Xamarin is a popular cross-platform mobile app development framework,it is designed to help you exploit it’s amazing 100% native libraries for both iOS and Android. Xamarin comes with two major components in the terms of mobile app development- Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.iOS. Focusing our discussion on Xamarin. Android, here are prominent features of Xamarin that makes it a reliable source to build Android apps.

1. Performance Close to Native App

The performance metrics of Xamarin are comparable to Java and other platforms for native app development. Moreover, Xamarin performance is continuously improving to get fully match the standards of native Android app development. The platform provides a complete solution for analyzing and navigating the app functionality and performance. The Xamarin Test Cloud connected with the Test Recorder tool allows you to execute UI tests and check the performance problems automatically. So, this platform is too much suitable for native Android applications.

2. Open-source Technology

Xamarin SDK includes libraries, command line codes, and runtime. Adding these all aspects in the latest update the Xamarin framework has become an open-source available under the MIT license. Besides by removing the cost of license Microsoft creates the way for the advance growth of the platform.

3. One Technology for All Platforms

You can take up to 96 % code in use of the source code. Xamarin comes with C# language code which is complemented with.Net framework to manufacture a native Android app for any mobile platform. Besides, you can develop all the Xamarin Android application in Visual Studio. You will get lots of cross-platform aspects that are offered as integrated components of IDE at no extra price.  


4. Hardware Support

Working on Xamarin, you get native-standard app functionality with complete solutions. It removes all hardware compatibility problems while using modules, plugins, and specific APIs. These all integrations perform with common devices functionality across the multiple platforms and by access to the platform APIs Xamarin supports native Android libraries linking. This makes beautiful customization and functionality with minimal effort.

5. Complete Development Environment

Xamarin includes one package with a number of toolsets for developing applications. The framework comes with its own IDE (Visual Studio), Xamarin SDKs, Xamarin Test Cloud, and analytics and distribution ( Xamarin.Insights). Having these all tools in Xamarin you will not have to pay for additional tools and you won’t need to integrate third-party applications to manufacture, analyze, and deploy your Xamarin Android applications.

6. Maintenance

Xamarin helps in updating and maintaining the Xamarin development services to native Android apps. You can easily make changes and update them to the source file so that they will be applied to Android apps. This process works only for the Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.iOS. Thus, it can help you in saving your time and cost while having the maintenance of the application time-to-time.

7. Smooth Onboarding

Xamarin University is a dedicated group which is catering to experts who all have proficiency in Java, Kotlin, and C# etc. You can get all essential information with a little coding experience whether you onboard new developers to the Xamarin-based app development projects. The community will provide you with online training from beginner to advanced standards.

Switching from Android Studio to Visual Studio

Visual Studio has a huge capability as it supports all included programming languages Android Studio supports – Java, C and C++, Kotlin, and XML. This is due to the large spectrum of platforms that IDE supply. Visual Studio gives more independence and allows for performing with various projects from a single environment. Whether you are using the Google Cloud platform which is integrated with Android Studio then Google will give you Cloud platform extension for Visual Studio as well. Generally, you can implement both ecosystems- Google Cloud and Microsoft Cloud from Visual Studio. So, you can set Visual Studio on all major platforms- Android, iOS, Window, and Linux.


As per our team’s experience, the best utilization of Xamarin app development is offering business and enterprise mobile app solutions. The standard UI which cover up approx 90 % logic of all the core projects can be shared across multiple platforms. So, the app customization only requires 5 to 10 present of engineering efforts. Thus, Xamarin provides major benefits to Android app development with native solutions.

ARKA Softwares is a topmost Xamarin mobile app Development Company which provides a wide range of solutions to build native applications for multiple platforms. So, if you want to create a native application for different platforms (Android, iOS, and Window etc) using Xamarin, you can connect with us.

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