Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile App Development- Cost & Features

Updated 02 Jun 2023
Published 20 Dec 2022
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Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile App

Our shopping habits have drastically changed with the revolution of technology. The customer’s requirements have been modified, and the same goes for buying & selling used cars. People have opted to perform this work online using digital methods.

According to UBS, more than half of total car sales will be made online by 2030 which shows how fast the market will change in the future.

It means the time for traditional dealers to perform quality used car app development has arrived for using the most of this opportunity. It won’t only give convenience to the customers but also assist in boosting the business.

These apps can become top-level platforms for fulfilling the needs of both sellers and buyers. If we talk about the past year, customers made nearly 35% of total used car sales online.

Car Buy Sell Mobile App Development

Car Buy-Sell Market & Stats

The new car sales have significantly slowed down. On the other hand, the pre-owned car market has continued to grow over the past years and is larger than the new car market now.

Used Car Market size in the US

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Used Car Dealers industry in the USA, is $146.5bn in 2022.

According to a report by Technavio, the used car market share in the USA is expected to increase by 3.91 million units from 2020 to 2025, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 1.98%.

Used Car Market in the Asia Pacific [2020-2030]

Used Car Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis
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How does Online Automotive Marketplace Work?

Talking about the used car industry, these days buyers explore various websites and applications to select vehicles of their choice.

Once the user finalizes the vehicle they get in touch with the respective seller and get the vehicle checked by a known mechanic so as to authenticate it with the provided listing details.

This also helps in avoiding any inconvenience and dissatisfaction with the purchase. At last, the deal is finalized, and all the paper formalities are completed by both parties.

Business Model of Used Car Business

The success of a used car app hugely depends on the type of selected business model. There are mainly two versions used for used car applications- aggregator and dedicated these days. Allow us to explain both with proper explanation.

Business Model of Used Car Business:

Dedicated App

This model’s app operates as a platform for a particular business from the automobile industry. Here, the owner of this app lists vehicles for sale and allows clients to inquire about the same.

They can proceed with the transaction after feeling satisfied with the purchase. In this kind of app, only owners can update the listings and prices of vehicles.

Aggregator App

An aggregator-used car app is an online platform for connecting sellers with potential buyers. The creator of this app gives access to an infrastructure for sellers to list their vehicles that buyers can browse using various tools and filters.

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How Used Car Bussiness helps?

Gone are the days when people had to visit a dealer’s office to buy a used car. In today’s time, it is as easy as simply taking your smartphone and just selecting the car, getting complete details, and buying a used car.

Various automobile manufacturing companies, car dealers, and used car dealers are increasingly moving to mobile applications for efficient, fast-paced, and customer-centric services.

Benefits to the Dealers:

  • Giving instant responses to questions of customers regarding the vehicles.
  • Accepting online customer requests for test driving of cars.
  • Enjoying secure and transparent payments
  • Effective customer feedback for services

Benefits to the Customers:

  • Given a choice to view a wide array of vehicles at the convenience of their house.
  • Provide instant price quotation
  • Allow them to book test drives quickly and easily
  • Liberty for comparing various vehicles online

Benefits to the Car brands:

  • Online and offline integration of the car inventory.
  • Certified cars with certain checkpoints.
  • Warranty Services.
  • Road Side Assistance Service.

Features of Used Car Mobile App

User Panel Dealer Panel Admin Panel
  • Social Sign-In & Sign Up
  • Filters
  • Review Car Information
  • Compare Care
  • Quotation Form
  • Exchange Car
  • Contact Car Dealer
  • Manage personal information
  • View messages sent by Buyers
  • Allow dealers to list their dealership stores.
  • Allow dealers to list the cars sold at their dealership stores
  • Allow dealers to manage their store page
  • View messages sent by interested Buyers
  • Add different offers by dealers on new cars
  • Allow dealers to manage their service center details.
  • Allow dealers to sell used cars as well
  • Allow dealers to manage the reviews.
  • Manage Sub Admin Groups
  • Manage Users (Buyers, sellers, service centers & dealers) and their Profile & Account
  • Manage Listings of Car
  • Manage upcoming cars
  • Manage Offers
  • Manage Transactions
  • Ability to view & manage Orders placed by Buyers
  • Review and Rating Moderation
  • Manage States, cities
  • Users Statistics
  • Transactions Report
  • Manage Sales and Marketing
  • Delivery Status
  • Offers

Develop Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile App

Top Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile Apps

There is a plethora of used car apps available these days for both Android and iOS systems. However, few of them have dominated the market which we have mentioned in this part.

