in a phase wise manner. Currently, the AI is working throughout the globe and trying to give better results to the users by the use of complicated algorithms that try to understand the working of the human mind to yield meaningful results.Is it going to replace Hummingbird?The answer is NO. As mentioned earlier, most of the providers of Digital Marketing Services in USA have confirmed that RankBrain will not be replacing Hummingbird. This AI service is being implemented to make searches more relevant and if you’re doing your SEO within the guidelines of Hummingbird, then this new AI will help you increase your presence in the digital market.So, you do not have to worry as this new AI is not going to replace the older algorithm. Moreover, experts say that if you’re in compliance with hummingbird and have used all the white hat SEO practices to build up your website rank, then RankBrain poses no threat to your enterprise.How can you exploit RankBrain and get the best out of it?If you want to leverage on the power of RankBrain, then you must follow the following guidelines:Provide high quality, new and relevant content. Yes, once again we can say that content is still the king when it comes to the digital market. Using semantics and other hummingbird features, one can properly optimize their website and this will also help them in ensuring a better response via RankBrain. Language variations in the content is another great way to make sure that you can take advantage of the semantics and leverage over RankBrain. Using the services of SEO providers is a great way to make sure that your website stands up in the competition. Keywords can sometimes get awkward as you have to use phrases which do not make much sense. However, with the implementation of this new AI, you can use the natural language in order to make better sense. This is a great new addition as it makes easier for the content creators to use the language in order to create engaging content. Using better HTML Tags can be a great way to emphasize on hummingbird as well as the implementation of RankBrain makes it far better. You can now use the micro data from the HTML tags to get better crawling rates and improve your site rank. Another thing that can be exploited is the customer testimonials. Using them, you can get more leads as RankBrain uses relevance in order to display results. This is another great step taken by Google in order to ensure that only the relevant results are displayed even to the most ambiguous of the search queries.So, even though RankBrain is an important part of the Google Search Algorithm, all the prominent providers of Search Engine Optimization Services in USA claim that you need not worry about the algorithm replacing the hummingbird. Moreover, if your SEO is being done in accordance with the current policies, then this move by Google will only help you gain more audience over the digital platform.

Step-by-step guide to develop an Effective and Interactive Mobile App
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Mobile Apps are a need for every business these days, for obvious reasons. You too might have lots of ideas pondering in your head. However, building your first mobile app can be challenging. Hence, to get you started, we’ve compiled 10 easy steps to help you out with your first App design and development.Step 1: Get an idea.You need a full-fledged idea to get started with something. If you already have an idea, jump to the second step. If not, begin here. To build an app, you must have an app idea. And, to have an app idea, you should think of your problems.Think for a while! What led you to create your products and/or services? Definitely, problems! Say, to communicate with your friends or relatives, you got a phone. You wanted to travel from one place to another, you got a car. Hence, look for problems in your daily or corporate life. Create a list of all the problems and start thinking on how you can resolve them. Shortlist the solutions that make the most sense.Step 2: Recognize the needNot every problem can give rise to a valid app idea. Hence, validating them can prove that a demand for your app exists. To validate your idea, you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool. This will help you get an idea on the number of people looking out what you’re trying to do.Step 3: Plan out the features and flowBy validating your app idea, you come to know that you’ve got something that people need. Once you get a clear idea of the need and purpose of your app, next step is to detail your app onto a document. You can also use a Wire framing tool if you want to go an extra mile. Always remember to be as detailed as possible when putting your idea down on paper. Stick to the flow: how the user will navigate the app, what all features would be there, etc. This is an important part of your mobile app development process.Step 4: Eliminate non-core featuresOnce you’re done with preparing the flow and features document of your app, determine the features that you can remove. Emphasize only on the core value of your app idea. Remove those “flowery” features from your version as these can always be added later as app updates. Eliminating the non-core features will not only help keep the initial developmental costs down, but also help you get to market faster.Step 5: Put design firstMany entrepreneurs have a misconception that app design means the look of the app and hence they emphasize more on the “face” of their app. However, top mobile app development companies know that app design is also about how a user will experience the app. Hence, when you work on the design o your mobile app, make sure to design its interface keeping the ease-of-use of your user in mind.Step 6: Hire an app development companyLook for a mobile app development company with adequate industry experience, unique design talent and a reliable development team. Research thoroughly about their credibility and the mobile apps they have created so far. Hire them only if you like their portfolio.Step 7: Create Developer AccountsAt this stage of your app development, register for a developer account with a particular app store like Google Play Store to be able to sell your app through its platform. Go through their prices terms and conditions well and decide accordingly.Step 8: Incorporate analyticsTo keep a track of your app downloads, user interest and retention, analytics is a great tool. Make sure you use reliable and efficient tools such as Flurry, which is available for free.Step 9: Collect feedback and improviseFeedback on anything leaves you with a great scope of improvising. Hence, once your app goes live on the chosen app store, evaluate the usage and behaviour of the first set of customers to get an idea of the shortcomings of your app. Work on them to improve and enhance your app. Keep a constant check on user feedback for enhancements and changes in future also.Step 10: Introduce featuresAt last, you can evaluate and enhance the basic version of your app by introducing the remaining features. Evaluate your analytics and customer feedback to know what features are relevant and useful.

The Key Factors for a Successful Website

IntroductionSteve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like, design is how it works.”A good website demands time, investment and efforts. Top website designing companies across the globe believe that by being realistic and making sure your web company understands the expectations as a business can help you in delivering a solution that offers you value.So, what are the key website success factors?Continue to read to know more.Purpose of the Website – When it comes to creating a website, the foremost factor to consider is its purpose. You website is a tool to promote your brand, its products and services. With that in mind, a website needs to be developed keeping your end-users in mind with clearly defined goals. Say, for instance, if you want them to buy your products on your website, you will need a proper layout with all the essential features to fulfill these needs. Hence, you need a defined purpose to build your website accordingly. Application or Usability – When planning for developing a website, remember your website should be usable by your customers and not by you. Also, your website will have variable visitors with different taste and requirements. Hence, make sure you build a website that has proper navigation based on the appropriate ‘logic’ making it easy for the visitors to navigate through it. Attractive Design – A website design must be planned decided according to the function and content. Not only your website design should be attractive enough but compelling as well. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allows website designing companies or designers to have more control in their website design. It also enables them to apply different styles and branding across every web page making it consistent. This in turn leaves the user in no confusion which website they are on. Cross platform is also a very crucial factor when it comes to the success of a website. This is because your visitors can visit your site via different platforms like PC, Mac, Linux, mobile phones, etc. Therefore, design your website using the web standards so that it can be accessed using different platforms. Incorporate Quality Content – We all know that content is the king of the digital marketing world. Since the Internet is flooded with billions of web page content, it is important for companies to come up with something “unique” to compete for attention.To begin with, you should have a message based on which you should decide your content. Further, your website content should be compelling enough to offer value. Also, in order to get indexed in the search engine easily, you can build another web page relevant to that content.Here are a few things to keep in mind – choose the right style of writing. It should be readable, friendly and making sense. Also, remember to write for your readers to tell them what they want to know. Make it SEO Optimized – To make your website successful, you must develop it according to the SEO rules. Simply, stick to the SEO basics. In addition to writing quality and consistent content, you should also focus on the keywords relevant to your business. You can use a keyword tool or hire a digital marketing service provider to help you with optimizing your website for SEO. This will not only help you know about the relevant keywords, but will also help you stay updated with the minute-by-minute changing SEO rules. Online Marketing – This is one of the most cost-effective ways of delivering your message to your potential customers. If you want to engage your audience on your website, use the power of online marketing. Promote your website through blogs, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to get you attention. Not only this, be consistent in your promotional activities. Do not forget, Rome was not built in a day. You can also make use of internet marketing campaigns like Google Adwords, Livesearch, etc. that can also be effective in terms of cost and return. Consider these factors when developing your website and make it more engaging and useful leading to ultimate success of your business.

