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Updated 05 Jan 2024
Published 27 May 2022
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android vs ios

Both Android and Apple’s iOS are widely used mobile operating systems, yet they differ greatly in many ways. For the past few years, the battle between Android vs iOS has been the most prominent in the IT world.

Having a basic understanding of both the operating systems is critical before we come to the conclusion of which is the best OS.

Android is a mobile OS based on the Linux kernel. Numerous organizations have contributed to Android’s growth and mobile development, including the Open Handset Alliance and Google.

Android was designed primarily for touchscreen devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Later, it continued to be the operating system of choice for the vast majority of consumers throughout the world.

In contrast, iOS is created by Apple Inc. and is used primarily on the company’s star devices, such as iPhones and iPods. It is the second most popular operating system among the general public, after Android development.

Both these operating systems vary in a number of fundamental ways and going forward in this blog, we’ll explore some of the major key differences to find out which is better Android or iOS.

Android or iOS

Android Vs iOS: Some Statistics

This decade’s smartphones have been dominated by Android and iOS, the two most prominent mobile operating systems. In 2007, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems entered the global market.

As of right now, Android and iOS account for 99% of the worldwide smartphone OS market share.

Android vs iOS Statistics
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Android held 71.93% of the total mobile OS market share in 2020, while iOS held 27.47%. In contrast, App Store transactions totaled $72.3 billion in 2020, while Play Store transactions totaled $38.6 billion.

App Store Statistics

Comparison of Android Vs iOS: Distinguishing Features

1. Technical Factors

Tools for Development

Developers are utilizing Google’s Android Studio to work on android app development. It has completely wiped out the prior environment, Eclipse, in terms of popularity and userbase.

Android Studio is the tool of choice for programmers because of the many benefits it offers, including easy debugging, improved performance, and straightforward deployment.

XCode is the tool of choice for iOS developers. It’s the greatest platform to develop apps for mobile devices like iPads and iPhones. Syntax and logic errors may be quickly spotted with the help of XCode.

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Speed of Deployment

All of us are familiar with the fact that Android makes use of the Play Store, whereas an iPhone makes use of the App Store. So, assessing Android applications is quicker than reviewing iOS apps.

This is due to the fact that Android apps are automatically tested, but iOS apps must be reviewed by a team of professionals.

Verifying an iOS app usually takes a week or more. It is possible to submit an Android app that has certain bugs but iOS applications may be dismissed if they include any bugs.

Hence, finding the best mobile app development company becomes a necessity to get the app approved at once.

Programming Languages

The most significant distinction between the iPhone and Android is their programming languages.

Since the beginning of Android, the majority of the developers have used Java, the original programming language. After Java, came C++, which had a number of advantages over Java programming language.

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It also improved the native experience for the developers. C++ was replaced with Kotlin language, which is still used by the system’s developers since it is interoperable with various programming languages.

iOS, on the other hand, has always been written in Objective – C. Developers are already switching away from Objective-C in favor of the new programming language Swift.

In comparison to Kotlin, Swift is able to read and understand programs significantly more quickly and effectively.

2. Hardware Options

If you’re looking for an open-source platform, Android is your best bet because there are literally thousands of hardware manufacturers across the world that use it to produce a broad variety of handsets.

Because of this, the majority of people can now afford smartphones that meet their needs and budgets. Smartphones running Android OS may be bought for as little as $149, and even higher-end models can be purchased for a little more money.

3. Interface

At first glance, the two operating systems appear to be very similar. Each makes use of a touch-based UI. Swiping, tapping, and a slew of other similarities are all included. A status bar appears at the top of the home screen.

There is a wide range of information in this bar, including Wi-Fi, battery life, and mobile signal strength.

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When it comes to interface differences, there aren’t many. Apps such as widgets can be added to your home screen on Android. These widgets offer weather updates, a music player, etc.

In contrast, iOS features simple app icons. However, iOS allows you to keep your most frequently used applications at the bottom of the screen.

4. Software Upgrades

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is constantly updated and patched for extra security. Furthermore, all iOS devices, even those that are many generations old, also receive free software updates.

Android software upgrades are not regularly issued, and when they are, they may not be compatible with older devices. Apart from that, upgrades are made available many months after the latest Android version is released.

Statistically speaking:

• iOS 15 has been received by 80% of the devices.

• So far, fewer than 1% of Android 12 upgrades have been started and successfully completed.

