This Made Our Day!

Technology is no less than any form of art. It takes imagination, determination, and dedication. And we make the perfect blend of all three, magic happens. Here is what our clients have to say about the magic we create.

This Made Our Day!

While the app has not yet launched, the work thus far has met the expectations of the internal team. ARKA Softwares invests in the success of their clients, working to understand the project and the industry at hand. The team is supportive, communicative, and talented.

Elizabeth Huck / Sisu

Their team is cooperative and professional. They treat my project as if it’s their own project.

Gaurav Sindhu / Top Team 11

The app quickly earned over 1,000 downloads within two months of launch, and users have responded positively. ARKA Softwares boasted experienced resources who were happy to share their knowledge with the internal team.

Mayuri Desai / Jeeto11

Internal stakeholders are pleased with the functionality and performance of the app. ARKA Softwares managed the project effectively, offering frequent documentation and progress check-ins. Their innovative approach, coupled with their wealth of experience, set them apart.

Faris Alqarni / Khabeer

Internal stakeholders are pleased with the design of the product. Using Trello dashboards, ARKA Softwares maintains a seamless exchange of feedback while adjusting to fluctuating requirements. The team's dedication to implementing effective solutions sets them apart from other providers.

Flubert Taga / Afrigenius

ARKA has demonstrated knowledge in all the task’s development tools and languages including AJAX, Java, SQL, and jQuery. The team is highly responsive and is quick to capture the project’s specifics, requiring little input to produce excellent results.

Glenn White / Telecoms Consortium Ltd

As a result of ARKA's ongoing work, the company's development cycle increased, the delivery timeline was shortened by 20%, and their capacity was increased by 40%, allowing them to attend to more customers. ARKA has proven to be an excellent partner, maintaining an acute awareness of the industry.

Guillermo Valencia / AgileKoding

IPC Kuwait app is based on my unique idea, and there is no such app in the world in my knowledge. But Arka Softwares developed and designed the app effortlessly with their skills. There were some challenges but they professional dealt with everything and gave me the app I wanted. Strongly recommended!

Jesse Jacob / IPC Kuwait

Internal stakeholders are pleased with the quality of the deliverables. Proactive and transparent, ARKA Softwares maintains open communication to foster efficiency and collaboration. Their excellent customer service sets them apart from other providers.

Calvin Ouma / DialUsafi

While the development is ongoing, the client is pleased with the work thus far, which has met expectations. ARKA Softwares puts the needs of the client first, remaining open to feedback on their work. Their team is adaptable, responsive, and hard-working.

Abdullah Nawaf / Archithrones

ARKA delivered the solution on time, and it surpassed requirements and expectations. They place high value on transparency and provide regular progress reports, which makes them ideal for long-term or perpetual engagements.

Derek Symons / DMS Designs Ptd Ltd

ARKA’s support and responsive communication facilitated a smooth development process. They transparently shared progress and updates through Trello and Slack channels. The team continues to perform well as they optimize the app.

Hollie Bradley / OMM Collective

The product was delivered within the estimated timeframe and features the required specifications. ARKA’s quality assurance guaranteed bug-free results and excellent performance from the platform. Furthermore, the team’s dedicated project manager allowed the endeavor to progress smoothly.

Mick Wang / Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

My team and I have been working with Arka Softwares for more than a year now and the services are great, the quality of work is amazing, and the communication was fast and quick. I would definitely recommend Arka Softwares to anyone who is looking for the professionals they can trust.

Deon Colis / UB Events

The site is still in development, so it's too early for results. While there have been some delays, the team makes up for it by working some weekends.

Daniel Lynn/ Legal Advisor Group

Within a month of going live, the app gained about 20 users and earned high praise. ARKA Softwares was communicative throughout the project.

Henrique Borges / Recursando

Although the solution isn’t live yet, ARKA Softwares has meticulously QA tested it for bugs and issues. The team is patient, taking the time to guide non-technical stakeholders through each part of the project. Their drive to go above and beyond has positioned them well for additional work.

Meshack Ngcongwane / Hire My Skills South Africa

ARKA Softwares delivered a high-quality website without any issues or bugs. Their communicative team is skilled in design and development. Customers can expect a dedicated team that meets deadlines.

Prasad Lyagala / Fitnutro

Thanks to ARKA Softwares, the MVP was released with stunning visual aesthetics. Working remotely, their team was available at all times and consistently followed up on requests. Their ability to offer high-quality deliverables at reasonable prices set them up for future engagement.

Loyiso Vatsha / Mapha

I started my project with Arka Softwares because it is a reputed company. And when I started working with them for my project, I found out that they have everything essential for my work. The app is still under development and but quite confident and it will turn out to be the best.

Pedro Paulo Marchesi Mello / Service Provider

The application launched with no bugs and functioned as intended. The ARKA team was responsive and coordinated updates daily. Their ability to improve upon the original vision was impressive.

Rinku Kashyap/ Mystar11

The site’s improved reliability has increased the number of quality leads. The team works efficiently to produce quality code and resolve issues thoroughly. ARKA Softwares performs best with clear guidelines and communication.

Giovanni Benvenuto / Benvenuto

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