How to Develop Successful Sports Betting App: Cost and Features

Updated 20 Mar 2024
Published 15 Jan 2020
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Sports Betting Mobile App Development

The history of sports betting is as old as civilization, but technology has replaced the traditional way, and online sports betting has become a rapidly thriving industry. It is one of the high revenue-generating segments of the global gambling industry. By 2030, it will be $182.12.

Behind its popularity, there are sports betting software development trends that make sports gambling accessible for all, and people like it. It allows them to utilize their analytical skills to bet on any game and earn prize money. Additionally, it can be a good business idea to start with a sports betting app.

If you are ready to take it further, want to know more about it, and are planning to launch a sports betting app, then you have landed at the right blog.

This article will teach you more about how to make a sports betting app, its costs, betting app design, and its features.  

Market Statistics that Prove Sports Betting Is Popular

You will be surprised to know that sports betting is considered illegal in some countries and parts of the world, but it’s gaining rapid popularity.

For example, by 2024, the worldwide sports betting market is expected to be $155.49 billion, and 50% share will be of online football betting.

Other stats also exist that will be eye-openers for those who are still underestimating it. Here are these:

  • Only in the USA, total sports betting revenue in the US is more than $7.56 billion, and  sports betting apps like Fanduel are at the top, where 83% of male users prefer it for betting.   
  • The worldwide sports betting and lottery market’s size for the current year is $242 billion, and Bet365 is recognized as the highest-valued gambling company.   
  • The global online gambling and betting industry will rise to 114.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2028.
  • The CAGR for the sports betting market (2022-2030) is 11.7%.
  • In the USA’s online sports betting market, the number of users is expected to be over 49.26 million by 2027.


All these statistics indicate huge growth in the sports betting market. A user can bet on their favorite game in the most accessible way, like through an app or website.

The accessibility and real-time facts prove why the online sports betting industry is blooming.

sports betting market size

Future Trends of Sports Betting App Development 

Technological advancements are one of the most influential factors in the sports betting industry. In terms of the future of sports betting app development, there will be more involvement in technology.

If you are looking to develop a fantasy sports app or sports betting mobile app, then you have to look at these future trends in sports gambling apps.

Future Trends in Sports Betting App Development

  • Micro Betting

Micro-betting is also known as live betting or in-game betting, where a bettor can place a bet for a short duration during the live match. It opens a new door for the growth of sports betting apps to attract more users.

Let’s simplify it: a bettor can wage on a game moment that is yet to come and will not remain longer.   

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology are transforming multiple industries, from retail to manufacturing. It has also influenced the online sports betting and online gambling industry.

One of the biggest advantages of AR & VR is users can enjoy live matches while betting on a cricket or football game.   

  • Automation

Every industry is looking forward to leveraging automation to reduce manual tasks and save time and cost. It also applies to the sports betting industry, where a bettor and punter can utilize a trading bot. It allows you to place bets automatically.   

  • Blockchain

Blockchain technology is promising when you need security. It is suitable for almost all industries, with fantasy app development, sports betting app development, or online gambling software development. Blockchain uses a decentralized system for the data, so there will be no issue with user integrity.   

  • Peer-to-Peer

It is also a game-changer trend where one bettor wages against other bettors instead of using a sportsbook. Users have more control while playing the bets based on a peer-to-peer system.   

  • Big Data

Big Data helps in data analytics, which is also a crucial sports betting activity. The size of the sports betting market is rapidly increasing, so practicing BigData is the best way for data analytics in cricket and other sports.

It offers all details, such as the player’s movement, scoring, and others, that sports analysts, sportsbook operators, and punters can leverage.   

  • Crypto-Based Betting

Crypto-based betting facilitates punters and bettors to transact in the desired cryptocurrency without security issues. It can attract and engage more users if incorporated into your next readymade gambling software.

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Games Involved in Online Sports Betting and Gambling

The internet is swarming with countless sports apps for betting and games. And you can wager your bet on anything. However, there are a few famous sports and games that are made among habitual bettors and bookies.

Hence, if you are planning on developing an online betting website and app then you must include these sports and games to keep the visitors engaged in the experience.

These sports and games are Soccer, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Horse Racing, Hound Racing, Teen Patti (20-20, One Day, Test), Casino, Roulette, Live Poker, Black Jack, 32 Cards, Andar Bahar, Worli Matka, etc.

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How does an Online Sports Betting Mobile App Work?

It is okay that you are set to develop an online sports betting app for business. But if you do not know how it works, things can’t go as you expect from the app. So, let’s go through its working.

How Does an Online Sports Betting Mobile App Work

  • Getting Start

The first step is downloading a sports betting app like DraftKings or Fanduel from app stores like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then register your account and log in to the app.   

  • Fund Deposit

For betting on your favorite sports, you need an amount in your account that you can deposit using a credit or debit card or via bank transfer.