• Similarly, 8.2% of Android users have updated to Android 10, while 31.3 percent have updated to Android 9.0 Pie.

Software Updates in Android and iOS

Therefore, you can see that the majority of iOS-based smartphones are running the latest software version, which is a striking contrast to Android devices, which still represent a dispersed dispersion in terms of software updates.

5. Customizability

Adding widgets, customizing the home screen layout, and customizing the complete user interface (UI) are all possible using Android launchers. It’s therefore possible to modify your Android phone without the need for jailbreaking.

When it comes to customizing iOS, it’s more restrictive. Complete control of an iOS device is nearly impossible since even rooting and jailbreaking are only available at a limited level. Apple devices don’t readily support third-party app stores.

6. Privacy and Security

Android is more vulnerable to malware assaults due to its open architecture and the low frequency with which it is patched. Moreover, Android users have issues when they attempt to install third-party apps using APK files.

Because Google’s business model is built on data collection, Android devices are more prone to data breaches.

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Since the introduction of iOS devices, Apple has relied solely on its privacy and security features. Complete jailbreaking of an iOS device is impossible. It’s also not possible to install third-party apps on iOS devices because of the lack of support.

Due to the frequency with which iOS releases security updates and fixes, the company’s devices are almost resistant to external hacking attempts. When it comes to user privacy, iOS takes the prize.

7. Voice Assistants Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Google Assistant is Google’s voice-activated virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence. Aside from being able to converse with you in two-way mode, Google Assistant can also assist you with a wide range of simple and complex tasks.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Google Assistant is more adaptable and provides beneficial ideas. And the greatest part is, that it’s always improving.

Voice Assistants

The SRI Global Artificial Intelligence Centre was the inspiration for Apple’s Siri, the company’s virtual assistant. Siri used to be better at carrying out basic voice instructions than more complex tasks, but this has changed.

However, when iOS 12 launched, Siri became more intelligent and convenient to use by combining numerous requests into a single command to automate operations.

8. Device-to-Device Communication

Apple’s seamless ecosystem is difficult to surpass, but due to Windows 10’s Your Mobile application, Android devices may now connect to PCs in the same way that iPhones can.

This covers everything from making phone calls to using applications. Your phone’s ability to do these things is determined by the model you have, with Samsung phones being the most prominent.

However, Apple’s product ecosystem goes much beyond only computers and smartphones: Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, and iPads are all part of iOS. Google’s Wear watch OS is less popular than Apple’s, and Android tablets are far less popular than iPads.

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9. Business Specifications

Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and other well-known office suites are all supported on Android and iOS. Android, on the other hand, continues to be more Windows 10 compatible. Moreover, Android’s open-source model allows for greater customization.

10. Online Payments

iOS has a far larger user base than Android because of online mobile payment options. You may make payments on each OS using its own applications.

Apple Pay is used on iOS for the same purpose. With fingerprint identification, the app is a breeze to operate. Moreover, iOS has a Passbook application. This is a great way to keep track of all of your cards and coupons.

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Google Wallet is used on Android. NFC-enabled Android smartphones are the only ones that can use this app. Unlike Apple Pay, Google Wallet does not offer fingerprint authentication. However, both applications have seen an increase in usage.

11. Bloatware & Included Applications

Both Apple and Google provide a plethora of pre-installed apps on your phone right out of the box. For example, you’ll find apps for composing emails, surfing the web, and looking at photos, as well as for listening to music, recording audio, and watching videos.

Android comes with some pre-installed third-party apps that you couldn’t remove even if you wanted to, however, iOS doesn’t include any bloatware.

12. Ecosystem of Apps

In the past, it was common practice for apps to first appear on iOS, before making their way to Android. For example, Adobe has only released the iPad version of their Photoshop application for iOS, which makes perfect sense given Android tablet sales are practically nonexistent, and Apple has a virtual monopoly in the tablet market.

However, some important apps are now emerging first on Android, with the most recent example being the Facebook Gaming application.

Unlike iOS, Android allows you to install apps from non-Google app stores and even sideload them, ignoring the store altogether. This is a significant difference.

In the Apple Store, you won’t be able to remotely install programs on your phone through the web. Let’s say you stumble across an app while reading a blog on your laptop.

Simply visit the Play store’s website and download it straight away if you’re using Android. When it comes to iOS, you have to go to the device in order to install an app.

