A Comprehensive Guide: Developing Virtual Sports Betting Software

Updated 06 Nov 2023
Published 06 Nov 2023
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Developing Virtual Sports Betting Software

Virtual sports betting software supports incremental revenue models of real-time betting by letting your users place bets on live sports.

Sports betting apps bring the excitement of live sports into the digital age with constant events and tournaments combined with super-realistic gameplay where you play popular sports and racing products as the software offers in-play for customers who like to bet.

Online sportsbooks function all the time, and the bettors do not need an actual sporting event to bet on virtual sports. This constant availability and the exciting uncertainty of virtual sports make them one of the most coveted sectors of the sports betting industry.

Understanding Virtual Sports Betting Platform

To create an authentic impression, virtual sports integrate computer-generated images and dynamic graphics. Programs for virtual betting are accessible continuously, and wagering on virtual sports doesn’t necessitate a live sporting activity.

The results of the games are determined using advanced computations and RNG technology. Virtual sports are a highly competitive area of the sports trading market due to their endless availability and unpredictable nature.

The legality of virtual sports is bound to be a concern for you. Of course, that relies on betting or gambling websites. If the sportsbook has acquired a legal license from any governing authority, it is perfectly legal.

What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are computer-generated games in which you can bet on various virtual games using betting software. Fantasy games were drawn using paper and pencil, and they acted as a foundation for the generation of virtual games.

As novice as the concept might seem, virtual sports were first developed in 1961 when John Burgeson coded an early form of fantasy baseball. A number generator is used randomly to determine the winner of a game.

Thus, certain predictability in online sports betting software does not weigh outcomes. These events finish off quickly, which also enables you to cash out between the games.

Virtual Sports Betting vs Traditional Sports Betting

Sports betting on virtual platforms aims to replicate the betting knowledge of attending an actual game event. The main difference between “normal” sports betting and betting on virtual events is that a random number generator generates the outcome.

It is a computer-simulated bet. The events in virtual sports, as stated above, are completed in a short amount of time. Traditional sports betting events, however, are slower-paced.

You do not need to study papers and research about the games while putting a wager on an online sports betting platform since the results are generated by a random number generator, as opposed to a classic betting system, where you have to go slow and better bets are generated when you truly research.

Virtual Sports Betting Software development

Market Trends and Opportunities for Sports Betting Companies

The sports betting market is growing by USD 218 billion annually, with more than thirty thousand companies generating revenue, mainly from the AI and virtual sports segments.

Sports Betting Market size

The main reason for the blooming of sports betting app development companies is strengthening the user experience. The simulations are becoming progressively encaptivating and realistic, thus engaging a very large yet growing audience.

The virtual sports betting platforms also do not require any diligent knowledge of forms and facts, thus engaging various groups of sports lovers.

Considering the fact that the majority of this stake is carried out online, the market for online gambling remains expanding. Compared to 2019, some sporting events have seen a 206% growth rate in bets in 2021.

Sports Betting Market

Virtual sports betting software is one of the few niche markets that has successfully expanded and rapidly grown. Also, the number of virtual sports bets, events, and viewers has increased.

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Roadmap to Develop a Virtual Sports Betting Platform

Whether you want to develop a virtual app like bet365 on an Android or iOS device, it doesn’t matter, as the professionals can turn your vision into reality according to your specifications. Virtual betting software development is the key to success for you.

Sports software development companies can develop a virtual betting platform where you can bet from anywhere and anytime. On this platform, you will feel that you are dealing with real matches, as the graphics used on this platform will make you feel better.

Technical Aspects

The technical aspects of virtual sports betting software are complex and involve a variety of factors, including:

1. Wireframing

Developing a wireframe is the very first step in designing any sports betting software development. A wireframe is a two-dimensional depiction of the interface that serves as a blueprint throughout the building of a virtual sportsbook.

2. Design

The design of virtual sports betting software serves the primary function of attracting a crowd. Keep the clutter in your design to a nominal amount and make the visuals attention-worthy.

3. API Integration

A list of conventions that help in the interaction between the user and the website is called an Application Programming Interface, or an API. The responsible factor is coding to develop an online virtual sports betting platform responsive to a user or a device.

While users use the classic user interfaces to automate the entire process, the machines or the application use APIs.

4. Testing / QA

Testing becomes necessary to ensure the virtual sportsbook software is free from glitches and blemishes, like game-breaking bugs. So, testing is the ultimate step that determines the scope of work for your cricket betting app development company.

5. Launch and Support

Upon the completion of the testing phase, the app is now ready to be launched into the market. As your online virtual sports betting platform grows, so will the audience.

You will have to ensure that users are getting regular support and that the application or website is getting steady but regular maintenance. To fix any glitches and maintain customer loyalty, you will also need to make constant upgrades and introduce new features.

Choosing the Right Technology Stack

The right technology stack for virtual sports betting software depends on the project’s needs.

In virtual sports betting, the administration and layout of the database are crucial to the entire platform. Two major sections make up the entire thing.

  • A user panel
  • An admin panel

User Panel

Name, email ID, password, and playing records for the end consumer are all included. The user interface on any virtual sports betting software needs to have the following key components.

