Magento is the vital choice if you are making a plan to create an e-commerce website. But prior to anything else, you may think the cost of creating a website because website development is not cheap and the cost may be different according to your requirement. So, if you want to create a highly-skilled website you can choose Magento and in this article, we are discussing the overall costs of Magento eCommerce website through classifying each type of this platform. Hopes, the cost estimation described in this blog will help you to determine the entire development cost-

Basic Magneto Website Cost

In basic Magento website cost, you will get only some limited features. To get advanced features and functionality you have to pay more dollars and the price may go high according to the requirements. In a basic site, you will get the following features and functionality-

  • Simple design/ theme
  • Access to Magento community site
  • No integration with back-office systems
  • A smooth Content management system
  • Basic Magento functionality

For developing a basic Magento website you have to pay $3000 – $20000.

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Custom Magento Website Cost

If you want to develop a custom Magento website you will get more extra benefits like-

  • Custom Magento design and them
  • Get integration with back-office systems
  • Lots of custom attributes needed to be created for products
  • Customers and users groups
  • Migrations for hosting, extensions etc.

To get these extra features functionalities you have to pay more dollars $10000 – $50000 and the cost may go high according to your demands.

Enterprise Magento Website Cost

Developing an enterprise Magento website you can take care of your ecommerce sales. You get some additional benefits while creating an enterprise Magento website-

  • Built-In Modules and mobile-friendly environment
  • Multiple Stores with one control
  • Professional Customer Support
  • A good amount Of SKU’s
  • SEO services and tools and social media integration
  • Targeted Promotions & Merchandising and customer segmentation
  • Integration With shipping providers and custom coupon
  • Training services

Including these all tools and features you will get a highly resourceful website that can give an excellent approach to ecommerce industry but you have to pay much more. To get built this type of website you need to spend $40000 – $75000 and the price may go high.

The hourly rates for hiring a Magento development company or a developer vary according to the experience level. If we consider all developers across the world on an average, a Magento developer will cost you approx $15 -$80 hourly.

Some Other Factors of Magento Development Cost

There are different costs in different countries to build a Magento web application. So, we are describing here average cost that varies in different countries-

                              “In United State and the United Kingdom”

Simple functionality website cost – $3,000 to $5,000

Complex functionality website cost – $5,000 to 7,000

Highly Complex functionality website cost – $7,000 to $15,000

In Asian Region

Simple functionality website cost – $600 to $1,000

Complex functionality website cost: $1,000 to $2,000

Highly Complex functionality website cost -$2,000 to $5,000

As per the average estimation in different regions, you can observe that you have to pay the low price in Asian region but if you want to get a robust web application you should go for US or European countries. 

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Often, the real distress comes in customer mind is the budget for the entire Magento ecommerce development. Every client just wants to know first only the cost of development but giving an estimation of the Magento website cost is not easy because prices change time to time. So, you can get an idea from a Magento developer and hire him/her to transform your ideas.

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