Have you ever come across people who have a similar face like those of some popular celebrities. Or have you ever given a thought about which celebrity resembles your face? Then check this article out. Because this article will help you come across some of the best celebrity look-alike application which can suggest to you which celebrity your face resembles.

Hence, if you have a smartphone and have a decent internet speed at your place, then give it a try. You can even create one of such applications and fulfill your dream to be an entrepreneur in this technical era.

If you have a start-up or you are an old entrepreneur who is planning to create an application like a celebrity look-alike, then you have stopped at the right place. We all know that everyone is unique and every one of us has someone in the world that looks like us.

These people will have somewhat similar physical features like we have. There are even world famous people seen having similar features. But all you need to do is to use modern-day technology that can help you know which famous person you look like.


Celebrities Look Alike Apps


People are quite in love with these applications because they are finding their popular counterparts. These services are monetized so that the owner of the application can draw profit out of it. And this can be a reason for you to learn about this application and start developing a higher-end solution of your own.

Hence, in this article, we will bring a detailed dissection of the best 5 celebrity look alike apps, their features, and their business models. So let us check them out. Stay tuned to follow up with your competitors closely:


What is a celeb look alike application?

Smartphones have given space for a lot of entrepreneurs to bring new services that can be enjoyed by people just with a few clicks. These handy devices are addictive due to many gaming applications, social media platforms, and other applications. And the celeb look-alike application is one of those.

This application is the baby innovation of the selfie culture. People love taking selfies and these applications help them use filters to beautify their looks, change their skin tone or hairstyle and suggest to them which celebrity they resemble.


Analyzing the Apps


Name of the app Features Play Store Link App Store Link
Look alike – Celebrity
  • High powered artificial intelligence
  • Advanced Technology
  • Category of celebrities
  • 3.7 Star Rating
Star By Face
  • User-friendly
  • Data-safety
  • A very simple approach to work impressive collages
  • 3.5 Star Rating
  • High-Definition (HD) pictures
  • Image quality to users
  • Add multiple celebrities
  • 3.1 Star Rating
  • Easily share images
  • Primarily uses Face Recognition Technology
  • Available 100% free
  • 2.5 Star Rating
  • Share pictures among family
  • Doppelgänger feature
  • Impressive collages
  • 2.0 Star Rating



The gradient is one of the best competitors in the market of celebrity look-alike applications. It has brought revolutionary services with top-notch features that keep the users engaged. A large number of impressive features are also there only to respect the privacy of the users and protect it to the best.

It has a simple user interface which allows the users to upload one of their pictures and match it with one of the popular celebrity. It is backed by Ai technology for beautification. Users love the experience of knowing how they match with celebrities who have fame across the globe.


Gradient celebrity look-alike applications.

Top Features of the application

Filters and textures for unmatched user experience 

Users of the application love their pictures because they get a range of beautiful features that are responsible for the lovely look they achieve in their portraits.

AI portraits –

With the help of AI portraits, this application provides an amazing portrait solution for the users.

Beauty scores with AI technology –

users can also avail themselves of the beauty score which is an interesting part that engages the users.

New hair filters –

You can create different hairstyles with their hair collaging tool offered by the Gradient app. You will not find a single picture of yours that is bad because you will have various filter and beautifying tools that can enhance your look

Beauty tools –

There are beauty tools that keep the users entertained and there are many other professional features of the app.

Skin tone –

You can change your skin tone in your pictures with the help of this tool.

Background blurring –

If you want to bring yourself highlighted in the picture, then you can use this tool to blur the surrounding out. This creates a beautiful portrait look in the pictures.

Updating features –

These features are not all because users get updating of the features every week. There are new filters, cool tools, and other trendy textures.

Cost of the use –

Users can subscribe to a monthly package of $20 that comes with a 3-day free trial package.



Celebs is a top-notch photo editing and celebrity look-alike application that comes with machine learning technology. The machine learning technology in the application makes all the difference because the application becomes capable of identifying emotions. It improves the accuracy of the experience extended to the users. Hence, using the real-time machine learning solution, the app comes up with the best outcome that keeps people engaged in the app.


celebrity look-alike application

Top features 

Best outcome –

You will get the best outcome if you are looking for a celebrity whose facial features match yours. The AI intelligence backup helps the users have précised outcomes.

Twin-face recognition –

You can come across the results of your twin face.

The animal you look like –

The most interesting part of using the application is you can use it to receive results about the animal with which your facial features match.

Compatible with Instagram and Snapchat –

You will love this feature because you will be able to share the interesting or funny results you receive in your Instagram or Snapchat stories or posts.

Share your results –

You can also share the result of the outcomes you receive in the personal chat.

Cost of use –

You can subscribe to a weekly package for $4.9. By the end of the duration, the application becomes chargeable within 24 hours.

Star By Face 

Star By Face is also a high revenue-generating celebrity look-alike application where it generates a picture of a popular figure having similar facial features. The application has a facial recognition technology which is used to generate précised outcome. The application also makes it safe for the user because it does not store the personal data of the user. The photos are deleted when the process of face recognition is completed


Star By Face Look Alike Apps


Top features 

Resolution of the photos –

The resolutions of the photos are phenomenal.

User-friendly –

The application is user-friendly which is why it has intrigued a lot of people to stick to it.

Effective machine learning technology –

Effective machine learning technology helps the users achieve relevant results.



Y-star is an application that provides the users with features of celebrity look-alike where users can achieve results in just a few seconds. Once if the users download the application on their mobile device, it automatically searches for the best celebrity matches for every picture that is taken from your phone. The application aims at coming with the best results. The application does not have a concern with gender. It comes up with the best match that suggests you a twin celebrity.


