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Some probable details on the iPhone 7 Rumors


Some probable details on the iPhone 7 Rumors

The much awaited iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was launched earlier in the year by Apple. The phone was received well by the people and posed a dramatic design change from their iPhone 5 models. Other than that, there were internal changes in the device which made it all the more desirable for the consumers.

With the launch of iPhone 6, rumors started surfacing about the probable launch of iPhone 7, the next gen device by Apple. There have been several rumors suggesting that the device might be launched this year itself. However, other sources claim that the iPhone 7 will be launched by the fall of next year and the devices which are expected to hit the market in the second half of 2015 are going to be named iPhone 6S, a popular naming strategy used by Apple since the launch of their iPhone 3GS. The ‘S’ naming strategy is used by Apple to denote the devices which receive minor updates like an upgraded camera or maybe a better processor. The device model number is only changed when Apple introduces drastic design, feature and OS changes to the device. The model number reviews were gathered by an App Design Company in Australia, which claims to have connections with the Asian Mobile Manufacturing community.

What all can be expected from iPhone 7?

As per the reports from various analysts and other marketing firms, 2015 is not likely to see the launch of iPhone 7. The new devices which are going to be launched this year do not have significant changes and thus, will have S naming used. The iPhone 7 is likely to hit the market in the Fall of 2016, i.e. September 2016.

Some major design changes are expected in the next gen iPhone, some of which are listed below:

  1. By using in-cell panel technology that it uses today, Apple has the opportunity to reliably reduce the thickness of the device. According to reports from an iPhone App Development Company in USA, the new device is expected to be as thin as the iPod. This report is also verified by a prominent iPhone App Development Company in Australia, which further adds that the device will have better OS features and the guidelines for app designing for Apple might undergo some changes.
  2. The screen size used by Apple might also see a change. The standard 4.7 and 5.5 inches screen sizes used by Apple are expected to undergo modifications, with Apple launching the new phones with 5 and 5.7 inches screens. This report was heard by a prominent Mobile App Development Company in USA, but the authenticity of the report is not clear.

Other than the design changes, reports from a major App Development Company in UK states that Apple is going to stick with the Intel LTE chipsets for their iPhone. This is the usual trend and we can expect to see the latest version of Intel Chipsets inside the new iPhone 7 when it is launched.

Some other likely features to be introduced in the iPhone 7 are:

  1. IPhone Force touch technology, which will track the area of contact and not the pressure.
  2. Thickness reduced to 6 mm range (just like iPod Touch).
  3. A more vivid screen resolution.
  4. Better hardware and more computing capabilities.

All these features will make iPhone 7, one of the most awaited models in the next year, claims an App Development Company. It will be interesting to see what all rumors turn out to be true about the actual launch of iPhone 7, as the digital world is buzzing with information about the next flagship by the electronics giant Apple.

So, keep your fingers crossed and keep yourself updated with the latest news as we edge towards the launch of iPhone 7. In the meanwhile, check out the various expected features of iPhone 6S, which is expected to be launched sometime soon.

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