How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Dating App From Scratch

Updated 31 May 2023
Published 11 Feb 2020
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Dating App Development

Technology and smartphones have completely changed human lifestyles. Now the trends for finding a love partner has changed a lot.

In today’s fast-paced life where everyone is indulged in making a career, money finds really hard to find a special person for their lives.

Here the best solution for this problem is an on-demand dating app. Now dating applications are liked and widely used by various users. Every individual certainly has a great desire to find companionship but due to growing responsibilities, they get constrained with extra working sessions.

This hectic schedule leaves very little scope for meeting people offline. As per the market analysis reports it is revealed that today more than 30% of the committed relationships start from the internet.

The success of the app idea of Bumble has brought revolutionized changes in the online dating segment. Hence several entrepreneurs are now interested in developing some amazing feature-rich applications for the online dating category.

Dating applications are very successful in the application market these days because on a daily basis the users for these dating applications are increasing.

Users have found the best hookup apps helpful whether they are looking for marriage, serious relationships, or   the crowd’s favorite   hookups. Let’s talk about dating app development and how much it costs to develop a dating app.

Market Statistics for Dating Apps

According to Statista, by 2022 the online dating market is projected to reach $3.67 Billion which will reach $4.68 Billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.25%.

Dating App Marketing Stats

The number of online dating application users is expected to reach 501.7 million by 2026, states Statista.

A report from Grand View Research indicates that the global dating apps market size between 2022-2028 will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6%.

According to PR Newswire, by 2028 the market size of dating mobile applications will reach $11.03 million

Hence this clearly defines that the dating apps market is on a high boom.

What are the various types of Dating Applications?

The types of dating applications that are being prominent are as follows:

Geolocation Matching

The dating application which aggregates potential matches based on geographic location is called a geolocation matching application. The working of the application is similar to that of Tinder.

Algorithm Matching

The application has dedicated matchmaking services or matching algorithms that base one’s choice on the basis of personal survey information. Such an application is termed an algorithm-matching application.

Traditional Dating Application

These top dating apps are simply a replica of dating websites. The application possesses all the features that the dating website has. A prominent example of this type of application is Ok Cupid.


An application that targets a specific group of people is known as a niche dating application.

Dating App Development

Top Dating Mobile Applications

The dating applications that are popular among society these days are:

Top Dating Mobile App


This application is well known and is most popular in online dating segment. You simply need to swipe right to like somebody or swipe left to decline. The application comprises every possible ingredient like preferences, likes, talk, visits, social login, proposals, etc.

Available on – Android | iOS


This application will assist you in finding the profile of an individual with whom you have just encountered. Regardless of whether you went across them in the city, bistro, or show. Hence for enabling these users are required to turn on their location sharing option available over mobile phones.

Available on – Android | iOS


This is an application that advances genuine connections. Artificial intelligence calculation is utilized by it to check the inclinations of the user’sand give them sure matches. It likewise approves users contact records and even photographs.

Available on – Android | iOS


The renowned, which was probably the most punctual site around here, assaulted the handsets of individuals with this application.

The features of this application nearly equivalent to those of other dating applications with additional cool features being memberships. Both single men and women can have an incredible experience utilizing it.

Genuine affection in this day and age of cool characters is difficult to find. A few people will in general disregard their status while others hope to locate their ideal one.

Here important is that one should analyze the relationship that they are looking for, regardless of whether a genuine serious relationship or only an excursion. So relying upon your needs and convictions, you can swipe through any of the applications that we discussed.

Available on – Android | iOS

Understand the Matchmaking Algorithm of Dating Application

dating App Development


As per the user’s location, the application searches for the best possible match as per the pre-defined requirements.


A user submits their personal data and the matches are displayed as per the entered record.

Behaviour-based matching

In the application search, pattern or criteria is monitored, and as per the last search feeds the match are displayed.