Y-Star Look Alike Apps


Top features 

  • It can come up with the best results if you use your front camera to click pictures
  • The face mapping and the technology of matching the facial features in the application give top-notch results and the best match to the users.


Look-alike celebrity –

Look-alike celebrity is a celebrity look-alike application that provides tools and an environment for the users to edit photos professionally. Hi-tech and amazing features are available in the app. It offers a wonderful option for customers who indicate who they seem like. In particular, findings may be published on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other platforms for social media




Top features 

The hi-tech solution of celebrity faces suggestion –

The precise twin-suggestion solution arrives with, or which celebrity or face appears like. It contains ideas from renowned figures from around the world, including arts, sports, the cinema, business people, singers, etc.

Ease UI –

The user interface of the application is quite easy


Why should you develop the celebrity look-alike application? 

Why should you develop such an app? This might be the question popping up in your mind. Well, the answer to that question is because you can win the hearts of your audience through this.

People love to spare their time in a fun way and if you can provide them that entertainment quotient, then you can be a hero in today’s market scenario.

If you add filters in your application or provide beautifying tools, then you can keep your users engages with your application. You will also help your users provide variation in the kind of posts they make in all the social media platforms.

Hence, you can always create an engaging application that can keep people entertained throughout and you will be the king of the scene.


mobile app development

Tips for Developing the Best Celeb look alike App

If you are looking forward to the celebrity look-alike app development, then consider the following points:

Choose the best mobile application development company-

You should always choose the best application development company which has the expertise of years in the field. With the rich experience they have, they can come up with an amazing suggestion for interfaces which is easy to be used by the users. You can simplify your application by taking the best mobile app development services.

Let your developer know everything about the services of your application and your needs. Having a clear conversation with your developer can make them understand your needs which they should prioritize.

Produce a responsive app that adequately interactive with users


develop the celebrity look-alike application


The principle behind the development of the apps

The celeb look-alike application usually uses the technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence for the comparison of the face of the users with the popular celebrities from the various sphere of work like art, film industry, singers, sports, etc. The user has to open the application and upload a photo or click a photo. Then the application will analyze the photo with the stored database. Then the application comes with an apt solution about the celebrity face matching with yours. 


How does a celebrity look-alike application make money?

Every application owner looks forward to monetizing his or her application to make a profit out of it. In this part, we will get to know how the celebrity look-alike application makes money.

Above all, planning such a project is not a cheap investment and everyone in this world expects a sound ROI. So here is a detailed discussion on how a celebrity look-alike generates money for the owner:


If the services of the application are barred with a subscription, then the users will subscribe to a different plan to keep receiving the features and use the application. This generated a basic amount of money for the application owner. You can always go for providing free trials and then enticing the users to go for the subscriptions.

But for making money, an app owner has to plan a transparent model of subscription.  App owners will also have to give huge focus on the choice of features deciding on which feature has to be available for free and which one needs to be included in premium packages.

Settling on the powerful plans of subscriptions can attract more users and this can help in increment of the app revenue.

Paid features 

You can add paid features to your application where the users can be given the choice of continuing with free functionality available or going for special features that might include premium filter choices or other beautifying tools. This is also a way of generating a huge amount of revenue.

Selling the in-app features to the users with some viral or premium element can help the users avail of special features after paying the charges. If the special features have got something intriguing and attractive, then you will have a strong revenue model with impressive in-app purchases.


celebrity look-alike application



If your application becomes popular among people, then you can use this platform to make money. You can post ads of other websites or application for the users to see it. Placing some relevant ads in your applications is one of the most common ways of generating money.

Some statistical reports say that the amount of money invested in mobile advertising purpose can sum up to an amount of 280 billion US dollars or even more. This data should not astonish us because we see people lingered on their phones like anything. Opting to the affiliate marketing tactics and putting up commercial ads can get a huge amount of money to the app owner.


Few intuitive celebrities look alike app ideas 

The idea is the key to bring a revolution. We have briefly discussed above all the potential competitors of the celebrity face look-alike applications which are doing quite well in the market. Staying relevant in a market where the taste of the people has become volatile is quite a difficult matter.

You have to come up with real ideas from genuine space if you want to stand out in the market where new trends can be found out every other day. Here we bring you few unique ideas which can give you a celebrity look-alike application in a substantial space.

Voice-based app 

You can utilize voice technology in the application by the virtue of which a user can take a picture and voice out the name of the celebrity. Further, the application can convert the same. This will be a unique and fresh idea for a celebrity look-alike application.

Cartoon look-alike features 

The cartoon look-alike application can be a great thing for the kid to enjoy their spare time. This application can help the kids come across a cartoon character that they resemble the utmost.

You can also add on other services for the kids like a happy environment to play games online, listen to music, clicking pictures, receiving cartoon look-alike suggestions. You can also include the celebrity quiz to make the most out of your platform.

The painting and sculptures look-alike 

You can include the features of painting and sculptures look-alike. Here you can also suggest the users with the apt sculptures of painting that their face resembles. It can also be a fresh idea and intrigue people largely.


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Final Words

An ideal celebs application will have features like taking photos or uploading photos from a gallery, machine learning, and AI technology to bring apt match of the celebrity twin and photo editing.

Al of the application mentioned in the list has these features and in addition to that, many other features make them one of a kind. These are the probable competitors that one will have to face if he or she plans to develop a celeb look alike application.

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