Fantasy Hurling App Development Cost, Market and Key Features

Updated 30 May 2023
Published 09 May 2019
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fantasy hurling app development

Hurling is the fastest field game in the world. Maybe this is what it makes one of the most thrilling sports on the earth. This is why, All-Ireland Hurling Final saved #2 position in a list, “10 Sporting Events You Have To See Live,” by CNN. Hence, coupled with fantasy sport, hurling experience reaches at the cloud nine. Fantasy hurling app is not only a great option for the hurling fans but also for the investors who seek profit from user engagement.

In 2017, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) made €65 million in revenue. We are not sure how much of this revenue came from Hurling but we are sure of one thing, that in Ireland, Hurling is the second most popular sport after Gaelic Football. Therefore, we can speculate a very large chunk from this revenue came from Hurling alone, and we are talking about millions here.

fantasy hurling revenue model

Hence, Fantasy Hurling is the way of giving passionate fantasy hurling fans an immersive experience of the sport. And Fantasy Hurling App development is a profitable investment. In this article, we will talk about how fantasy sport is an inevitably growing sports market and how to develop a fantasy hurling mobile app with a robust and successful business model while discussing some essential features of fantasy hurling app and its development cost.

Giant Fantasy Sports Market

Believe it or not but according to a report from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) in 2017, fantasy sports is $7.22 billion industry in USA and Canada. The fantasy sports make their big bucks mostly from the entry fees. The Eilers Research CEO, Todd Eilers predicts that fantasy sports market will make $14.4 billion from entry fees by the year 2020.

Here is a fun fact, in 1988, the total number of fantasy sports players in the USA and Canada was 500,000. But in 2017, this number raised all the way up to 60 million active fantasy sports players in both countries.

But the question is, how far these stats are relevant to fantasy hurling in Ireland? Let’s shed some light on it.

Fantasy Hurling in Ireland

Even though the stats and figures depict the growing glory of Fantasy Sports in the USA and Canada , but can the facts and figures repeat themselves in Ireland too? The answer is, Yes! Of course, this answer is confusingly straightforward. But we must see that the growth of Fantasy sport is not dependent on the region. Currently, dozens of fantasy sports are being played by millions of users throughout the world. Fantasy hurling is making is also tightening its grip in Ireland as well. Then what are factors that will play a major role in catalytic growth of fantasy hurling in Ireland? Let’s talk about some of the factors.

fantasy hurling app developmentImmersive Fantasy Hurling

The success of fantasy hurling, like any other fantasy sport, is certain because it does not distract the hurling fan from experiencing the real game of Hurling. On the contrary, it widens the horizon of hurling experience by making a user a part of the game. This gives an immersive and a much closer experience of real Hurling.

  • Authoritative Fantasy Hurling

If a user is playing fantasy hurling then he/she has the responsibility of an actual manager, like managing team and selecting team players and other tasks. This provides the user authority and user appreciates it. The more control given to users converts into more engagement and it makes a fantasy hurling app hard to put down. 

  • Rewarding Fantasy Hurling

After engagement and authority come the final result, i.e. reward. A fantasy hurling app lets users earn REAL CASH prizes which they can transfer to their bank accounts. This is why a fantasy hurling is not pretty much of fantasy only. It can get as real as a user want it to be.

  • Intense Fantasy Hurling

A fantasy hurling complements the intensity, passion, and thrill of real Hurling game. By making users a part of the game, they feel more connected to the players whom they selected in their fantasy team. Therefore, the users stay up to date with Hurling game and its news and updates.

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Furthermore, fantasy hurling does not violate the cultural heritage of Hurling game. Instead, it ensures this heritage lives for forever by keeping it as exciting as always. Fantasy hurling also a chance to include those fans who cannot devote enough time to go see the game live.

Therefore, a fantasy hurling app is going to stay and nurture in Ireland. It will continue to grow and engage more and more hurling fans.

Now that we know that Fantasy Hurling App is a worthy investment, it is time to talk about its Business Model.