13. Parental Control

When it comes to parental controls, it’s a draw between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. Both perform admirably in their respective roles. For parents, the “Screen Time” function on iOS is a huge help.

Various applications and functionalities can be blocked and restricted on your children’s devices using this software. All Apple devices can be affected by this. All in all, they have stronger parental controls incorporated into the system.

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You may also set a limit on how long your youngster can spend on any one app. These features are not available on Android. Instead, it does a number of crucial tasks.

There is a slew of options available through Google’s Family Link app. Limiting screen time, allowing just certain applications to be installed, or locking your child’s phone are just a few options.

Third-party controls are available on Android, unlike on iOS. It’s fine for youngsters to use either of the operating systems.

14. Gaming, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

Both Apple and Google have made significant investments in gaming, virtual, and augmented reality capabilities for their mobile operating systems.

Both have huge collections of games ranging from casual to the near-console. Users no longer have to buy each game separately but instead may subscribe to a selection of games.

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Google Play Pass and Apple’s Arcade both cost $4.99 per month. No advertisements and no in-app purchases are included in both subscriptions. The Google Stadia gaming streaming service provides games for $9.99 a month.

Virtual reality apps and games may be found in the iOS App Store, which can be seen with some VR headsets. To let 3D objects appear in your real-world surroundings, Apple is constantly refining its ARKit technology.

ARKit 4’s new features include a Depth API, position anchoring in Apple Maps, and face tagging for more devices, allowing users to enhance their augmented reality experiences.

Daydream VR and Tango AR have been abandoned by Google, but the firm still maintains a dozen VR projects that allow developers to build apps utilizing ARCore technology.

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15. Accessibility

Both operating systems have been working on ways to make their phones more accessible to persons with disabilities.

People who are hard of hearing can use Android’s Live Transcription function to hear what is being said right in front of them as it is being said. It also has features like TalkBack, Lookout, and Voice Access, which allow people to interact with the phone by speaking.

The VoiceOver screen reader, magnification, translation, Voice Control, and Pointer Control are just a few of Apple’s many accessibility capabilities. A function called Sound Recognition is comparable to one seen on Android.

Back Tap, a new accessibility feature in iOS 14, lets anybody tap the back of the phone to perform an activity.

16. Technology Support

Just like the annual migration of birds in spring, new wireless technology standards arrive every year. For the past several years, Android has always been the first to implement these new specs before iOS did.

Android is the first to enable 5G networks, having already beaten Apple in the wireless charging, 4G, and handsfree voice command categories. But Apple is known to hold off on implementing new technologies until it has proven to be useful and trustworthy.

Android has also introduced support for flexible and dual-screen phones, and because it is open-source, third-party developers such as Microsoft may add capabilities to support handsets like the forthcoming Surface Duo.

Although these technologies haven’t always been reliable, Android phones have been pioneering them.


Finally, it’s clear that both Android and iOS development excel in specific areas. Android may be more beneficial for some people, while the iPhone may be more tempting to others depending on their own interests.

Android has made smartphones more economical while also improving battery life, whereas iOS has done the same for iOS devices while also enhancing security and visual quality. You can choose between an iPhone and an Android smartphone based on your expectations for the device.

FAQ regarding Android Vs iOS

  • In what ways are iOS and Android different?

    iOS is a closed system, but Android is more open-source and flexible. As compared to iOS, Android owners have far more control over their devices.

  • Would it be a good idea for me to make the jump from Android to an iPhone?

    Yes, if security is your primary priority. Apple devices are considered to be safer than Android smartphones by the majority of security experts. Most smartphone spyware is targeted at Android devices, as per Forbes.

  • Which operating system has the best camera?

    When discussing cameras, megapixels are generally mentioned first. Rather, it’s the sharpness of the images captured by iPhone vs. Android that makes a significant difference. High-resolution cameras with more megapixels can only capture larger photos with less detail. What really important is the perspective from which it is seen. Better lenses on iPhones lead to better photos. The bottom line is that iOS is a better operating system for taking images on your smartphone than Android.

  • How difficult is it to migrate from Android to iOS?

    It might be a bit difficult to make the switch from an Android phone to an iPhone since you have to become used to a new operating system. However, if you’re willing to put up with a bit of a learning curve, you shouldn’t run into any problems. To make data transfers even easier, plenty of new applications have appeared on the market.

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