What are the methods to generate leads using SEO?
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When we talked to leading providers of Digital Marketing Services in USA, the most important organic tool for generating lead came out to be SEO.SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the content of your website in such a way that it helps you to achieve the following goals:Increase website traffic by featuring in the first page of Google Search. Generate leads for getting more and more potential customers. Ultimately boost your sales by getting more and more people to visit your website. Lead generation is a very important process that helps in creating brand awareness and brand loyalty. People who are being exposed to your e-commerce site are likely to talk about it and consequently provide you with even more visitors.Generating leads through SEO:SEO can be used to effectively generate leads without spending any money, says an SEO Services Company in USA. If you watch carefully, SEO is the driving force behind search engine results and all you need to do is understand how your website can feature into the first page of google search.Some methods that can be followed by a website owner in order to increase their leads are:Identify Keywords: Keywords are the biggest key to success. You need to identify the keywords which are relevant to your business and then use them to drive your website rankings. Keywords related to your business can vary and it is your duty to ensure that the keyword you’re using is less competitive so that you can jump up to the top within no time. Post new content: Content plays a very important role in SEO. You need to be frequent with your updates and change the content you share every few days in order to keep your site fresh and new and keep visitors coming. Having a monotonous website will bore the visitors and you’re unlikely to generate leads. Link Building: Another SEO tactic is link building and backlinking. These methods require you to post your links on socially important websites. You can share your content over the social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even blog about your business. Generating links from fellow bloggers and e-commerce owners is another way of getting good quality backlinks to your site and such actions will help in improving the rank of your website. Understand your customers: Understanding the type of consumers you’re dealing with is very important. You need to make sure that you know what your customers like so that you can provide content relevant to their needs. In such a way, you can easily get more leads as the targeted audience will be attracted towards your website. Be patient: Using SEO takes a lot of time as Google crawls into each and every website and such a task is time consuming. You can make changes today and get the results after months. So, be patient and wait for the results to show off. Do not change your content just because you feel that no results are showing up.Thus, by following the above steps, you can improve your chances of lead generation using SEO. As per the reports of a provider of Search Engine Optimization Services in USA, SEO methods are even better than paid advertising as the results are robust and stay for longer. So, put on your thinking hat and start getting those leads.

How to get started with Google Play Beta testing
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Beta testing is an important feature of application development. According to an Android App Development Company in USA, beta testing helps in understanding the response that the app generates from a human being. Thus, beta testing is very important to understand the interactions between user and app and app development companies work hard for it.Google Play has made beta testing easier and effective for users worldwide. Once you have developed your application, tested it against the bugs, you don't have to stop just there. You can perform additional tests with the help of Google Play. Since this is the most widely used platform currently, you might want to push your app design and know how it interacts with the user before finally putting it up on the Google Play Store. An App Design Company in USA recently said that beta testing has never been easier thanks to the Google Play Beta testing features and as an app developer, you must know how to go about it. Here are a few steps on how to go about Google Play Beta testing.Getting started with Google Play Beta testing: The first and the most obvious thing to do would be signing up to Google Play. Whether you have to push through an android app, or an iPhone app, you can do anything or publish anything, without signing up and creating a Google Play account first. To sign in, you will have to pay a certain amount of registration fees, enter a few details, once those details are verified, you will be good to go. Once everything is in place, you will have access to your own development console.Alternatively, an owner of another account, which has already been registered, can let you access their development console too.Now that the account is done and verified with, you will have to develop a signed application package. Once you are done with this, select the package you want to export and create a Keystore for it.When you create the keystore, try and remember or save down its location and the password. Make sure the keystore is kept somewhere safe and you don't lose the password, for it will be required every time you have to export the package.You have created the keystore and now it is time to create the key. You will be asked to fill in some details and create a new password. Do keep it in mind that the key will expire after a certain period of time. So you will have to keep updating it from time to time.Once the key is setup, you can upload application on Play Store.You can create your own test group, once you have access to Google Play. The group can be either, that is, anyone can join it, or closed, i.e. you can add people to the group yourself. An open group is usually better, since it allows for a larger audience.When you put up your application, testers in your group will have access to it and can find or download it.Once you have published your app, it may take a few hours before the test link is good to go. You can make additional changes meanwhile, but that will just stall your application from going live.Once your application goes live, you can set up the price for it. You can make it available at a certain price or for free. You can decide the price of your package, however, one should keep in mind that the price of the application does affect its usage and should be put up accordingly.So, get started with beta testing from Google and reap the benefits of app testing before you launch it worldwide on the Play Store.

Some tips every mobile developer must know
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Mobile app development or mobile development is a hot market right now. People are taking it up as profession and nowadays you can find many firms as well as freelancers offering mobile app and website development services. However, with increasing competition, the focus is clearly on quality and people who are getting their apps developed require professionals who are thorough with their work. According to a mobile App Development Company in USA, the demand for an android app and an iPhone app has increased by over twice in the last five years and because of this, the demand for app developers is also on the rise.App Development and Mobile Development tips for the Developers:Now, if you’re an app developer and want to make it big in the industry, you need to have a strong portfolio. Using the tips given below, you can achieve your goals with ease as these tips will allow you to develop good quality apps swiftly and conveniently and you can then market them and pitch them to your customers and make a mark in the app development world. According to a well-known android app maker in USA, these tips are time tested and provide the best way to design and develop an app.Consider Space: Yes, you heard us right. Most of the developer do not use any type of spacing in the CSS properties and because of this, the text runs right through the edges. These small things can have great impact as adding space makes the text much more readable and your audience and clients know that you have actually paid attention to detail and did not just finish the work for the sake of it. Create Contrast: In order to draw attention towards the region where you want the audience to look, you need to create contrast. Creation of contrast is an important aspect which is often overlooked by the app developers. According to a report by an android app Development Company in USA, as much as 70% of the developers overlook this simple thing which ultimately results in loss of sales in case of an ecommerce app. By making sure that you create contrast, you can create a positive reputation for yourself and help your clients grow. Play with Colors: Colors are very important. People have associated different beliefs with colors and thus, you need to consider the audience type before finalizing colors. For example, do not create a ‘buy’ button in red as most of the cultures perceive red as stopping or danger. So, understand the colors and play with the combinations in order to get the best result in your app development. Interaction is the Key: Interaction is a key element these days. You must be interactive in your developmental approach so that the users can actually enjoy your app. The latest development platforms offer a lot of tools and it is important for the developer to know these tools. Also, design your UI in a way that encourages interaction in order to make the experience worthwhile for the users. Focus on Content: Whether it is apps or websites, content is still the king. When you’re creating a mobile app, make sure that you give enough space and importance to the content of the app. According to an iPhone app development company in USA, focusing only on graphics and sound can lead to failure because users want to understand your app and that is best achieved through text. However, one thing that must be noted is that if your app is a game or focuses on videos or sound, then the focus automatically shifts to the aforementioned elements and written content does not matter as much.So, with these simple tips you can actually create an app worthy of attracting users and giving you a name in the industry. Make sure that you follow these and create apps which are focused to the goals of the firm or the client who is getting the app made and contains a high level of professionalism.