Business Model of Fantasy Hurling App

fantasy hurling business model

  • Firstly, the app requires a user to sign up with an email ID or phone number or any social media account. This signing up helps the user to sign in to the fantasy hurling app easily without taking much of the time.
  • A user can enter referral code sent from a friend or a family member – it helps the user to earn some extra reward points, which can be used later within the app. If the user does not have any referral code then he/she do a fresh start.
  • The gameplay starts with entering in a league. There can be several types of the league. Some leagues are free to enter; these leagues do not give a cash prize to the users but there can be some reward points. On the other hand, there are some leagues that require certain entry fees. As a result, they give Cash prizes to the winners.
  • After entering a league a user needs a team. The fantasy hurling app allows users to create a team of 15 players and one manager. A user is given a certain budget to build a team, which will play in the league. The user can choose players in two ways, first is rotisserie and the second one is auction-based.

fantasy hurling app development

A user is allowed to make as many changes as he/she wants before the lock-in period, which comes before the actual game starts. After the lock-in period, no player is allowed to make any changes in the team.

  • When the real game starts users can see the performance of their team members and according to their performance the points are distributed to players. The user with most points in a league wins.
  • If the user is not able to watch the live game then a live scoreboard feature is provided in a fantasy hurling app so that users never miss a thing.

So basically this is how a normal business model of a fantasy hurling app works. However, the features of the app make a fantasy hurling app worth holding on to. So what are those features? Let’s find out.

fanta Hurling App

Essential Features of Fantasy Hurling Mobile App

Features for Users:

The users are the target audience of a fantasy hurling app. Therefore, the most exciting features are designed and developed by keeping the interest of the users in mind.

  • Home Screen

Tapping on the fantasy hurling app icon in the smartphone takes the user straight to this screen. This screen comprises the latest news, updates, alerts, notifications, and navigation to the entire app.

  • Dedicated Profiles

Every user is provided a profile within the fantasy hurling app. This profile will show necessary statistics such as the number of joined leagues, total rewards, a number of games played a number of leagues joined, friends and many more.

  • Player Career

Fantasy hurling is a skill based game. And it requires knowledge and a deeper understanding of the game and players to make a team that has maximum winning chances. This feature helps users to know about the Hurling career of the players in detail.

  • Create Leagues

As we have discussed before, users love to have control over things. Therefore, this feature of a fantasy hurling app allows the user to create their own league and add and invite friends and family members.

  • Add Friends & Chat

No game is fun and entertaining without friends, this is why this feature of a fantasy hurling mobile app lets users connect with friends and family members and play fantasy hurling games with them. In addition, users can also chat with their connections and make groups as well.

fantasy hurling leaderboard

Hurling News & Updates

Skills and deeper knowledge not just come from knowing about Pro Hurlers. The fantasy hurling app provides the latest news and updates about Hurling to the users within the app so that they never miss any activity of Hurling world.

  • Live Scoreboard

Not everyone can watch live Hurling every time it airs. Here the Live Scoreboard features come to rescue. The live scoreboard gives all the essential update to the users at a glance.

  • Reward Points

Rewards points make the fantasy hurling even more exciting and competitive. For every point scored by team member and winning, the rewards points go to the user’s collection. These reward points can be used to buy in-app items.

  • e-Wallet Integration

e-Wallet in a fantasy hurling app makes bank to app and app to bank transactions seamless and secure. It helps users to transfer cash prize to their bank account without any problem.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications help users stay up to date with every news, alert and update related to the app, game, joined league, transactions and other crucial things. Push notifications ensure the users never miss any important thing.


Features for Admin:

Where users have exciting features, admins have smart and handy features, which help them to manage everything on a fantasy hurling app easily and effortlessly.

  • Dedicated Dashboards

This feature of fantasy hurling app ensures the admins are able to check relevant statistics without any unnecessary information. Here these dedicated dashboards show exactly what an admin wants to see with proper and smart representation.

