Goodtal Recognized Arka Softwares as a Top Mobile App Development Company

Updated 17 Jan 2023
Published 08 Dec 2022
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Top Mobile App Development Company

Company Overview

Founded in 2010, Arka Softwares is a one-stop solution for any development need of your business. The company strives to provide businesses with the best quality services that fit their pockets.

Arka Softwares, headquartered in Jaipur, India, and with offices in the USA, UK, and Australia, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Arka Softwares has a team of experienced professionals consisting of enthusiastic and hard-working developers and designers. The team functions with total efficiency and expertise to cater to every need of its customers.

In its 12 years of journey, the company has become a well-known IT company and has emerged as a pioneer in mobile app development, web development, and ecommerce development services. The Arka Softwares team understands the need to keep clients in the loop while working on outsourced projects to ensure that the project outcomes match the client’s expectations.

Hence the team tries to keep communication channels between clients and them functioning 24/7 and across all spheres of the development process to ensure better synchronization and enhance transparency.

Arka Softwares Expertise in Industry

Arka Softwares provides a range of services, from mobile app development and software development to ecommerce development, and many more. Here we have listed the top services in which the company holds significant expertise; let’s discuss them in detail.

Arka Softwares Expertise

1. Mobile App Development

The mobile app market is soaring owing to the extensive human dependency on smartphones and the various apps they house. Today most of the human chores are done using mobile apps, which has increased demand for mobile app development and developers.

The mobile app market is anticipated to reach $430.90 billion by 2022 and $614.40 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 9.27% between these years. Today, every business is looking forward to reaping this soaring market’s benefits by offering services through apps of their own.

Arka Softwares can help these businesses by developing a robust and unique app with a flawless interface and seamless functionalities.

Goodtal, based on its strict research and evaluation protocol, has awarded Arka Softwares a spot on its list of top mobile app development companies.

2. Web Development

Websites are an essential source of information and a vital tool that businesses must have these days to bring more customers and leads and improve market presence and visibility. Today it’s much recommendable for any business, big or small, to have a website of its own.

Arka Softwares holds excellent expertise in web development thanks to its extraordinary team of experienced web developers and designers. This company has received outstanding reviews for its web development services and found a place in Goodtal’s list of top web development companies.

3. Software Development

Various kinds of software have made things much more manageable and tasks much faster to perform. Be it accounting, inventory management, billing, or customer relationship management; such repetitive and taxing tasks are being carried out by designated software.

This software have become an essential part of various businesses these days that help them perform repetitive tasks faster and more accurately. Arka Softwares can help businesses get personalized software to build in minimal time and budget.

Throughout these years, the team of expert software developers at Arka Softwares has helped countless companies by building various kinds of software that can maximize the efficiency and quality of the tasks they are made to perform.

Goodtal has also awarded Arka Softwares a position in the list of top software development companies for its outstanding software development services.

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Achievements of Arka Softwares

Various research companies have awarded Arka Softwares a position in the list of top services in many categories.

  • Top Mobile App Development Company by Goodtal
  • Top Web Development Company by Goodtal
  • Top Software Development Company by Goodtal
  • Top Mobile App Developers by GoodFirms
  • Top Web Developers by GoodFirms

Client Review

Here are the top reviews by the clients for Arka Softwares:

1. Client: Rich Timson, Mott MacDonald Bentley

Service Sought: Mobile app development


Client's Review

2. Client: Delroy Peters, IT Software Developer at Hatchster

Service Sought: IoT development


Client's Review

Top Clients of the Company

Arka Softwares, since it started, has delivered 600+ projects to 450+ clients spread across the globe. From large to medium and small businesses, this company caters to the needs of every kind of business. These businesses include startups as well as fortune 500 companies.

Here are some of the most notable clients of Arka Softwares:

  • Ananta
  • Notify
  • CleverPick 11
  • CellSell
  • Get Mingle
  • Benvenuto
  • Mapha

About GoodTal

Goodtal, a subsidiary of GoodFirms, is a trusted research and review platform for B2B companies. Goodtal has more than 10000 companies listed on its platform for service seekers, giving them a wide range of choices.

Goodtal follows a strict research and review process while evaluating companies to fit them into the lists. This platform values quality over quantity; hence, no matter how many clients a company has served, they are ranked on the basis of the quality of the projects they have delivered based on client reviews.

Goodtal strives to boost transparency on its platform and ensures that every review a client receives is unaltered and authentic. This helps service seekers choose the right fit for their needs based on their budget.

How Arka Softwares Got Listed as a Top Service Provider on Goodtal?

Goodtal performs in-depth research while profiling a company to ensure they are fit to be listed as a top service provider.

Goodtal follows strict guidelines while profiling companies and considers a variety of parameters such as projects served, team capacity, the average time to deliver projects, client reviews, etc. Only when the company is considered fit in every sphere is it given a position in the list of top service providers.

Arka Softwares underwent Goodtal’s strict profiling process and was awarded a place in the list of best service providers in various categories, namely, mobile app development, web development, and software development.

Arka Softwares has worked on over 600 projects in its 12 years of career and has accumulated great reviews for almost all of them.

Based on reviews, it provides quality service at affordable costs. Some found services to be a little costly but based on their reviews for the kind of service they had received; the money was worth it.

Considering all these aspects and results from Goodtal’s research, Arka Softwares was awarded a place in popular lists on its platform.

Satyam Chaturvedi

Satyam Chaturvedi is a Digital Marketing Manager at Arka Softwares, a leading app development company dealing in modern and futuristic solutions. He loves to spend his time studying the latest market insights.

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Client Testimonials

Mayuri Desai

Mayuri Desai


The app quickly earned over 1,000 downloads within two months of launch, and users have responded positively. ARKA Softwares boasted experienced resources who were happy to share their knowledge with the internal team.

Abdullah Nawaf

Abdullah Nawaf


While the development is ongoing, the client is pleased with the work thus far, which has met expectations. ARKA Softwares puts the needs of the client first, remaining open to feedback on their work. Their team is adaptable, responsive, and hard-working.

Pedro Paulo Marchesi Mello

Pedro Paulo Marchesi Mello

Service Provider

I started my project with Arka Softwares because it is a reputed company. And when I started working with them for my project, I found out that they have everything essential for my work. The app is still under development and but quite confident and it will turn out to be the best.