1. AutoScout24

AutoScout24 should be the premier choice for those who want convenience at their fingertips. They have a very intuitive system that ensures the entire process goes smoothly for both parties.

AutoScout24 App Download

Additionally, the app takes responsibility for verified buyers and ensures no fraud happens with their customers. It helps them to attain full value for their investment.

Available: Android & IOS

2. CarMax

The next option we recommend is CarMax, which attains popularity for presenting a wide range of models. It is a must-visit app for those who want ease of use and convenience while making trades and purchases.

CarMax App Download

Also, they allow a test drive to customers who can move to the nearest CarMax location in their area.

Available: Android & IOS

3. Carvana

Carvana is an authentic used car mobile app making the sale and purchase operations smooth for customers. They look unique from the others due to their unique car vending machine, the first of its kind in the United States.

Carvana App Download

The yearly revenue of the company was approximately US$ 13 billion which arrived from the sale of over 420,000 units in 2021.

Available: Android & IOS

4. CarDekho

CarDekho is one of the most convincing used car apps allowing anyone to sell or buy a used car easily. They have a very strong presence in cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

CarDekho App Download

The users can find more than 1 lakh cars listed for sale in various portions of the country here. Also, creating a listing is very straightforward on this site which saves time and helps in completing the process hassle-free.

Available: Android & IOS

5. Cars24

Cars24 is another excellent for buying and selling old cars with ease. Their professional team makes sure the process goes smoother without any trouble.

Cars24 App Download

If someone sells their car to this platform, it roughly takes 3 working days to complete everything that includes inspection and payment. It is pretty amazing considering how busy everyone is in their lives.

Available: Android & IOS

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Advanced Features of Used Car Apps

Social Media Login

The used car mobile app should allow the users to log in using various social media credentials apart from traditional methods, like phone numbers and email IDs. It ensures hassle-free and convenient access for the users.

3D Model View and Virtual Tour

With this feature, you can get a complete 3D view of the car from interior and exterior both. You can move the cursor to get the exact detailing of the car.

Schedule Appointments

Customers can select a particular car and schedule an appointment for the same at their convenience. The dealers also get the notification and share the confirmation of the appointment with the customer on their mentioned contact details.

Used Car Valuation Tool

This tool helps the customer in getting an estimated valuation of the car with the help of the details like make and model, brand, total miles covered by the car, number of owners, and the city of registration.

The application shares an estimated cost which may vary depending on the physical condition of the car. This tool helps the customers in getting a rough estimation of the value of the car.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance (RSA) is a 24×7 emergency service that is offered in case of a breakdown of a vehicle. RSA intends to reduce the inconvenience caused by any failure of a car.

Roadside assistance covers different services like on-site assistance, flat tire, towing, dead battery, key lost or door locked, fuel delivery up to 5 liters, cab assistance & more.

In-App Chat & Calls

This feature helps the customers in getting instant query resolution with the sellers. Customers can get in touch with the respective sellers either by chat or call to get the best-offered price and car details such as the availability, and its location for the physical inspection.

In-App Camera

If you are willing to sell your car, then by this feature you can click the best pictures of your car covering it’s entire physical and exterior and post the advertisement of the car.

It is advisable to click around 10-15 pictures so that the customer who views the advertisement can get the complete detailing of the car and make the decision accordingly.

Lead Management Systems Integration

Under this feature, the dealers can keep proper track of the potential buyers and convert those leads into sales. Also, the dealers can get the notification for hot deals such as a customer who wants to buy a car in a day or two so they can arrange the executive for the customer and can help accordingly.

Marketing Tools

Under this, the brand or application presence is capitalized in many ways. With these tools, marketing campaigns can be run on various platforms and their performance can be analyzed so to make a better marketing strategy.