Responsive framework to look on 2016
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The world has become digitalized and there is no firm these days that does not have their own website. Having a website was considered enough a few years ago but the advent of smartphones and their growing popularity have changed the entire landscape.Nowadays, mobile websites are as much in need as the desktop ones, which necessitates the need for a responsive framework. Now, a responsive framework is a framework for web design and development which is based upon the responsive web technology. In these frameworks, the website is so adjusted that it can adapt to any scree size. By using a responsive framework, you can use the same website for mobile, tablets and desktops as the site will function the same across all platforms.Benefits of using a responsive framework:Now, using a framework makes the job easy for the developers. There are many benefits that developers get when they use a framework for their development process. According to well-known firms dealing in website design and development in USA, the benefits of using a responsive framework are:A framework has all the base codes needed to start the development process. It makes the process easy for the developer as he does not have to start from scratch. A framework is, thus, a package which has a structure of many files and folders comprising of standard code that can be used for the development of websites and make the process faster for the developers. Responsive frameworks are developed in a way to make sure that the site works best over a wide range of screen sizes. This makes the website development process more efficient and cost effective for a firm as they do not have to invest on different websites for different platforms.What responsive frameworks to look on this year?There are quite a few developers and firms that are working on website development applications in USA. These developers have developed frameworks that can be used for responsive development. Some of the frameworks that are worth noting for development this year are mentioned below:Foundation: Developed by ZURB, this is a lightweight framework for designing websites. This framework eliminates the need for creating many custom elements and thus, speeds up the process of development. With many tools for enabling faster development and higher flexibility, Foundation is a framework that must be given a thought for outsourcing software development in USA and beyond. Responsive Grid System: They claim that it is not a framework, but a very convenient way of developing a responsive website. This tool can be easily clubbed with existing HTML and CSS and then works to prevent the user from being stuck only with a limited number of columns for development. By adding unlimited columns, you can get exactly what you want to and that too in easy to follow steps. Skeleton: A skeleton is exactly what the name says, it is a skeleton for developing responsive sites. It is a small framework with just the basics and it can be easily scaled down to tablets, mobiles and other devices. The framework is designed in an organized manner with predefined elements and designs that are helpful in escalating the time taken for the development process. Bootstrap: Last but not the least, you all must be aware of the name Bootstrap. Bootstrap is one of the most famous responsive frameworks to be used throughout the globe. It is easy to use and does not require high level of skills for the same. By using one base code, this platform can easily help you in applying the website over several devices, from PCs to phones. It is a front-end framework designed to speed up the process of development and make it easier for the developers to create a website.Thus, by using any of the responsive frameworks given above, you can easily build a website. It is important to have knowledge about these frameworks as the need of the hour is responsive web design and the firms need to adhere to these needs in order to keep their own sites in the lead.

50 Ways to make your website more awesome
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Websites have become such an important of today's fast paced world. Almost everyone has a website nowadays and therefore the competition to get your website noticed is harder than ever. Hard, yes, but not so hard that you cannot achieve it says a Website Development Company in USA. All you need are a few tips and tricks to make your website awesome and make people sit up and notice it. As per the suggestions of providers of software development services in USA  here are a few tips to make your website more awesome.Ways to make your website more awesome:Create a professional logo of your website. It will add credibility and make it all the more noticeable and prominent. Do not use too many colours. Use a light background, lighter colour and a few colours that blend properly without grabbing all the attention for themselves. Pick up a premium font for your website. Do not experiment with fonts too much. Use a header and a paragraph font and a special font to pop certain things. Keep the body of the font at a minimum of 16px. Anything smaller than that will be too strenuous to read. For the mobile sets, the font should be 12px at the least. Use the rule of the third. That is draw three horizontal and vertical lines and align the important points or segments where the lines intersect. Do not clutter your website. Give it space to breathe and use white spaces judicially. Maintain a balance and do not let it tip to one side or another. The call to action button should be big and bold. You won't want your user fumbling. Lighten the links and other active states. Change the colour of the link once the user has visited it. Be consistent, both with your styling and the fonts that you use. Stress on the importance of micro-interactions button. Do not use a welcome gate, instead, direct your user directly to the home page and maintain their attention. Use headings and subheadings so that the user knows what to read or miss or look for without going through each line. Check your website time and again for broken links and fix them as and when necessary. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly and works perfectly on cellular devices. Add title tags to the images you add to your website. Do away with inline styles from your HTML. They will make your website look sloppy and cluttered. Choose Sass variable over CSS ones. They are easier to use and you can easily change the font style or colour through it. Develop a tool that will lend a unique feature to your website, maintain your own custom plugin. Make sure that your website is compatible on all browsers. The copyright footer should be up to date and display the current year. Pick one phrase or keyword per page and work on it, optimize it. Make sure that the title is keywords rick and is not too long. Register your domain in advance to get preference in the search results. Add Google Webmaster Tools to your website to stay updated with how Google indexes your website and what to do about it. Interlink your content. Make your home page a place from where almost all the pages can be visited with the fewest clicks possible. To help google rank your website better, add structured data, as and where required. Make sure your page is not too slow. Make use of Google's PageSpeed Insights to make your website fast and sleek. If the different pages of your website weigh more than 2Mb then they might be too heavy and you should tone them down. Upload high resolution and quality images. Page redirects should be avoided at all costs. Set expiry dates for pages and links that are not updated often. Dedicate a server to your website alone. Or use one a premium server. Design illustrations or graphics, keeping your website in mind. Customize the error 404 page to let the user know when a page link has expired and to direct hem to the home page. Make the about you section interesting. It represents you and your website and should be up to the mark with good writing and interesting graphics. Give your contact info to build trust and compatibility with the user. Have live chat window to interact with your customers. Give your users the option to register their email address. Have a confirmation page that should direct the users to confirm their email and subscribe to your website. The confirmation page should be idly followed by a thank you page. Use social media to your advantage to make your page more appealing. Whatever your do, keep your website simple. A person who is new to your webpage should be able to understand its purpose within the first few seconds of landing on it. Have a help section to help the uses understand your website better. Use lightboxes to give out extra information. Have a section where viewers can leave their comments or feedback. Do not make your website too fancy. That includes no usage of feathery fancy fonts either. The number of various links and destinations that each page provides should be limited. Set up snippets to make sure the best face of your website is revealed when people share its links on different social media sites. Keep the links to social media sites in the background, or put them at the footer.

