Fantasy Gaelic Football App Development Cost and Key Features

Updated 09 Feb 2023
Published 20 May 2019
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Gaelic Football Mobile app development

Gaelic Football is an epitome of rich culture and history of Ireland. Maybe this is why it is the most celebrated and fanatically followed sport in the country. The exuberant persona of Gaelic Football makes it riveting even for the people who aren’t familiar with the sport. This is why the sport is making its way overseas. Consistently increasing revenue of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) tells the rest of the story. For example, in 2017, the GAA raised its revenue to €65 million.  

In the midst of rising popularity, fantasy Gaelic football is introducing a whole new way to enjoy the Gaelic football to its millions of fans. The reason fantasy Gaelic football thriving and growing like wildfire is, it does not distract fans from the actual game instead, it brings the actual game closer to the fans; it virtually lets people be a part of the game. And fantasy Gaelic football mobile applications helped fantasy Gaelic football to become accessible to every fan.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about fantasy Gaelic Football app development, including, business model, features and development cost.

But before we proceed let’s talk about the fantasy sports market.

Fantasy Sports Market: Growing Billions

According to the Global Fantasy Sports Market 2018-2022 research report by Technavio, the global fantasy sports market will grow by USD 7.62 billion between 2018-2022. In 2017, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) revealed that there were 59 million active fantasy sports users in only USA and Canada.

gaelic football revenue

Indeed, the stats show the market condition in only two countries. What about fantasy Gaelic football in Ireland?

The answer is simple, the fantasy Gaelic football has made its place among the fans because it takes fans closer to the game and makes them feel a part of it. This is why the fantasy sport is so popular in every famous sport on the globe. Hence, when the market is filled with money and welcoming audience then it is no brainer that it is a profitable business to invest.

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Fantasy Gaelic Football in Ireland

The best part about any fantasy sport is that it is not dependent on any region or any kind of sport instead, it is all about enhancing the overall experience of a fan. This is the reason fantasy sports are growing in every region of the world regardless of the sport type. Consequently, it has become a multibillion-dollar industry. So what are the factors that will drive folks towards fantasy Gaelic football?

  • Immersive Experience

Fantasy Gaelic football offers and unmatchable immersive experience to the users. As mentioned before when a user is playing this fantasy sport then the game allows the user to be a part of the game. The outcome of the real game now becomes more important to the users. How? We will discuss this in detail in the Business Model later.

  • Rewarding

Maybe this is the largest factor that attracts users towards fantasy Gaelic football game. This fantasy sport is as real as it can be and this is why the reward is real as well. By playing and winning, users can win a real cash prize with this fantasy Gaelic football app. Hence, this way the fantasy sport becomes more fun.

  • Exciting Community

No game is a game without its community. Therefore, fantasy Gaelic football app allows users to add friends and family members and play fantasy Gaelic football with them. It is exhilarating because it gets competitive, it is intense because there is a real prize at the end. This is how the fantasy sports app turns out to be a great social sport in pockets of people.

  • Authority

Users love to be in control and do creative things on their own. In the fantasy Gaelic football app, the users play as the managers of their teams and create their own leagues. This is a game that lets users explore endless possibilities and get them rewards for their skills.

Fantasy Gaelic Football Is Here To Stay

As we know so far that fantasy Gaelic football is a great way of bringing people closer to the sport. It is helping those who cannot devote enough to go to the stadium and watch the game. With the help of mobile application Gaelic football is not only reaching in the hands of every fan but also they are being a part of the game. Involvement is increasing and people are getting more interested in Gaelic football and this is how the cultural heritage of Ireland lives on.

Business Model of Gaelic Football

The business model of Gaelic football revolves around the fact that a user can only build his/her team but the performance depends on the actual game and the performance of the players selected by the user in his/her team.

fantasy gaelic business model

It all starts with the first sign up to the fantasy Gaelic football app of the user. The sign up can be done with the help of email ID, phone number or social media accounts. Signing up once helps users to sign in easily.