The point is to be noted that in the US legal age for playing fantasy sports is 18, and for sports betting, the legal age is 21. It may also ask you to submit ID proof while depositing the funds.   

  • Start Betting on the App

Open the app and navigate to the home tab. There, you can find information on all ongoing events. There, you can search for events related to their favorite game. From there, you can start betting.

It will ask you to enter the amount of money that you want to earn and then confirm it. It will place your bet.   

  • Multiple Bets

If you want to place multiple bets, you can do it straightforwardly from the Add Bet button. Once you have added all the bets, you must enter the amount. Once done, your bet is confirmed, which you can review in the My Bets section.   

From the business aspect, developing a gambling app is one of the best ideas for revenue generation. So continue with this blog to learn about the potential benefits of it.

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Top Online Sports Betting Mobile Apps

top sports betting apps

General Features of Sports Betting Application

User Panel Booking Panel Admin Panel
  • Create a User Betting Account
  • Get Live Feed
  • Increase Revenue with In-app Purchases
  • Ensure Easy Navigation
  • Bet Using Virtual & Real Money
  • Protech From Fraudulent Activities
  • Get Betting Tips
  • Days, Schedules, and Calendars
  • User Account
  • In-app purchase
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Anti-Fraud System
  • Live scores
  • Notifications with results
  • Select the sport
  • Calendars, days, and schedules
  • Select the betting patterns
  • Create a Bookmaker Account
  • Ease of User Management
  • Send or receive Notification
  • Providing Live Feed
  • Customer Support
  • Change Availability
  • Manage Different Games
  • User Account Management
  • Finance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Bookmaker Management
  • Payment Management
  • Marketing management
  • Live Feed Management
  • Customer Support

Advanced Features of an Online Sports Betting Website & Mobile App

Multiple readymade sports betting platforms are available over the internet and compete with each other. To have an extra edge in the competition, there are some advanced features that you can include in your sports betting mobile app.

So let’s start accessing the list of these 

Advanced Features of an Online Sports Betting Website & Mobile App

#1. Live Score

Live score is a rather intuitive and helpful feature that allows the bettor to keep track of the game right from the website. This feature enhances the betting experience in multiple folds by engaging the user on the platform while the user can check the status of the game while managing his/her bet accordingly.

It is one of the promising features of mobile sports betting apps that goes a long way when it comes to offering a great experience. 

#2. Live TV/Streaming

There are certain APIs available that allow the sports betting app developer to integrate Live TV/Streaming right into your website. It is more engaging and rewarding for the users to watch the live game right on the website and place a bet the way they want.

Having the actual game and betting on just one platform keeps the users focused and entertained without any disturbance.

sports betting live streaming

#3. Live Commentary

Every moment is important for manipulating your bet. Live commentary is one of the advanced sports betting app features that keeps offering live commentary right on the app.

This live commentary delivers useful insights that turn out to be very useful when placing new bets or stopping them. This is how it complements the overall user experience of what the website is offering. 

#4. Live Odds

Live odds is a feature that is based on a payout where the admin can create whole never-market solutions to change the participant winning way. The Live Odds offer a certain point of view to help punters or bookmakers to decide the direction of the betting. Either they can back or lay. 

Live odds are one of the most important features that you must include in your online sports betting website.   

#5. Support for Multiple Sports

If your online betting website or app supports multiple sports and allows users to wager on various sports, it will encourage all potential punters and bookmakers from almost every part of the world.

And that is exactly why this is an essential feature to have on your online sports gambling apps. It will not only be helpful for the users but also the owners in the most obvious ways. 

#6. Sports Book

A sportsbook is an impressive feature that makes the whole difference while wagering on something.

Sportsbook offers a dedicated betting experience to punters and bookmakers where they can check live stats of the game, check odds, add bets, stop, etc. from just one screen. T

he sportsbook provides live shifting stats and odds to the users to keep them updated for every minute. 

#7. Real-time Bet Settlement

Entertainment and Money are the two reasons why every gambler is in this field. The sheer fascination is procured during the gameplay but an instant bet settlement takes the betting experience a couple of notches up.

The real-time bet settlement means that the bet is settled immediately after the game. 

Advanced Features of an Online Sports Betting Website & Mobile App

#8. Live Analytics

From the perspective of placing the bet, Live Analytics is a great feature for both punters and bookmakers. Live analytics offer all necessary data regarding the live ongoing match. With the help of this data, users can calculate the odds and place their bets accordingly. 

#9. Live Notifications

Live notifications are a great add-on for both sports betting platforms and mobile apps. Live notifications keep the users up to date with the latest score of the teams, shifting data, live feeds, commentary, etc. so that the users never miss a thing about the match and take necessary actions to maximize their chances of winning. 