  • Finance Portal

This helps admins to check all incoming and outgoing money of a fantasy hurling application. Here admins can also have intelligent sorting options, which ensure specific and accurate information.

  • User Management

An admin of a Fantasy Hurling app has the authority to manage all active/inactive users. The admin can add, remove, suspend for a particular timeframe or league, etc.

  • League Management

Since there could be hundreds or thousands of leagues active at a time, admins require managing them all at once and checking if things are going well.

  • Reward Management

Actions like assigning rewards, distribution, and conversion come into this feature of a fantasy hurling application.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

As the name suggests, this dedicated system allows admins to manage, manipulate, add, and remove entire visible content on the fantasy app.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Facilities that enhance customer relationships are powered by CRM. This management helps admins to send emails and updates and newsletters, etc.

  • Bank Transaction Management

A fantasy hurling app is a huge market in itself. Tens of thousands of transactions are performed at a time. Therefore, the admins need to take care of every transaction that is being performed from app to bank. This feature allows admins to prevent any wrong transaction and potential fraud.

So these are a handful of essential features of fantasy hurling mobile app.

But having features in an app is only a halfway road.  The other half is covered by making this app available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Web, and Wearable.

Fantasy Hurling App on Multiple Platforms (Android, iOS, Web, Wearable)

If a user is using a fantasy hurling app on a smartphone and then goes out to travel and wants to use it on a tablet then it should work on it too. Similarly, if the user is walking down the road and needs to check the user wants to take a look at the app on his/her smartwatch then it should work there too. Imagine a scenario where an iPhone user wants to suggest the fantasy hurling app to a friend using an Android smartphone, if the app is available on Android too then it would spread on its own.  If it is not available on all platforms then it would stay where it is for sometimes and then it is likely to fade away from the whole picture. In conclusion, having a fantasy hurling app across all platforms makes sure it reaches everywhere to everyone and ultimately it is the users who define the market.

All right, now who will develop such apps?

Required team for a Winning Fantasy Hurling Mobile App Development

An experienced team of prominent and professional fantasy Hurling mobile app developers can build the fantasy app that you want. Your vision, your idea and their deeper understanding of market and user behavior will help in building a successful fantasy hurling app that users will love to play and share. A right team will understand the trajectory of your vision and by incorporating their skills and teamwork they can make your idea and vision come alive.

Hurling development process

Here are essential members of such teams,

  • Project Manager
  • Android App Developers
  • iOS App Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • QA Professionals

Tech Stack Required for Fantasy Hurling Mobile App Development

fantasy tech stack

Revenue Model of Fantasy Hurling Application

fantasy hurling app

So far we have discussed, the market, business model and features of a fantasy hurling app. It is time when we should discuss how a fantasy hurling app makes money. The number one way such fantasy apps make money is from entry fees. Users love rewards and to earn rewards they pay entry fees to enter leagues that give cash prizes to the winners. For example, famous fantasy apps in the USA and Canada like DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and ESPN, collectively made $750 million just from entry fees in the first quarter of 2018. Therefore, an app ecosystem has a lot to make money from the top ways are.

  • Entry Fees

fantasy hurling app

Total Handle (entry fees) From Daily Fantasy Sports in The United States From 2016 to 2018 (in million U.S. dollars)*

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  • In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases

  • e-Commerce Portal within the App

How much does it cost to build a fantasy hurling app?

After discussing all aspects of fantasy hurling application development, let’s find out how much would it cost someone to build a fantasy hurling app.

The answer is as complicated as the question itself. There are various factors that affect the overall cost of a fantasy hurling app development. These factors are region, technology, number of platforms, and number of features. The region is also an important factor because the hourly rate of app development varies from country to country. For example, in the USA, it is $140-$200 per hour and in India, it is $40-$80 per hour. The difference is caused by the economic condition of a particular country.

fanta Hurling App

However, if the fantasy hurling app were being built in India and having essential features then it would cost around $35,000 to $50,000. But it is not a final estimation, the number of features and platforms may affect the overall cost of the app development.

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