In this rapidly mushrooming tech-savvy world, every entrepreneur aspires to have an eye-popping storefront of their business on the web, for getting decent sales leads and augmenting revenues with each passing day. It gets mind-numbing situation for the business owners, when it comes to cherry-pick the most skyrocketing web development platform for developing of attractive websites which is action packed with best features for the visitors who then gets converted to customers. Well, there are miscellaneous PHP frameworks available but Laravel development turns out to be the household name for web development in today’s date, for the web developers across the world.

Laravel is the rising open source PHP application framework which is mounting up in the website designing and development. Using this framework is like a child’s play for web developers. The reason why development of websites is quite simple through this platform is because this has whacking community support.

Laravel provides varied advantages which are required by the website developers in the present-day for making elegant websites which attracts the visitors in the wink.

8 Ripping reasons to pick out Laravel for web development:

#1 As easy as piece of cake:

One of the pre-dominant to choose Laravel for website developing is because it is quite plain-sailing to begin without any hassle.  The icing on cake is that, even if you know just the fundamentals of PHP, you can still sort out for developing attractive 5 page website in just very less time. Isn’t it great? It is.

#2 It is growing at the speed of the light:

Yet another spiffing reason to single out Laravel for web development is that it is emerging at a rapid speed which makes it one of the developers-favorite platforms. This framework can finely take care of the top-rated projects in simple manner and different giant companies have resorted to this PHP framework for their website design and development phase.

#3 It is the open source platform:

Another top reason why developers have an eye on this PHP platform is because it is open source and helps Laravel  developers around the world to develop quite compound web applications like a duck soup. For beginning, developers just need PHP installation and the best text editor for them.

#4 Built on MVC pattern:

This particular framework is created on MVC pattern (Model View Controller). This does include whopping functionality and MVC is meant to heighten the performance and offers great documentation very simply.

#5 It has good backing of Laravel community:

Well, when it comes to the web development procedure, sometimes developers face stumbling block which is a soul-crushing problem for them and this is where Laravel community helps them immensely. This platform has the comprehensive community which does make the web development process quite thrilling and as easy as ABC for the web developers worldwide. The whole of the community responds at a wasp speed.

#6 This also includes the blade template engine:

One of the graded features to use Laravel is the Blade template engine. This engine is just instinctive and works in a better ways with HTML/PHP. Well, many of the incredible templates in Laravel are just light-weight and helps in creative of awe-inducing layouts. Blade engine also helps you in performing myriad functions like escaping conditional statements; define sections, extending of views, etc.

#7 Testing in Laravel is as easy as pie:

When it comes to application development, testing is one of the major phase and Laravel helps in making this part very simple like taking candy from a baby. Many times, even the new changes can also break different systems without any expectations. Laravel helps to run varied tests for making certain about stability of the application as such.

#8 It is highly secured platform for web development:

Laravel offers different things which does makes the application quite secure. Even the Laravel’s Object Relational Mapping is meant for making use of PDO and this also help in preventing SQL injections. The syntax in Laravel also escapes the html entities which are being passed through numerous parameters and also wards off the cross site scripting. You just have to resort to bracketed elements in this framework.

Final Thoughts:

At ARKA Softwares, we have the team of skilled and dedicated developers, engineers and programmers who help you in making your dream turn as reality by helping you from soup to nuts in the web and mobile app development phase. Our Laravel application development team have good prowess in developing Laravel applications which are action packed with features for the clients, which in turn help clients in flourishing their business by getting higher revenues.

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