Having videos within the app can improve user engagement by a large margin. There can be videos of vehicle tours, tips, tutorials, etc. All these videos build trust among the customers by offering an extra layer of transparency.

Loyalty Programs

You can keep track of the customer’s purchase with a specific brand. Moreover, to maintain the relationship some rewards or offers can be provided that can add an extra smile to the customer’s face, directly impacting the experience and the brand value.

Car Comparison

This is the most important decision-making feature where the customers can compare cars side by side and get insight into the offerings. Consequently, they can make a fruitful decision that offers maximum value for their money.

Loan EMI Calculation

Under this feature, the customer can get a rough estimation of the monthly EMI. The customer is required to fill in the card details, the amount of the down payment, and loan tenure and can get an estimation of the monthly EMI.

In-App Calculator

This can help the users in making certain calculations if required in the application itself.

Ad Management

This feature handles all the advertisements that are being displayed within or outside the application or other social sites.

Under this feature, the ads are completely validated along with the content running on them, the time for which they are displayed, sited to which they re-direct, and the platforms on which they are published.

User Behaviour

This is the most important feature that helps in understanding the customer’s interest. How frequently the application is being used, and what are the cars the customers have searched for?

With these details, the ads can be managed, and accordingly, the notifications can also be sent to the customers. This also adds an advantage to customer personalization.

Realtime Analytics

Real-time analytics is a dedicated feature for the admin. This feature allows admins to get real-time insights into the application – the number of active users, financial analytics, marketing analytics, etc.


Customers interact with the bot that provides personal assistance to customers. By this, the user experience does not hamper, and they feel connected and addressed.

Geolocation Tracking

This is the most essential feature of a used car sell-and-buy application. The geolocation feature captures the geographic location of the user, and the app displays the information accordingly.

It emphasizes providing the “Right Car Right Now” For instance, if the user is located somewhere in the southern region, it will present the details of the cars available in the southern region.

Role-Based Dashboard

Role-based dashboards are yet another admin-exclusive feature. These dashboards show dedicated analytic information to the admins according to their roles and requirements.

Push Notification

Push notifications should be a necessary part of the mobile app allowing users to stay updated regarding the latest listings, deals, discounts, and many more. It lets the apps stay connected with the users for extra convenience.

How to Create Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile App

Buy & Sell Used Car App Development Process

Success in online car selling and buying depends on the practices used while making the mobile app. It is essential to not leave a room even for a single error. Look at our step-by-step guide to developing a professional used car mobile app.

Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile App Development Process

Creating a Business Model & Project Requirements

The first thing that needs to be done is to document every thought of the business model. The main motive of this step is to specify the project requirements and develop a road map for completing the development process.

App Design Creation

The next focus should be creating a professional app design with attractive colors and a user-friendly interface. It is strongly recommended to research the end-users behaviors and develop samples to ensure smoother integration. Experts believe wireframing and prototyping is the ideal process to visualize the app.

Choosing Technology Stack

Once the first two steps are completed, it’s time for a professional developer to select a technology stack to match the requirements.

Always ensure the selected tech stack should include front-end & back-end technologies, maps integration, platform-specific programming language, etc.

Development Methods

This step depends on whether the apps need to be built for Android, iOS, or both. It is a very important decision affecting performance, cost, and many other parameters for the app.

Quality Assurance

After completing the coding work, the app should surely move through the quality assurance process. It will ensure the app get free from bugs and malfunctions.

Once all these steps are completed, the app must be launched followed by performing various marketing and maintenance strategies.


It is quite a task to build a Buy & Sell Used car mobile app that is informative, user-friendly, and performs its intended function.

Nowadays, people have started selling and buying used cars on online platforms, as they offer them better deals from the comfort of their homes.

A buy & sell used car mobile app does not only assist users to get the minutest possible details in the form of pictures, 3-D videos, user reviews, and comparisons but it also helps them make informed decisions with the help of CRM staff.

If you are aiming to develop a mobile app, then it is worth hiring a reputed mobile app development company that can strike a perfect balance between UI/UX and usability to deliver a successful application for your business.

The app experts at Arka Softwares can integrate innovative technologies and app development strategies to ensure your app works impeccably, therefore promising an unparalleled quality solution.

Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile App – FAQs

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