  • While signing up there could be an option to enter referral code which gives the new user and referrer a certain amount of reward points under the loyalty program of the app. These reward points can be used to purchase in-app items.
  • After the first sign up to the fantasy Gaelic Football app, the user can set up his/her profile. The data of the profile can be edited after. The profile helps users to save and view all the relevant data of the action performed on the app.
  • To start playing the game the user needs to enter into a league. There are several leagues available to enter. Some leagues are private which are open for only a certain number of users. Other leagues are open for the public. Some of these leagues are free to enter and does not offer any rewards after winning. Those leagues which require entry fees to join, offer prizes to the user who wins.
  • After joining the leagues comes the part of building a team. Team building requires users to add 15 players and one manager in the team and changes and modifications can be made before the lock-in period. After the lock-in period, users are not allowed to make any changes after the lock-in period.
  • After making the team the users can just sit back and relax and enjoy the real game and observe the performance of the players of their teams.
  • After the actual game, the points are distributed to the team members of the users. The user with highest accumulated points in a league wins.
  • Some additional features of fantasy Gaelic football app enhance the overall gaming experience of the users. These features are, live scoreboards, video on demand, live game streaming, push notifications, etc.

This is how pretty much a business model of a fantasy Gaelic app works. But it the users who help running this business model. And these users find the features the most interesting part of any app. What are some of the most essential features that make a fantasy Gaelic football app that users love to use? Let’s find out!

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Features of a Fantasy Gaelic Football Application

Features for Users:  

The features are different for the users and admins. Here are the essential features for the users.

  • Home Screen

This is the very first screen a user sees after opening the fantasy Gaelic football app. This screen shows every relevant information about the app, games, joined and available leagues, news, and update, etc. The whole navigation of the entire app can be accessed from this screen.

  • User Profiles

Like discussed before the fantasy Gaelic football app has user profile where they can track their app activities and record as well. This profile also helps users to find and add their friends and family members.

  • Gaelic Football Player Career

Fantasy Gaelic football is a skill based game and it takes deeper knowledge and understanding to form a team whose players perform the best in the game. To help users with their knowledge and deeper understanding, this feature is introduced. Here the users can check the entire career detail of the Gaelic football players and decide they should keep a certain player in their team or not.

fantasy gaelic footaball app

  • Create Leagues

If the users want to challenge their friends in the game, then the fantasy Gaelic football allows them to create their own league in which they can set the number of the participants and they can also manage the type of the points as well.

  • Add Friends & Chat

To maximize the fun and make the fantasy Gaelic football more challenging, this feature helps the users to invite and challenge friends for the game. The additional chat feature takes the fun to a whole new level.

  • Gaelic Football News & Updates

It is necessary to keep the users up to date with the latest news and updates of Gaelic football games. This news and updates later help users in forming a winning team. Therefore, adding these features makes sure that the users find everything they need within the fantasy Gaelic football app.

  • Live Scoreboard

Not always a user is able to watch the live game and analyze the performance of his/her team. In such situations, this feature comes to rescue.  This feature allows users to see the progress of the game at a glance.

  • Live Game Streaming

This feature makes watching the live game, anytime and anywhere. With this feature, users can watch Gaelic football on the go in their mobile phone or tablets.

  • Reward Points

This is the part which makes the fantasy Gaelic football game worth playing and it adds the excitement in multiple folds. This reward helps users to buy in-app items of the fantasy Gaelic football application.

  • e-Wallet

It simply makes the Bank to App and app to bank transactions flawless. An e-Wallet integrated within the app is already a smart feature which keeps the transaction secure and swift.

fantasy gaelic app development

  • Push Notification

Alerts, updates, reminders and many more things can be shown to the users with the help of this push notification feature. Hence, the users do not miss a thing about their game.

gaelic football app notifications

  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

This additional feature helps the users to continuously watch the live game streaming and user another app on their phones or tablets without even stopping the streaming.

Features for Admins

The admins are in charge of keeping everything perfect and smooth on the application. They also keep track of every aspect of the application. Here are the features for admins to make their work easy and efficient.