Creating a website? Make sure to get it tested

In order to do business these days, it is quite mandatory to have a website. When new people hear about a brand, the first thing they do is to check the brand’s website in order to know more about it. Not having a website can be catastrophic and even lead to decline in sales as people might not trust your brand.Creating a website is an easy task, thanks to all the content management systems and creative tools that are available. A person having no coding background can design and develop his own website using these tools. However, for a truly professional perspective, hiring a Website Development Company is highly recommended.Website testing: A mustAnother fact that might be neglected by many people is the fact that merely creating a website will not serve the purpose. A website must be tested thoroughly by experienced beta testers in order to identify bugs and issues and report them. Uploading an incomplete and improper website will only do you more harm.So, it is very important to test your sites and here are some of the ways in which you can get your site tested:Hire Freelance Site Testers: Freelancing on the web is a big industry. You can find almost all types of individuals freelancing their skills on the digital marketplace. You can easily hire some site testers who have basic HTML and web development knowledge and these testers can check your site and inform you about the errors that need to be addressed. Hiring them is cheap and you can get some highly qualified people for the job if you look in the right places. For searching such professionals, you must use professional freelancer platforms like Freelancer and eLance. Test yourself: If you’re well versed with coding and HTML and have a knack for web development, then you’re the best candidate for being a tester. Along with yourself, make sure you get some of your contacts who are web developers and make them test out your site. Do it carefully and most of your problems will be solved for free. Hire a development firm: If you’re not accustomed to coding or have created your site using CMS, it is better to get it tested by professionals. Moreover, for a truly professional website, it is recommended to hire professional web developers as they have the much needed expertise and market knowledge to ensure that the site is built using the latest technology. You can conveniently find a Web Development Company in USA, UK, Australia, India and other mature markets. Hire these professionals and get a wonderful site built and tested altogether.Benefits of hiring a development firm for the job:Now, it might seem that hiring a software development company in USA, UK or any other place is an expensive affair. However, if you consider the long term effects, then hiring them actually turns out profitable.This is particularly true in the case of e-commerce firms whose business depends on the success of their website. Having a well-defined and user targeted website will not only get your more visitors, but will also make sure that the visitors coming to your site are converted to sales leads.Some of the inherent benefits of using the services of a web development firm are:You don’t have to keep yourself busy with the development. You can focus on other areas of business while your website is built and managed Websites created by professionals are unique and have been optimized to your needs. Creating one yourself using some tool might not give you the same results. The development firm has experts who have been working in the field for a while. These people know the market and study the trends. They can actually help you in putting together a successful website. The development firm ensure that your website is SEO compliant. Most of the web development firms also have SEO and digital marketing sections and they can be your one stop shop for all commercial activities.So, ensure that the website you create is well tested and adhere to the above mentioned tips to make your site a success. Consider intellectually and make a wise decision as the success or failure of your site will determine the course of your business.

App promotion tips for a newbie!
PhoneGap Application Development

So, you’ve created your own mobile app and are excited to launch it. You make sure that all the known bugs are fixed and the app is ready to roll. You think that your app has what it takes to become a hit, but have you thought about promoting it yet?According to a report by a leading Android App Development Company in USA, there are millions of good apps that are launched every year that fail because of weak marketing. Just creating an app which is good is not enough. You need to make people aware of your app and market it to your targeted audience so that you get those downloads and make your app successful.Why app promotion is important?Promotion is important in all fields of business. Without promotion, you cannot hope to succeed in the competitive market. Gone are the days when there were selected number of apps on the Play Store and App Store and you could hope to get away with minimal promotions.Nowadays, there are millions of apps on offer and becoming successful amidst such competition is not a cake walk. Thus, promoting your app is a must if you want your target audience to use your app and not of your rivals. The money spent of app promotions has increased manifold over the past few years due to the increase in the use of smartphones and e-commerce. Billions of dollars are being spent in the digital market just to make your app run good and amidst all of this as told by a report from an App Development Company in Australia, apps which are not well promoted tend to just fade away.Promotion tips for a newbie:To help newbies start their promotion without spending a lot of money, we have put together some tips that can help a newbie in promoting his/her app:Use Social Media: The biggest free tool that an app developer has right now is social media. By using FB, Twitter, Instagram and other social media handles as your weapons, you can easily and cheaply promote your app. Start with a Facebook page and a Twitter handle and gain followers even before you launch your app. Creative graphics, lucrative offers on your app and competitions can be a great way to spark the interest of the people and get them to follow your page. In this way, you can promote your app and get those important downloads. Viral Videos: Video marketing is another great trend that can be used. YouTube is a free video sharing service that is viewed by billions across the globe. By creating sneak peaks and explainers videos for your app, you can share them on YouTube and create your own channel there. People respond well to videos and there are more chances of your app going viral if you can create a video that is liked by the people. PPC Ads: Using Google AdWords, you can target a few keywords regarding your app. Even though this method involves money, you can start off slow and not put in a lot of cash into this method. Moreover, Google and other advertising agencies offer ad credits to new users in order to help them start up. Use these credits in order to understand the way things work and then focus on running a campaign with your important keywords targeted. Third Party Reviews: A brilliant way to get more people interested in your app is to get it featured in a tech article. You can also ask some tech reviewers to review your app and post it on their blogs. Using third party intervention, you can show people that other people’s opinion are with your app and in this way, you can easily market your app without having to spend much.

Best WordPress plugins for e-commerce
ecommerce website design and development in USA