#10. Voice Commands

Take the convenience to the next level by augmenting Voice Commands into your Daily fantasy sports mobile app which helps users to place a wager with the help of voice commands. Just asking the app to increase the bet certainly makes a difference in terms of convenience.

These little steps add up to an entire user experience that helps in earning some loyal customers who become responsible for the growth of your business.

#11. User Accounts

After account registration at the sports betting app, the users get their dedicated account which has certain predefined capabilities.

Both Punters and Bookmakers have different accounts with different capabilities. For example, a Bookmaker or Bookies can manage their clients’ accounts and their bets. 

#12. Game Schedule

The game schedule keeps all the upcoming sports events or matches on the check where people can stay updated about their upcoming games.

#13. eWallet Integration

For fast and secure money to load in and from the app, an e-wallet is an essential feature that can offer a seamless experience.

#14. Customer Support

Great customer support goes a long way in any type of business. Offering unprecedented customer support can win countless loyal visitors or users for your online sports betting app.

sports betting app development cost

Type of Real-Time Fantasy Sports Betting Apps

The key functioning of sports betting apps is common where the transaction happens between bettor and punter.

Although there are, several types of sports betting exist. From the trending perspective, here are some types you can consider for the development of a gambling website. Here are these:  

  • Crypto Sports Betting App: an online betting app that a user can use for betting with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, altcoins, and others.   
  • Straight Bets App: these apps allow users to frequently place bets on different games. The straight bet works as a single wager on a particular sports event.   
  • Point Spread App: it is widely popular in countries like the USA, where the bet is placed on a particular player instead of a team.   
  • Head-to-Head Bets App: when an app that facilitates users to bet on the potential winner of the game is called the head-to-head bets app.   
  • Proprietary Sports Betting App: these apps are being developed for individual sportsbook owners and offer the tailored experience they are meant for.   

You can consider any of the above types for developing a sports betting app, and the better idea is to take the help of an experienced sports betting software development company to make it as per your requirements and expectations.   

Challenges You Need to Consider for Sports Betting Website Development

Certain challenges are associated with sports betting mobile app development that you need to know before developing a mobile app.

It will give you an understanding of how you can craft an app, including handling the obstacles that come its way.

Challenges You Need to Consider for Sports Betting Mobile App Development

 Challenge- 1: Hiring Mobile App Developers

One of the challenges in developing a sports betting or online gambling mobile app is finding and hiring the right team of developers.

The best way is to research over the internet, go through the portfolio of a mobile app development company, discuss your idea, interview the developers, and hire mobile app developers for the project.   

 Challenge- 2: The Platform

There are two types of platforms on which you can launch your app, so instead of having confusion decide first which platform you would prefer to launch your app on.

For example, if you are looking forward to launching your app for USA users, then iOS app development must be your first choice.   

 Challenge- 3: App Publishing

Submitting your app to the app store can be a challenge if you do not know how to do it. It requires expertise. So, instead of learning, you can take the help of experienced mobile app developers.   

 Challenge- 4: The Backend

For any app in this world, you need a robust backend and server infrastructure because in the absence of these, app development is not possible, or if you have a loose backend then it may distract the users from your app.

The better option is to develop a strong backend with the help of experts and use microservices infrastructure to handle the high traffic and provide a seamless experience to the users.   

 Challenge- 5: UI/UX of Sports Betting App

You will develop a sports betting app, so have you decided what its frontend theme should be? Here the challenge is to include the essence of sports and make it different from the other existing apps. So, the betting app is designed accordingly and hires mobile app designers with experience.   

 Challenge- 6: Data Security

Securing data from cyber threats is one of the biggest challenges for every app owner or developer. Here you need to include data encryption, two–factor authentication, a secure payment gateway, and others to make your app fully secure. 

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How to Make a Sports Gambling App?

For developing a sports betting app you need to follow some steps that will lead you to the app’s final version. The steps are as follows:

How to Make a Sports Gambling App

Step- 1. Develop An Idea

The first step you need to follow is to develop an idea that will work as a foundation for the app. It must be unique, as multiple betting apps are available in the market, and competition is tough.   

Step- 2. Research

After idea formation, the next step is to conduct market research. Here you need to do it in two ways. i.e., market research and competitor research. Check what are the current market trends and what your competitors are doing.   

Step- 3. Features & Functionalities

Decide about the features and functionalities of the app to create the best user experience. Make a list of these and document it to later discuss with the app developers.   

Step- 4. Hire Mobile App Developers

One of the most crucial steps is to hire mobile app developers with a proven track record in sports betting mobile app development.

The best idea to hire developers is to do extensive research on the internet or professional community websites like LinkedIn, UpWork, Clutch, and more. Once you find the right profiles take the interview, choose the hiring model, and make your team of resources.   

Step- 5. Design & Develop

Now you have hired your team so the experts will take care of gambling app designing and development. 

