If we have a discussion about the best approach to develop cross-platform application then Xamarin comes up as the most popular name. It is a great tool used in building Android, iOS, and Window apps. The platform makes easy a Xamarin mobile app development company use a single code to develop an application for multiple platforms working on Visual Studio.

Xamarin is a completely applicable tool for Android app development. It could be more flexible whether you have in-depth knowledge of Android Studio. You don’t need to do hard work as it will be quite effortless. For a new developer or beginner, it could be the relatively moderate introduction. Some important features and benefits of Xamarin are given here that can prove it best platform for creating Native Android applications-

1. Access to Native UI

Creating an Android application in Xamarin environment can be the best logical option because it will provide direct access to the Native UI. The experts at Xamarin platform created UI design environments for both environments Xamrin Studio and Visual Studio. You will get specific UI and UX design tools for Android that is provided by both environments. Means you can see lots of similar things like the same power, an experience of a UI designed with the Android SDK.

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2. Control onto App Builder

With the help of Xamarin app builder, you will be able to control the app builder. You can put together them utilizing properties panel without taking help of XML. You also will be allowed to preview layouts across multiple devices and screen resolutions. You can add a large number of components such as Xamarin. Forms Controls to make easy the process.

3. Utilizing C# Code

Java is the official language so most of the mobile app developers use Java programming language to build Native Android application. Using Android NDK (Native Development Kit) and C or C++ can be complicated with no major advantages. Xamarin comes up lots of features when using C# to develop a Native Android app.

Xamarin offers the complete solution, you can perform anything that you want to create in Java adding better functionality.

4. Access to Android API

When you create an application using Android SDK you will have to be up-to-date with new APIs of Google. For the latest services such as Android Wear, you can be sure you’ll get support for the APIs at once they’re on hand. Xamarin is always advanced with the most up-to-date releases. Using Xamarin, developers also have direct access to all new of Google’s Android APIs whether it is Android Wear APIs or new components. Xamarin provides full control for Android APIs and another side their resources pages give whole solutions for the queries.

5. Faster Native App Development

This is the major advantage of Xamarin; you can build a Native Android app at an affordable cost. These days, most of the businesses are going to Native and cross-platform app development to boost their business process they hire Android app developer to get ultimate results. Xamarin is the best solution for them. The platform is offering a complete Native experience fulfilling all requirements. It enables developers to reuse the 100 % code and creates UI development libraries that can make the development process rapid and easier. 

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Besides the aforementioned features, there are lots of advantages of Xamarin to develop Native Android development. Some significant advantages are listed here-

  • The Xamarin platform offers a Native Android app with very fewer possibilities of bugs. In addition, it helps in improving the functionality and performance of the application. You can create a record of crashes and exceptions with the help of Xamarin insight.
  • Xamarin enables you to create dynamic and high-performing code that accesses every native Android API. You can easily build the device-specific application for multiple mobile platforms.Xamarin allows developers to integrate various SDKs. 
  • A developer easily can add Android SDK to Xamarin. It supports diverse mobile devices that indicate you need to connect Android SDK and GDK with Xamarin Studio to generate a Native application. Xamarin.Android can hold up current devices like Google Glass, Fire phone, and Android Wear etc.
  • Xamarin makes enable developers to follow the MVC pattern. They can develop an application UI implementing Model-View-Controller that help in determining the part that will utilize Native UI elements of Android platform.


Xamarin comes with lots of benefits for developing Native Android app. You can leverage all the Android SDK features using environment of C#. Moreover, you can find tools to analyze and distribute the application to other platforms. Hopes, Xamarin will be a vivid opportunity to developers as the platform is minimizing the distance between platforms.

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