More and more people are relying on the internet to go about their work. Most of the transactions nowadays are done online. Ecommerce has grown rapidly in t past few years and according to an Ecommerce Web Development team in USA, ecommerce is going to become the biggest single marketplace in the world and it will drive globalization to the next level.As such, it does not come as a surprise that many people are depending on WordPress and are increasingly looking for great WordPress plugins for e-commerce. WordPress which has only climbed up the ladder of popularity ever since it was first launched, is provided with many brilliant options for those thinking of venturing into the world of e-commerce. A well-known Custom Web Design Company in USA stated that WordPress plugins are the best and the cheapest way of venturing into the ecommerce platform for new businesses.Best WordPress plugins for e-commerce:WooCommerce: This WordPress plugin is one the most loved and used of all WordPress plugins for e-commerce. Packed with powerful features, this plugin lets you transform WordPress into an extensive e-commerce store. You can nip and cut and make your online store as good as you might have imagined in your wildest dreams. From free features, to amazing features for which you might have to shell a few bucks, WooCommerce gives everything and more that might be required to erect a brilliant platform and is used by a popular PHP Development Company in USA. WP eCommerce: This e-commerce plugin will help you build your own website, showcase products that you want to showcase, collect orders from the customers, and take money and put it in your bank safely. Selling products with this WordPress plugin is very easy and smooth. With full control over your online store, you can change its look and feel and the way it functions, any time you want. Crat66 lite: This light yet powerful WordPress plugin can make selling of both digital and physical product a wonderful experience. It provides multiple currency and shipping options, and you can give a whole international aroma to your website. You can even place ads wherever you want, and use other marketing techniques to make more money. Crat66 lite gives you all the freedom that you can ask from a WordPress plugin. MarketPress: This WordPress plugin is rich in different features and easy to use. You can build a beautiful website using this plugin for e-commerce. Users can witness a beautiful yet simple shopping experience, thanks to MarketPress, which is really user friendly and fuss free. From placing orders, to collecting money to the overall display of shopping items, MarketPress impresses through it all. eShop plugin: eShop is simple yet effective and serves its purpose as an e-commerce plugin. You can easily add products and customize things according to your requirement with eShop. It is quick and has a simple interface with multiple shopping and payment options. You can make of different options provided to come up with a colourful, user friendly e-commerce website. Quick Shop: This WordPress plugin for e-commerce is easy to use and provides an interactive platform to the user. A customer can even connect it with his email id and with multiple payment options, this plugin is one of the best WordPress plugin around. You can add a sidebar that will give the user access to their cart and show their shopping details too. Jigoshop: This WordPress plugin can help you lend a professional look to your website. With both free and a more exclusive paid version available for this plugin, you can choose from a long list of features available, whatever you wish for. Multiple payment options, and functions that are unique to this WordPress plugin, Jigoshop is fast gaining popularity and rightly so.

Why mobile apps is the latest requirement of any business
App Development Company in USA

In the current scenario, we can see mobile apps everywhere. Right from the front page of the newspaper to the home delivery menu left at our doorstep, we find the mention of a mobile app on almost everything. Be it the automobile industry, food industry, retail or FMCG, all the major firms have connected themselves to their users using mobile apps and the market is growing at a very rapid pace.Benefits of having a mobile app:With the advent of smartphones, mobile apps, be it an android app or an iPhone app, all types of apps are doing rounds in the digital world. An app allows a user to access a defined content and is specially designed to work with the OS of the mobile device. E-commerce apps like EBay, Amazon, Flipkart and son on are very famous and so are many gaming apps that provide entertainment to the users.On a company’s perspective, having a mobile app has become a necessity, claims a well-known Android App Development Company in USA. Apps provide a lot of flexibility to the firms and they have a lot of advantages which are listed below:A mobile app allows the firm to send push notifications to their users anytime they want. In this way, all the latest offers, new launches and exclusive deals are intimated to the users on their mobile phones which increases the visibility of the offers. Mobile phones have become a necessity of human life and a person normally carries his/her cellphone wherever they go. Thus, having a mobile app allows the firm owners to have real time connection with their users and interact with them whenever they want. Mobile apps make it easier for the people to use the service offered by the firm. Moreover, with more and more people going towards e-commerce, firms are trying to capture the market share and increase their sales online. Marketing is the most important purpose served by the mobile apps. Firms develop their apps and connect with the users which allows them to market their products to the people in real time. App marketing has created a lot of buzz and is great way to bring your product in front of the people, says a report from a known android app maker in USA. Mobile apps are also a great way to earn a lot of money. There are premium apps which come for a price and people have to buy them in order to use them. Furthermore, mobile ads can be placed on the apps which helps the app owners in making money using the advertisements displayed on the apps. So, a mobile app can be used to make money using ads as well as one can advertise their own brands using services like Google AdMob.Getting the apt app for your business:The type of app for a business purely depends on the niche of the business. If you are a seller, then having an e-commerce app is a great way to serve your purpose. Even a manufacturer can develop their own market and sell directly to the users, eliminating the need of middlemen. Other apps include apps which are used for giving information, games and other miscellaneous stuff other than e-commerce.Apart from this, there are educational institutions offering their apps to the students for study purposes. Then we have apps like Uber, FoodPanda and so on which offer basic services like cab booking and food ordering to the people.If you’re not sure about the type of app that you should make, then it is best to consult experts. You can easily find an App Development Company in Australia, USA, UK and India who can give you the best apps at a great price. These experts will understand the nature of your business and suggest what type of app you should go for.So, wait no longer and get your app made for your business today so that you do not miss out on the various benefits offered by the mobile apps for your business.

Magento for E-Commerce: Time to go Deeper into it

Magento is a well-known platform of e-commerce development and CMS. This platform allows firms to start their online shops with ease and makes it possible for even a non-coder to manage their inventory and add new features using a well-documented content management system.Magento is one of the oldest platforms for e-commerce and enjoys a high reputation in the digital market. This platform is supported by the big firms and most of the developers preferred using this platform for e-commerce development.According to a Ecommerce Website Development Company in USA, Magento lost its glory because of the launch of new platforms. However, the current version of magento brings many new features and advantages to the platter, which has helped Magento in regaining its position in the market.What does Magento offer?Magento is a CMS that allows easy development of e-commerce website using their templates. The shopping cart and payment gateway is integrated and designed to make the process easy for the users. The system is very easy to manage and makes it easier for the firm to manage their inventory on their website. Some of the features offered by Magento are:Magento allows 10,000 products to be posted on the website. This is a huge number and firms find it very convenient to use. Depending on the size of your enterprise, you can choose between 200MB to 5GB of storage space on Magento servers. This storage is used to keep records of the transactions and user details and you can conveniently transfer the data from one source to another. There is no fee for setting up a magento site and there is no per transaction charge levied on the firm. Enterprise users get dedicated customer service team to help with their issues and queries. The plans are cheap and one can avail the services of Magento servers and platform for as low as $15 per month and go up to $150 per month.Magento services are easy to understand and use. The CMS is very interactive and a person having no knowledge of coding can easily manage the inventory, add/remove products, upload pictures, add description and change the styles.Advantages of Magento:As per the reports of a well-known Magento Development Company in USA, Magento offers the following advantages to their users:Designed for E-Commerce: The platform is built specially for e-commerce and this makes it very efficient for the ecommerce firms. The features and specs are designed keeping in mind the needs of an e-commerce site to give 100% performance boost. Scaling: The magento platform can be scaled right from a small scale level to a giant MNC. Sites of any magnitude can easily be accommodated in Magento that makes it a favorite when it comes to e-commerce sites. Support: Community support is high as magento community is very active and provides free of cost debugging and support to all website owners. This makes upgradation and troubleshooting easier and cheaper for the firms. Multi-Tenant Support: Using a single backend, a user can control more than one e-commerce site. This makes Magento a very good platform for firms who provide e-commerce website development services as they can control it all from one admin panel only. SEO Ready: The platform has many SEO ready features that make Magento one of the most SEO friendly platforms in the world. Using these features like SEO ready links, layered navigation, URLs and so on, one can get an organic boost in the number of visitors without having to work hard on the SEO tactics.So, with so many advantages and awesome features on board, Magento has the capacity to become the biggest platform for e-commerce. It is time that developers look into the new features being offered by Magento and use the platform for giving a better e-commerce experience to the consumers as well as the firms who are running these sites.