General Features of Dating App

User Panel Admin Panel
  • Login/Register
  • Profile verification by contact number & email ID
  • Upload your pictures
  • Add personal details
  • Share, block and report user profile
  • Accept interest request
  • Customer support
  • Set privacy and visibility
  • Refer and earn points/rewards/discount
  • Security assured
  • Manage profile
  • Notification & alerts
  • Google Maps for Location
  • Send requests to Chat & Meet
  • Drag & Drop Profile Builder
  • Who Viewed My profile
  • Private Photo Albums
  • Winks
  • Bookmarks
  • Report user
  • Chat: Text Messages
  • Respond & Decline the People who show interest in you
  • Login
  • Dashboards
  • Customer profile verification
  • Manage customers
  • Manage invites
  • Manage rewards
  • Manage affiliation program
  • Manage membership packages
  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Manage promotions
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Manage profile
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Notification
  • Membership Level management
  • Content Moderation
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Multi-language Support & Translations
  • Feature Access Management
  • Menu & Page/Screens Management
  • Custom Content Pages
  • Moderators

Advanced Features of Online Dating Apps


The most significant part of a dating application is that of the vicinity. Geolocation is the most demanding service on the grounds that the application depends on a users area and getting that it gives you profiles of your inclination.


You have to make a swipeable card interface. This choice is the USP for any dating application out there on the grounds that it is the advancement of the most significant level.

The rundown that gets refreshed forthright depends on your location, the number of basic companions in the rundown, and common interests. After this, you can swipe right on the off chance that you like somebody or left in the event that you don’t.

Matching people

This is termed as the server side of application development. You can’t begin a communication if there is no match. Also, a match is just conceivable if both boy and girl swipe right.

on demand dating app development


At the point when users in the application coordinate, they will trade messages before setting up a date. Knowing the essential distinction between ordinary talk and real-time communication execution is important. In ordinary chat, a user needs to invigorate the application so as to get new messages yet in the last one, their communication is refreshed by its own.

Push notifications

Pop-up messages are an absolute necessity as they give you information about any message you get, another match you have, or when alike is in the contribution.

Dashboards & Analytics

This is a selective component for the administrator where they can screen and break down ongoing insights. According to the various clients, the measurements and reports are accessible which helps in determining the business and promoting methodologies.


Making some sort of false character won’t end up being a lot of an issue for any individual as the Facebook profile is the main wellspring of confirmation on such applications.

Administrator control for this situation is exceptionally important in user retention. Counterfeit records, spammers, catfish connections, uncensored substance are the variables that can unquestionably discolor your application’s notoriety for acceptable.

Mobile App Development

Required Team Structure for The Dating App

It is essential to locate the correct mobile app development organization to create an online dating app. As it is quite broad to make an application that is rich in features and is ready to meet the ideal desires.

Alongside the correct mobile application development organization, you have to locate the correct group of professionals for your application too.

  1. Business Analysis Team
  2. Project Manager
  3. Android and iOS Developers
  4. Front-End Developers (UI/UX Developers, AngularJS Developers)
  5. Backend Developers (PHP Developers, .Net Developers, NodeJs Developer)
  6. QA Professionals

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Dating Mobile Application?

The cost of developing a mobile application relies upon numerous variables. Elements that hold a noteworthy spot are the functionalities, features, or characteristics inside the application.
Responsible factors are listed below:

The platforms on which the application is being developed.

  • Front and back-end development.
  • UI/UX development.
  • Website connectivity.
  • Third-party APIs integration.
  • The region of the app development center.
  • App complexity & number of hours invested.

Alongside these components referenced over, one significant factor that significantly influences the expense of improvement is the location of the mobile app development company and the application designers.

The US/UK-based designers charge around $70-$250 every hour, Eastern Europe based engineers cost around $50 to $150 every hour, except the organizations and engineers in India, give the most affordable rate which is $20-$70 every hour.

If you decide to get your dating application created in India, then it is sure to cost somewhere close to $8000 to $30000. Moreover, if you decide to include more features in your mobile application, the expense may go up. Hence this investment would guarantee a quality, hearty and feature-rich application for your business.

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