  • Login or Logout Options: Players are given the option to safely enter their player profiles and exit the virtual sports betting platform through the login and logout buttons.
  • Control Panel: It offers a thorough account summary, including data on the balances, stakes, and suggested wagers at any given time.
  • Game-choosing option: Football, tennis, and other well-known sports are among the options available for customers to choose from in the sports option.
  • Betting choices: Set your price, probabilities, and bet style (for example, win/loss, over/under) when placing an investment in a variety of sporting events.
  • Live betting option: Players can place claims while the contest is still in action using live betting, which offers real-time information on existing contests.
  • Bet sheet: Before placing that last bet, the odds sheet exposes the selected stakes, their particulars, and any prospective winnings.
  • Transaction Integration: By incorporating safe choices for payment, members can add money to their balances and retrieve wins.
  • Account control: Players can modify the ways they pay, view past transactions, set betting limitations, and change their privacy settings through account control.
  • Notifications: Delivers users instant notices and alerts about significant updates, match outcomes, and targeted promotions.

Admin Panel

The sports betting software development admin can access the application through this section. The following features can be found in the admin section:

  • User Management — Management, inclusion, supervision, and, if the need arises, deleting a user account can be done by an admin.
  • Betting Event Management — Admins can set up a betting event on their virtual sportsbook, schedule an event, and display available market domains.
  • Risk Management — Admins can adjust the odds, include the limits for setting bets, and keep an eye on the risks associated with the bet.
  • Payment Management — The admin can resolve any payment issues. This feature also enables admins to oversee transactions and verify deposits and withdrawals.
  • Content Management — On their virtual sports betting app, admins can monitor and add content, including promotional banners, posters, and offers.
  • Analytics and Reporting — The primary function of this feature is to allow the admin to analyze users’ performance indicators, including betting history and finances.
  • Detection of Fraud — Admin can follow patterns of skeptical betting behaviors and trace streaks of manipulation on their online virtual sports betting platform.

The admin panel can also include a few other features, like Abidance and Regulation, Support and Contact, Management of Marketing Campaigns, and System Settings.

User Authentication and Security

To help prevent deception and trickery, verifying the authenticity of the users is the most important step for any virtual sports betting platform.

Ensuring security for the users’ data is an absolute necessity. A fantasy sports app development company can do this by certifying that users are actually who they claim to be and securing all the transactions.

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Features of Virtual Sports Betting Software

The betting app development company needs to keep in mind a few features that make the customer’s platform a step ahead to not only encourage user interactions but also maintain long-term loyalty by the wagers.

Listed below are a few features that give virtual sportsbooks a tempting charm.

Features of Virtual Sports Betting Software

Captivating graphics: Sophisticated graphics and real-life animations do an impeccable job of entertaining readers and keeping them engaged for a long period of time. The real three-dimensional motion animations are the best at not being distinguishable from the real games.

Guarded Transactions: A platform that safeguards the payment gateways of the clients is best at guarding their financial information. Including several different payment processes also does an amazing job of keeping the transactions free of any inconvenience.

Accessibility: You do not need to bet on real-life matches; thus, virtual sports betting platforms are available 24/7. For convenience, players bet on the animations of real-life matches.

Customer Support: An always-available customer support team will help take the betting app development company to the next level, as prioritizing customer comfort engages users to spend more time on your platform.

Unbiased Gameplay: A random number generator, or RNG, uses algorithms to produce the outcomes of a game, so the process of fair gameplay engages the audience further.

Is there a Future for the Virtual Sports Betting Platforms?

The internet is known for its miraculous ability to spread anything that appears on it. It may be a negative or a positive, but the impact left behind is powerful. Fortunately for the online sportsbooks, it was a very positive response.

The future of virtual sports betting app development companies is very bright, and sports betting apps like Bet365 have trends and stats that are also extremely impressive. The industry has already witnessed massive growth, and there are several more growth opportunities in the future.

There are two major areas of any virtual sports betting platform that ensure its success.

  • Graphics: Graphics lay a foundation for virtual sports. For the users to completely immerse themselves in the simulations, excellent graphic design skills are a necessity.
  • Bet Types: The emergence of new markets and creative betting types adds exciting uncertainty to the games. The waging experiences will start being more engaging, thus adhering to the audience for long periods of time.

The unceasing growth of the virtual sports betting industry can be accredited to betting trends and predictions. Virtual sports betting platforms are not only flourishing in terms of gambling but also simulating sports and spectatorship.

Sports Betting Software development

Why Choose Arka Softwares as a Sports Betting Software Development Partner?

Arka Softwares has got you covered if you want to develop an online virtual sports betting platform. The skilled developers are well-versed in the latest technologies and committed to client satisfaction.

Arka Softwares provides white-label and specialized services for developing virtual sports betting apps with a decade of experience. Choose us for a powerful virtual sports game app with interactive design and stunning visuals that will catch the user’s attention. With Arka Softwares, you can expect:

  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Integration of the Latest Technologies
  • On-time Delivery
  • Customized Solutions
  • Cost-effective Services


Virtual sports betting software development is all the rage these days, as Virtual Sports is a flourishing business model that is increasingly attracting users in large numbers.

Virtual sports betting software development companies can build solutions that keep your ideas at their best to create a great experience with an intuitive interface and engaging features. Start implementing your desired project into action now.

Choose ARKA Softwares as your sports betting app development company to create your Virtual Sports Betting platform as it is the right Virtual Sports Betting Software provider that helps you with every aspect of this business.

Rather than spending time wondering, it’s better to shake hands with the experts and start your Virtual Sports Betting business.

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