New to AngularJS? Here are some key features that you should know
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AngularJS has been doing rounds in the world of websites and apps. This platform is getting quite popular and many developers are venturing into this platform to make something fun. Packed with many salient features, this platform is something that a good developer should actually look at.AngularJS: An IntroductionIt is a world class JavaScript Framework which contains many features for designers and developers alike. Initially released in 2009, it works under an MIT License and according to a prominent Website Development Company in USA, this platform is what HTML should have looked like if it were developed for creating web-apps.Features of AngularJS that you must know:Since the salient features of AngularJS are the features that make them stand out from the common platforms, here we take a look at some of the features that matter the most while using this platform for app development and designing.Two-Way Data Binding: The two way data binding feature is something worth noticing. It makes the task very easy for the developers as the DOM side and model side synchronization is handled automatically by the platform. As per the reports of a very famous Website Development Company in UK, this feature is the single most important feature that attracts developers towards AngularJS. MVC Support: Even though this is not unique, MVC ensures that all the latest trends are easily incorporated into the client side apps. Moreover, AngularJS improves upon traditional MVC by implementing it in a way of MVVM i.e. Model-View-ViewModel which gives better outputs. Directives: When asked from a prominent Software Development Company in UK, it was found that another awesome feature of Angular is Directives. This features makes sure that you can form your own custom widgets using HTML codes and these widgets can then make your browser do a few tricks for you while the web app is running.All these wonderful features make AngularJS a very promising platform for creating web apps and designing the same. So, check out the platform and create an app or two in order to understand how it works and reap the benefits of AngularJS.

How a photo editing app created by me earned me my living
Website design and development in USA

As we all know that the digital market is the hottest market in the world and doing an app business is perhaps the easiest and the most sure shot way of getting successful swiftly. However, as time has passed and the market has matured, making a name for yourself can become a daunting task and not all apps created are earning millions on the android and iOS markets.If you’re one of those who have a robust mobile app idea, then go through the post and see how a Mobile App Development Company assisted me in creating my own photo editing app for android and earn my living from it.Creating a Mobile App: Not a Cake Walk anymoreGone are the days when an above average app would make it in the marketplace. The android market is filled with millions of apps and there is competition everywhere. In order to make sure that your app gets noticed, you need to have a robust app and an even more robust marketing and advertising plan to make it viral.Having an idea of a mobile app is good. However, you should seriously consider taking assistance from an app development company. You can easily get an Android App Development Company in USA and with their skills and expertise, you can ensure that the app idea you have is created into an android app that is appealing visually and aesthetically.In my case, I had a great idea about a photo editing app that would let users add many effects to their photographs. Apart from effects, I also planned on adding special colors, backgrounds and even add text to the photos. The idea was to give it all for free and earn a few extra bucks using the AdMob advertising.However, marketing the app required a lot of efforts and it was very important that the app was created using the latest techniques. Thus, I contacted a Mobile App Development Company USA and asked for their assistance in the same.App Promotion: The pathway to successGetting the app created was not as tough as I had the assistance of a great team. However, promotion was the key and I was deeply engrossed in the process when I realized that the company that I am working with also provides digital marketing solutions. I asked for their help and along with the marketing manager, I sat down and brainstormed a few ideas and chose the ones that fit my budget. On an overall basis, android app marketing involves the following:Advertising: Advertising is the most basic method of promotion. Since I was low on budget, I did not give much importance to advertising at first. Google AdWords and Play Store marketing were explored to a limited extent and helped me in getting my app up and running. With help from the app developers, I was able to run a simple, yet successful advertising campaign.SEO: Since the firm I hired were experts in SEO, they ensured that the app was created using semantic coding and was optimized for the keywords relevant to it. The content written for the app was also in compliance and being a creative writer myself, I lent my hand and created some robust blog articles for the app that actually helped in boosting downloads.Social Media Marketing: Using the power of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I was able to spread my app like a virus. The campaign was managed by the app development firm and they helped me convert most of the audience into users of the app.App Monetization: Sealing the DealWell, until now I had only invested in the app. I was fortunate that I found a company providing affordable App designing USA and was able to save a few bucks there. Once the app was up and running, I decided to begin the monetization process. The first thing I did was add AdMob ad units to the app. However, I once again took assistance from experts in this matter so that the ads were not hindering the user experience.Next, I added a premium version of the app. Upon purchase, a few extra features were unlocked and the ad units were removed from the app. The premium version is not much of a success, but I do have a decent number of premium users to justify the move.So, if you’re also looking to launch your own app business, please make sure that you take help from the experts. Finding Android App Development Company in USA, India, USA, UK and even UAE is quite easy and with the growing market competition, it is highly advised to tread with caution and only then you can make money off your app and run a successful app business.

Best Mobile Apps of 2015?
PhoneGap Application Development

Mobile apps are being added to the various mobile app stores almost every day. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for the average mobile user to understand which app he needs and which he does not. Furthermore, many apps of the same type make things even more puzzling and people often end up downloading the wrong app.Finding out the best from the lot:Finding the best apps takes a lot of time. With careful observation and deep research, we along with a well-known App Development Company have listed some of the best in the segment of android app as well as iPhone app for the year 2015.Stagefright Detector: Security apps are something which are very important in both android and iOS. Stagefright is a vulnerability which was discovered in android devices and for that, an app by the name of Stagefright Detector was launched. This is a simple app that can scan your entire device and tell you if you are vulnerable to stagefright attack. Snowball: This is another important app that manages all your messages and notifications. Messages from all chat apps can be converged at a single place and replied to in a prompt manner. Moreover, you can select which notifications you want to see and which you wish to avoid. This app is available for android devices. EasyDo: Having a personal assistant is fun, having a smart personal assistant is evern better. EasyDo is an iPhone app that manages and automates many of your day to day tasks like messaging your significant half when you leave office and prompting you to answer your mails. This app integrates with the notification center and gives you cues on how to handle the tasks presented in front of you. Google Maps: One of the best navigation apps for both Apple and Android is Google Maps. Using GPS technology, this app gives you precise location details, helps you reach your destination using navigation and voice commands and even tells you the mass transit route of your destination. This is the most widely used navigation app in the world and rightly so. TrueMessenger: This is an app created by TrueCaller. This app replaces your messaging app and tells you who sent you the message if the person is not in your contact list. Moreover, it helps you organize your inbox by sending spam messages to a different folder. You can call it a TrueCaller for messages. WiFiMapper: A wonderful app for both iOS and Android users. It lists all the free Wi-Fi zones in the nearby locations to that you can avail the facility and save on your data charges. A statement by a well-known Mobile App Development Company said that WiFIMapper is a must have in your device if you’re a frequent traveler as it will help you in finding the best spots in twon where you can get free Wi-Fi. Mint: This is a wonderful app for the iPhone users that lets them manage their monthly budget, keep track of their transactions, check their savings, current and credit accounts all in one place. The app can even give you your total net worth and help you in making sensible budget plans. The app is free and a must have for all iPhone users. Facebook Lite: This new android app by Facebook is a boon to all those users who either have memory problems in their device or are on a slow internet connection. The app uses far less data than the normal Facebook app and as per the reports of an android app maker in USA, the Facebook Lite app was launched to address the users of growing countries where fast internet facilities are not common and so, the app was launched for the users of Asia, with Latin America, Europe and Africa getting their versions soon.Thus, here is a list of some of the apps which made the most number of head turns in 2015. All these apps are from different genres and help the user in managing their phone and their life in a convenient manner.