  • Dedicated Dashboards

These dashboards of fantasy Gaelic football app helps admins to take a look at any statistic of the app at a glance. The smart sorting option also helps admins in making their work more specific and effortless.

  • Earning Portal

As the name suggests this portal shows all the incoming, outgoing and on-going earning on the application.

  • User Management

This is an essential feature for the admins. They can manage the users by performing actions like adding, removing, suspending or banning the users from the fantasy Gaelic football application.

  • League Management

League management is yet another essential feature for the admins which helps them to manage all active leagues on the application.

  • Reward Management

The admins can form new reward points and offer for the users and they can also assign and distribute the points the way they decide to do.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

The content management system allows users to manipulate existing content and help to add and to remove content on the fantasy Gaelic football application.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM helps admins in maintaining a long-lasting relationship with the user by sending them newsletters and regular updates of their performance and offers. It also helps in loyalty programs for users.

  • Bank Transaction Management

In order to make sure every transaction is right and does not involve any fraud or scam, this feature makes sure every transaction is performed under the surveillance of the admins.

All right, these are some of the essential features of a fantasy Gaelic football app. There are many more features, which play crucial roles in making the app hard to get off hands from.

Fantasy Gaelic football app for Android, iOS, Web, and Wearables

Having tons of features is not enough. The world of technology is evolving like never before and everything is becoming more mobile and more connected. In order to enhance the experience for the user, it is important to walk along with the technology. This is why developing fantasy Gaelic for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Web, and Wearables helps in making a seamless experience. Imagine, if a user is playing fantasy Gaelic football game on her smartphone. She can check it out on her smartwatch. She can pick up where she left off on her tablet and she can watch the game on her laptop whenever she wants.

This is how one can utilize the connectedness of the technology to enriching the fantasy Gaelic football experience for the users.

So, what do you need to develop an addictive fantasy Gaelic football app?

Fantasy Gaelic Football App Development Team

A team of prominent fantasy sports app developers is all it takes to develop a profitable business model of your vision. All you need to do is find a company or team of experienced and expert fantasy Gaelic football app developers. These professionals will grasp your idea and vision and build you an app that promotes itself by providing an unmatchable experience to your users. Every team will at least have the following members

gaelic football app

  • Project Manager
  • Android App Developers
  • iOS App Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • QA Professionals

Tech Stack required for Fantasy Gaelic Football App Development

fantasy gaelic football

The Revenue Model of Fantasy Gaelic Football App

After covering almost every aspect of the fantasy Gaelic app, now are have come down to the revenue model. To be honest, there could be innumerable ways of making money via fantasy Gaelic football app, it all depends on the creativity of the entrepreneur. There are a couple of ways by which other fantasy sports are making millions right now. The number one way is Entry Fees. The users love to pay the entry fees of the league to win cash prizes. The bigger the prize the higher number of participants. Just to give you a glimpse, top fantasy sports app like DraftKings, FanDuel, ESPN, and Yahoo collectively made USD $750 million in the first quarter of 2018. Therefore, the entry fee is the biggest revenue maker for fantasy sports apps. Here are some of the other ways of raising revenue from fantasy Gaelic football app.

  • Entry Fees

fantasy sports stats

Total Handle (entry fees) From Daily Fantasy Sports in The United States From 2016 to 2018 (in million U.S. dollars)*

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  • In-App Purchases

In App purchase

  • e-Commerce Portal within the App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fantasy Gaelic Football app?

Till now we have covered every topic we planned to cover. Now is the time when we should know how much does it exactly cost to get a fantasy Gaelic football app developed?

Answering this question is not as easy as asking it. Because the cost of development is affected by many factors, like region, number of features, number of platforms for which the app is to be built, and many more. The region is probably an important factor because it drastically affects the overall cost. For contrast, if you want to hire a mobile app developer in the USA then the charge is somewhere between USD $150-$250 per hour. However, in India, it is between USD $40-$80 per hour.


Still, let’s try to evaluate the cost of development. Let’s consider the app is being built in India with all essential features then it may cost somewhere between USD $35,000-$50,000. However, the number of additional features and multi-platform development may increase the cost of fantasy Gaelic football app development.

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