Step- 6. Test & Launch

Once your app is developed test it on real-time test cases to eliminate the last bug from it and launch it on the app stores so the users can download, install, and use it. 

Required Team Structure for Creating a Sports Betting App

Any skilled developer can develop an online betting app. But what you seek is not “any” online betting app, in other words, you need a sustainable business model that helps you gain a market reputation by offering something beyond the mainstream and helps you grow with countless options for opportunities and possibilities.

For such a business model you need visionary online betting app developers who can turn your ideas into a lucrative reality that helps you achieve your business goal and that works for you. For this, you have two options in your court.

First, you can hire a well-reputed fantasy sports app development company that has significant experience with online betting apps and website development.

Second, you can hire dedicated online sports betting app developers who will delicately work on your project.

But whatever option choose, you need a team, a team that executes the entire task from beginning to end. And who are the members of this team? Have a look at the list below.

  1. Business Analysis Team
  2. Project Manager
  3. Android and iOS Developers
  4. Front-End Developers (UI/UX Developers)
  5. Backend Developers
  6. QA Professionals

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Sports Betting Mobile App?

Now here is the question you have been waiting for. However, the answer to this question is quite relative because various factors may affect the overall cost of the betting app or website.

The thing is, every development project is exclusive in its way. No similar-looking projects are the same. Sports Betting Web and Mobile app development offer almost unlimited possibilities in terms of customization and augmentation.

Still, if you need to know about the cost then the approximate cost to develop a sports betting mobile app is $15,000$30,000. If you need an advanced sports betting app, then it may cost you more or equal to $50,000. The rest of the things depend on the requirements.   

The upcoming section of this blog is dedicated to the cost-affecting factors, so let’s continue with it. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of Sports Betting Apps

Here are some key factors that influence the cost of fantasy betting app development:

1. Number of Features & Functionalities

After all, it is all about the utility and experience an online betting app has to offer. And both of these elements are the products of features and functionalities. These features require skills and time.

Sometimes they are ready-made and can be integrated easily and sometimes they require to be built from scratch. Hence, as the features increase, the cost of development would increase too.

2. Number of Platforms (Web App, Android App, iOS App)

Right now, there are two major choices for mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Developing the same app for both platforms is two different processes and requires more time and dedicated skills. Leaving behind any platform may cost you potential clients who are loyal to that mobile platform.

Little did we know, the market is teeming with various types of wearable devices already and people are quite drawn towards them.

Hence, it is always a good idea to develop an online betting/gambling app for wearable too. Similarly, the number of fantasy platforms also causes a hike in the development cost of your online gambling mobile app.

sports betting application development

3. Geolocation of the Sports Betting App Development Partner

As it is in the nature of technology, it minimizes the distance. Therefore, here the region means countries. All countries are blessed with different economic conditions and that is a huge factor that defines the cost of their service.

In other words, the hourly cost in a country like the USA would be far higher than that in a country like India. But do not let it fool you, here, the lower amount does not mean that the quality would be lower too.

The standards of technology are the same all over the globe. Therefore, if you are careful enough you can get this job done while saving a huge amount of money – sometimes as much as enough for yet another project.

So these were some of the important factors that you should keep in mind while developing an online betting/gambling app or website for your business.

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How Arka Softwares can help you with Sports Betting Software Development?

Arka Softwares is an experienced mobile app development company with expertise in developing cutting-edge sports betting apps.

We can provide you with the right resources and the latest tech stack to develop the app as per hot market trends. Related to sports betting and fantasy sports app development services, one of the top projects is – Fantasy Football Empire.    

It was one of the visionary projects for us. Our challenge was to create a website and app(Android, iOS) to create a unique experience for fantasy football and betting fans.

This project took our excitement to the next level, and we developed it with a crazy mindset. The rest of the results are in front of you.   

Our team of mobile app developers, quality analysts, designers, and project managers are technology enthusiasts. They go the extra mile for every project to deliver exceptional apps and results. With us, you can have high-quality sports betting and fantasy apps, like fantasy cricket apps, fantasy auto racing, and more.


Developing a sports betting mobile app can be a complex and expensive endeavor. The cost of development can vary based on factors such as the app’s complexity, number of features, platform (iOS, Android, or both), development rates, and location.

It’s important to consider the key features that are typically found in sports betting apps, such as user registration, sportsbook integration, various betting markets and types, live betting, payment integration, notifications, odds comparison, bet slip and wagering functionality, live streaming, and social features.

Overall, carefully planning, considering the necessary features, and collaborating with a reputable mobile app development company will increase the chances of creating a successful sports betting mobile app that meets your objectives and engages your target audience.

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Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding mobile app development and web development solutions. Delivering high-end modern solutions all over the globe, Rahul takes pleasure in sharing his experiences and views on the latest technological trends.

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