Follow the eCommerce sales trends for small and medium businesses in the World
WooCommerce Development Company

Ecommerce has developed into one of the biggest marketplace in the world. With so many businesses going online, the digital market is becoming a tough nut to crack and many of the small and medium businesses are not able to handle the competition and usually phase out within a few months or maybe a year. However, if you’re one of the ecommerce portal owners in the US, then going for a professional E-Commerce Development Company to take care of your website and its design is a great way to make sure that you remain in the competition.We have compiled a list of important trends that are ongoing in the US digital market. By following these tips and taking the assistance of professional web designing and development services, you can actually make your site count in the highly competitive market.Mobile E-Commerce is on the rise: The one thing that is evident not only in the US but all over the globe is the fact that mobile devices are accounting for more ecommerce traffic than computers. This revelation makes it impossible to ignore the mobile platform and as an ecommerce business owner, you need to tap this territory in order to make your presence felt. Make sure that your E-commerce website design is compliant with mobile devices and also ensure that you launch android and iOS apps for your store in order to reach more people. All these can be easily done with the help of a specialist Mobile Development Company and you must get in touch with them for assistance and hire e-commerce developer for your firm. Social Discovery ecommerce boost: This is another trend that is growing really fast, especially with the mobile devices. The shopping for “socially discovered” products while browsing through Facebook or other social media is on the rise as people spend more time on these sites. The next target for an E-Commerce Solutions Company is to make sure that the social media presence of the firm is high and that they’re able to tap on the targeted audience and helping them discover new and interesting products. Shopping is always-on: Since people are constantly connected to the internet and using ecommerce apps and visiting ecommerce websites, the concept of always-on shopping is turning into a reality. Web Designing and Development services are being optimized according to these trends and the data from the US tells clearly about the times when people shop the most using their desktop or mobile. These data are then analyzed and any Ecommerce web design company USA must keep these trends in their mind while developing PPC and other marketing campaigns, while the ecommerce business owners need to follow the sales trends and plan their steps accordingly.So, following these latest sales trends will surely help you in boosting your ecommerce platform. However, you might not be able to accomplish all of this on your own and might need the assistance of an offshore web development company for getting the changes to your site done. Also, a strong marketing strategy is required and by signing up for offshore e-commerce solutions, you can make sure that your marketing campaigns are being handled by experts.For further details, you may contact us at Arka Softwares- E-Commerce website development Company providing high quality solutions to our clients. We have worked for over 300 clients spread across the US, UK, UAE, South Africa, Australia and India. Our team comprises of highly dedicated and skilled professionals with ample experience to drive your ecommerce platform to the pinnacle. Get in touch with us for any ecommerce query that you have and our experts will give you the best possible solution to the problem.

How to protect your website from being hacked
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Hacking is a common process done each and every day. Hacking is not only done to steal private data, it is also done to access a web server for spam emails and even for setting up a temporary server for illegal type of files. Therefore, one must remain very cautious with their sites and use some anti-hacking measures in order to keep their site safe.Stay safe from hacking attempts, follow these steps:Hacking attempts are made almost every day so every site owner needs to be on their hands and toes in order to avert the danger and save their site. In this piece of editorial, we shall look at some important ways that can be used to successfully shield your site from hacking attacks.Up-to-date software: All CMS, Server operating system and other software being run on the server need to be kept updated in order to avert danger. So, you must make sure that routine updates are done for the same. XSS: This is used when some hacker tries to run a scripting code in your web form. As per the instructions by a prominent Website Development Company, the best way is to strip out or encode all HTML while creating forms to avoid this issue. Vague error messages: While displaying any error messages, keep them vague. For instance, say incorrect username or password so that the attacker does not know if one of the fields were correct. Such a message will keep things difficult for attackers. SQL Injection: Using transact SQL leaves your web forms or URL parameter vulnerable to access using rogue codes. However, if you use parameterized queries, you can avoid the issue and keep your site safe. Strong Passwords: Yes, we all know passwords must be strong. But, if you are to believe the various providers of Web Development Services most of the people use basic passwords for their admin area and leave themselves vulnerable to penetration. Form Validation: Validation needs to be done both on the browser and as well as on the server side. Browsers can only catch simple issues and failures, while server side validation makes your site more robust and less likely to be bypassed by malicious coding. Prevent Uploads: Uploads are a great way to breach your security. However, if you use proper access codes, you can keep a check on what access is given to which type of file and prevernt execution of malicious codes. SSL: SSL protocols are used by site owners for protecting their website. This provides a security certificate to your site while you’re transferring sensitive info from your site to the server or the database that you have. This is also used in payment gateways in order to secure the financial information of the users. Web Security Tools: There are quite a few web security tools available on the digital world. You just need to find the ones that suit your purpose and use them to keep your site safe. These tools along with the other steps mentioned above will keep you safe from most of the attacks online.So, use these tools and also consult some good Development Services in USA and elsewhere in order to get detailed reports on how to save your website from hackers.

How can we effectively design logo for our brand?
Logo design

A logo is something that depicts what your brand does. It is the first thing that the potential customer will see about your website/brand and it is like the first impression you make on the minds of the consumer. A successful logo must be able to attract the consumer and tell them something about your brand. A good branding strategy can never become successful without a good logo, says a prominent Website Designing Company in USA.How to create powerful logos for your brand?For creating a powerful logo, one needs a lot of creativity. A logo must be balanced, must divulge just enough information to the consumer so as to grab his attention and must be versatile. Some common features which need to be kept in mind while creating a logo as per the suggestions of a very famous Web Designing Company in USA are:Keep your logo unique and try to highlight the core feature of your brand. Brand names and logos must be related to the product/service as it is important to create an image inside the mind of the consumer. A logo designer can be very effective in such cases. Moreover, there are times when your logo needs to be very simplistic and create an enigma for the consumer to follow. The logo you create must be scalable on all platforms. Never create a logo that looks good on your site or on your office building. It must also look good in your presentations, business cards and letter heads. So, try to create a design which can be scaled to any length and breadth and still not lose its charm. Never try to divulge all the details of your company in your logo. A logo is not to be considered as a catalogue or brochure and you must treat not treat it as such. People providing logo designing in USA state that a logo must be powerful enough to create interest in the minds of the customer. He/she must follow the logo and try to learn more about the company. So, keep it simple and highlight the core feature of your company and not the entire portfolio of your company using your logo. Color combinations of the logo that you design must be balanced with your business and the type of clients you’re targeting. A hospital and healthcare service provider cannot use colorful and party like logos as their job is serious and their logo needs to imply the same. Similarly, clothing brands have vibrant and attractive logos while law firms have simple and straightforward logos. The colors to be used and the type of graphical art being portrayed is solely dependent on the type of business and the type of customers. Never design the logo alone. Always keep a few artistic people around you. A single person cannot bring out the best thing. A few people prodding their mind over the matter will yield the best results. Moreover, it is highly recommended to use professional logo designing services as the experts can help you find the perfect design for your business.So, keep these things in your mind and go on to form a great logo for your brand. Always remember that your first impression is the last impression, so choose your logo wisely and take your brand to new heights.

ARKA Softwares CEO Interviewed on Experience with Mobile App Development Platforms by Research Firm Clutch

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Rahul Mathur, has been interviewed as an expert on Xamarin and Android Studio, two different app development platforms by the American research firm Clutch.Rahul’s interview is part of Clutch’s effort to research the app development software space, and provide information for buyers who might not know whether they should develop an app on a native platform, or use a cross-development platform. Here at Arka we have experience delivering successful projects using both native and cross-development techniques. Feel free to read more about our experience developing mobile apps here.We were pleased to partner with Clutch.co on this research effort, as they have consistently delivered industry leading coverage in the mobile app and web development space. In addition, Clutch has identified Arka as a “firm that delivers”, and a profile of our company is featured on the Clutch website.If you go to our profile you can read reviews from past clients of Arka, as well as expert insights from the Clutch analysts who have reviewed our company. We invite you to take a look at our profile on Clutch, and see for yourself the positive feedback our work has received there.

iOS 9: Features, Updates and Overview
Mobile App Development Company in Australia

With the launch of iOS 9, Apple gave the world the newest OS for their Apple iPhone and iPad. The OS comes with a host of changes and allows the users to do even more with their devices than they could do before. The biggest plus point of the new platform is the fact that iOS 9 can be used in every device that supported iOS 8. This means that a large proportion of the current Apple users will get the benefit of iOS 9.How is 9 better than 8?With fewer bugs, a lot less bloatware apps and a leaner and cleaner look, the iOS 9 is much better than iOS 8. New features added to the OS include multitasking for iPad, making Siri even more helpful and intelligent and reducing the pressure on processor and RAM by making the OS leaner.Features and Updates of iOS 9:According to a Mobile App Development Company in USA, Apple iOS 9 is a much better offering than all the updates launched by Apple and it is because of the strong internal changes made into the OS. Moreover, the reports of a company dealing with iPhone App Development in Australia clears out that the number of preloaded apps has gone down and this has significantly increased the user experience.Some salient features and updates added to the new iOS 9 are:Built in Apps: The number of built in apps have been reduced and the apps that do exist have been given a much better look. The OS provides you with a new and innovative way to experience your everyday use of the iPhone and iPad using the built in apps. Split Screen in iPad: This feature is only for the iPad users. The iOS 9 allows the users to run two applications at once by using the big screen to split both the apps. This makes working on the iPad really convenient and also allows you to do more at once. Backed with powerful processor and adequate RAM of the iPad, this feature is a major update in the iOS. However, users would want similar features in their iPhones too, especially iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus. Intelligence Upgrade: With new features added to Siri, the iOS 9 allows you to do even more than you could before. Siri gives you more proactive suggestions and can search from a wide array of topics. It is also capable of understanding your speech accurately and swiftly and make your experience worthwhile. Under the Hood updates: Using the state of the art engineering and technology at Apple, the iOS 9 brings you better performance at a lesser energy cost. It means that the OS looks good, works well, feels good and does everything at an optimized rate, but it does not consume too much juice for the same and hence the battery life is also increased. Apart from that, better and smaller size updates and tighter security features make it a complete package for all Apple users.Thus, with so many features on offer, the iOS 9 is a clear indication that Apple wants to make their phones and tablet not only look best but actually be the best in all aspects. As per the reports of a prominent Android App Development Company in USA, Google has to be very careful and launch a comparable counterpart in order to keep the competition open, otherwise Apple might get the edge in the market with their well-balanced iOS 9.

6 Android Phones which have a better camera than iPhone 6
Mobile App Development Company in Australia

We are all aware of the war between android phones and the iPhone by Apple. They have been at it on all fronts, be it the features, the technology, the camera and even the apps. Talking about the camera, the iPhone has always been a leader when it comes to the quality of image produced. However, all that is changing as Android phone manufacturers are finally catching up with iPhone and a recent study tells that there are about 7 android phones that have a better camera than the iPhone 6.Which phones have scored more points than iPhone 6?After talking to a notable Mobile App Development Company in Australia, we came to know that a well-known camera expert has conducted the annual mobile camera analysis and found that there are seven android phones that show better image quality than the iPhone.The tests were run on the following parameters:Flash Exposure and Contrast Autofocus Texture of the images Color Depth Noise Artifacts Editing featuresAn Android App Development Company in UK said that a very big reason for the android phones to perform better is due to the updated Android OS that allows the device to use the camera hardware in a more judicious manner.So, pertaining to the results generated by the study, here are the seven android devices which have a better camera quality than iPhone 6:Sony XPERIA Z5: The latest offering by Sony is a powerhouse in itself. Equipped with the Sony Exmor Sensor, the front camera of 5.1 MP and back camera of 23 MP are capable of capturing vivid and larger than life images and videos on the phone.Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE: With a 16 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera, this flagship model by Samsung is surely able to turn some heads with its picture quality. The phone is equipped with one of the best camera in the market and is a popular choice among the elite buyers.Nexus 6P: The latest offering by Google in collaboration with Huawei is also doing rounds because of a great camera work. The 12.3 MP rear camera made by Sony is a powerful lens that is giving Nexus 6P an edge over many other smartphone models in the same range.LG G4: This new flagship model by LG does not believe in competing with other phones when it comes to their camera. Their model competes with DSLR cameras and since we are giving you this comparison, you can very well imagine the strength of the G4 camera. With a 16 MP lens equipped at the back and an aperture of 1.8, this camera will give you lifelike images anytime, anywhere.Motorola X Style: With a Sony built IMX 230 lens with BSI and CMOS Sensor, Moto X Style makes a large leap towards attaining camera quality. The 21 MP powerhouse at the back ensures that you get lifelike pictures and also gives it the capability to shoot videos in 4k resolution.Sony XPERIA Z3+: The Z3+ by Sony was not very popular with the people. However, their camera department managed to pick some eyeballs and they have secured a position higher than the iPhone when it comes to picture quality. This fete has been achieved primarily due to Sony’s expertise with camera lens and with the 20.7 MP back camera of the Z3+, you can easily bring images to life.Thus, all these phones have proven that they can perform better in the camera department than iPhone 6. However, we expect Apple to hit back with their newer models and provide an even better image clarity and camera features to their users. In the department of selfies though, Apple stills seems strong as the selfies taken from the iPhone are unmatched and can even better your real life looks anyday.

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